Silver Cascade Falls, Kodaikanal: How To Reach, Best Time & Tips

About Silver Cascade Falls

Silver Cascade Falls is heaven for those who love to view the beauty of nature at different locations. The waterfall is located at an altitude of 2318 meter, on the road to Madurai and Kodai. The water flows down from a height of 180 feet, which makes it a beautiful sight for the onlookers. The waterfall is believed to be a remain of the Kodai Lake, where tourists can even take a dip in the water flowing down from the falls.

Tourists can be seen taking a break from their ride towards Kodaikanal at the various tea stalls which can be found lined up near the falls. The remaining distance to Kodaikanal from the falls is merely 8 km. It is believed that the water from the falls is laden with various minerals, which gives these waters their healing and refreshing properties. It is a sight to watch monkeys playing on the cliff and slippery rocks of the fall. The name ‘Silver cascade’ is given to this fall, owing to the colour of the water which appears silver when flowing down the 55 meter high cliff.

On either side of the cliff, you can find rugged rocks and wild foliage springing up in all directions. There is a dedicated viewing platform in front of the waterfall, which serves as an excellent point to view the flowing water fall down in a pool. One can easily reach the silver Cascade falls via local transport such as auto or rickshaw, in Kodaikanal.

How to Reach Silver Cascade Falls

The distance between Kodaikanal and the Silver Cascade waterfalls is merely 8 km. You can easily hire a bus from the district centre in Dindigul and reach Kodaikanal and further ahead to the Silver Cascade Waterfalls.

The Silver Cascade waterfalls lies on the Kodai Madurai road. The charges for such bus rides are quite economic and the journey to the waterfall is a hassle free one.

Best Time to Visit Silver Cascade Falls

Winter season: The months from December to March are some of the best ones if you wish to visit the Silver Cascade falls. The winter season and the cool atmosphere make it a pleasant experience to visit the waterfall and revel in its natural beauty.

The levels of humidity are lowest in the region during this time and the night time is especially cooler, which gives the tourists a thrilling experience of the falls.

From the months of April to June, the weather can be somewhat hot and unbearable for the tourists. The weather can soar up during these months and make the noon time unattractive for visiting the falls. Moreover, the volume of water can also get scant during this time.

Monsoon season:
The months from July to November can bring typical rains. Visitors can also pick this time to visit the Silver Cascade falls as the volume of the water rises during this time and gives a spectacular view of the fresh surroundings.

What Not to Miss at Silver Cascade Falls

There are many things you can do around the area when you are visiting the Silver Cascade Falls. Some of these things include:

1. Go boating in the Kodaikanal Lake: 
On your way to Kodaikanal from the Silver Cascade Falls, you get to see the scintillating sight of the beautiful Kodaikanal Lake. Here, you can rent a boat and explore the waters of this lake, which is a manmade beauty. Spread over 59 acres, the Kodaikanal Lake is  heaven for locals and tourists alike.

You can rent a boat from one of the several available boathouses here. Furthermore, you can choose any kind of boats, from self-driven paddle boats to one or two-seater rowboats and even Kashmiri shikaras. The Palani Hills behind the lake make up for a scenic backdrop as well.

2. Visit the Kurinji Temple:
 A fine example of the stunning Dravidian style of architecture, the Kurinji Temple sits on a mound, overlooking the hills in Kodaikanal. Dedicated to Lord Muruga and built in the early 1930s, the Kurinji Temple is named after a purplish-blue flowers named Kurinji, which is said to bloom once every 12 years in the hills of Kodaikanal.

The visit to this temple will take you through its gateway, which is also amongst the main attractions of the temple. It also boasts of intricate carvings, designs and vivid colours.

3. Trek to Dolphin’s Nose:

Located a few kilometres away from the Silver Cascade Falls, Dolphin’s Nose offers amazing bird’s eye views of the surrounding valleys and landscapes in Kodaikanal. It is actually a flat rock which comes out of the mountain and overlooks a deep cliff. Additionally, its shape is similar to that of a dolphin’s nose.

Situated at an elevation of 6,600 feet above sea level, it is a great place for trekking around Silver Cascade Falls. The entire trek takes around 4 to 5 hours, after which you reach the summit. Here, you can even spot the Periyakulam Town or Vaigai Lake.

4. Hike to the base of the Thalaiyar Falls: 
Known as the highest waterfall in Tamil Nadu, Thalaiyar Falls is located around half an hour away from the Silver Cascade Falls. You can get to the Manjalar Lake to start your hike to the foot of the falls.

While doing so, you get to pass through beautiful mango orchards as well as potato farms. 
It is amongst the most adventurous activities you can do near the Silver Cascade Falls.

Attractions Near Silver Cascade Falls:

In addition to the many activities which you can take part in around Silver Cascade Falls, you can also visit quite a few famous attractions which are located nearby. Some of these places are:

1. Kodaikanal Solar Observatory: 
Established in 1899 and owned by the Indian Institute of Astrophysics, the Kodaikanal Solar Observatory is located at the southern side of the beautiful Palani Hills. Home to some of the most detailed and old collection of solar data, this place has a unique geography, which makes it ideal for making accurate observations related to the sun.

The Evershed Effect, discovered in January 1909, was made at this observatory. 

2. Kodaikanal Lake: 
Amongst the top favourite tourist destinations in Kodaikanal, this man made lake is also popularly known as the Kodai Lake. The lake has the shape of a star, and is located in the centre of Kodaikanal, surrounded by verdant Palani Hills. Situated 2285 metres above sea level, the lake attracts a lot of people every year, including locals as well as Indian and foreign tourists.

In addition to fishing, you can also enjoy a great boating session at the Kodaikanal Lake. Furthermore, the lake’s catchment area is also home to the unique Kurinji flower, which blooms once every twelve years.

3. Bear Shola Falls: 
Located a few kilometres from the Silver Cascade Falls as well as the Kodai Lake, Bear Shola Falls is a popular tourist attraction in the area. The falls becomes lively during the monsoons, when water from the Palani Hills gushes down to the lush green meadows in the region. There is a unique story behind the name of the falls.

According to the story, there was a bear which used to regularly come to this spot in search of drinking water. Additionally, the falls is one place where you can see a lot of rare animals as well as plants.

4. Coaker’s Walk:
Another beautiful man-made attraction near Silver Cascade Falls, the Coaker’s Walk is a kilometre-long walking area, built on the sides of a mountain. Offering visitors a glimpse of Paradise on Earth, this place attracts a lot of admirers from all over the world. Boasting of spectacular sights of the valley below, the place makes people feel like they are walking in the clouds.

Constructed in 1872, Coaker’s Walk is also near the Pambar River Valley, Dolphin’s Nose as well as Madurai. Some of the most enjoyable activities here are photography, walking, cycling and simple relaxation.

Other Essential Information About Silver Cascade Falls

- Location:
Kodaikanal Ghat Road, Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu 624101

- Timings:
The falls are open for visiting at all times, although most people frequent it during the day time.

- Entry fee:

- Visitor's Facility:
As such, there is no visitor’s facility around the location. There are no restrooms available in the vicinity and a few local vendors can be found near the waterfall, selling local food and fruits.

- Height of the waterfall:
180 feet (55 metre)

- Parking Facility:
Visitors bringing their own vehicles must park their conveyance on the side of the road leading up to the falls. There is no other dedicated space to park the vehicle other than this.

- Distance from Kodaikanal bus stand:
The distance between the falls and the city bus stop is 6.5 km and can be covered in a time span of 17 minutes via the Laws Ghat Road.

History of Silver Cascade Falls

The waters of this fall were once famous for their sparkling clean water, which lent the name ‘Silver Falls’ to this place. Of late, the quality of the water down the falls has been deteriorating. It is believed that Lake Kodaikanal was formed as a result of damming the waters from three different streams.

Together, they formed an artificial lake which is popular as lake Kodaikanal today. This damming was done by a British collector of Madurai, Sir Vere Henry Levinge in the year 1863.
It was because of the formation of excess water due to this collection that it had to be channelled through a stream. At one spot, this water came down a cliff, which became popular as the Silver Cascade waterfalls.

Since the water falls from such a great height, it appears silver in colour, which gave the waters their present name. However, during the monsoon season, the water mixes with mud and comes down as muddy water.

Features of Silver Cascade Falls

The Silver cascade falls have resulted due to the overflow from the Kodai Lake, which is a man made river, formed by combining three different lakes. The waters from the fall come down on cliffs, which give them a cascading effect and the silver colour, the source of the name of the waterfalls. Finally, on their trip down the cliffs, the water collects in a pool, which also welcomes people to take a swim, if the temperature of the water is right.

The overall sight is considered to be breathtaking for the onlookers, which is why the falls are famous and often visited by tourists. For refreshments, the visitors may seek the vendors around the location. The volume of the water in the falls can fluctuate often due to changes in the weather. This is why, it may also appear muddy during the monsoon season, when the water mixes with the mud while falling down.

Places to Stay Near Silver Cascade Falls

1. Villa Retreat:
This accommodation is located at Coakers Walk Noyce Road in Kodaikanal. This is one of the most popular hotels located closest to the Silver Cascade falls. This property offers a variety of amenities for the comfort of the guests, such as free parking, free internet, housekeeping and room service. You may pick from family rooms, suites, smoking and non smoking rooms at this property. 

2. Kodai Resort:
This is another popular staying place for guests near the Silver Cascade waterfalls. At this property, you will find a fitness centre, free breakfast options, and indoor play area for kids as well. With each room comes a private balcony, a safe, room service, and VIP room facilities. 

3. The Carlton:
This is the only 5 star rated property in Kodaikanal. Each room has a ravishing design and ambiance to its credit. You can take your pick from rooms with mountain view, landmark view, suites, city view, and family rooms. 

4. Le Poshe by Sparsa:
There is an endless spree of facilities at this hotel which is laden with beautiful views in its surroundings and a fine selection of attentive services by the hotel staff, which makes your stay at the hotel both comfortable and memorable.

Places to Eat Near Silver Cascade Falls

1.Sree Sabarees:
This restaurant is located opposite college house in Madurai and is known to serve Indian, Asian, and Vegetarian variety of food. It stays open from 6 in the morning to 11:30 at night. The restaurant also serves vegan and gluten free variety of food. You can hop over to this location for meals at breakfast, lunch, and dinner as well as brunch. The restaurant is designed around a friendly ambiance.

2. Phil’s Bistro: The restaurant is located at the main road KK Nagar in Madurai and is known to serve a delectable variety of food ranging from Italian, Pizza, European, Vegetarian friendly, and Vegan options. This Italian American restaurant is a one of its kind of eating places in the vicinity.

There are many traditional as well as modern varieties of food on the menu of this place, which was the first American Italian restaurant to open in 2012 in Madurai.

3. Hotel Shree Saravana Bhawan: The restaurant is located at Dindigul opposite bus stand. The ambiance of the restaurant is quite clean and spacious, which feels welcoming for the guests who arrive here to taste the authentic flavours of South. Dosa and Idli are some of the popular variety of foods that you must try while you are here.

Tips Before Visiting Silver Cascade Falls

When you get near the waterfall, it may happen that you get wet. If that is something that you do not like, always carry a raincoat with you and wear it when trying to get closer to the waterfall.

Be aware that the location around the waterfall does not have any restrooms. Always make appropriate arrangements before arriving at the destination.

Beware of the monkeys lurking around the falls and the eating carts close to the waterfalls. Incidents of snatching of food items and personal belongings are common so keep your valuables safe, lest they are snatched away by the monkeys. 
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