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Bankim Kaur


In the last month, I had been to Dubai. On one fine evening, I booked a dhow cruise Abu Dhabi from Thrillophilia. Being the very first transaction, I w...


Varalakshmi Patil


Thrillophilia’s Abu Dhabi dhow cruise offers took us through the wonderful experience of cruising at Dhow in the evening. Booking the trip with Thrillo...

Abu Dhabi Dhow Cruise Overview

Trip Location: Abu Dhabi

Dinner on an Arabian sail.

Enjoy a memorable evening aboard a traditional Arabian boat ‘Dhow’. Meticulously crafted Arabian sailing vessels have become iconic on the waters of Abu Dhabi, and are enjoyed by both tourists and locals alike. This evening Dhow cruise offers you a unique chance to admire the flawless craftsmanship of the traditional Dhow with a distinct ambiance of the classic Arabian era with classy dining.

Enjoy this beautiful cruise, as it provides you with an extraordinary position on the water; simply head out to deck offering unobstructed magnificent views over the skyline of Abu Dhabi.

It’s an ideal way to enjoy a great evening with a romantic partner, entertain clients or out of town guests, or surprise your dear ones. Whatever you wish – be it a scenic cruise or a memorable evening, enriched with Arabian heritage and peaceful relaxation, this breathtaking cruise can be taken at any time of the year.

The tour includes:
- Tanura dance and other entertainment activities,
- Separate washroom facilities for men and women, 
- Open air upper deck and fully air-conditioned lower deck

The cruise will be for a duration of 2 hours.

Pick-up & Drop-off at your Hotel is available(if transfer option is selected).
Minimum 2 persons are required to book the transfer option.


  • Welcome drinks, coffee, tea and water
  • 7
  • International buffet dinner with BBQ items

Other Inclusions

  • Tanura dance and other entertainment activities
  • 7
  • Pick up & Drop off if transfer option selected


  • Sharing transfer available.

Things To Carry

  • Identity Card
  • 7
  • Camera
  • 7
  • Comfortable Footwear


  • During the month of ramadan or dry days no live entertainment & alcohol will be served as per the government guidelines.

Tour Type

  • This activity can be availed as a private or group tour

Abu Dhabi Dhow Cruise: Cancellation Policy

  • You can get a full refund if you cancel your ticket 48 hours in advance.

Abu Dhabi Dhow Cruise: Refund Policy

  • The applicable refund amount will be processed within 10 business days
  • 7
  • All applicable refunds will be done in traveller's thrillophilia wallet as Thrillcash

Abu Dhabi Dhow Cruise: Booking Confirmation Policy

  • The customer receives a confirmation voucher via email within 24 hours of successful booking
  • 7
  • In case the preferred slots are unavailable, an alternate schedule of the customer’s preference will be arranged and a new confirmation voucher will be sent via email.
  • 7
  • Alternatively, the customer may choose to cancel their booking before confirmation and a full refund will be processed.

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- Tanura dance and other entertainment activities,
- Separate washroom facilities for men and women
- Open air upper deck and fully air-conditioned lower deck
- Welcome drinks, coffee, tea and water
- International buffet dinner with BBQ items


- Tanura dance and other entertainment activities,
- Separate washroom facilities for men and women
- Open air upper deck and fully air-conditioned lower deck
- Welcome drinks, coffee, tea and water
- International buffet dinner with BBQ items
-  Pick up & Drop off from your hotel

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    People Shared their Stories
    Story by Bankim Kaur

     Rated : 5.0


    In the last month, I had been to Dubai. On one fine evening, I booked a dhow cruise Abu Dhabi from Thrillophilia. Being the very first transaction, I was able to get loads of discounts and other benefits. The cab arrived at my place at the scheduled time for pickup. The car was very well maintained and the driver was very polite. He dropped me at the Abu Dhabi Dhow Cruise within the scheduled time. Then the experience at the Cruise was just mind-blowing. Loved it to the core and everything was so perfect and filled with luxury.

    Story by Varalakshmi Patil

     Rated : 5.0


    Thrillophilia’s Abu Dhabi dhow cruise offers took us through the wonderful experience of cruising at Dhow in the evening. Booking the trip with Thrillophilia was a great deal and we managed to get good discounts. The team of Thrillophilia ensured hassle-free transfers from the hotel to the cruise and back to the hotel. All the chauffeurs were very polite and friendly with us.

    Story by Diksha Dubashi

     Rated : 5.0


    We booked an Abu Dhabi Dhow Cruise in the course of your visit to Dubai. The cruise trip was just mesmerizing. With a wide range of cuisines and premium drinks, the evening at the cruise was surely an unforgettable experience. Thanks a lot, Thrillophilia for curating this perfect itinerary in Abu Dhabi for visitors.

    Story by Yogendra Butt

     Rated : 5.0


    We took a Dhow cruise in Abu Dhabi with Thrillophilia during our last visit. It was truly impressive and we enjoyed to the fullest. Thanks a lot, Thrillophilia for curating such wonderful tours in the city of Luxury at the best possible rates.

    Story by Karthik Chopra

     Rated : 4.0


    Booking the dhow cruise in Abu Dhabi gave us a once in a lifetime experience of spending some time in the epitome of luxury and extravaganza. What a night it was. We chose to be on the upper deck to witness the surreal beauty of the city. Our travel partner, Thrillophilia was just awesome. We had hassle-free bookings from the online portal and the team took very good care of us at the cruise.


    People Also Ask About Abu Dhabi Dhow Cruise

    1. Are pets allowed on the Abu Dhabi Dhow Cruise?

      Pets are not allowed on the cruise. Because of safety purposes, no pet is permitted to enter the ship as it may cause discomfort to both pets and the owner. Also, since the place is fully surrounded by water, it is highly risky for any pet if she falls down accidentally. Hence, it is recommended to leave your pets at home or hotel and make sure she is safe.

    2. What should I bring with me at Abu Dhabi Dhow Cruise?

      The three main things to bring with you are an identity card, a camera, and comfortable footwear. Since many local and foreign travellers book the tickets via online, they need to produce an identity card while entering the Cruise ship.

      The cruise is nothing but a floating paradise for its tourists which take them to some of the breathtaking views. This is once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, so one should definitely seize those scenic beauties in images and save it for his/her grand children. Finally, comfortable footwear is a must to have a nice grip.

    3. Will I get vegetarian food on the Abu Dhabi Dhow Cruise?

      Yes. They provide vegetarian food on the cruise. For vegetarians, Abu Dhabi Dhow Cruise provides an international buffet dinner with BBQ items. It includes delicious vegetarian food as well. The menu is filled with cosy dishes and appealing desserts that will make you eat again and again.

      In addition, they offer welcome drinks, coffee, tea and pure drinking water at your convenience. The hospitality is also not an exception. They serve you with the utmost care and make sure you had a pleasant dining experience.

    4. Do we need to wear Life Jackets at Abu Dhabi Dhow Cruise?

      There is no need to wear life jackets when you’re inside the cruise unless it is an emergency. But, if you’re thinking about safety, don’t think further. The cruise is featured with life jackets and fire extinguishers to ensure a safe cruise journey.

      Since the Abu Dhabi Dhow Cruise has world-class safety measures, they provide life jackets to all staffs and visitors during an emergency and evacuate them safely from the ship. Moreover, the cruise has the well-experienced rescuers, who will assist you during an emergency and take you to the safest place.

    5. Is the dance show family friendly at Abu Dhabi Dhow Cruise?

      As we know, the cruise is famous for its Tanura dance and other entertainment activities, in which the dance show is totally family friendly. The dancers are highly professional and experienced. For those who don’t know Tanura dance, it is a form of folkloric dance, commonly seen in Egypt.

      The term ‘Tanoura’ means skirt in English, and it is mostly performed by Sufi men with Sufi music. He will be spinning continuously like the dervish dancers. The skirt is decorated with colourful bulbs which glitter from all the sides. Hence, it is a must-visit dance show for family tourists.

    6. What facilities are on the Abu Dhabi Dhow Cruise?

      The Dhow Cruise offers some of the fascinating facilities to its visitors. They are Abu Dhabi City Tours, Abu Dhabi Desert Safari, Amusement Park Tours, Al Ain Tours, etc. It offers a luxurious buffet dinner on a traditional double decker wooden Dhow. If one wants to host a party, be it a wedding anniversary, birthday, or bachelor, the cruise gives you enormous space and dining to enjoy and create some memorable moments.

      If you’d like to have a business meeting, you can book this alluring beauty and have your meeting in a peaceful ambiance. They will provide pick up and drop facility for you. The cruise also provides speedboat sightseeing, romantic dinner, and lastly the royal luxury yacht.

    7. Will there be music on the Abu Dhabi Dhow Cruise?

      Yes. There will be music played on the cruise. They have all the international best cruise playlists that give you a soothing experience. If you want to play your favourite music, you can request the DJ or the music system operator respectively.

      When it comes to the party, the DJ has all the popular genres of music and keeps you upbeat throughout the day. Similarly, if you’re planning for a romantic dinner, the DJ will make sure that your partner feels romantic and get impressed by the music.

    8. Will we get alcohol on board in Abu Dhabi Dhow Cruise?

      Yes. There will be alcohol served on board. The Dhow Cruise possesses the highly-branded alcoholic drinks to its travellers. It’s easy, smooth, and tastes extremely amazing. Having a mild watermelon vodka or strawberry daiquiri and viewing the vast landscape of Abu Dhabi, one can easily get aesthetic pleasure.

      However, as per the cruise rules and norms, if someone is over-drinking and out of control, he or she will be isolated from the rest and taken care of by the staffs to avoid evitable problems.

    9. Can we smoke at Abu Dhabi Dhow Cruise?

      No. Smoking is not allowed on the cruise ship. Due to safety reasons, the cruise authorities have prohibited smoking inside the cruise. If someone is found smoking, his cigarette will be confiscated immediately, and the person has to face the necessary consequences.

    10. How to reach Abu Dhabi Dhow Cruise?

      If you’re a first-time visitor to the United Arab Emirates, the best way to reach Abu Dhabi Dhow Cruise is heading towards Marina Mall. The Marina Mall is located exactly 900 m away from the Dhow Cruise, and it takes only 11 – 12 minutes’ walk.

      For public transport users, the bus line stops near the location are B – 32, B – 35, and B – 5. You can find frequent buses running towards Marina Mall. From there, it’s just a walking distance to reach Dhow Cruise. Mostly, tourists prefer taking a cab or self-drive from the hotel and arrive at the destination without much hassle.

    11. What is the duration of the Abu Dhabi Dhow Cruise?

      The total duration of the Dhow Cruise is 2 hours. With the famous Tanura dance show, international buffet dinner, and other entertainment activities, one can imagine like floating in a water paradise.

      This two-hour unique journey offers you a distinctive experience and makes you admire the beautiful craftsmanship of the cruise and the serene locations. Moreover, the various activities conducted by professionals inside the cruise are sure to stun you with their artistic performances and give you the best cruise experience ever. Hence, one should try this specially built Dhow Cruise filled with surprises at least once in a lifetime.

    12. Can I buy tickets on the same day and go for the cruise on the same day of Abu Dhabi Dhow Cruise?

      Yes. It is quite possible to buy tickets and enjoy the cruise trip on the same day. But, it is not possible every time. Unlike tourist seasons, the Dhow Cruise is relatively less crowded, and one can easily book the tickets and visit the cruise without much delay. Once you’ve booked the tickets, you will be receiving a confirmation message to your phone along with an email.

      You can also book the cruise over the phone or by direct walk-in. After confirmation, you can visit the cruise at the scheduled time. Please remember that cancellation is not applicable in this scenario.

    13. Are there any extra charges for food inside Abu Dhabi Dhow Cruise?

      No. The tourists are not required to pay any additional charges for food. The food options provided in the Dhow Cruise is inclusive of the package. One can enjoy the exquisite international buffet dinner with BBQ items. The dinner includes the famous Arabic cuisines and other varieties, where one can fall in love with the food for its spicy taste and aroma.

      The menu consists of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food so that one can take his favourite dish. Likewise, the welcome drinks, coffee, tea, and water are fully complementary. These refreshments are unlimited, and one can boost his/her energy instantly.

    14. Is there a pickup and drop off facility in Abu Dhabi Dhow Cruise?

      Yes. The visitors can opt for a pickup and drop off facility at their convenience. The tour operators have arranged a luxury-cum transfer service for its customers to give an elegant feeling right from their hotel. After booking the tickets, the tourists are requested to give their contact details and hotel location.

      It helps the chauffeur’s work much easier by reaching your location on time. Similarly, once the ride is over, the tourists are dropped back to their given locations safely. Please note that a minimum of 2 persons is required to avail this transfer option.

    15. Can we dance on the Abu Dhabi Dhow Cruise?

      Yes. You can dance on the Dhow Cruise during a dance show performed by professionals. With a wide variety of music, entertainment, and fun, one cannot control his desires to dance. The staffs allow tourists to dance either solo or with family/friends.

      As far as the dance moves are gentle and look appealing to others, it is completely fine. However, if someone is dancing in an inappropriate manner, then he will be asked to stop dancing by the staffs.

    16. Can we go on weekend at Abu Dhabi Dhow Cruise?

      Yes, of course. The Dhow Cruise in Abu Dhabi is open on 365 days in a year, including both weekdays and weekends. The tourists can plan their visit on any day with their family and friends. Without any reduction in service, the cruise offers the same level of charm, entertainment, and dining to its customers.

      During weekends, you can witness more crowds to the cruise who’d like to spend their leisure time with their dear ones. Many newly-married couples add this magnificent cruise trip in their list of honeymoon destinations and enjoy the serene beauty of Abu Dhabi on a nice weekend. The cruise ride can be postponed or cancelled temporarily if there is an extreme weather condition or disturbance in the water surface.

    17. In which waters will the Abu Dhabi Dhow Cruise sail?

      This two hours unforgettable cruise is sailed on the brackish water, located at the Persian Gulf. Here, the waters are highly saline, which makes any object hard to sink. Considering the geographical location of Abu Dhabi, the place is surrounded by salt water and gives the tourists a perfect holiday getaway.

      Even though the water is salty, one can still feel the fresh air and breathtaking locations in its close vicinity.

    18. Are there any age restrictions on the Abu Dhabi Dhow Cruise?

      To enjoy the wonderful oasis of the cruise, there is no age restriction fixed as such. Right from a newborn baby to a senior citizen, the Dhow Cruise welcomes travellers of all age groups and promises them the best cruise experience.

      Every year, thousands of backpackers from different places flock together to this beautiful location and get a pleasant feeling out of it. Thus, with the same zeal and dedication, the cruise strives to satisfy all the age-groups’ needs and ensure that they have an unforgettable voyage.

    19. Is Dhow Cruise safe?

      Yes, the dhow cruise in Abu Dhabi is very safe for tourists to visit. The cruise has all modern life-saving equipment as well as trained lifesaving guards on board all the time. There is no point of worrying about you and your family’s safety at the dhow cruise in Abu Dhabi.

    20. What is the best time to go for an Abu Dhabi Dhow cruise?

      The Abu Dhabi Dhow Cruise can be taken at any time of the year. The cruise is all set to welcome you and your guests. If you planning to visit the Dhow Cruise Abu Dhabi in the month of Ramadan, then you will not be served alcohol as per the guidelines formulated by the government.

      You can also check out various Abu Dhabi dhow cruise offers before visiting this place to get loads of discounts.

    21. Do I get to choose my deck at Abu Dhabi Dhow Cruise? How does seating work and is there any additional charge for choosing the deck?

      When you book an Abu Dhabi Dhow Cruise trip, you have the option to be in any of the decks. There is no restriction for you being at a particular deck.

      The lower deck is an air-conditioned luxurious eating area while the upper deck has an open-air arrangement. There is no need for paying any additional charges for choosing any deck.

    22. Where is the dhow cruise boarding location?

      The Abu Dhabi Dhow Cruise package will start from Dubai. If you have booked for pick up and drop services at the time of booking then the representatives will take you from your hotel and drop you at the same place.

    23. How do I get to dhow cruise?

      Getting to the dhow cruise Abu Dhabi is super easy. As per the package, you will pickup up from your respective hotels and dropped at the same place. However, you need to opt for pick up and drop services.

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