10 Luxury 5 Star Resorts in Thekkady | Book @ Upto 50 % Off
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Luxury Resorts In Thekkady
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Thekkady 5 Star Resorts

Hills & Hues, Poetree Sarovar Portico, Woodnote Thekkady, The Elephant Court, Greenwoods Resort, The Mountain Courtyard, Niraamaya Retreats Cardamom Club, Amaana Plantation Resort, Reen Resorts Aanavilasam Plantation & many more !

5 Star Resorts in Thekkady are known for being pieces of picturesque splendor, set amidst peaceful landscapes and exquisite vistas. Thekkady resorts will captivate you with its relaxed atmosphere and scenic surroundings. The Hills & Hues are known for overlooking the pristine Periyar Lake and the fields of Cumbum. Poetree Sarovar Portico is famous for its luxurious amenities and well appointed premises with observation decks and private balconies.

5 star hotels and resorts in Thekkady like Woodnote Thekkady let the guests go gaga with its dense animal refuge, meandering roads, and panoramic plantations, Thekkady captures the most stunning artistic manifestations of nature. The Elephant Court, nestled in the lap of nature blends luxury and legacy, nature and regalia, exquisite décor and world-class amenities.

Here is the list of best 5 star resorts in Thekkady:

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Luxury Resorts In Thekkady Explore All (14)
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Hills & Hues

Image Credit : www.hillsandhues.com

This is where fairy tales come to life, perched among the clouds and atop a lush green hill. Hills and Hues, a boutique luxury resort in Thekkady, welcomes you. This resort will offer an experience that transports you to a different world with commanding views of the lush green hills, a valley overlooking the famous Periyar Lake, and the fields of Cumbum, Theni in the neighboring state of Tamil Nadu.

Guests may expect a perfect escape in the midst of untouched nature, where they can enjoy a premium luxury hideaway equivalent to a castle straight out of a fairy tale. Hills and Hues is the nicest hotel in Thekkady and is located approximately 4 kilometers from the town of Kumily in Thekkady.

Location: 2nd Mile, Amaravathy P.O Thekkady, Kumily, Kerala 685509

Price: INR 9255 Per Night


Poetree Sarovar Portico

Image Credit : facebook.com/PoetreeResortIndia

Poetree, which is spread across 9 acres in Thekkady's hilltops, offers comfortable rooms and cottages. The Oval Escape cottage, Circle of Solitude cottages, Prive suite, and Reserva suites are available to guests. Private balconies and decks are available in every accommodation, with breathtaking views of the surrounding vegetation, lakes, and mountains. There is also a jacuzzi in the Private suite.

One of the resort's features is the SVA Spa, where visitors may enjoy restorative and calming spa treatments as well as yoga lessons. Guided garden tours across the huge property allow visitors to learn about the local flora and fauna. There's also a games area, a fitness center, and a business center within the resort. Kusini Restaurant has a traditional setting and a cuisine that includes a variety of South Indian meals as well as Indian and Continental delicacies.

Location: Ottakathalamedu View Point Road Amaravathi, P.O, Thekkady, Kumily, Kerala 685509
Price: INR 7200 Per Night


Woodnote Thekkady

Image Credit : facebook.com/woodnotethekkady

With its dense animal refuge, meandering roads, and panoramic plantations, Thekkady captures the most stunning artistic manifestations of nature. Together, Thekkady and Kumily's former colonial grandeur make the area an alluring attraction not to be missed while visiting Kerala.

With its contemporary architecture, luxury accommodations, and idyllic location in the Cardamom Hills, Woodnote aspires to be the best hospitality destination in the Thekkady with its contemporary architecture, plush accommodations and delectable eateries.

Location: Thamarakandam Rd, Thekkady, Kumily, Kerala 685509

Price: INR 3200 Per Night

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The Elephant Court

The Elephant Court offers a perfect nirvana in the lap of nature, blending luxury and legacy, nature and regalia, exquisite décor and world-class amenities. It is well-known as one of top 5 Star Resorts in Thekkady, with a reputation for style and service. The interiors are beautiful because of the superbly fashionable yet antique furnishings, spectacular chandeliers, and enormous decor.

The Elephant Court's appeal is boosted by its friendly personnel and welcoming atmosphere. Ayurvedic spa treatments and a poolside bar Make sure to try at least one of the following treatments: Swedana (Steam Bath), Virechana (Detoxification Spa), Udvartana (Dry Powder Massage), and Padabhyanga (Foot Massage). In the Pool Studio, you can relax and unwind.

Location: Thamarakandam Rd, Thekkady, Kumily, Kerala 685509

Price: INR 6300 Per Night


Greenwoods Resort

Greenwood is one of top 5 Star Resorts in Thekkady, nestled among deep forests and a plethora of wildlife. It is one of Thekkady's most magnificent resorts, with fabulous private apartments, majestic hospitality, and world-class dining. It is located in the Kumily district. The gorgeous green strokes and the melodious chattering of birds are not to be missed.

Ambara — A tree-top coffee shop, a demonstration session by sous chefs of Kerala's ethnic cuisine, and spice garden and plantation tours. Ambara — A tree-top coffee shop, a demonstration session by sous chefs of Kerala's ethnic cuisine, and spice garden and plantation tours. Also, check out Indraprastham – The Presidential Pool Suite with a private Jacuzzi pool for an ultimate world-class stay experience.

Location: Kottayam - Kumily Road, Thekkady, Kumily, Kerala 685509

Price: INR 6200 Per Night


The Mountain Courtyard

Image Credit : themountaincourtyard.com

The Mountain Courtyard, Thekkady, is nestled among lush spice plantations and offers a comfortable stay enhanced by its magnificent villas and a large selection of fun-filled activities. At the on-site spa, rejuvenate your senses with Ayurvedic treatments and European massages.

The accommodations include individual balconies with breathtaking views of the mountains and valleys. The resort offers a variety of cultural programmes, including Kathakali Dance and Kalarippayattu. At the in-house restaurants, savour world specialties and Indian dishes made with local spices.

Location: 66th Mile, Spring Valley, Kottayam-Kumily Road, Kumily, Kerala 685509

Price: INR 10300 Per Night

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Niraamaya Retreats Cardamom Club

Niraamaya Retreats Cardamom Club is one of 5 Star Resorts in Thekkady, nestled within acres of vast cardamom farms. This resort offers a stay among chirping birds and beautiful trees and flowers, overlooking the jaw-dropping grandeur of Periyar Wildlife and Biosphere Reserve.

It is a genuine haven for nature lovers! Niraamaya is one of Thekkady's greatest Ayurveda-oriented resorts, with a wellness centre and a comprehensive choice of spa therapies. Katee Vasthi, Shirodhara, and Padamardana are the Ayurvedic Resort's most popular therapies. eluxe Cottage offers a relaxing stay with classic charm, modern comfort, and the warmest hospitality.

Location: 66th Mile V&V Estates, Kumily, Kerala 685509

Price: INR 6500 Per Night


Amaana Plantation Resort

Choose a relaxing vacation at this exclusive plantation property, which offers luxurious rooms, suites, and pool villas. This boutique stay in Thekkady will steal your heart because it is located away from the hustle and bustle of city life. During your visit, take a peaceful dip in the large pool or treat yourself to a deep spa treatment.

Explore the nearby 7-acre cardamom and pepper plantations for some interesting spice plantation walks. This boutique hotel is ideal for those looking for a peaceful vacation in the countryside. The in-house chef prepares authentic Keralan cuisine.

Location: Amaana Plantation Resort NH 220 Kottayam-Kumily Rd Periyar Kerala 685533, NH 220, Kottayam - Kumily Road, Periyar, Kerala 685533

Price: INR 8400 Per Night


Reen Resorts Aanavilasam Plantation

Image Credit : www.reenresorts.com

Amaana is distinctive in a variety of ways, beginning with its location. We've meticulously symphonized a plethora of natural elements to allow an avid traveller to breathe in the mesmerising beauty of life, providing an abundance of feelings of well-being that will be cherished for a lifetime. Amaana is a journey back to a greater understanding of life and the immense beauty that it contains.

A home is a world that protects your innermost longings and that you own among the woods of your deepest thoughts. We have developed tastefully designed homes with the touch of perennial woods in the quiet landscapes of heavenly Thekkady, amidst the natural beauty of tea and cardamom plantations.

Location: SH41, Pathumuri - Aanavilasam Road, Kerala 685535

Price: INR 9600 Per Nigh


Spice Village

Spice Village, a fantastic example of an ideal combination of heritage with most contemporary facilities, was designed artistically to represent the setting of a tribal community. Spice Village is one of the popular 5 Star Resorts in Thekkady. The showy carpets have been replaced with non-fancy coir mattresses, the costly and hefty furniture has been replaced with plain wooden counterparts, and the silk curtain has been replaced with jute-finished blinds.

There is no air conditioning in this eco-friendly resort because all of the rooms are naturally ventilated and illuminated. Fresh air, lush greenery, varied forest chirpings, and bird songs provide a complete sensory experience for the eyes, mind, and spirit.

Location: Kottayam - Kumily Road, Thekkady, Kumily, Kerala 685509

Price: INR 10200 Per Night

People Also Ask About Thekkady

  1. Which are the 5-star resorts in Thekkady for couples?

    1. Kofiland Resort: Within Thekkady's cardamom and pepper farms, Kofiland offers a comfortable and cutting-edge holiday experience. It is organically designed with rocks, stones, and mud, along with ultra-premium stay amenities and hospitality, as a state-of-the-art, eco-friendly resort and one of the favourite boutique 5 Star Resorts in Thekkady. The interiors of Kofiland are earthy, with pastel-colored walls that add to the resort's glitz. The round lake, nestled between the hills, provides breathtaking views from the cottages, adding to the grandeur and splendour of the stay.

    2. Cardamom County: Cardamom County is Kerala's first ISO certified 4 star resort, with an attractively designed and contemporary style. This resort is a great blend of royal lifestyle, premium guest experience, and picturesque environment, located on a hill overlooking Periyar Tiger Reserve. Cardamom County is one of top 5 Star Resorts in Thekkady, with organic farming, a butterfly garden, and a breathtaking natural location.

    3. Citrus Thekkady Wild Corridor: Wild Corridor provides a rejuvenating stay with the highest level of convenience and comfort. It is known for its peace and ambience and is one of the eco-friendly 5 Star Resorts in Thekkady. The attractions here include the impressive décor, excellently planned elevated villas, uphill roads within the resort, greatest dawn view, and most amazing hospitality.
  2. Which are the 5-star resorts in Thekkady with a swimming pool?

    1. Aranya Nivas: Aranya Nivas is an ideal destination for adventurers, travel enthusiasts, and eco-tourists. This KTDC facility is one of Thekkady's greatest resorts, located within the Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary. The spacious property is only 2 minutes' walk from Periyar Lake and is surrounded by lush woodlands, tea plantations, rich biodiversity, and a calm setting.

    2. ABAD Green Forest Resort: If you're seeking a relaxing and peaceful vacation in a natural setting, ABAD Green Forest Resort is the place to be. This tranquil jungle resort in Kumily is nestled among the trees and offers all of the essential conveniences for a perfect vacation. Plan an adventure outing to test your adrenaline in a natural setting near the resort.

    3. Woods N Spice: This is one of Thekkady's top hotels, surrounded by lovely green trees. Its rustic ambiance and simple charm will undoubtedly take your breath away. The stark settings of this magnificent Sterling home will captivate you. Woods N Spice's general environment, combined with its homey decor and genuine Keralite hospitality, will let you relax your mind, body, and soul in nature's stunning mélange of tranquility and luxury.
  3. What amenities are available at Thekkady 5 star resorts?

    1. Children Activities (Kid / Family Friendly)
    2. Car hire
    3. Parking
    4. Wifi
    5. Restaurant
    6. Breakfast available
    7. Fishing
    8. Taxi service
    9. 24-hour security
    10. BBQ facilities
    11. Concierge
    12. 24-hour front desk
    13. Private check-in / check-out
    14. Dry cleaning
    15. Laundry service
  4. What is the best time to visit Thekkady?

    Because of the pleasant weather, September through April is the best season to explore Thekkady. The driest months are March and April, when many animals congregate near water bodies, making it the optimum time to view wildlife. Monsoons bring with them freshness and foliage, making the place even more lovely.
  5. How to reach Thekkady?

    1.By flight: Madurai is the nearest airport to Thekkady and is connected to other major airports of India, including Chennai and Coimbatore. The Nedumbassery Airport in Kochi is the next closest airport. To get to Thekkady, one can take a taxi from Kochi Airport.

    2. By road: State buses run frequently from adjacent cities such as Kottayam, Kochi, and Trivandrum. Alternatively, you can travel to Thekkady by booking a cab from any of the nearby cities.

    3. By train: The nearest railway station to Thekkady is Kottayam, which is located 114 kilometres away. To go to Thekkady, take a taxi from the railway station.
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Aadi Chaturvedi Spice Village Thekkady
We were looking for a deal that would offer us all the exploration of the Thekkady location. I was recommended for Thrillophilia by one of my friend. I got in touch with them and found myself a special package for my stays with activities at the Spice Village Thekkady. I was happy to find them and take their services for my trip. Looking forward to more such experience.
Menaka Gupta Spice Village Thekkady
My Spice Village Thekkady resort stays came along with bunch of activities that made my trip explore all fun activities and locations with just one package from Thrillophilia
09 November 2019
Situated in the Pandalam Hills and Cardamom Hills, this amazing campsite provides tented accommodations for maximum 30 persons at a time with a board room facility for projection, film shows, trekking in the forest, and a chance to experience the traditional tribal food prepared by the Urali tribe. Thanks, Thrillophilia for such a great experience!!

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