7 Best Beaches in Karwar - 2021 (1300+ Reviews & Photos)
Serving as the picturesque locale the beaches in Karwar makes a prominent tourist spot. This beautiful town in Karnataka which is known for its splendid beauty is a combination of both Western Ghats and beaches.

The splendid location of these beaches offers a breath-taking and scenic views of the Ghats, backwater and clear landscapes. The water sports such as snorkelling, kayaking, and dolphin spotting makes the entire trip to Karwar worth the visit.

The tourist enjoys the aquatic life to the fullest while having sunbathed on the beach. With a wide list of beaches of Karwar, this place is a perfect weekend getaway offering a variety of delicious seafood. The golden sands of Rabindranath Tagore Beach and coarse black sand of Tilmati beach will give you two different experience here in. Get ready to be sun-kissed by relaxing in the most beautiful Rabindranath Tagore Beach of Karwar.

Here are some of the best beaches in Karwar:


Majali Beach

Majali Beach, in Majali Beach village, is located near Karwar, Karnataka. The beaches in Karwar is a beautiful holiday destination with Majali Beach Resorts offering good accommodation and food. The beach is far away from the hustle-bustle of city life and provides a soothing experience to its visitors.

You can enjoy your day by hearing the chirping of birds and calm music of the Arabian Sea. The beach offers various recreational activities like boating, fishing, kayaking and pedalling. Other activities include bird watching, dolphin watching and a trip to nearby islands via cruises.

How to reach from Karwar:
Take a bus from Karwar bus stand to reach Majali beach

Distance from Karwar Bus Stand
: 10 km.


Tilmati Beach

One of the amazing Karwar beaches, Tilmati beach is famous for its coarse black sand of Basaltic rock making the entire beach black. The beautiful beach is suitable for picnicking and spending time in solitude.

The beach has a variety of fauna and flora for you to explore as well. The beach is perfect for adventure lovers. The nearby Majali Beach village offers boating, kayaking, fishing and pedalling. You can also go for bird watching, dolphin watching, and cruise rides. The Tilmati beach is also accessible by 1km hike which includes crossing river streams and climbing mountains

How to reach Tilmati Beach from Karwar: Take a bus from Karwar to Majali Bus stand and then reach the beach via a cab.

Distance from Karwar Bus Stand: 13kms.


Binaga Beach

One of those beaches in Karwar known for its scenic beauty is located just a mile from the Karnataka – Goa border. It is surrounded by lush green beauty. It houses a famous church named “Our Lady of St. Anne’s church”.

The Portuguese built it and it was the first Latin Catholic church. There is also a naval base known as “Project Seabird” established by the Navy. Binaga beach to other beaches like Devbaugh beach and Arga beach. Other nearby places to visit include an island named “Oyster Rock”, Muslin factory and Naganatha temple.

How to reach from Karwar: Take a cab from Binaga beach

Distance from Karwar: 5 km.


Karwar Beach

This is one of the most famous beaches in Karwar that promotes Karwar Tourism. The place is suitable for relaxing and spending time with family. The sunset view at the beach is really heart-warming.

The beach offers various recreational activities like visiting Music Fountain, Planetarium, park, toy train, and an Aquarium. One can also visit the Warship Museum. It is an ideal destination for swimming and sunbathing as well.

How to reach from Karwar:
Take a taxi or bus from Karwar bus stand to Karwar beach.

Distance from Karwar Bus Stand:
 1-2 km.


Koodi Bagh Beach

Located at the meeting point of the Arabian sea and the Kali river, it is one of the most stunning beaches in Karwar. The meeting point of the river and the sea is spectacular to watch. There is also an amazing view of the sunset, and one can have a really relaxing time at the beach.

Various other activities are also there for adventure lovers like canoeing, kayaking, banana boat ride, and paddling. The small fishing boats are an added attraction. There are also a number of palm trees and fishermen’s boats which adds to the beauty.

How to reach from Karwar: One can take a cab or auto from Karwar bus station.

Distance from Karwar: 4.5 km.


Rabindranath Tagore Beach

Rabindranath Tagore beach, also known as Karwar beach, is the most popular amongst all the Karwar Beaches. The golden sands on the long stretch of the beach are an apt place to relax and unwind.

As there are no sudden depths in water, it is an ideal place for swimming. Other attractions include a toy train, a recreational park, a colourful music fountain, an aquarium, and a planetarium. The view of the sunset from the Kali bridge is awesome. The Karavali Utsav is a big event held every year on the beach.

How to reach from Karwar: One can take buses from Karwar bus station or cabs to reach Rabindranath Tagore beach

Distance from Karwar: 1 km.

Devbagh Beach

Devbagh beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Karwar located on the northern side of the Kali river near Karnataka Goa border. One of the best places to visit in Karwar and is an ideal place for beach lovers.

It faces Arabian sea on one side and the Western Ghats on the other. The golden beach with its blue clear waters plus the casuarina trees offers a stunning view. Besides the beach, it is famous for a variety of water sports like snorkelling, dolphin watching, fishing, banana boat rides and more. Devbaugh beach resort, located nearby offers these activities.   

How to reach from Karwar:
One could travel by boat from Karwar or take a bus or cab.

Distance from Karwar:
8 km.
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