20 Best Waterfalls in Madhya Pradesh
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The waterfalls in Madhya Pradesh adorn the heart of India with their gushing streams and make the state all the more desirable for tourists. These waterfalls located in the middle of verdant landscapes of Madhya Pradesh are easily capable of surpassing your imagination with the wonderful sights they offer.

Whether you are planning a fun day out with your friends or you want to have a great picnic experience with your family, you can pick among these waterfalls and spend a delightful day creating memories in the shadow of the tumbling waters. Most of these waterfalls are located at short distances from major cities, hence, serve as great destinations for road trips in Madhya Pradesh.

Madhya Pradesh is majorly popular among local and foreign tourists for featuring a rich collection of natural and cultural heritage within its ambit, encompassing a wide array of tourist spots including forts, palaces, temples, wildlife parks and much more.

If you wish to explore the state beyond what it is generally known for, add some waterfalls to your bucket list and make your Madhya Pradesh even more refreshing. The calm aura and the soothing sound of the gushing water are bound to give you an experience worth remembering.

Scenic vistas of water streams plummeting from high gorges carpeted in lush greenery make them perfect spots for landscape photography. Some of these waterfalls are even known for featuring hiking trails that make them apt for adventure enthusiasts too.

Check here the list of some of the best waterfalls in Madhya Pradesh:

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Water Sports In MP Resumes With 50% Capacity Updated: 23 Sep 2020

Water sport activities in the state of Madhya Pradesh has been resumed with 50% capacity and strict safety measures,Read more.

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Panna, Ratapani and Bandhavgarh National Parks in MP reopened Updated: 27 Aug 2020

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Due to the rising COVID patients, Madhya Pradesh has restricted devotees from outside Madhya Pradesh from entering the Mahakal temple from 20 July. The decision was taken by the temple management committee.


Patalpani Waterfall

Just 35 km away from the city of Indore, Patalpani Waterfall is a wonderful tourist destination that attracts many locals and foreigners. Of many waterfalls in Madhya Pradesh, this one is a seasonal fall, i.e. the best time to visit this place is between July to October months.

This is when monsoon adds the much-needed fervor to the stream. Located south-west of Indore at Kekariya Dabri, this 150 ft high waterfall can be reached by taking a cab or taxi from the Indore railway station.

Although Patalpani has its own railway station, called the “Patalpani railway station’, it is not accessible due to the narrow-gauge connection with other railway stations.  The waterfall provides for a nice picnic spot near Indore and offers a bunch of adventure activities to try out.

Dhuandhar Falls

Dhuandhar Falls, also known as Smoke cascade is a 98 ft high waterfall that has its waters plummeting down to form a gorge knows as the Marble Rocks. Waterfalls in Madhya Pradesh never disappoint with their magnificence and staying true to this fact is the Dhuandhar falls.

The sight of Narmada river falling to form a smoky cascade with water sprays and beautiful rainbows make the aura magical. There is a running cable car service on the west side of the waterfall and is open for tourists.

The fall is located at Bhedaghat, 30 km away from Jabalpur. The natural marvel shines its brightest between the months of September to March. The best way to reach the place is through taxi or a cab, however, if you are a budget traveler, timely buses run from the Jabalpur railway station to Bhedaghat.

If Jabalpur is your primary destination than we can make it more fun filling by shortlisting all the best activities to do in Jabalpur.


Raneh Falls

A not-so-explored among the waterfalls in Madhya Pradesh, the Raneh waterfall is approximately 22 km from the city of Khajuraho. This beautiful and one of a kind waterfall is situated on the Ken River, carving the landscape into a beautiful canyon.

Formed with pure crystalline granite in different colors, this mini Grand Canyon houses dozens of small and big falls in regular stretches. Situated 44 km from the district of Panna, the waterfall marks the starting point of the Panna National Park, a green pristine forest that gives a glimpse of paradise.

To reach the place, one has to arrive first at Mahoba Railway Station (MBA) and catch a bus for Khajuraho. The journey is 74 km long but the prize at the end makes the ride worth it. The waterfall is open for visiting throughout the year, however, the falls are in the best shape during the winters.

Pandav Falls

A major attraction in the Panna National Park and Tiger Reserve, the Pandav falls is fed with local springs, making it flow throughout the year. However, this major fall in the list of waterfalls in Madhya Pradesh is in its full glory from October to March.

Situated 12 km from the district of Panna, the waterfall is accessible by cab or a personal vehicle. Since it comes under the authority of the Panna National Park, there are a certain set of rules that one must follow on their visit to this beautiful waterfall. There are a handful of resorts in Panna National Park that can make your stay worth remembering in the middle of national parks. 

The waterfall earns its names from a legend, according to which the Pandavas once resided in the 5 caves which can be found near the fall. It is believed that they visited the region during their exile period or the Agyaatvaas. The 100 ft waterfall creates a beautiful pond at the bottom which serves as a natural nursery and breeding ground for the Rohu fish.


Bahuti Falls

The Indian Niagara, located 72 km from the city of Rewa, is the highest among the waterfalls in Madhya Pradesh. The gigantic 466 ft waterfall is created when the river Odda descends the Rewa Plateau.

This waterfall is a classic example of a nick point, creating a cascade with the vertical fall of the water. The term ‘taking your breath away’ holds true when one stands to view at the mesmerizing setting created by this waterfall.

Tucked away in the wilderness, these falls of Madhya Pradesh have stayed away from the public eye for a long time. Due to the geography of the area, there are no major train stations nearby. The nearest railhead is Satna, which again does not have frequent service.

The best way to travel is to take a cab or taxi from City Centre in Rewa and the best time to visit is from July to November.


Tincha Falls

At a short distance of 25 km from the Indore City, the Tincha falls is one of the best waterfall in and around Indore. Making a visit to this place a package-deal are the canyon, valley and the gorge that come together with the fall.

Placed near the Tincha village, the beauty of the falls blooms with the advent of rains. These falls plummet from a height of a whopping 300 ft. The falls offer a lot of activities; although bathing and swimming have been prohibited near the main area because of the risk factor.

There are many hiking trails, farms, and ghats near the falls for nature enthusiasts, photo fanatics, wild wanderers, adventure lovers and above all fun lovers! The best time to visit this place is during the monsoon season, i.e. July to November.

One can reach the falls by taking a cab or a private taxi from Indore. There are also some packages that include a tour of nearby waterfalls and the village.

Rajat Pratap Falls

Popularly known as the Silver fall, this horse-tail type waterfall is 351 ft high. The one in kind among the waterfall in Madhya Pradeshit earns its name from the silver shimmer created when the sunlight falls on it. It takes a small trek over the rocks and boulders from Apsara Vihar near Pachmarhi to reach the 30th highest waterfall in India.

These falls have a strong link to the Hindu mythology and several folk tales and if one is interested, they can be heard from tour guides. It is not recommended to bathe under these falls because of the fervor, however, the untainted scenic view is there to capture on your cameras and mobile phones.

The months between Octobers to June are the best time to visit these magnificent falls. The city of Pachmarhi can be reached by local buses and private taxis boarded from the Pipariya railway station.

Keoti Falls

The majestic descend of the river Tons down the Rewa Plateau creates a view worthy of every frame. The 130 m waterfall is an example of nick point rejuvenation which causes it to the segment with every drop. Keoti Falls is a continuation to the Bahuti Falls, a tourist preference among the many waterfalls in Madhya Pradesh.

Many adventure sports are available which also add on to the popularity of the place. Located at a distance of 46 km from the city of Rewa, this place can be visited by a private or a taxi from City Centre, Rewa.

The Rewa plateau houses many waterfalls and presents to the tourists and nature lovers their magnificent views.

For your stay in Rewa city, here is the list of best resorts in Rewa so that you don't miss out the best that the city offers.

Bee Falls

A waterfall with a Sunset point, this is the most popular among the Pachmarhi waterfalls. It is situated in a place that dates back to the time of Mahabharata, legend has it that the Pandavas stayed in these hills during the time of their exile.

This 35 meters high waterfall is just 10 mins walk from Apsara Vihar, around 3 km from the Pachmarhi bus stand. These waterfalls not only have the most cherished bathing pools but also provide drinking water.

The shades around the waterfall add on to the soothing vibe that is generated from the sound of the water hitting the ground. Besides, these shades also reduce the temperature around the falls, keeping it cooler than the rest of the hills.

Although the fall is evergreen, it is not recommended to visit it during the monsoon season as the water tends to get muddy and the flow also increases.


Pawa Falls

Located in the town of Pohri, 40 km away from Shivpuri, they are in addition to the various cascades around this city. The waterfalls drop into a tank from a height of 100 ft and hold a place in the Hindu mythology.

The tank called as the Pawa Kund, which is 500 ft deep is next to heaven for scuba diving and snorkeling and such water sports activities in Madhya Pradesh. However, the kits required for these activities are not available at rent at the location. A breathtaking statue of Lord Shiva adds the religious air to the waterfalls.

The town has an active railway station and cab services to make your visit to this place more feasible. The late months of October and March are suitable for the best views of these falls. The fall originates from the River Pawa and hence the name.


Purwa Falls

Adding to the cascade type waterfalls in the heart of Indiathe Purwa falls is located in the Rewa district. Falling from a height of 300 ft, these waterfalls originate from the River Tamsa or Tons. The Purwa falls have a high religious significance because of their association with the Hindu Epic Ramayana.

The falls can be reached from two points, Satna and Rewa from the private taxi. The City Centre has many active travel agents which can offer you exciting packages that include several waterfalls around the district of Rewa.

The holy pilgrimage of Baseman Mama is also in close proximity to the falls. One can enjoy a beautiful picnic at the Purwa waterfalls during the months of October to June.

When it comes to homestays the state offers best of its kind with best amenities. Click here for the best homestays of Madhya Pradesh.

Gatha Falls

It is the 5th tallest waterfall in the state and can be accessed via roads joining Panna and the neighboring towns. The falls plunge from a height of 300 ft and are among the most popular attractions of Khajuraho.

During the monsoon season, the falls attain their full glory. The picturesque and magnificent Vindhyachal Ranges on which these falls are situated also houses many other waterfalls like the Pandav Fall, Nand-kund and many others.

The mid-ranged Vindhyachal mountains are carefully carved by various rivers, creating masterpieces like the Gatha Falls. The fall is situated on the other side of the highway NH 75 and gives travelers and locals a spectacular view to enjoy. Being situated very close to the national highway, the waterfall is quite popular among tourists and locals as a picnic spot.


Sultangarh Falls

Located in the Shivpuri district of Madhya Pradesh, these falls can be spotted at a distance of 50 km from the district. They are a natural cascade set in between rocky terrain and lush trees. The falls originate from the River Parvati and are in full bloom during the months of October to March.

This fall makes for a relaxing picnic spot and is enjoyed by the locals and the tourists alike. One can enjoy photography up close with nature and capture the little details of the wilderness. The picturesque sunrise and sunset which can be viewed from these falls make it all the more attractive.

The nearest railway station is Jhansi, which is 92 km from Shivpuri. Jhansi Railway Station has an active bus service and regular buses and cabs run between the two cities.

A visit to national parks of Madhya Pradesh should be on the bucket list of every nature lover which are famous for its beautiful and diverse biodiversity.

Bhoora Khon Waterfall

Among the three waterfalls in Shivpuri that make the place soothing, the most captivating one is the Bhoora Khon waterfall. The sound of waters here has curative and restorative powers that are left raw for one to experience.

The waterfall makes a harmonious sound falling from a height of 82 ft. Given the depth of the pool formed under this fall, the adventurous tourists can go for a little dive in nature’s lap. The place gets a spiritual vibe with the presence of various idols of Lord Shiva, situated in small shrines around the waterfall.

The ideal time to visit the cascade is in the months of October to June. The nearest railway station to the falls is Jhansi, which is 92 km away from the Shivpuri town and has an active bus service.

Being in the cultural state of India, one must witness all the ancient historical places of Madhya Pradesh which aren't worth to be missed out and will surely leave you amazed.

Kapildhara Falls

The Kapildhara Fall is located in the Amarkantak district of Madhya Pradesh. It lies at a distance of 6 km from the Narmada Kund. Plunging from a height of about 100 ft, this waterfall originates from the holy river Narmada.

The cascade gets its name from the famous sage Kapil, who was once a resident of this beautiful piece of land and performed several religious rituals. Said to have received the Divine Light, Kapil Muni is said to have written the ‘Sankhya Philosophy’, an advanced treatise on mathematics.

The Kapildhara waterfall is set amidst majestic mountains, dense forests and low-lying hills. Though the falls can be visited all year round, the best time remains from the months of September to January.

En route to the falls in a car or a taxi, one can come across the Achanakmar Tiger Reserve, situated in the forest of Kapilvan.

Expand your itinerary and include all the best Madhya Pradesh's sightseeing tourist spots that you should not miss out.

Chachai Falls

Second highest among the waterfalls in Madhya Pradesh, the Chachai waterfall has a height of 400 feet. Situated north of Rewa city, the waterfall is 40 km away and receives its waters from the Beehad River. These falls are also an example of nick point rejuvenation.

The waterfall is hugely famous among tourists because of its presence on the Chitrakoot hills. These hills hold a great mythological and religious significance. The waterfall emerges into its full bloom during the monsoon season.

The waterfalls resemble the Keoti and the Bahuti falls and is an important part of the canyon it falls into. The journey here is not a direct route as it requires one to visit Rewa first and then hire a private taxi to these falls. The weather there can be best enjoyed along with the beauty of the waterfalls between the months of August and February.

There is so much more to explore in the wild spaces of India which you can find only when you visit these amazing wildlife sanctuaries of Madhya Pradesh.

Dhanora Falls

Popularly known as the Dhanora Falls, the Lilahi waterfall is located in the Chhindwara district of Madhya Pradesh. They are created by the descent of the River Kanhan, the second largest river in the state.

Surrounded by rocks and vibrant nature, the waterfall lies en route to Devgarh on the Mokhed-Pandhurna route. The fall is located near a place called the Narayan Ghat and can be reached via a car or a taxi.

The beautiful location turns even more scenic during the months of July to January when the water volume is at its highest. Dhanora waterfalls are accessible by rail from the Chhindwara Railway Station.

The waterfall is hardly an hour drive from the railway station and attracts a bunch of tourists annually. If you believe in the sanctity a waterfall provides, then this place is surely the best thing for you in Madhya Pradesh.


Sanakua Falls

Resting in the arm of the mother nature, the Sanakua waterfalls are outlined by green forests, flowing river, and ancient temples. They originate from the River Sindh and create a frothy water formation when it hits the ground from a high fall. The height of the waterfall is still undocumented.

These falls can be placed on the Mau Road which can be reached by private cars or taxis. There are 108 old temples along the River Sindh which are believed to have been built in one night. This place gives one of the best spiritual delights when you are in Madhya Pradesh.

Apart from the religious significance, the area is famous for rock climbing, mountaineering, bird-watching, etc. Located near the Bhind district of Madhya Pradesh, the best time to visit this waterfall is from August to September.

If you are a nature lover and seek an escape from the concrete jungle, catch a train to Balasore railway stations and be a witness to magical moments at Sanakua Waterfall.


Dugdhdhara Falls

Just a kilometer away from the Kapil Dhara falls, the Dugdhadhara falls is not a very huge waterfall. With a height of 10 feet, the waters run more closely to the rocks creating a milky white appearance.

The waterfall originates at the Narmada Kund and the pious River Narmada plunges down, gurgling its way through. The fall is set amongst the thick forest, towards the western edge of Amarkantak valley.

While trekking or driving to this fall, one can come across several seasonal streams, post the monsoon season around the cascade. The falls have small caves around it and are open for exploration along with offering a relaxing dip in the cool and soothing water of the River Narmada.

Because of its presence on the River Narmada, the water volume remains consistent throughout. The nearest railway station to Amarkantak is Jabalpur, at a distance of 193 km. The city of Amarkantak has various tour guides who offer a plethora of tour packages which include a visit to the Dugdhadhara Falls.

If you love treks and you wish to experience one, then explore some Madhya Pradesh adventure treks to enjoy the best trekking experiences.


Shambhudhara Falls

Descending from a height of 115 ft, the Shambhudhara Falls is 17 km away from the Anuppur Railway Station. Located in the Anuppur district of Madhya Pradesh with active private cab and taxi services, the waters of these falls meet the Barati Nala, 9 km from the famous pilgrimage of Amarkantak.

Spotted easily amidst the forest of Amarkantak, the waterfall originates from a place called Shambhu Dhara, hence giving the falls the name. This cascade requires a small trek to witness the beauty flowing through the rocky mountains and an array of trees.

Wildlife sightings are also common in the lush greenery surrounding the falls. The months of June to August are the only months when the waterfall can be witnessed.
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