Berijam Lake, Kodaikanal: How To Reach, Best Time & Tips

About Berijam Lake

Berijam Lake is a natural freshwater lake that is situated at a distance of 22 Km from the Kodaikanal bus stand. It has moved ahead to be one of the leading tourist destinations in Kodaikanal since 1990. The lake not only offers amazing refreshing scenic beauty for nature lovers but at the same time it also serves as a home to numerous other wildlife creatures.

Tourists who love to spend some time away from the hustle and bustle of the city mostly visit this lake. You can come here with your family and friends to make memories that will last for ages.The major attraction of the Berijam lake is the sparkling blue crystalline water. This makes it difficult for nature lovers to resist the grandeur of the place.

There are a number of activities like fishing, bird watching, safari tours to do here in the middle of this stunning and surreal location. In the early days, tourists used to relish boating in this wonderful lake, however,  the local administration has banned boating in this lake to preserve the natural freshwater.

The main reason for banning boating in the lake is that the water from the lake is used as drinking water for a nearby town. 
Let us uncover bit by bit about this treasured natural treasure trove of Kodaikanal.

How to Reach Berijam Lake

The distance between Berijam Lake and Kodaikanal bus stand is about 22 km. If you are travelling to Kodaikanal by bus, you can take an autorickshaw and reach the famous Berijam Lake, which entices visitors from all over the country.

Best Time to Visit Berijam Lake

The best time to visit Berijam Lake is from the month of October to the month of May. You can come over to this place all over the week with your family and friends to spend some time in the tranquil environment.

However, you must keep in mind that only a limited number of vehicles are allowed to enter the lake. So you must make sure that you reach the lake a bit early in the morning.

What Not to Miss at Berijam Lake

1. Guna Caves: 
Guna Caves age back to the late 1821 and happen to be one of the best-kept treasures near Kodaikanal. A British officer named as B.S. Ward discovered the caves. The caves are known for their natural beauty and have been a major tourist attraction in Kodaikanal since the 1990s. The caves were earlier known as The Devil’s Kitchen however after 1992, it was named as Guna Caves after the shooting of a popular movie of that time, Guna, which was shot in the caves. These caves have also got a connection with Hindu Mythology. As per the beliefs, the Pandavas have cooked their meals in this place.

2. Kodaikanal Golf Club: 
The Kodaikanal Golf Club has a legacy of more than 100 years. It is one of the most important tourist attractions in the present times. The golf club is located just 16 km away from the Berijam Lake. It is also situated at an ideal distance from the Suicide Point, Green Valley View and Pillar Rocks. It not only offers an amazing place for golf lovers but it also showcases an amazing picturesque environment for nature lovers. Visiting this place in Kodaikanal is true bliss. The club has got a very good accommodation for a number of games. You can find card rooms, billiards room, bar, kitchen and dining room, practice area for golf, and conference halls. This conference hall serves as a meeting place for some of the business stalwarts of the city.

3. Pillar Rocks: 
Pillar rocks in Kodaikanal are considered to be the top favourite place for picnics and get together. The rocks are almost more than 400 feet high and are embraced by a small garden. Tourists come over to this place to spend time in the midst of the clouds and mist. You can spend time experiencing the majestic view of the city from the mountains.

4. Fairy Falls: 
Fairy Falls is yet another natural magnificence in the city of Kodaikanal. It not only offers breathtaking scenic beauty but it is also a place for get-together. You can have a great time at this place with your near and dear ones in the middle of lush greenery and awesome weather. If you want to get the real fun of the fall, you should come over just after the end of the monsoon season. After the monsoon, the flow of the fall is highly affected and it gets a sufficient amount of water.

5. Pambar Falls Trekking: 
Trekking in the Pambar Falls is engulfed by the natural scenic beauty, cascading waterfalls, misty mountains, and placid lakes. The Pambar falls trekking is about 16 km and you need to start early in the morning if you wish to reach the destination before evening. On this trek, you will be familiar with many adventures, which you have never tried. You can spend time admiring the beauty of the place as well as spotting countless butterflies and endemic birds. You can get your trekking equipment or else hire them from the vendors who offer gears on a rental basis.

6.Jeep Safari: 
If you are a wildlife lover then Jeep Safari is for you and you will fall in love with the variety of fauna this lake has in its vicinity. You will find countless endangered species sprawling in their natural environment. The best thing about this safari would be to witness the unspoiled ecosystem. You can relish all that this lake has to offer to its visitors from amazing butterflies to exploring wild animals. However, you should not disturb any natural setting like throwing some objects at the wild animals or making fun of them when going for safari tours. You should also take precautions when entering deep into the forest as the forest is jam-packed with many wild animals and beasts.

7. Fishing in Berijam Lake: 
Fishing is an activity that tourists love to experience in the course of their tour in and around the Berijam Lake. The lake is home to countless varieties of freshwater species. Most of the tourists find it as their favourite pastime in the lake. They sit beside the water feature holding a fishing rod looking for their most treasured catch.

8. Bird Watching at Berijam Lake: 
Berijam Lake is a house to a wide range of flora and fauna. The atmosphere is conserved in such a way that all the creatures find it as a perfect home. Berijam Lake serves as a temporary home for countless migratory birds from all over the world. Birds like  common rosefinch, the blue chat, several leaf-warblers and Blyth's reed-warbler come to the lake from far off places when it is difficult to stay in their native environment due to certain climatic changes. You can get a sight of these colourful birds enhancing the beauty of the lake.

Other Essential Information About Berijam Lake

Berijam Lake is located in Berijam Road, Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu.

: The Lake is open for visitors from 9 Am in the morning to 3 Pm in the evening. 

Entry fee:
There is no entry fee to enter into the lake.

Visitor's Facility:
Berijam Lake provides a number of facilities for visitors starting from a jeep safari, birdwatching points and tours to the dam site. You can soak in the pleasures of the scenic natural environment. 

Parking Facility:
Parking facility is available in the lake. However, only 20 vehicles are allowed to enter into the lake every single day.  

Distance from Kodaikanal bus stand
: Berijam lake is located at a distance of 22 Km from the Kodaikanal bus stand. After reaching the bus stand you can easily hire an auto-rickshaw or a cab to reach the amazing lake.

History of Berijam Lake:

Berijam Lake is a natural reservoir in Dindigul district of Tamil Nadu. It is located at the upper Palani hills and is close to the old site of Fort Hamilton. It is a man-made lake created after the construction of a dam for a micro-watershed development project.
In the year 1864, one of the British Colonel named Hamilton submitted a report stating Berijam Lake was one of the best sites for the military cantonment.

After all the departmental procedures a military outpost was established at this place and then the work of the dam project started. The collector at that time made a huge donation for the project. After the completion of the dam and the reservoir, water was carried forward to the Periyakulam Municipality by means of a pipeline system.

However, it was closed for a public visit for a very long time. In the year 1990, it was again opened for public tours, but there was a limitation on the number of tourists entering into the lake.

Flora and Fauna at Berijam Lake:

Berijam Lake boasts a rich biodiversity with umpteen species of flora and fauna. Located in the middle of a conserved forest, this lake is surrounded by acacia and pine trees. The destination also brims with  a spectrum of useful medicinal plants, including
Digitalis, Pyrethrum, belladonna, and Dioscorea sp. The Tamil Nadu agricultural university has also launched special programs covering around 44 hectares of this place to develop and cultivate some rare species of plants.

Some of the animal species you can find at Berijam Lake include crested serpent eagles, pale-rumped swallows, pariah kites, the edible-nest swiftlets, Nilgiri langur, bison, Indian elephants, and Malabar giant squirrels. Furthermore, the place also flaunts a plethora of migratory birds like serpent eagles, pariah kites, pale-rumped swallows, common rosefinch, the blue chat, several leaf-warblers, Blyth's reed-warbler and the edible-nest swiftlets. 

Places to Stay Near Berijam Lake

1. Western Valley Resorts: 
The western valley resorts are located at a distance of 2.4 km away from the lake. It has all the modern amenities in the suites and apart from that; it has a flourishing garden. You can get a shared lounge in this resort and it will certainly make your stay much relaxed. The western valley resorts has also got many activities for tourists to take part and spend some leisurely time .

2. Cloud walks Kodaikanal: 
The cloud walks Kodaikanal is widely acknowledged for its amazing food offerings. It not only offers wonderful stays to visitors coming here but also it delights their taste buds with amazing Indian, Chinese, and continental cuisines. You will love the place for its well-curated suites and service. It  has all the modern amenities like 24X7 room service, free Wi-Fi, laundry and much more that will keep your stay comfortable.

3. Surya Holidays Kodaikanal: 
If you are thinking about spending some time in a quiet and surreal location in the course of your tour to Kodaikanal, then there is no better place than the Surya Holidays. It not only offers a no-fuss service but it also gives you a sneak peek on the traditional cuisine of Tamil Nadu.

Places to Eat Near Berijam Lake

1. Shola café:
The shola café is located near Near Kaliamman Temple, Pambarpuram. It is one of the most favourite hangout places for the localities of Kodaikanal. This place is known for its amazing sandwiches and pizzas. This is a very calm and cosy place and most importantly, you will love the way you would be treated at the restaurant. The experience at this place will surely make you feel at home.

2. Cloud street Kodaikanal: 
The cloud street restaurant in Kodaikanal will entice you to fall in love with it. It does not only offer the best pizza in town but also lets you unwind yourself with the calm and soft live music being played in the background. It is located opposite to the district tourism office in the PT Road. Tourists come to this place to taste the amazing pizzas made on a wood fire.

3. Astoria Veg Restaurant: 
If you want to relish something vegetarian, then there is no better place in Kodaikanal than Astoria Veg Restaurant. It is located at the heart of the city. It serves as an ideal place for tourists to delight their taste buds with the authentic cuisine.

Tips Before Visiting Berijam Lake

When you are at  Berijam lake, keep the following things in mind:

You need to reach the lake 8:30 AM in the morning in order to get an entry into the lake area without any issue. As per the rules of the lake, only 20 vehicles are permitted to enter into the lake area. 

If you are coming in a group, then make sure you keep a list of the passengers ready. You may be asked before letting you enter into the lake area.

Be very careful about the presence of the monkey  around the lake area.
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