55 Places to Visit in Mauritius 2024, Tourist Places & Attractions
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Luxurious Escapes | Popular Resorts In Mauritius

Mauritius Tourist Places

If you're staying in North Mauritius:
Port Louis, Pereybere, Mont Choisy Beach, Le Plate Island, Grand Bassin, Mauritius National Botanical Garden, Trou Aux Cerfs and many more are some of the best places to visit.

If you're staying in South Mauritius:
Tamarind Falls, Le Morne Brabant, Le Souffleur, La Vallee Des Couleurs Nature Park, Ilot Des Deux Cocos, Gris Gris Beach, La Cambuse, Ile aux Aigrettes and many more are some of the best places to visit.

If you're staying in West Mauritius:
LightHouse of Albion,  Flic En Flac Beach, Casela Nature Park, Casela Park are some of the best places to visit.

If you're staying in East Mauritius:
Ile Aux Cerfs (Island) Beach, Chamarel Waterfalls, Le Waterpark are some of the best places to visit.

Surprising you with loads of serenity and exhibiting the marvels of mother nature, the Places to Visit in Mauritius make sure that you enjoy the best vacation of your life. Proposing some top notch facilities through its numerous resorts, cafes and bars, Mauritius has been offering a perfect spot to chill for a while away from the hustle and bustle of the city. From the palm laden shores of Flic En Flac beach to the charming scenery of the underwater waterfall, the Mauritius tourist places are a perfect amalgamation of numerous entertainment options under one roof.

From the brilliance of architectural excellence to the places filled with mythological essence, Mauritius places to visit are loaded with much  required thrill and knowledge. The beautiful tourist spots of Mauritius have been catering people of all age groups and provide them with a vacation filled with scenic views of pristine beaches and a plethora of adrenaline rushing activities.  The incomparable landscapes and azure lagoons of Mauritius guarantees you that any day spent here will be filled with enjoying loads of sightseeing and clicking memorable pictures.
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Port Louis

Founded back in 1736, Port Louis lies in the west Indian Ocean, sheltered between a deepwater harbour and a semicircular chain of mountains. Blending perfectly the contemporary charm and glamour with its 300 years old customs, Port Louis presents before the world an awe-inspiring blend of history and modernity. The culture of this flamboyant city has been deeply influenced by the customs of countries like India, China, Africa, the Middle East, and Europe. The beauty of Port Louis lies in its artistic, musical, historical, and architectural heritage.

The city’s colonial vibes, brilliantly architectural marvels, and stunning views of the Indian Ocean and the Moka mountain ranges perfectly define the charm of this exuberant city. The city of Port Louis brims with a myriad of enchanting attractions that range from intriguing museums and stunning monuments to breathtaking gardens and swanky hotels. While Pointe aux Piments Public Beach and Baie Du Tombeau Beach define the beach culture of the Mauritian island, while the Natural History Museum and the Blue Penny Museum unravel the age-old history of the country.

Microbreweries like Flying Dodo Brewing Company and casinos like Ti Vegas Casino Quatre Bornes familiarize you with the lively nightlife culture of the city, whereas lush gardens like Pamplemousses Botanical Garden and Jardins de la Compagnie assure you of the calmer and more serene side of Port Louis. While you are holidaying in Port Louis, you can engage in an array of fun-filled activities.

From exploring the intriguing Chinatown of Mauritius and finding sanctuary at Jummah Masjid to basking in the spectacular views from Fort Adelaide to walking through history at Aapravasi Ghat, there’s so much to do in Port Louis for an action-packed holiday. Bestowed with a tropical maritime climate, Port Louis enjoys a sunny and balmy weather almost throughout the year with constant sea breeze keeping the city cool and pleasant. The best time to visit Port Louis is during the summer months of May to December when the weather is salubrious and the beaches are bright and sparkling.

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Ile Aux Cerfs Beach

A perfect weekend getaway for the water babies, this beach is home to numerous adrenaline rushing activities and offers a perfect amalgamation of the sun with sand. From shining white sand to beautiful lagoons, the place offers too many beautiful sceneries where you can click numerous memorable pictures.

In addition to beauty, this beach also houses some small shacks and stalls selling local goods like jewellery made of pearls and local food items.

Highlight: If you are looking for a place in Mauritius where you can enjoy a session of snorkeling and scuba diving at their best, then  Ile Aux Cerfs (Island) Beach is the perfect place for you. From shopping to indulging in adventures, here you can spend your time experiencing many sorts of entertainment options.

Best time: May to August

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Belle Mare

Flaunting verdant landscapes and pristine white sand beaches, Belle Mare is a postcard-perfect private island in Mauritius. Making for a serene beach destination, Belle Mare also lures travelers with its super luxurious resorts that are known to offer world-class amenities.

Considered to be the best-kept secret of Mauritius, this calm and peaceful island is packed with a myriad of quaint elements that make Belle Mare tourism a compulsorily dreamy affair. From its sun-soaked shores and intimate cozy restaurants to exhilarating water parks and cascading waterfalls, this flamboyant city is all set to offer travelers a breathtaking experience. While the Belle Mare Plage Beach awaits you with its thrilling water sports, Grand River South East is ready to lure you with its dense vegetation, turquoise waters, and basalt rocks. While Le Waterpark promises to raise your adrenaline levels with its thrilling water rides, Arts 28 is sure to impress you with its huge collection of brilliant local artworks.

More than anything, Belle Mare is very popularly known for offering tourists the chance to enjoy the best water sports experience. While in Belle Mare City, travelers often make it a point to try various adrenaline-fuelled water activities, such as scuba diving, boat riding, speed boating, windsurfing, swimming, snorkeling, and catamaran cruising. Belle Mare also lets travelers relish the best of seafood preparations coupled with exotic cocktails. Belle Mare city enjoys a tropical climate, which is marked by pleasant and balmy weather conditions almost throughout the year. The most ideal time for visiting Belle Mare is between the months of May to December, when the waters are clear and the shores are sunny. This period is also considered to be the most ideal time to get into the calm waters and enjoy water activities.

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Exhibiting a one-of-a-kind occurrence, Chamarel is known for its natural formation of seven colored earth. This geological formation has made Chamarel a major attraction here and one of the major Mauritius tourist places. The seven colors seen here include red, brown, violet, green, blue, purple, and yellow. The tropical climate of Mauritius has washed out all the soluble elements like silicon dioxide, resulting in letter colors in some areas. It is believed that if you mix all the colors of the sand, the particles will eventually settle in layers creating a spectrum. 

Due to the downpours and uneven climate conditions, many rock formations have been weathered down, however, the sand still remains there to fascinate the tourists. On the premise lies a children's play area which is flocked by locals and tourists alike. The place also acts as a breeding ground for giant tortoises which can be seen roaming around the protected area of rock formations. Being a very famous tourist attraction since the 1960s, the place has undergone various corrosions and natural calamities. Due to this, there are wooden fences all around and people are not allowed to visit the dunes. To perfectly enjoy this beauty, various observation outposts are settled around the areas. 

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Tamarin Beach

Once a popular place for surfing, Tamarin Beach was also known as Santosha Bay. This beach used to get many high waves perfect for surfing, thus attracting loads of tourists from all over the world.

Finding its name in the most famous places to see in Mauritius, Tamarin Beach has similar charm it used to have before but due to crowd and pollution the waves are not so high making surfing not possible. However, people still visit this beautiful beach to indulge in other water based activities like snorkelling and scuba diving.

Highlight: Dotted with palms and surrounded by deep blue sea, Tamarin Beach is a perfect spot to indulge in recreational activities like diving and snorkelling. In addition to this, the beachside is dotted with many shacks where you can rest for awhile and marvel at the beautiful scenery of the setting sun, one of the best beaches to visit in Mauritius

Best time: October to February.

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Underwater Waterfall

What can be more fascinating than marvelling at a waterfall which flows under the water. The beautiful area of Rivière Noire and the seaside around it is famous for offering a scenery of Underwater Waterfall which has attracted loads of tourists from all over the world.

The best view of this waterfall can be marvelled at by above, thus helicopter and plane rides are provided which offer you a chance to experience the 360 degree view of this beautiful scenery.

Highlight: The slit and sand under the ocean frequently run down in a way creating an illusion of an underground waterfall, thus making it a famous tourist attraction. Boat rides and helicopter rides are available around the location using which you can enjoy a better view of the scenery.

Best time: Any day of the year.

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Grand Baie

Making a visit comprehensively fun, Grand Baie is one of the most fun Mauritius tourist places. From markets to beaches and from food stalls to deep forests, this place has a lot to offer. In addition to its beauty and serenity, Grand Baie is home to numerous adrenaline rushing water based activities like diving and snorkeling. Mauritius Beaches here remain crowded every day of the year and due to it one can assume how amazing this place is, one of the best places in Mauritius.

Highlight: This beautiful area is home to an enchanting museum which houses ancient objects and clothes related to the history of 
Mauritius. For the shopaholics, the Grand Baie Market is the perfect place to indulge in some shopping and buy stuff at cheap prices.

Best time: November to April.

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Tamarind Falls

Image Credit : boomsbeat.com/

Seven Cascades or Tamarin Falls play an important role in adding up the beauty of Mauritius as a tourist destination.  The Falls are situated at a height of around 290 meters and this is the highest one in Mauritius. The seven simultaneous falls make it more charming amidst the splendid greenery. 

It obviously is rich with tranquil surrounding and exotic flora and those who expect clear beaches and islands in Mauritius, this water falls will be a surprise. It has been pointed out as a haven for trek lovers bird watchers and adventure seekers.

Highlights: There are multiple adventure activities available at the location which include hiking, canyoning, cliff jumping, bird watching and swimming.

Location: It is located in Black River Gorges National Park near Henrietta Village.

Best time to visit: November to May is the suitable time to visit.

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Black River Gorges National Park

Image Credit : commons.wikimedia.org/
Located in the southwestern part of Mauritius is this beautiful vista of nature in the name of Black River Gorges National Park. Home to numerous species of flora and fauna, this national park is also a trekking spot and has numerous beautiful trails which take adventure lovers to the peaks. In addition to this, animals like wild pigs, rusa deer, and privets can also be spotted here resting in their natural habitat.

Highlight: This national park offers numerous trails for trekking which can be easily covered by anyone. In addition to trekking, hiking and camping is also common around this area.  Also, the scenic beauty and seasonal flora and fauna of this park attract loads of photographers, one of the best places to visit in Mauritius

Best time: December to July.

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Pamplemousses Botanical Garden

Located near port Louis, this botanical garden is one of the most famous Mauritius sightseeing places and exhibits the colourful scenery of local flora and fauna. The garden was first established 300 years ago, and since then it has been providing the visitors with numerous scenic vistas and eye-catching sceneries.

From giant tortoises to Java deers, many rare species of birds and animals find their home here. The ponds in this beautiful garden offer a perfect spot to click beautiful pictures of lotus and water lilies.

Highlight: The place is famous for housing Talipot Palm, which is a rare variety of flora and flourishes only once in 30 to 80 years. This botanical garden houses many rare species of animals and birds resting in their natural habitat including Java deers.

Best time: Any Day of the year.

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One of the most invigorating cities of Mauritius and of the best places to see n Mauritius, Mahebourg has a relentless charm in it that attracts people not to miss during a tour of Mauritius. It promises the most scenic views of a historical museum, the buzzing streets, the delicious street food and obviously the invigorating beaches south to north.

Highlights: The National History Museum that gives an idea about the ancient life style of the island during colonial period.Monday Market: A busy and crowded place in the city is this market which was previously focusing on selling silks and textiles but now it has steaming food stalls as well.Rault Biscuit Factory is a famous biscuit-making industry from the year of 1870s.

Best time to visit: May to December is the best time to visit the city.

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Trou Aux Biches is a quaint town located on the North-Western coast of Mauritius. It has turned into a popular romantic hideaway for honeymoon seekers and couples.

It has a large public beach that greets the visitors with its gorgeous stretches of casuarina-lined white sand and turquoise blue water. It is known to be one of the unspoilt and cleanest beaches in Mauritius where you can have the experience of a lifetime. 

Trou Aux Biches is lined with many classy restaurants and beachside hotels where you can have an immaculate binging experience. A diving school is also located over here where you can learn diving skills. Trou-Aux-Biches is also replete with many historical sites, monuments, and cultural sites.

City Centre is considered to be one of the most prominent landmarks that tourists must visit here. It has a unique charm that is bound to impress you every time you visit this place. The City Centre helps you in getting a glimpse into the life of the locals. You can also spot the largest Hindu temple at Trou Aux Biches that was built in 1857.

The most enthralling activity to do at Trou Aux Biches is playing an eventful game of golf at the nearby golf course. You can also visit the Mauritius Aquarium and other closer beaches in Pointe-Aux-Piments. So plan a vacation now to Trou Aux Biches to fall in love with the unspoilt beauty of this place.
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Blue Bay

Water sports, adventures and rush in adrenaline are some synonyms of Blue Bay beach, as here you will get to enjoy loads of entertaining activities and thrilling adventures.

A haven for water babies, Blue bay is one of the best Places to Visit in Mauritius as here you will get a chance to indulge in loads of activities like scuba diving, snorkelling, rafting and parasailing. The Blue Bay Marine Park is home to a huge variety of colourful marine life which surrounds a range of mangroves and seagrasses.

Highlight: The Blue Bay Marine Park is a famous spot to indulge in adventures like diving and snorkelling in which you can marvel at the mind blogging sceneries of the world underwater. The beaches around the bay are loaded with numerous small shacks selling local delicacies and snacks.

Best time: May to August.

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Rodrigues Island

Home to a beautiful wildlife park, Rodrigues Island has been housing numerous wonders of nature and one of the best places to see in Mauritius. Offering a scenic recreational time, this island has a village like aura and provides you with enough time to rest for a while away from the hustle and bustle of the cities.

Often referred to as “Mauritius 25 years ago”, the vibes and serenity of Rodrigues Island actually takes you back to the time when the place was not so popular and was filled with calm surroundings.

Highlight: From local cuisine to handmade products, everything available here is pure and all natural. This island is also famous for offering adventurous activities like zip lining, fishing, hiking and many other watersports.

Best time: Any day of the year.

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Le Morne Beach

Le Morne Beach is covered with lots of broken coral in its sand, thus explaining the presence of beautiful marine life in its shores. From diving to snorkeling, this Mauritius beach is a famous spot to indulge in adrenaline rushing water-based activities.

Le Morne also houses some famous cafes and food stalls where you can enjoy local delicacies made by traditional methods and trained chefs. From shopping for souvenirs to resting on a porch, this beach is loaded with many entertainment options.

Highlight: Activities like wind boarding, kite surfing, snorkeling, and scuba diving are common here. Also, the beach is dotted with small skaks selling local goods and souvenirs which you can take back home as mementos.

Best time: August to October.

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Places to Visit in Mauritius North Coast


Ilot Gabriel Beach, Gabriel Island

Image Credit : nowboat.com/

Travel around 20 KM from the north coast of the Mauritius Island to visit one of the most exotic beaches named Ilot Gabriel but it is less known. The beach is easily accessible from Grand Bay by a boat or catamaran and the beauty of the beach is undulating and undisturbed as it is visited by comparatively a small number of people.

Mainly, the sunrise and sunset views from the beach defeat every other scenic beauties around the location as the multiple colours of the rays just spread across the emerald coloured water.

Activities: Catamaran cruise is the highlighted activity

Location: Gabriel Island, Mauritius

Best time to visit: Any time apart from Monsoon is quite suitable to visit the beach.

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Image Credit : beachhousesmauritius.com/

If you are an adrenaline junkie and fond of water sports, then Pereybere Beach will definitely let you fall in love with it. The turquoise water and the white sandy beach have plenty of people everyday especially during the weekend. It is considered to be one of the best beaches ideal for family and kids also since the sea is quite calm. 

The shades extended by the coconut trees arrayed on one side of the beach will give a good space for relaxing and it is considered as one of the best places to visit in Mauritius.

Highlights: The water activities available at the beach are famous and crowd pulling. They include pedalo, wind surfing, catamaran ride, para sailing, scuba diving, deep sea fishing, kayaking etc.

Location: Chez Ryan, Grand Baie, Mauritius

Best time to visit: Any time from the month of January to April and from September to December.

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Mauritius, being a volcanic island, has several breathtaking summits and valleys to explore on foot. The island is well known for its natural beauty.

Mauritius is famous for its breathtaking nature, beautiful birds, flora, coastlines and with many magnificent views.

The flora of Mauritius is composed of 700 species of indigenous plants.

Le Pouce - This mountain is the third highest in Mauritius, peaking at 812m, is located in the North West of the island between the Pieter Both and the Signal mountain. Le Pouce is known as ‘The Thumb’ peak. The first person to climb Le Pouce is accredited as Charles Darwin.

From the peak you will have an amazing 360 degree view of Mauritius. The sight of the northern part of the island is splendid, with a beautiful view of the northern small islands of Mauritius - Flat Island, Round Island and Snake Island. You will also get to look down onto the capital and to the west part of the island.

It also offers one of the most beautiful views of the capital: Port Louis, as well as of Moka and the high grounds of Plain Wilhems.

From the summit you will hike down enjoying the great views until getting back to the start point at Moka.

About the Activity:

  • Experience an adventurous hiking experience to Le Pouce Mountain from from St. Pierre early in the morning to admire breathtaking island views.
  • Rise early and take a scenic 30-minute taxi ride from Port Louis to the small village of La Laura at the foot of  mountain.
  • Enjoy a supervised climb to the summit of this beautiful mountain and marvel at its stunning peak, lush green surroundings and panoramic island views.
  • After reaching the thumb shaped summit, discover the breathtaking panoramic views of Port Louis, its harbors and encircling hills.
  • A group of 2 to 10 people can take part in this invigorating hiking like never before. Be there do that.
  • The hiking excursion will be under the experienced and professional guidance of one of the top guides in Mauritius, while sharing his local knowledge, passion for sports and love of nature.
Know Before You Go:

  • Region: Mauritius Central Plateau
  • Difficulty: Easy - Medium
  • Minimum age requirement: 10 years and above
  • Duration: The entire trip will take half a day: starting between 9:00 to 09:30 until 12:00 to 13:00
  • Meeting Point: Commercial Center of Helvettia 
  • Hotel Pick Up and Drop: For an additional supplement, we can also offer hotel collection.
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Port Louis Waterfront

Have a sneak –peek into the commercial side of Mauritius the Port Louis Waterfront. It has an undeniable space for both shoppers, local artists, tourists and even gastronomes. The breath-taking ambience that it provides will leave you truly jaw dropped.

It is one of the most exciting places which you would never like to leave. Hence it is considered to be a must-visit place for ever Mauritius tourist places.

Highlight: You can try your hands at some of the best casinos.

Best time to visit
: May to December is the best time to visit this place.

Prices: Euro 22 per person.

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La Cuvette Beach

The clear waves, turquoise waters and white coloured sand of La Cuvette Beach provides the visitors with much required serenity and calm surroundings.

Dotted with palm and coconut trees and home to numerous local food joints, here at La Cuvette Beach you will get to enjoy numerous entertainment options. The pristine shoreline of this beach also provides areas to indulge in adrenaline rushing activities like volleyball, snorkeling, fishing, boating and wind surfing.

Highlight: What makes it one of Mauritius best places is the fact that here you can enjoy all kinds of entertainment options including some thrilling activities, long walks and can chomp on local delicacies at the same time.

Best time: December to March.

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Mont Choisy Beach

The beautiful stretch of powdered white sand and panoramic sceneries of the deep blue sea is what describes the beauty of Mont Choisy Beach. Having calm vibes, the beautiful beach provides solace to those looking for a place to rest and rejuvenate for a while.

The beachside is dotted with numerous luxurious resorts and spas offering you a vacation like never before. What makes it count as Mauritius best places is the beautiful scenery of the sunset one is able to enjoy while sipping cocktails from one of the beachside cafes, one of the best Mauritius tourist places.

Highlight: The shores are lined with numerous adventurous activities like volleyball, swimming, snorkelling area and banana ride boats. In addition to this, people who visit here also indulge in spa services like flower spa, salt baths and aroma therapies.

Best time: Any day of the year.

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Le Plate Island

Also known as the Flat Island, this place gets its name from being so flat like a plate. However its shape does not affect the amount of fun and frolic one experiences here.

In addition to all the fun, Ile Plate Island is loaded with scenic vistas and beautiful locations where people can relax and enjoy in solace. Finding its name in some of the famous places to see in Mauritius, the breathtaking beauty and splendid panoramas of the sea one can admire from here are truly amazing.

Highlight: The island does not have any high cliffs or mountains, thus the name Flat Island. From snorkelling to scuba diving, many kinds of activities can be enjoyed on the shores of the beaches here.

Best time: March to August.

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Grand Bassin

Image Credit : Katchooo
Also known as Grand Talao, Grand Bassin is a holy temple located in the heart of Mauritius. Dedicated to Lord Shiva (The Destroyer), this temple has been a pilgrimage for Hindus and whosoever visits Mauritius always seeks blessing at this beautiful temple.

The temple also houses idols of many other Indian gods and every day, twice, an aarti is done which everyone who visits there can attend the hymns. Surrounded by a pristine lake, this beautiful temple is a must visit place when you are in Mauritius.

Highlight: The Evening aarti and blissful hymns create a positive aura and offer you a perfect place to enjoy some solace. The temple is surrounded by a lake on its three sides, thus offering numerous locations to get your pictures clicked.

Best time: Any day of the year.

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Trou Aux Cerfs

Image Credit : mauritianlife.com

Trou Aux Cerfs is a dormant volcanic crater located in the green heart of Curepipe. Though it has been dormant for more than hundreds of thousands of years, many experts believe that it could become active again. Besides this fact making it an interesting places to visit in Mauritius when you are in Mauritius, but also there is an opportunity to witness a panoramic landscape from this place.  

It is a favored spot for morning walkers and joggers with spectacular views from a vibrant environment filled with beautiful flowers and plants. So if you like the interesting geological curiosity about this place and wish to witness a natural wonder, we say you do not miss out on a visit here when in Mauritius.

Distance From ATOL - Mauritius Airport: 28 km

Location: Curepipe, Mauritius

Any Other Specialty: Sightseeing

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Citadel Fort

This historical monument is considered to be an architectural marvel of history as it stands on a huge hill and is surrounded by lush green forests and valleys. From canones to beautiful wall carvings, Citadel Fort exhibits some of the most beautiful backdrops which are enough picture worthy.

The town around this beautiful still exhibits similar charm and has been made using similar architectural techniques. From the top of this fort, you will get a chance to marvel at the beautiful scenery of the town and markets lying in the lower area.

Highlight: The entire fort is so big that it will take you around the whole day to complete its tour, however its scenic charm makes sure that on your way you end up finding numerous picture worthy locations.

Best time: May to December.

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Mauritius Photography Museum at Port Louis

If your breathe photography then Mauritius Photography Museum is the place to be. You will find some of the best collection of local photographer Tristan Breville. You will be lucky to have some old cameras and prints.

Highlight: You can get a chance to witness daguerreotypes (the forerunner of photographs.) You will also find some of the most amazing collection of historical photos of the island too.

: Rs. 150 per person.

Location: It takes approximately 11 minutes to reach Mauritius Photography Museum from
 Port Louis.

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Visit Sugar Museum And Factory

Image Credit : Katchooo
Sugar Museum & Factory is Amidst the vast oceanic sweep emerges the green and sweet sungarce fields that have been a part of Mauritian history for over 200 years. Once a prized commodity is, sugar and sugar-marking has significantly shaped the cultural aspects of the tropical paradise.

To get an authentic glimpse of an important landmark - old Beau Plan sugar mill, you can participate in one of the best activities in Mauritius, that is a tour of the sugar museum and factory where you will see decades old machines and equipment, among other things used in the making of sugar and one of the best places to visit in Mauritius.

Best Time: All Year Round.

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The Crown Lodge at Port Louis

If you are crazy about horse racing then Mauritius is the place to be. It can gather all the people of Mauritius in a single place. The horse race takes place every Saturday.

Highlights: Crown Lodge not only provides you the perfect view of having the VIP Balcony of Maritius Turf Club and at the same time it allows to you to view the presentation ring along with your favourite horse in paddock. Champ de Mars is yet another oldest race course which you can visit in Mauritius.

: 185 Euro per person. Dress code is smart casual for both men and women.

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Notre Dame Auxiliatrice

Image Credit : commons.wikimedia.org/

Standing alone on the side of a beach, Notre Dame Auxiliatrice is a picturesque red roofed Catholic Church which is being celebrated as one of the most visited landmarks in Mauritius. 

The turquoise blue water at the backdrop is the essential feature the location boasts and it is a secluded building with replenishing greenery in the surrounding. The view of the sea and boats floating on the water leave a trail behind for the visitors to come back every other time they visit Mauritius. 

Daily from 09:30 AM to 07:00 PM, the church will be opened for visitors. The most photographed church possesses a unique charm because of the sloping roof and the pretty interior beautified with the statue of Mother Mary and the Christ. People are allowed to attend the mass at 06:00 PM on Saturdays and at 09:00 AM on Sundays.

Location: Royal Road, Cap Malheureux, Mauritius

Best time to visit: Any time during the year is suitable to visit this church.

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Aapravasi Ghat at Port Louis

Image Credit : panoramio.com/
Aapravasi Ghat is mainly the remnant of an immigration depot built in 1849 and it was here the indentured laborers from India, Eastern Africa, Madagascar, China and South East Asia were received in order to work on the sugar estates on the island. This UNESCO world heritage site stands as the symbol of indenture in the 19th century.

Port Louis houses this historically important site which has been declared as the National Monument by Mauritius Government. But what remains of the three stone building currently is minimal. Visitors are allowed from 09:00 AM to 04:00 PM to explore the building and its surroundings from Monday to Friday and it is considered as one of the best Mauritius tourist places.

Location: 1 Quay St, Port Louis, Mauritius

Best time to visit: Any time during the year is suitable to visit the site.

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Domaine les Pailles at Pailles, Port Louis

Image Credit : mauritius-tourist-guide.mu/
Domaine les Pailles is known to be one of the oldest domains on the island of Mauritius. It has been turned to be a prominent centre of culture and heritage. The 17-year-old estate is existing between the two major cities of the island named Quatre Bornes and Port Louis.

Highlights: A ride in horse-drawn carriages is the highlighted activity here along with a replica of the traditional ox-driven sugar mill, a rum-brewing distillery, a spice garden, a playground, jeep safari and quad biking space. The 1500 hectare estate brings forth an option for an extensive day tour which takes you to understand the different processes happening in the sugar mill, distillery and shows the other buildings and activities inside. The estate tour starts around 10:00 AM and can be wound up by 04:30 PM.
Location: Pailles, Port Louis, Mauritius

Best time to visit: Any time during the year is suitable to visit the location.

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Champ De Mars, Race Course Port Louis

Image Credit : cruisebe.com/
Champ De Mars, Race Course is the one of the oldest racecourses in the world which came into existence in the year of 1812 with the interference of the Turf Club. Basically, the season for racing extends from April to November and the Maiden Cup is the biggest race that occurs in September every year.

Champ De Mars now attracts thousands of people on every race and it spread the importance of horse racing as a favourite sport among the mass; both the elite class and normal people started loving it. In today’s scenario, horse racing is a pure form of entertainment amid the local population as well.
Highlights: The statue of King Edward VII made by the famous sculptor Prosper d’Epinay and the Malartic Tomb which is an obelisk to a French Governor are the major highlights displayed within the racecourse.

Location: Port Louis, Mauritius

Best time to visit: From the month of April to November

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Port Louis Market

Also famous in the name of Central Market, this place is considered as one of the best Mauritius tourist places for shopaholics. This bustling open air market is located in the heart of Port Louis and houses numerous items and goods ranging from handmade souvenirs to food items.

The market consists of several lanes, each of which is dedicated to some specific products. In addition to the shopping stuff, the market also houses many food stalls serving local delicacies prepared by skilled chefs.

Highlight: From indulging in a shopping spree to going for food tours, here you can enjoy numerous entertainment options. The market is close to many famous tourist attractions, thus you can easily visit here in the evening too.

Best time: Any time of the year.

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Located in Port Louis, Chinatown is a group of shops, cafes and boutiques selling chinese stuff like shopping items and foods. Most of the things available here are directly imported from China, thus are pure and in a good condition.

From carnivals to open mics, the place hosts many shows exhibiting the rituals and colours of china and the whole aura makes it look like a little town of China. Here, you can shop for loads of handmade stuff, that too at cheaper rates, thus making it a must visit place in Mauritius.

Highlight: From shopping for goods made in china to getting dressed up in chinese attire and getting your photoshoot done, here you will be offered numerous entertainment options. The area also houses many famous food stalls of china which serve some tasteful chinese delectable dishes.

Best time: Any day of the year.

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The Blue Penny Museum in Port Louis

Welcome to the world of National Treasure! The Blue Penney Museum in Port Louis is a place which has encompassed some of the beautiful exploration of the island. This museum allows you to peak into the past and present day look of the place.

Highlights: You will find one of the world’s rarest red one penny and blue two-penny ‘Post Office Stamps’ which were issued in the year 1847. To ensure that the colors don’t fade away, it is lit up for 10 minutes at a time.

: Rs 245 per person.

Location: It is approximately 5 km away from Port Louis.

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Balaclava Ruins at Turtle Bay

Image Credit : travelomauritius.com/
The mystery behind Balaclava ruins is pulling the crowd toward the site every day and it is one of the most attractive landmarks on the island of Mauritius.

Featuring the undying memories of a tough and challenging colonial period, Balaclava was the greatest fort that prevented the attacks toward the sugar estates. It is situated very close to Baie aux Tortues which became famous after the giant tortoises found out here.

Highlights: The living memories of a huge fort along with the sea walls on one side. Also, it is near to the famous Maritim Hotel where you can opt for a stay as well.

Activities: Rent a bicycle and explore the location is the best activity that can be done here.

Location: Turtle Bay, Balaclava 20108, Mauritius

Best time to visit: Any time during the year is suitable to visit the site.

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Places to Visit in Mauritius South Coast


Le Morne Brabant

Image Credit : tripzilla.com/
UNESCO declared Le Morne Brabant as a Heritage Site in the year of 2008. It is a rugged mountain existing on the peninsula of Morne. Being one of the most preserved mountains of the island, it has definitely a lot of value among trekkers and adventure junkies. This mountain was once the savior for maroons, runaway slaves and those who tried committing suicides.

The tall cliffs were blocking all of those escapers from entering the other side of the mountains and that’s how there came some small settlements. It played a major role in preventing further slave trades which resulted in another movement called maroon republic as well.

Activity: Trekking and hiking and the views from the top towards the west are breathtaking.

Best time to visit: The months of August, September, October and November are the suitable months to visit.

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Le Souffleur

Le Souffleur is a huge cliff and some sandy area located in the middle of the deep sea and visiting here is not easy for everyone. When the thrusting sea hits the cliff, a fountain appears at the top which has been attracting loads of tourists since ages.

Reaching this spot is a thrilling experience in itself as the place is so hidden that people keep looking for it. Le Souffleur also has a natural bridge made of sand which appeared due to breakage in the cliff, but this dramatic bridge is so beautiful that whosoever visits here clicks a picture or two.

Highlight: Famous for having a blow horn on a whale-like fountain, Le Souffleur offers numerous scenic vistas. From a natural rock formation of a bridge to being hidden in the sea, there are numerous aspects which make it one of the famous Places to Visit in Mauritius.

Best time: In the evening when the tides are high.

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La Vallee Des Couleurs Nature Park

23 different colours on earth gave La Vallee des Couleurs Nature Park a prominent place in the travel and tourism section of Mauritius. This park is termed as one of the unique attractions of the world as it holds indigenous but rare species of flora and fauna. A 1-2 hour long tour will let your eyes witness the best formations of earth in different manner here.

Highlights: The different ranges of natural landscapes, plateus, mountains, valleys, craters and crater-lakes. The four wonderful waterfalls are adding up the beauty of the place. They are Cascade Vacoas, Cascade Bois de Natte, Cascade Cheveux d'Ange and Cascade Chamouzé 

Activities: Walking, quad-biking etc are the favorite activities of the visitors at the park.

Location: Mare Anguilles, Chamouny Road, Chamouny, Mauritius

Best time to visit: Any time during the year is suitable to visit the park.

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Ilot Des Deux Cocos

Named after a beautiful light house built in 1864, this rocky island is home to numerous entertaining and adventuring activities. The turquoise ocean surrounding it has an abundance of marine life, which can be marvelled at by taking a boat and dolphin/whale sighting cruises.

Loaded with palm and coconut trees, the shore line of this island has been offering the adventure enthusiasts with much required fun and activities like snorkelling, volleyball and many more. From luxurious resorts to little cute cafes, here you will find almost everything required to enjoy a holiday.

Highlight: The beautiful Island is home to loads of entertainment options including water activities and beach side chill. The shores are home to numerous small vendors serving local delicacies.

Best time: October to April.

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Gris Gris Beach

Located on the extreme southern part of Mauritius, Gris Gris beach is home to numerous scenic vistas and palm laden shores. Since the area experiences strong currents, swimming or any other water activity is not available.

The lush green surroundings and the panoramic views of the sea however makes up for all. Being a popular picnic spot, Gris Gris beach caters to numerous locals and tourists, thus making it one of the best Mauritius places to visit.

Highlight: Gris Gris is a popular tourist spot and numerous people visit here every day to spend some time in solace while marvelling at the 360 degree views of the deep blue sea.

Best time: November to April.

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La Cambuse

If interested in watersports and want to spend your vacation indulging yourself in almost all the water based activities then La Cambuse Beach is for you.

From diving in the sea and experiencing the deep silence to snorkelling on the water surface and marvelling at the colourful marine life, here you can indulge yourself in a plethora of activities thrilling enough to increase your adrenaline rush. Being a white sand beach has made it a lot more popular than other Mauritius best places.

Highlight: This white sand beach is home to many beautiful vistas and provides a perfect spot to indulge in adventurous activities like Diving, snorkelling, parasailing, windsurfing and swimming. Optional whale and dolphin watching cruises can also be availed.

Best time: June to August.

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Ile aux Aigrettes

Image Credit : mauritius-tourist-guide.mu/

Located on the south eastern coast of Mauritius is this beautiful Island home to numerous pristine beaches and dark woods. Many famous places to see in Mauritius are located on this island like the Mahebourg Bay and Ile aux Aigrettes nature reserve.

The island is also famous for offering a home to beautiful marine life which can be marvelled at by opting for a session of scuba diving and snorkelling. The limestone formations and coral remains here provide the visitor with a perfect spot to click some memorable pictures.

Highlight: Dramatic limestone formations of this island are a popular spot to click some memorable pictures. The island is home to a vast marine life and offers the adventure enthusiasts with a chance to go deeper in the sea and marvel at the colourful corals.

Best time: October to February.

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Rochester Falls

Dotted with distinctive rocky cliffs and surrounded by spectacular scenery of the green woods, the Rochester Falls is located deep in the forest and reaching here is an adventure in itself.

The stream flowing through the rocks have made perfect rectangular formations, making it fall in the list of Mauritius beautiful places. Having multiple streams makes sure that a pool is formed at the bottom around which people can play and swim with their loved ones.

Highlight: The scenery of cliff formations made perfectly rectangular provide a perfect backdrop for clicking some memorable pictures. The surroundings of this waterfall are also a famous spot for camping.

Best time: August to December.

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Alexandra Falls

Standing at a height of 700 metres from below, this waterfall is a beautiful combination of multiple streams which fall from high above and create a beautiful cloud of bubbles in the form of a pool.

Alexandra Falls are located deep into the forests, thus providing a perfect spot to have some time at solace and relaxation. The spellbinding beauty and scenic charm of this waterfall provides numerous opportunities to click memorable pictures and spend some time with your loved ones in serenity.

Highlight: The waterfall is located deep in the forest, thus reaching here is an adventure in itself. Falling from a height of 700 metres, this gushing waterfall offers an eye catching scenery.

Best time: March to September.

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Eureka Falls

Reaching this beautiful waterfall requires you to hike through a lush green valley covered by scenic vistas, however once you reach here, every effort seems worth it.

The awe inspiring beauty of this beautiful waterfall can be easily seen from far away and the best part about this is that it is a multi tiered waterfall. The gushing sound of the water streams running down and the cold breeze which comes from the water hitting the ground offers a very blissful surroundings.

Highlight: Reaching this waterfall is a thrilling experience in itself, however the panoramic scenery of this waterfall makes up for all the effort. From swimming in its clear water to camping around it, numerous adventurous activities can be enjoyed here.

Best time: March to September.

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Exil Waterfalls

The gushing streams of Exil Waterfall make you wonder as if the streams are made up of milk. Beautiful white streams of water falling from high above and creating small ponds below offer you a sight to behold. In addition to the scenery, this waterfall is also famous for being a camping spot where people from all over the world come and spend some peaceful time in serenity. The pools of water created also provide you with a chance to chill and swim with your friends and families.

Highlight: Activities like camping and swimming are common here and people love to spend some time in solace here. The colour of the gushing streams is pure white and creates scenery as if the dreams are made of milk.

Best time: February to April.

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La Vanille Crocodile Park near Pot Louis

Image Credit : Glen Scott
Want to meet crocodiles and giant tortoises? You should visit La Vanille Crocodile Park where you will find not only these but will also get an opportunity to watch various species of animals, reptiles and plants.

: You can get an amazing opportunity to feed these giant tortoises and crocodiles, you can even pet them, if you want. The park also features a rare collection of butterflies too. Even the children can have their own adventure spot as the park features ‘Jungle Adventure Playground’ too.

Prices: 9 Euros. Location: It is 50 km away from Port Louis, which makes it quite accessible.

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Rhumerie de Chamarel Distillery

Image Credit : mauritianexpedition.wordpress.com/
The colored earth and waterfalls make Chamarel famous but it has more than that which let the visitors definitely fall in love with the location. One among them is Rhumerie de Chamarel Distillery. Here is the high quality rum is produced which is purely ecological. The reason behind the purity is the land where the sugarcane and fruits plantations are on.

As a visitor, you can observe each process involved in the production of brewing fun. Also, at the end, you will get to taste the original, ecologically safe and pure rum here. The distillery came into existence with an attractive tagline saying “a dream is not a place but a journey” in 2008. The 40 minute long visit will let you know more about the detailed process involved.

Location: Route Royale, Chamarel, Ile Maurice, Mauritius
Best time to visit: From June to November, you can watch the individual process at first hand and on the other season, you will be able to witness every single step of the procedure.

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Places to Visit in Mauritius West Coast


Chamarel Seven Colored Earth Geopark

Image Credit : s_a_ï_d_a
What makes this place a must visit attraction and fall in the list of Mauritius tourist places is the fact that here you will find 7 coloured sand at a single location. Once you reach here, the unparalleled beauty and the colourful sceneries of this multicoloured sand will surely take your breath away. In addition to the scenery, the place is also a popular picnic spot and many locals and tourists visit here to spend some time in serenity.

Highlight: The beautiful scenery of dominating black, red, cyan, purple and violet colours on the natural sand has attracted loads of tourists towards Chamarel Coloureed Earth. People visit here to click numerous memorable pictures while resting on this colourful sand.

Best time: Any day of the year

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Light House of Albion, Pointe aux

Mauritius will definitely lack its lustre without the Albion Light House. It is located in the west coast of Mauritius.

Highlights: It is the exceptional architecture of the light house which makes it quite interesting to be looked at. Since the historic times, it has provided navigational help to many sailors. If you are good at photography then it is one of the best place to take sunset photographs. You can definitely spend some peaceful time there to make your trip worthwhile.

: It is located in the west coast of Mauritius.

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Flic En Flac Beach

Home to the longest shoreline and exhibiting the beauty of nature at its best, the Flic En Flac beach finds its name in some of the popular Mauritius places to visit.

From the coral reefs to the underwater algae, the shores of this beach are home to numerous beautiful sceneries. In addition to this, many colorful sea animals can also be spotted if you take a boat ride.

Highlight: This beach is a popular tourist destination and is famous for activities such as diving and snorkelling. Also, ferry rides are also provided here which can take you to dolphin and whale watching points. Another famous attraction here are the luxury resorts which provide you with a personal beachside area to rest and chill.

Best time: Any day of the year.

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Casela Nature Park

Image Credit : mauritiusattractions.com/
This whole Casela Nature Park is home to beautiful natural panoramas and species of numerous endangered animals and birds including the white lions and tigers. Those who are interested in enjoying a safari can opt for ATV rides and Jeep rides and can enjoy a guided tour of the whole park.

From playing with tiger cubs to feeding them , the whole day here can be spent while indulging in numerous adrenaline rushing activities and once in a lifetime experiences. Home to so many beautiful sceneries and animals resting in their natural habitat makes it one of the best Mauritius sightseeing places.

Highlight: Activities like ATV rides, feeding tiger cubs, getting your photos clicked is common here. The most famous activity here is a segway ride in the Zebra farm where you get a chance to have fun with these beautiful animals.

Best time: Any day of the year.

Rivière Noire

Located on the western part of Mauritius is a beautiful district of Rivière Noire offering you diverse culture and culinary delicacies. The small town is home to many big surprises including the plethora of adventurous activities and scenic vistas.

Finding its name in the list of the best Places to Visit in Mauritius, Rivière Noire has been inviting flocks of tourists due to its dreamy locations like Tamarin Beach and the famous Underwater Waterfall.

Highlight: What fascinates most of the visitors of Rivière Noire is the beautiful underwater waterfall located on the coast of Le Morne Mountain. Providing astonishing views, the scenery can be best marvelled at by taking a helicopter ride. Rivière Noire is also famous for hosting adventurous activities like scuba diving, snorkelling and windsurfing.

Best time: Summer Months - From February to April.

Maison Eureka at Moka District

What makes Maison Eureka very attractive are the cascading river and the lush greenery in the surrounding. Masion Eureka is a huge house that stands as the undying symbol of olonial period.

Located by the side of river Moka, this Creole house was built in the year of 1830 but still the charm of this breathtaking house is not diminished a little. 109 doors and windows make the house look large and it is the biggest house on the island.

Highlights: Being more than a house and a museum, the visitors can relish the beauty of small waterfalls, streams, lush greenery, and endemic plants which leave your heart remain stolen.

Location: Moka District, Mauritius

Best time to visit: Any time during the year is suitable to visit the place.

Places to Visit in Mauritius East Coast


Chamarel Waterfalls

This 100 metres high Chamarel Waterfall provides a beautiful scenery of gushing streams hitting the rocks and creating a pool below the waterfall. This milky white waterfall has been providing a water source to the villages around it and the quality of the water is still good. Finding its name in the Mauritius beautiful places, this waterfall has been inviting tourists due to its scenic charm and serenity around it.

Highlight: The beautiful two streamed waterfall offers a mesmerising scenery and a backdrop worth a picture. In addition to the beauty, another major thing which fascinates the tourists is the fact that the rocks around this waterfall were made during volcanic eruptions and date back to around 810 million years.

Best time: October to February.

Le Waterpark

This dramatic and beautiful theme park is a favourite spot of adventure lovers who want to indulge in water based activities away from the beach.

The place is dotted with numerous pools and many spectacular slides offering you with much required thrill and fun on a trip to Mauritius. If travelling with family, Le Waterpark also offers family villas equipped with all basic facilities and are located closer to the pools and slides.

Highlight: From wave pools to large slides, this waterpark is a one stop destination for all the fun and thrill. Catering both adults and children alike, this theme park is the perfect place to spend some adventurous time with your family and friends.

Best time: Any day of the year.

People Also Ask About Mauritius

  1. What are the famous places to visit in Mauritius?

    1. Trou Aux Biches: At Trou Aux Biches, you can let go all your stress and worries and surround yourself with  natural beauty and fun. It is an ideal place for a beach picnic where you can enjoy activities like snorkeling and swimming.

    2. Belle Mare Plage: For people who like to enjoy the sunrise, the Belle Mare Plage is the best place. The place is famous among tourists for swimming and windsurfing.

    3. Ile Aux Cerfs: Ile Aux Cerfs is one of the most popular islands in Mauritius. People from across the globe spend time with their friends and loved ones and explore the beautiful beaches and lagoons on the island.

    4. Chamarel Coloured Earth: The Chamarel Coloured Earth is an exceptional place where you can find sand of seven different colours. Due to its unique characteristics, the place has gained a huge attraction among the tourists.

    5. Black River Gorges National Park: The national park is known for its breath-taking view and is a true paradise for nature lovers and photographers.

    6. Eureka House: It is one of the major tourist attractions in Mauritius which is famous for its beautiful vistas and colonial museums.
  2. Which are the best beaches in Mauritius?

    1. Tamarin Beach: This famous Black Sand Beach of Mauritius is surrounded by hills and is among the most beautiful beaches in Mauritius. It is popularly known as the “Surfer Beach” especially due to the perfect waves for surfers to enjoy their surfing activity.

    2. La Cuvette Beach Grand Bay: Located close to Grand Bay, this beach is a comparatively small beach with clear waters and dazzling sands. This place is sure to promise you with a peaceful beach visit.

    3. Flic En Flac Beach: Being one of the longest beaches in Mauritius, this beach has a lovely lagoon and beautiful coral reefs making it the best option for snorkelling in Mauritius. The beach offers an awesome view with a beautiful sunset.

    4. Mont Choisy Beach: One of the most stunning beaches in Mauritius, the Mont Choisy Beach has a gorgeous shore. Furthermore, the beauty of the beach is glorified by the casuarina trees and curve-shaped bay.

    5. Poste Lafayette Beach: The soothing sounds of the way and the beautiful kilometer-long lagoon make the beach a peaceful beach to visit. To make the spectacular beach livelier, many restaurants and luxury hotels are present near the beach.
  3. Which are the best places to visit in Mauritius on honeymoon?

    1. Ile Aux Cerfs: It is the best island in Mauritius with lively coral, crystal clear waters and amazing white sand offers a romantic spot worth visiting. Additionally, the island also provides many adventurous water sports to have a thrilling experience.

    2. Chamarel Waterfalls: The Chamarel waterfalls is a spectacular place surrounded by lush green forests and the cool breeze makes it a romantic place for couples. Apart from enjoying the natural beauty, the place also offers the best photographic spots for any Instagram picture.

    3. Seven Colored Earth: With its multi-coloured dunes, the seven coloured earth has made a huge place of interest among the travellers. The place shows the artistic nature of mother earth.

    4. Pereybere Beach: For couples looking for a perfect beach swim, the Pereybere beach is the ideal location. The deep blue waters of the Indian ocean, white sand, clean shore and flourishing coconut trees provide the electrifying atmosphere for couples to have a romantic time.

    5. Mauritius Botanical Garden: Being one of the oldest and most popular tourist attractions, the garden has splendid views. With 650+ varieties of plants, the place is a good place to walk around and spend some quality time with your loved one.
  4. How many days are enough for Mauritius?

    If you are planning for a trip to Mauritius, around 6 days to 7 days would be enough for a trip. During these 6-7 days of stay, you can enjoy the beautiful beaches and the amazing resorts.
  5. What is the best time to visit Mauritius?

    The best time to visit Mauritius is between the months of May to December. During this time, the weather of Mauritius is cool, dry and sunny which provides the best environment to enjoy your time at the beaches.
  6. How much does a trip to Mauritius cost?

    On an average, the trip to Mauritius costs around 60,000 INR for a 5 day stay. The cost, however, depends on the number of days you stay and the type of accommodation that you choose for your trip. Therefore, as per your need, you can plan both a luxurious or budget-friendly trip from Thrillophilia.
  7. What are the do and don'ts in Mauritius?

    - Try to communicate with locals: The local people of Mauritius are friendly and you should communicate with them to understand the local people and their culture.
    - Use public transport: Hop on the public buses to look at Mauritius in a better way.
    - Remove shoes before entering a religious place: Before entering Hindu temples or Mosques, removing shoes is mandatory.
    - Shake hand as a form of greeting: People in Mauritius, often greet with a handshake or a kiss on the cheek.
    - Dress appropriately: Women of Mauritius are very conservative and hence wearing swimming costumes or surfer shorts after sunset is not recommended.

    - Use Drugs on the Island: Many drug traffickers are caught and prosecuted at Mauritius frequently and you do not want to get caught in a foreign place.
    - Ignore safety signs at beaches: Being a foreign place, you are always recommended to not underestimate the dangers that the beaches could pose. Therefore, don’t ignore the sign boards at any beach.
    - Eat non-veg food at religious places: According to Hindu and Buddhist beliefs, eating non-veg food or snacks within the religious places is not considered good.
    - Take a late night bus: Due to less nightlife, some of the places can be deserted after 6 PM. Therefore, it is advised that you do not take any night bus.
    - Sunbathe topless: Mauritius does not have any nudist beach and therefore women are not allowed to go nude or topless as that can result in public nudity.
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We booked this honeymoon package to Mauritius from Delhi for around 6-7 days. And it was the first time both of us visiting Mauritius. We got time to travel and get to know one another. We had the best time with the team and a lifetime of memories to cherish. Cheers to the team.
I booked a trip to Mauritius, travelling all by myself it wasn’t going to be easy, so rather I decided to go with some experienced operator. And it was the best decision as the trip was undoubtedly awesome. Thanks for making my trip worth remembering. Wish to travel more.
I use Thrillophilia for 2 years and this booking platform gave us good packages and affordable prices, This time I took with an international trip to Mauritius with my life partner... I am already aware of the company policies, procedures, and service which I was very okay to plan my trip with them. For this package to, they suggested it to me and I've no regret at all deciding on this trip... Since the time we land at this place we were received by the professional staff and helps us with the paper procedure and all and the hotel they provided was nice with a warm welcome along with delicious welcome drinks and the staff there was friendly and kind, the place is truly breathtaking... The day tours we had in north islands, south islands and Ile Aux Cerf Island tour the sightseeing-spots and the activities we had at each place was exciting and impressive, the scenic beauty of the seas, white sandy beach, and the surrounding took our breath away with a nice photo at each... The shared transport was good and comfortable though... The place has a very rich culture and amazing people... Everlasting memories with my partner...
This being my first longest and an international trip I had... I am thankful to Thrillophilia for planning this amazing trip for me... Without the help and proper plan I would have never reached there, I appreciate the support and the service they gave me during my tour, The tour went exactly as in the itinerary which was well-planned and well-executed... The resort is at a great location with the amazing view we get from there. We had a great time enjoying the sightseeing-spots, adventure activities, and exploring the place...This trip was an amazing and memorable one for a lifetime.
So happy that we had the best-planned holiday with the entire family in Mauritius through Thrillophilia, They made sure that everything was properly organized and also ensured that we get everything as promised and need to be covered according to the package we choose, they even provided good service the entire trip and we did not face any kind of issues at all the whole trip. The resort they booked for us was very beautiful and the rooms were spacious and comfortable along with good service at any time and the staff were responsive, polite, and friendly... we had a wonderful stayed and the breakfast and dinner were served with freshly made and tasted like home... The transfered they arranged for us was a sharing one but very good no doubt... The place is truly beautiful by its scenic beauty, historical places, markets, culture, and traditions... The north islands, south islands, and Ile aux Cerf island tour was brilliant... we had great fun in many fun activities like watersport, shore activities and explored the place on our leisure time... Overall this trip was a fantastic trip which suitable for a family, couples and different type of group... 100% will recommend
Booked this tour through Thrillophilia and it turned out to be one of the best trips I have ever done, location, meals, everything was just great, in this price it was a bit surprising for me and was happy with it.
Recently we went to Mauritius, and it was one of the best trips we have ever been to. The place is so beautiful and mesmerizing, the beaches are so alluring. The nightlife is so lit there, We even had fun exploring the historical sites in the city, and we even went to the temples. The entire trip was so well planned, we had to worry about nothing. All the facilities provided on the trip were so good, rooms were cozy and comfortable, the food provided was delicious, the driver given to us was also amazing he was quite knowledgable and was very helpful. Thanks Thrillophila for the great trip experience.
We totally enjoyed the trip. A must trip for all the honeymooners
I am very much satisfied with the overall booking i got the best quote and all things were manage nicely. guide and drive both were professional
Last year, I went to Mauritius for having the fun of the tour of this charming destination. I booked my tour package from thrillophilia, one of the leading tour and travel operators of India. All the services, which were provided to me, were very good.

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