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Pune is a total explorer’s destination. From trekking to camping, the state is the marvel of western India, and has the most incredible adventure opportunities for you to indulge in. Pack your bags for one of the most enthralling weekend getaway trips near Mumbai with a rafting trip to the beautiful Kolad River amidst a picturesque landscape and cloud touching peaks. Along with rafting, you can participate in different adventure activities and the many best things to do in Pune. Kunegaon’s Della Adventure is considered to be India’s largest adventure park sprawling across an area of around 5 acres. With around 70 activities, it's a perfect place to release all your cobwebs of routine life while delighting in various exciting available activities. The lush greenery of Amba Ghat and its misty allure will lead you to a trance like state. Located on the Ratnagiri-Kolhapur road, Amba Ghat is a popular tourist destination and the expedition also includes travelling to the wonders of Waghzara Tiger Reserve known for its tigers and also explore the Konkan Darshan point which also has one of the best trekking trails in Maharashtra.


With a long-drawn history stretching back to 2,000 years, Pune is a trove of cultural evolution. The four Hindu, Muslim, Maratha, and the British eras have left an indelible presence through architecture and local customs. A day-long tour is bound to amaze with its sheer depth of history and iconic places such as Pataleshwar Rock Temple, Dargah of Shaikh Salla, Lal Mahal, and Kasba Ganapati.Join this tour and embark on a cultural exploration of Pune to trace complex. Or going trekking in Harishchandragad, situated in the Maslej region of the Western Ghats is one of the most famous hill forts. Located in the Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra, this quaint sleepy region is known for its scenic beauty and rustic sights. With so many amazing and interesting things to do in Pune, are you booking your tickets, yet? So, make your trip fast to experience the best things to do in Pune.

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Camping And Rafting At Kolad


Meals Included
Mobile Voucher
Camp Location: Near Sambhe Bus stand, KoladCheck-In Time: 1:00 PM (Day 1)Check Out Time: 2:30 PM (Day 2)About Camping And Rafting in Kolad:Bestowed with unbounded natural beauty, the Kundalika River flows through forested hills and lush greenery, offering a golden opportunity for a weekend getaway. A power-packed combo consisting of luxurious stays and adventure sports. The river is prominently famous on an international scale because of its grade IV rapids, making it a challenge for the ardent water sports lover. Located just a couple of hours' drive from Mumbai, it is the preferred hotspot to escape the mad rush of the city.

715 Ratings


715 Ratings

₹ 3,100

₹ 2,899 per Adult

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Wildernest Resort Pune Day Out


Meals Included
Mobile Voucher
Activity Location: Sinhagad Road, PuneActivity Timings: 09:00 AM- 6:00 PMActivity Duration: 9 hoursAbout Wildernest Resort Pune Day Out:Nestled amidst the Sahyadris, surrounded by a serene landscape, the Wildernest Resort is a hilltop resort in western Maharashtra, Pune. Equipped with various amenities such as a beautiful infinity pool, kid's play area, and a restaurant is one of the perfect getaways. Get indulged in plenty of indoor-outdoor games and make the most out of your time in this resort.

877 Ratings


877 Ratings

₹ 1,807

₹ 1,349 per Adult

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Prathamesh Resort Pune Day Out


Fixed day ticket
Meals Included
Mobile Voucher
Activity Location: Bhore, PuneDay-Out Timings: (Depends on the package selected)11:30 AM to 06:30 PM09:30 AM to 06:30 PMSwimming Pool Timings:09:00 AM to 01:30 PM03:00 PM to 06:00 PMActivity Duration: 7 or 9 hours (Depends on the package option selected)About Prathamesh Resort Pune Day Out:The newly built Prathamesh Resort is one of the finest getaways to spend some fun time with your loved ones. Set in the center of the Sahyadri’s range, besides the river Shivganga, the resort will never fail to amaze you with breathtaking views of its surroundings. Partake in adventure activities, water activities, rope activities, and various games to enhance your experience. Devour the delicious meals along with breakfast, Hi tea & snacks.

424 Ratings


424 Ratings

₹ 1,699

₹ 1,149 per Adult

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Day Outing at Go Crazy Adventures Park


Fixed day ticket
Meals Included
Mobile Voucher
Activity Location: Ghera, PuneActivity Timings: 9:30 AM to 6:30 PM (9 hours)About Day Outing at Go Crazy Adventures Park:Welcome to the world of adventure, leisure amusement and iconic picnic spot ‘Go Crazy’, this place is an amusement gateway to the most beautiful combination of adventure and nature. Being one of its unique kinds of destinations for fun and leisure, this place offers you the scenic beauty of Sinhagad valley, Khadakwasla Dam and Panshet Dam. Book this day out and relish some of the most fun and exciting moments of happiness with your loved ones.

261 Ratings


261 Ratings

₹ 1,299

₹ 949 per Adult

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Day Out At Heritage Fort Hotel


Meals Included
Mobile Voucher
Activity Location: Fort Jadhavgarh, PuneDay-out Timings: 9:00 AM - 6:00 PMDuration: 9 HoursAbout Day Out At Heritage Fort Hotel:This heritage property sprawling 25 acres of lush greenery is an amazing destination to enjoy a fun day out with your family and friends. Being a converted 18th-century fort, the property offers a wonderful historic vibe amidst tall trees and dense green landscapes in Pune.Take a break and unwind yourself on this fun and exciting day out at a heritage fort hotel in Pune. With delicious meals, shooting, adventure activities, outdoor games, and etc you are guaranteed a fun time along with your companions.

248 Ratings


248 Ratings

₹ 1,800

₹ 1,449 per Adult

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Monteria Resort in Karjat Day Out


Meals Included
Mobile Voucher
Activity Location: Adjacent to Nishiland Water Park Vinegaon, KhalapurOperational Hours: 9:00 AM - 6:00 PMActivities Timings:Adventure Activities: 10:00 AM to 5:00 PMIndoor & Outdoor Games: 9:00 AM to 6:00 PMCricket Turf Timing: 8:00 AM to 6:00 PMNote: Water Park is not operational due to maintenanceAbout Monteria Resort In Karjat Day Out:Nestled among the lush green landscapes of Mumbai, Monteria Resort is conceptualized to give a feel of liveliness. It offers an abundance of adventure sports to give you a cherishable experience for lifetime. It is an excellent place for families, friends, and colleagues who are seeking time out from mundane schedules. Indulge in fun-packed activities ranging from swinging planks, and spacewalks to various indoor games.

679 Ratings


679 Ratings

₹ 1,650

₹ 1,279 per Adult

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Hilltop Camping in Panchghani


Thrillophilia Safe
Meals Included
Mobile Voucher
Activity Location: PanchganiCheck-In: 12:00 PMCheck-Out: 10:00 AMAbout Hilltop Camping in Panchgani:Panchgani is a beautiful hill station that is considered to be the perfect spot for nature and adventure lovers. Situated at a significant height, surrounded by stunning hills and valley views, this camping experience is a famous option for people looking forward to unwinding themselves away from monotonous daily life. The campsite is set amidst an expansive land of around 20 acres. Guests can also engage themselves in some fun-filled adventure activities. Book this exquisite camping activity and avail the serene experience!

74 Ratings


74 Ratings

₹ 3,500

₹ 2,627 per Adult

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Harishchandragad Trek - Sunrise


Transport Included
Meals Included
Mobile Voucher
Activity Location: Harishchandragad FortStart Point: MumbaiPick-up Points: According to the package selected.Activity Timings:Harishchandragad Trek from Kasara: 11:20 PM (Day 1) - 05:30 PM (Day 2)Harishchandragad Trek from Pune: 10:00 PM (Day 1) - 09:00 PM (Day 2)Activity Duration: 1 Day & 1 NightTrek Difficulty: ModerateTrek Distance: 6 km (approx.)About Harishchandragad Trek - Sunrise:Harischandragad, situated in the Malshej region of the Western Ghats is one of the most famous hill forts in the region. It is located at an altitude of 1,426 meters above sea level and offers breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape. Embark on a fun-filled trek to Harishchandragad fort and come across Saptatirtha Pushkarni Temple and the Kedareshwar Cave where resides a big Shiva Linga, which is surrounded by water. Book your tickets to the Harishchandragad Trek and visit the Temple of Harishchandreshwar and Konkan Kada which provides a scenic view of the surrounding region.

223 Ratings


223 Ratings

₹ 1,700

₹ 1,200 per Adult

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Pawna Lake Camping


Free Cancellation upto 24 hours
Instant confirmation
Meals Included
Mobile Voucher
Activity Location: Pawna Lake, MaharashtraNote: Exact Location will be disclosed by the operator after booking.Check-in time: 4:00 PMCheck-out time: 11:00 AM (Next day)Activity Duration: 2 Days 1 NightSuitable for: Families, Bachelors, and CouplesAbout the Pawna Lake Camping:The exquisite Pawna Lake campsite is situated on a lush green landscape alongside the banks of Pawna Lake, surrounded by misty valleys of the Western Ghat. The setting at Pawna Lake is enhanced by the presence of various tourist attractions such as Lohagad Fort, Tikona Fort, Tung Fort, and Visapur Fort. The serene view and lush green landscape make this place a beautiful destination near Lonavala & Khandala to enjoy an idyllic weekend.

7960 Ratings


7960 Ratings

₹ 1,241

₹ 950 per Adult

Jpo3t8kdh52zzh57cxwkapuljbga imagicaa tickets and offers 1%201 Gwl5dljlra7utnimpww3bhp2jvpw roll%20circle%202 5879ep6neuaf81npr2zlhkx02yh6 imagicaa%20front 01 G3cuwmwkaasmgxlc2stec835vk2e water%20rides%202 6suogqatlftiiqrcl691t57r3ec0 kids%20area
Imagicaa Theme & Water Park Tickets | Authorized Ticket Seller


Free Cancellation upto 24 hours
Fixed day ticket
Thrillophilia Safe
Mobile Voucher
Imgaicaa Entertainment World Location: State Highway 92, near Lonavala, Sangdewadi, KhopoliTheme Park Timings: 10:30 AM to 6:00 PMTheme Park Ride Access: 11:00 AM to 6:00 PMWater Park Timings: 11:00 AM to 6:00 PMNote:FLASH SALE: The Booking Period Starts from 12 July to 16 July. Visitors can book the tickets for 12 July to 16 July 2023.About Imagicaa Entertainment World:Adlabs Imagicaa is one of the largest theme parks in the country that offers a wide variety of fun and adventurous activities and rides. Located in Khopoli, the park is spread over a vast area of 130 acres and provides world-class services. It also has a water park where you can enjoy various aquatic activities. These thrilling attractions make Imagicaa an ideal choice for people looking to enjoy various activities in a single place. Get ready to enjoy the best time of your life with your family and friends.

1600 Ratings


1600 Ratings

₹ 865

₹ 649 per Adult

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Rajmachi Fort Trek and Camping


Transport Included
Meals Included
Trek Region: Lonavala, Igatpuri, MHTrek Duration: 2 Days & 1 NightPick-up & Drop Details: The exact location will be conveyed by the Tour Operator after your booking has been confirmed.Rajmachi Fort Trek Starting Point: Udhewadi, Maharashtra (Base Village)Age Limit: 15+ yearsTrek Difficulty Level: MediumRajmachi Fort Height: 2750.ft approx.About Rajmachi Fort Trek and Camping:Rajmachi Fort is one of the most beautiful historical forts located in the rugged hills of the Sahyadri mountains. Surrounded by lush green mountains, beautiful flora and fauna, waterfalls, and green valleys, this fort is a perfect place for trekking. Through the Rajmachi Fort trek, reconnect yourself with the beauty of nature and experience an adventurous day out with your friends and loved ones.

722 Ratings


722 Ratings

₹ 1,899

₹ 1,599 per Adult

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Wet N Joy Water Park Lonavala Tickets


Fixed day ticket
Mobile Voucher
Activity location: Old Pune Mumbai Highway, NH-4 Post-Takve, MundhawareActivity Timings: 10:00 AM - 06:00 PMActivity Duration: 8 HoursAbout Wet N Joy Water Park Lonavala:Wet N Joy water park Lonavala has it all, whether you're searching for a fun-filled outing with friends or some family bonding time. This water park in Lonavala allows visitors to enjoy the excitement of thrilling water park slides. 25+ water slides and attractions will get your adrenaline pumping. If you’re on a holiday in Lonavala, just add a dash of adventure to your weekend.

2246 Ratings


2246 Ratings

₹ 1,474

₹ 799 per Adult

Q4yrrnc7k7bs1y2vb461lfkyio0c bhandardara%20camping%20 %20ft.%20(1) Izuu102rfhc43pomipqj8psd5ha4 bhandardara%20camping%202 5lotgma403cxkuqguprnw9fvma0s bhandardara%20boat%20ride 98egvh04jks44e91hxagaiy0huae whatsapp%20image%202023 11 30%20at%2012.31.53%20pm Ybikcuwirbhwmadk9esgykka2p9u whatsapp%20image%202023 11 30%20at%2012.31.23%20pm
Bhandardara Camping


Meals Included
Mobile Voucher
Stay Included
Activity Location: Akole, Bhandardara, MaharashtraNote: The exact location will be conveyed after your booking has been confirmed.Check-in time: 4:00 PM (Day 1)Check-out time: 10:00 AM (Day 2)Activity Duration: 2 Days & 1 NightAbout Bhandardara Lakeside Camping:Bhandardara is a popular tourist destination due to its natural beauty and neighboring attractions such as notable hills, waterfalls, and sights such as the Wilson Dam and Arthur Lake. Camping in Bhandardara Lake gives an amazing experience for you and your loved ones. The campsite allows you to stay in one of the most beautiful camping & picnic locations in the area for nature enthusiasts. Make the most of this wonderful camping trip at Bhandardara and be mesmerized by the Western Ghats' infinite beauty.

1453 Ratings


1453 Ratings

₹ 1,465

₹ 1,099 per Adult

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Scuba Diving In Malvan


Thrillophilia Safe
Transport Included
Meals Included
Mobile Voucher
Activity Location: Malvan Beach, Goa, Maharashtra.Activity Timings: 6:30 AM - 7:00 PMActivity Duration:Scuba Diving with Meals: 8 hoursScuba Diving with Water Sports & Meals: 9 hoursScuba Dive Duration: 10 mins dive with PADI instructorPick-up/ Drop Locations: North Goa:CandolimCalanguteBagaNote: The exact location will be conveyed by the Tour Operator after your booking has been confirmed.About Scuba Diving in Malvan:Malvan refers to a picturesque town with beautiful beaches that serve as ideal spots for various adventure activities & water sports. This pristine & offbeat destination lets you soothe your eyes with scenic landscapes of wide-stretched beaches & explore underwater aquatic life at the same time. Go for scuba diving along with some other adventure sports such as parasailing, speedboat, jet skiing, etc. No matter if you are a beginner or an expert, these watersports can be enjoyed alone or with your family.

797 Ratings


797 Ratings

₹ 2,500

₹ 1,199 per Adult

N1mvj4z3wpzxhm2mrruopsjmm0bq dinosaurs park gate aundholi lonavala maharashtra india fwt asia 5gtt0vgd7wfxxw8gfzv9o0nkfzwd 1586971792 dinosaurs9 T14hv62dcy0mi8gfwxttp55lx17g dino Wb4gqhcboplm2zbx5kpcdygi3whb ready to tear Vh8xqio9ag1r4u13tk7kfu1r27p9 at the entrance
Dinosaur Park Lonavala Tickets


Instant confirmation
Thrillophilia Safe
Mobile Voucher
Activity Location: Lonavala, Rainbow Land Parks, AundholiOperational Hours: 10:00 AM - 6:00 PMActivity Duration: 8 HoursAbout Dinosaur Park Lonavala:When it comes to places to visit with your family in Lonavala, experience a mini-Jurassic park located at the heart of it. Spread over six and a half acres, Dinosaurs Park has 36 life-size animatronic dinosaur figures. This park truly takes one back into the extinct age of dinosaurs.The Dinosaur park Lonavala successfully shares the learning experiences about the world of dinosaurs through their unique way of documentation. What's more, there are restaurants and merchandise shops so that hunger pangs can be satiated and you have something to take back too.

266 Ratings


266 Ratings

₹ 487

₹ 399 per Adult

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Pune City Tour


Instant confirmation
Transport Included
Mobile Voucher
Activity Location: Pune, MaharashtraPick-up/ Drop-off Point: Pune Airport/ Pune station (3 km radius pick up can be done more than the km reading which will start from the airport)Within a 5 KM radius of Pune City CentreActivity Time: 9:30 AM - 5:30 PMActivity Duration: 8 HoursAbout Pune City Tour:Pune was home to the Peshwas of the Maratha empire. Visit the historical city of Maharashtra in a comfortable and well-maintained private vehicle. Visit the temples including Dagdusheth Ganpati Temple, Iskcon Temple, and Swaminarayan Temple. Explore places like AgaKhan Palace, ShaniwarWada, Raja Dinkar Kelkar Museum, Tulsi Baug, Saras Baug, Rajiv Gandhi Zoological Park, and Parvati Hills in this 8-hour tour with your companions.

403 Ratings


403 Ratings

₹ 2,999

₹ 2,599 per Car

Dymbddbl4de57migu72ur82g7x8g shutterstock 1318572329 Ctfjj3x5vf2opy1qoe5v3yoxmtsj copy%20of%20new%20tandem%20images%20(6%20of%209) 70q05yjerigtepfy0sp7znhkc40z img 6437 B90pc4ny0gym3carqbfwnxoayp2k two%20seater%20joyride 495 2gsc415xp5q01xa67u1er8alfknd tandem%20new%20 212
Kamshet Paragliding
Mobile Voucher
Meeting Point:In Winters: Rangoli Hotel, KamshetIn summers: Pavna Lake, KamshetActivity Location:Tower Hill (In Winters)Pavna Lake (In Summer)Activity Timings:In Winters: 8:00 AM to 2:00 PM (October to February)In Summer: 3:00 PM to 7:00 PM (March to May)Flight Duration: 10-15 minutes (Depending upon the airflow & weather)About Kamshet Paragliding:Just a 2.5-hour drive from Mumbai, Kamshet is a beautiful hill station perched amidst the naturally lofty hills of the Western Ghats. The place is famous for a plethora of adventure activities and is also known as the paragliding paradise of Maharashtra. Book this paragliding activity in Kamshet and chase the skies overlooking the mountains and plateaus with a set of certified pilots and flying enthusiasts. Witness the aerial views of the Sahyadri Ranges and feel the natural breeze with this adrenaline-inducing adventure. 

2651 Ratings


2651 Ratings

₹ 4,053

₹ 2,999 per Adult

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Diamond Water Park Pune Tickets


Instant confirmation
Mobile Voucher
Activity Location: Water Park Road, Lohegaon, Pune City, MaharashtraActivity Timings: 10:00 AM to 5:30 PMActivity Duration: 7 Hours 30 MinutesAbout Diamond Water Park Pune:In the scorching heat of summer, cool yourself at the Diamond Water Park in Pune and make the most of your day. Enjoy 28 international water rides and experience the thrills while taking in the magnificent ambience. Diamond Water Park also has an Adventure Park where you may enjoy a variety of activities that will get your heart racing. So, take a much-needed break from the hustle and bustle of city life and relax at this wonderful location.

1640 Ratings


1640 Ratings

₹ 1,500

₹ 799 per Adult

4rqlnxo5zl3f4o0raykpuxmhqwcd alibaug%20front Xxgo3jwd1wyxs1ya5f348bl694kh 11 B833pl9xr3onk4vcejurfs1d2e6o 1577389959 img 20191214 210436.jpg Jc1cq1us30g1r4eflgqblgupqcx1 19 O0xnqzxo1s78pu0c0qvkkgmllv1j 21
Alibaug Beach Camping | An Overnight Camping Experience


Instant confirmation
Meals Included
Mobile Voucher
Activity Location: Alibaug Beach Camping, Near Casuarina Beach Resort, Nagaon-Palav Beach Road, Nagaon, Karpewadi, Alibag, Maharashtra 402203.Activity Timings:Check-in time: 3.30 PMCheck-out time: 11:00 AMActivity Duration: 2 Days & 1 NightNote: You can book Mumbai to Alibaug Ferry Tickets for hassle-free transfer experiences from Mumbai to Alibaug and Alibaug to Mumbai. (Link in How To Reach Section).Attractions Near Campsite: Revdanda Fort, Portuguese Church, Korlai Fort, Korlai Lighthouse, and Revdanda Murud Beach.About Alibaug Beach Camping:Escape to the serene Alibaug Beach for an unforgettable camping experience filled with breathtaking sunsets, thrilling indoor & outdoor activities, and cozy bonfire evenings. Soak up the peaceful surroundings, connect with nature, and make lasting memories with friends and family on this amazing campsite. Unwind, relax, and let the sounds of the Arabian Sea soothe your mind and heart.

3062 Ratings


3062 Ratings

₹ 1,418

₹ 959 per Adult

K5m2lidp0yigzxxqt2upnutqv3z1 kalsubai Bicisilye3k09zgw0mm8njlc23pb kalsubai Bdmom0yv0eatpvhl663k9bzuwp4b kalsubai3 U1n8p0heushsi4n8pjjk8queqibh kaa scaled Wzv8r510aw1ljve8xverlydk10tz image
Kalsubai Trek - Sunrise


Transport Included
Meals Included
Mobile Voucher
Activity Location: Bari Village, Igatpuri, Kalsubai Harishchandragad Wildlife Sanctuary, Maharashtra.Starting Point: Bari Village (Base village)Pick-up Locations: According to the package selected.Total Duration: 1 Night and 1 DayKalsubai Shikhar's Height: 1646 meters (approx.)Trek Length: 4- 5 km (approx.)Trek Duration: 3 Hours (one way)Trek Difficulty Level: ModerateAbout Kalsubai Trek - Sunrise:Get ready for the mesmerizing Kalsubai Trek and explore the mountains of Mumbai. Traverse through the highest peak of the Sahyadri region which is also known as the Everest of Maharashtra, at an altitude of 1,646 meters. Soak in the views of beautiful landscapes, picturesque greenery, and multiple waterfalls. So, experience the thrills while trekking and cherish the amazing moments. Enjoy a long trek and arrive at the highest peak in Maharashtra. Be amazed by the mesmerizing view of gleaming fireflies while heading toward the base village. Book Kalsubai Trek and admire breathtaking mountain views.

3411 Ratings


3411 Ratings

₹ 1,665

₹ 1,180 per Adult

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Xz3kkvay2p1cw5bwgn9ipcnxeze1 sandhan%20valley%20valley%20of%20shadows%204 Dnkth6616erzqhg20zagf5o519hr sandhan%20valley%2014 Qbd53315x0m3qpvc16xgnyjsceql vo17n32sac2sot104qp7ny9uzz45 uttari1 Hc6zvje74dxs01xapjs74ddpxgrm 289292929 558293275705415 8136187592490713970 n Punwysk7p9u092wl98u1oglte492 sandhan valley trek and camping
Sandhan Valley Trek and Camping with Rappelling, Igatpuri


Transport Included
Meals Included
Mobile Voucher
Activity Location: Sandhan Valley, SamradPick-up Point:Mumbai: Kasara Railway Station, PanvelPune:FC Road (Near Starbucks) Nashik PhataNote: The exact location will be conveyed after your booking has been confirmed.Start Point: Base Village, Samrad VillageActivity Timings:Sandhan Valley Trek From Mumbai with Camping: 04:41 PM (Day 1) - 04:30 PM (Day 2)Sandhan Valley Trek From Pune with Camping: 12:30 PM (Day 1) - 09:00 PM (Day 2)Activity Duration: 2 Days & 1 NightSummit Height: 4100 Ft.Trek Difficulty: Easy to ModerateTrek Distance: 2-3 KM (approx)Rappelling Wall Height: 80-100 feetDistance from Pune: 186 km Distance from Kasara: 82 kmAttractions During Trek: Views of Alang, Madanga, Kulang, Ratangad, Ajoba, and Kalsubai peakAbout Sandhan Valley Trek With Rappelling, Igatpuri:The Sandhan Valley also known as the Valley of Shadows, is a deep canyon with a rock bottom that is surrounded by two towering mountains. Enjoy the trek to 4100 feet above sea level at the Sandhan Valley and have a wonderful getaway from busy lives. You will perform rappelling with a guide and equipment over 100 feet of rocky cliffs. On your way, have a magnificent view of high cliffs & deep valleys. Book the Sandhan Valley Trek and Camping with Rappelling experience and partake in adventurous activities like rappelling, and rock climbing.

651 Ratings


651 Ratings

₹ 2,699

₹ 2,299 per Adult

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People Also Ask About Pune Things To Do

  1. Which is the best time to visit Pune for a vacation?

    Pune offers great sightings in the monsoon with lush green hills and numerous waterfalls and so July to September is a nice time of the year to visit for outdoor activities like trekking and sightseeing.

    However, you may get stuck in one of the many traffic jams in the city.

  2. What activities can be done in Pune?

    Pune is the second largest city in Maharashtra and has a rich cultural heritage having many historical landmarks. Here are some famous places to visit in Pune.

    • Raja Dinker Kelkar Museum
    • Aga Khan Palace
    • Shaniwar Wada in Shaniwar Peth (old city)
    • Lohagad Fort near Lonavala
    • Rajmachi trek
  3. What adventure activities can be done in Pune?

    Pune is bustling with a young crowd and is one of the most happening cities in India. There are many activities for thrill seekers within the city of Pune.

    • Artificial wall climbing at Raje Shivaji Artificial Climbing wall in Shivajinagar is a good outing for adventure. They also offer training for novice climbers. The price depends on the type of course.
    • Paintball at Mariplex Mall in Kalyani Nagar is ideal for a fun time with friends. The cost is 1500 INR.
  4. Which all places are best for sightseeing in Pune?

     Pune has an ambient weather throughout the year and being sandwiched between the Western Ghats and Sahyadri mountains, there are several places for hiking, camping for adventure seekers.

    It was the capital city of Maratha Empire, so there several places of historical interest as well.

  5. Which places are best for trekking near Pune?

    The most famous treks near Pune are:

    • Purandar Fort
    • Rajmachi
    • Tikona Fort near Kamshet
    • Andharban Trek
    • Kalsubai (5400 ft.) is the highest peak of the mountain range of Sahyadri.
    • Korigad fort
    • Lohagarh “Iron fort”
  6. Which are some famous forts for trekking near Pune?

    Pune was the capital of Maratha empire and has many Forts built during the Peshwa reign.

    • Purandar Fort
    • Rajmachi
    • Tikona Fort near Kamshet
    • Jivdhan Fort
    • Torna Fort
    • Rajgad Fort
    • Singhad Fort
  7. Which are the best amusement parks in Pune? How much is the entry fee?

    Experience fun and thrill by visiting amusement parks, Here are some famous amusement parks in Pune:

    • Adlabs Imagica in Khopoli is a popular water park with many water slides, wave pool, rides, and restaurants. It is open on all days from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. The ticket prices can range from 1000 INR to 1300 INR.
    • Diamond Water Park in Lohegaon promises utmost fun and merry moments to visitors and has 28 different water rides. It opens from 10 a.m. to 5.30 p.m. and the tickets range up to 650 INR.
    • Sentosa Resorts and Water Park 1 km before Ravet on Mumbai-Pune Highway has slides known for their exhilarating twists and turns. The tickets cost up to 350 INR and are open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
    • Krushnai Water Park is located in the vicinity of Singhad Fort and is the most picturesque fun paradise in the city. It opens from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and tickets range from 500-600 INR.
    • Appu Ghar located at the foot of Shir Durga Devi Tekadi is the Disneyland of Pune with many amusement rides and an eco-friendly ambiance. It is open on all days from 12 pm to 8 pm.
  8. Where can we do river rafting near Pune?

    There are many place to enjoy river rafting near Pune, The Kundalika River in Kolad is the fastest flowing river in the southern part of the country and is one of the top 5 destinations for white water rafting in India. Kolad is 113 km from the city and it takes 4 hrs. to reach by road.

    Dandeli at 440 km in Karnataka is an overnight journey from Pune. The Kali River has a 13 km stretch full of rapids making it ideal for rafting. 

  9. What sort of activities are enjoyable by children in Pune?

    There are many new places in Pune which are kid friendly.

    • Imagica Snow Park in Khopoli is the largest snow park in India where the kids can indulge in making a snow man, snow sledding, and snow fights.
    • Funky Monkey Play Center in Koregaon Park is great for unstructured free play with a cheerful ambiance, play gyms, ball pools, wave slides and walk way rope bridge for children.
    • Wet n Joy Waterpark in Kamshet is a fun place with the longest water slide and the largest wave pool in India.
    • Gram Sanskruti Udyaan in Pashan is a mock village which gives a glimpse into rural life with many life size statues of farm animals, wells, and farms. It is ideal to introduce children to the charm of rural Maharashtra.
  10. Which all places are best for couples in Pune?

    With its rich culture, isolated green hills and breezy climate there are many places to visit for couples in Pune 

    • Empress Gardens close to Race Course is the most popular hangout place for couples with its shady trees and numerous flower bushes.
    • Vetal Hill is the highest point in Pune with a magnificent view of the city from the top. It is a great place to hang out away from the city humdrum.
    • A meandering drive through misty clouds will take you to Mulshi Dam, a paradise for couples with dense forests and beautiful surroundings.
    • Singhad Fort, the eminent historical site is visited by many couples who want to watch the sunrise and sunset together.
    • O Hotel with poolside candle light dinner and Shisha Café in ABC farms are best hangout places for couples.
  11. Where can couples go for a romantic candlelight dinner in Pune?

    These are the five most romantic restaurants in Pune.

    • Prem’s in Koregaon Park is known for its great service, exquisite wines under natural shades of trees are ideal for that special date.
    • Arthur’s Theme in Balewadi is an Italian food connoisseur’s delight with its all white décor.
    • Shisha Jazz Café in Mundhwa is the hippest place to have a candle light dinner with classic jazz music.
    • Paasha-JW Marriott in Senapati Bapat Road is a rooftop restaurant with a view of entire city and look at the star lit sky with your date.
    • Dario’s in Koregaon Park is an all vegetarian restaurant with sublime food and ambiance for candle light dinners.
  12. Which are the best restaurants in Pune? What cuisines should one try?

    Pune has a cosmopolitan culture and you get delectable continental food, Maharashtrian cuisine and Parsi food. Some of the best restaurants in Pune are:

    • Shizusan in Phoenix Mall
    • Greedy Man Pizzeria in Kalyani Nagar
    • Mahlzeit in Koregaon Park
    • Madness-Social Clinic in Koregaon Park
    • Donkey’s Arse serves multi-cuisine food and is a hub for comedy nights and music charts.
    • Superheroes in Koregaon Park
    • Playboy beer garden in Baner
    • Savya Rasa in Koregaon Park
  13. What sort of nightlife can I experience in Pune?

    Pune is one of the few places in India where pubs remain open as late as 4 a.m. The hippest joint with swinging music and heady cocktails are:

    • High Spirits is the best place to get your favorite drinks at affordable prices.
    • Mi-A- Mi is designed like an underground garage and has the largest dance floor. It is famous for its wild and crazy parties.
    • Swig is the place to visit for music, fun, dance, and drinks. All kinds of artists like painters, sculptors, musicians, and dancers are invited here for performances.
    • Mix @ 36 is located inside a luxury hotel with Mula-mitha River on the backdrop and the bar gives you an enthralling view of the city.
    • Stone water grill located by river side has an enchanting ambiance and is a heaven for music lovers.
    • Fish Bowl in Hyatt Regency has a lounge like atmosphere. The USP of this place is its premium cocktails and liquor.
    • Euriska has its décor inspired by the famous Greek Island Santorini and has a mesmerizing ambiance along with authentic Mediterranean cuisine and cocktails.
    • Area 51 is most popular amongst youngsters because of its unique 2-level dance floor.
  14. Which are some famous pubs and bars in Pune?

    Pune is known for its throbbing nightlife and partying. The most happening pubs are:

    • Doolally on Tap
    • High Spirits
    • 1000 Oaks
    • The Ship
    • The Single Malt and Co
    • Swig
    • Toons
  15. Which places are good for shopping? What must I buy from Pune?

    The most famous markets in Pune for shopping are:

    • Laxmi Nagar is the busiest and longest markets of Pune. It is famous for clothes and jewelry shops.
    • MG Road or Camp is the best place for window shopping. It is the poshest market in the city and has several brand outlets and many famous old shops.
    • Fashion Street serves the multitude of shopping needs from bags, shoes, foot wear, clothes, and accessories.
    • Tulsi Baug is best known as a low price market for household items.
    • Juna Bazaar has antique coins sold for pittance along with mundane accessories. Lots of foreign tourists and amateur coin collectors haunt this market.
    • Hongkong Lane in Deccan is the famous market for foreign goodies like clothes and accessories.
    • FC Road is popular with students as the shops sell clothes at ridiculously low prices and you can try haggling with the vendors to get best deals.
    • Phoenix Market City and Amanora Mall are best places to buy branded goods.
  16. Which resorts are good for family outing near Pune?

    These family friendly resorts near Pune, will engulf your tiredness and give heavenly relaxing moments to you and your family.


    • The Corinthians Resorts
    • Ambrosia Resort
    • Sentosa Resort
    • Rutugandh Resort
    • Camp Temgarh Resort
  17. Which resorts are good for team outing near Pune?

    There are the best resorts for an adventurous and fun filled break with your colleagues.

    • Della Resorts in Lonavala
    • Empower Camp in Kolad
    • Adventure Plus in Yeoli
    • Kamath Residency Resort in Alibaug
  18. Can we go for caving near Pune? Which places are famous for cave exploration?

    Caving is an adventurous sport of exploring caves in groups. The Deccan Plateau has many natural caves of historical importance.

    • The Bhaja caves are located 56 km north-west of Pune on Mumbai-Pune highway. There are 25 Buddhist caves with some inscriptions and narrative sculptures.
    • Bedse Caves are 45 km from Pune, towards Kamshet. There are 2 finished and 2 unfinished caves along with some rock cut cisterns and Buddhist stupa.
    • Karla Caves are on Mumbai-Pune highway and are 8 km from Bhaja caves. It is one of the most famous rock cut caves in India dating back to the 1st
  19. Which places are good for camping near Pune?

    There are several serene places tucked in the Sahyadri Mountains, which is perfect for a camping trips near Pune.

    • Pavana Lake Camp (65 km) is one of the least explored artificial lakes and is a perfect spot for camping, picnics, and sightseeing.
    • Camping in Karnala Bird Sanctuary in Panvel (93 km) is an enthralling experience with swaying palm trees forests and untouched splendor.
    • Camping in Badlapur (91 km) is an enjoyable experience with sounds of chirping birds and music of the flowing river.
  20. Which are must visit places within 100kms from Pune?

    There are several locations which perfect for weekend getaways near Pune, Such as:

    • Lonavala (65 km) is a hilly town that has enough to see in a single day with its many view points and waterfalls.
    • Lavasa (57 km) is a beautiful hill station with a promenade and lovely eateries.
    • Kamshet (47 km) is idyllic picnic spot for a perfect getaway with family.
    • Khandala (69 km) is a beautiful hill station with nature trails and forts.
    • A drive to Mulshi Dam (50 km) is great picnic spot with languid surroundings.
  21. Which are some famous national parks near Pune for wildlife safari?

    These Jungle Safaris present you with thrills of being in a jungle with an undisturbed ecosystem in harmony with nature. Some famous and nearby wildlife sanctuaries are:

    • Katraj Snake Park (10 km)
    • Bhimashankar Wildlife Sanctuary (102 km)
    • Mayureshwar wildlife sanctuary (7 km)
  22. Where can I do water sports near Pune?

    The best option for indulging in watersports near Pune are

    • Lakeshore Watersports in Lavasa (19 km) has activities like pontoons, bumper boats, jet skiing, water volleyball and pedal boats. The booking charges can range from 200 INR to 700 INR depending on the type of boat ride and activity.
    • Blue bay water sports in Katraj 11 km from Pune railway station has Jet Ski, kayaking, paddle boating, pontoon boats, Ringo, and water ball activities. The charges will vary from 200 INR to 1000 INR depending on the nature of the activity.
    • Absolute Scuba at Divisional Sports Complex in Shastri Nagar offers to try dives to newbies and full-time professional scuba diving, and dive travel courses with internationally acclaimed instructors.
    • White water rafting in Kolad (113 km) is one of the top 5 rafting destinations in the country. The cost ranges from 1200 INR to 2000 INR depending on the tour organizers.
    • Waterfall rappelling at Madhe Ghat (64 km) is a thrilling experience, as you come down 120 feet with water rushing over your head. The charges are 800 INR per person.
Newly Added Pune Experience

Pune Top Attractions

Places To Visit In Pune
22 July 2019
Place: The scenery there is really breathtaking. All the hills and the lake view is amazing. The place makes you stay there for life long. If you really want a peaceful, beautiful and close to nature place then this place should be on your bucket list. Hospitality: The host Rahul Slave was really humble and a cheerful person to talk. They will try to give their best by providing all kind of basic needs and anything you could ask for at such a remote place. Food: The starters are really amazing. I enjoyed the food as a non-vegetarian. I was really impressed with the tea and poha breakfast. I recommend you to try the breakfast. Activities: They have multiple activities including DJ, Bone Fire, Cricket, Archery, Boating, Badminton, Karaoke etc.
06 May 2015
Charuchandra Patil Bhimashankar Trek
We had a great time at the Bhimashankar Trek. The trekking was quite good and interesting. It was awesome. We had a really lovely time here. It was so worth every penny spent. The trek trails, the surroundings, the backdrop were all just WOW! It was completely worth every penny spent. I personally want to visit here again. The trek was well organized too; thus enhancing the whole trek experience. Thinking back there are no negative experiences at all. It was perfectly a great and a nice experience. The rates were also not that costly and it was definitely worth the time and money we spent on this vacation. I am so recommending this to everyone out there.
Rishabh Rishabh Andharban Trek
"it was an excellent trip.well organised. food was excellent"
Shubhra Ray Andharban Trek
"For a long time I was planning to go for a trek but could not find the time. this independence day I just booked a trek to andharban trough this app. the place is wonderful I would say this is the best trek if you are a beginner. Going through dense forest through Giant waterfall and breathtaking scenery. This place Will defenately make you hungry for more of such beautiful exploration. Believe me it is lot better to go out and do something rather than just sleeping in weekends. Go Green."
10 August 2015
Gandharv Malik Bhimashankar Trek
We had a good trekking experience here in Lonavala. Pune and Lonavala are places that can be viewed in a couple of days. While we planned for a long vacation here, we chose to have a beautiful planned itinerary which involved this trek, and we are super glad that we took it. Regarding the trek, it was a great experience.
Baladitya Varman Ashtavinayak Tour From Pune
I booked the Ashtavinayak trip from Pune and we visited all the eight temples of Lord Ganesh and the temples were renovated very well and there is also a lake Shree Vighnahar Ganpati Temple where boating is available.
17 February 2020
Chaten Dutta Bhimashankar Trek
It was our first experience there on trekking. Thrillophilia package includes guide so we have a good guide there and he helped us well during this entire trek. The food they gave is quite nice and delicious. Bhimashankar was my personal favourite place in this trek. Our group was of 12 people but we all enjoyed it nicely. Good place and Highly recommended.
21 February 2020
Dinesh Mukhopadhyay Bhimashankar Trek
Very beautiful place with lots of scenery, the relaxing and calming sunrise was mesmerizing and we loved it. Our guide was a funny and amazing person, he was also taking care of the group and briefed us well about the way and do’s. we had a group photo at the top and the trek was very memorable, will look to do these types of treks again. Thanks
26 February 2020
Jyotis Ganaka Bhimashankar Trek
Nice place with a well-mannered guide, I booked it from Thrillophilia for me and my sister, the trek went super fantastic and we had a good company there with us. The only problem was waking us early but as u reach the Bhimashankar, you will feel alive. Must try.
13 March 2020
Pushti Nambeesan Bhimashankar Trek
The guide was nice and the food was also up to the mark. The trek was amazing and you must carry your torch with you as the place needs your full attention. Thanks to Thrillophilia and the guide because without them it wouldn’t be possible.

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