Port Blair Tourism, India: Places, Best Time & Travel Guides 2023
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Port Blair Tourism

The gateway to Andaman and Nicobar Islands, and the Andaman Sea, Port Blair is the capital of the Union Territory located in the Bay of Bengal. Located on the Southern Andaman Island, Port Blair is at the very heart of tourism in the Andamans. Greatly connected with the mainland of India, Port Blair is also the center of finance, culture, and other major activities prevailing in the Union Territory.

Be it sightseeing, interactions with the prevailing local tribes, knowledge of the history of the area, or water sports in Andaman, Port Blair is truly the heart of all that makes Andaman a true tropical destination worth exploring any time of the year.

Surrounded by the rugged yet beautiful coastlines, and tropical yet mesmerizing forests, Port Blair is a culmination of not just the most beautiful of sceneries, but also of various cultures. Bengalis, Tamils, Telugus, Nicobarese, and Burmese are the main inhabitants of the capital, with Bengali being the most spoken language, followed closely by Hindi.

Major things to do in Port Blair includes the name sightseeing at Cellular Jail, birdwatching at Chidiya Tapu, and shopping at Aberdeen Market, and must visit places
near Port Blair are Havelock Island, Ross Island, Corbyn’s Cove, and Viper Island.

Places to visit in Port Blair:

Chidiya Tapu

As is clear from the name itself, Chidiya Tapu is a heaven for bird lovers. With a lot of rare migratory birds approaching this island and a number of other indigenous species calling this place their home, Chidiya Tapu is a famous attraction near Port Blair. Another great thing to do here is to watch a mesmerizing sunset from the beach which is flanked by hills on one side and forests on the other.

Cellular Jail

Popularly known as the Kala Paani Jail, the Cellular Jail was a colonial prison built on the Andaman islands because of the remoteness of the place. The British sent exiled prisoners here, including the notable names of Batukeshwar Dutt, Yogendra Shukla and Vinayak Damodar Savarkar (in the honor of whom Port Blair’s airport was named). The place is now an important historical monument and hosts an amazing light and sound show every evening.

Viper Island

Named after the ship that brought Lieutenant Archibald Blair to the Andaman and Nicobar Islands in 1789, the viper island was the site of the British Exile Prison before the construction of the famous Cellular Jail. With the ruins of the old gallows still sitting on the top of a hillock on the island, the place is a scenic as well as bio-diverse wonder. Interestingly, the wreckage of the ship HMS Viper was also found near the island itself.

Samudrika Marine Museum

Ran by the Indian Navy, the Samudrika Marine Museum is situated in the capital itself and was built with a great initiative in mind. The museum works for generating awareness about the situations in the ocean and about marine life. Divided into 5 sections, the museum presents exhibits dealing with the Islands, the geography, people and demographics, archaeology, and the marine life. It houses a great collection of cells, corals,  and a few colorful fish species from the waters around.

Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park

A stretch of unmatched natural beauty, the Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park was given its status on 24th May 1983. With the main aim of preserving marine life, especially the rare coral life, and the nesting sea turtles, the National Park is divided into 2 major island groups; Labyrinth Islands and Twin Islands. Spread in an area of 281.5 sq km, the place is a heaven for nature lovers and diving enthusiasts.

Rajeev Gandhi Water Sports Complex

Most of the water sports and related activities are concentrated in one place, the Rajiv Gandhi Water Sports Complex. Offering a safe place for enjoying water sports, you can enjoy joy rides on speed boats, Jet Ski & Banana rides. Apart from these, there is also the availability of Kayaking, Canoeing, Parasailing, Paragliding, Waterskiing, and Boat Tours.

North Bay Island

The heaven of life underwater, North Bay Island is the adventurer's paradise. With a number of good diving sites, the island is swarming with opportunities for exploration underwater. You can choose to enjoy scuba diving, snorkeling, and sea walking, alongside glassbottom boat rides to spot the rarest and most beautiful marine species. Don't miss our full guide on the top places in andaman to visit on your next visit. 

Cinque Island

A group of islands, the North Cinque and South Cinque Islands are so famously known for being connected with sandbars in between them. With this passage named the Manners Strait, both the islands have some features that make them favorites of visitors all year round. While North Cinque is famous for water sports like diving and snorkeling, the South Cinque island is a part of the famous Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park.

Ross and Smith Island

Located far away from the mainland of Andaman are these twin islands connected by a sandbar in the middle. The entryway to this majestic pair of islands is from the small town of Diglipur, and one needs a formal permission from the forest department to visit. The clear blue waters, and an amazing marine life, alongside animals in the forests make this place a great experience to visit

Mount Harriet National Park

Covering the area around the third highest peak in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, the Mount Harriet National Park is named after the wife of Robert Christopher Tytler, an avid naturalist, and photographer of British Origin. It must be noted that the picture on the back of a 20 Rs currency bill was actually taken in this National Park. Don't forget to check out our full guide on the top things to do in andaman on your trip. 

Forest Museum

A famous attraction of the Andamans, the Forest Museum is located in Chatham, on the very outskirts of Port Blair. Managed by the forest department, the place is famous for exhibiting artifacts made with timber, gurjan, oak, satinwood and paduak. As an added flavor, the museum also has a mini zoo and a small zoological garden inside the complex.

Marina Park

Home to more than 350 species of marine animals, including creatures like fishes, turtles, sharks, and crabs, the place was built with the thought of preservation and showcasing the natural assets of Andaman. Ideal for all age groups, you can also see a lot of corals, clam shells, and lobsters as well.

Ross Island

With a rather sad history attached to it, the ruins present on the island speak volumes about the time that this place has seen. Once the administrative headquarters of the British colony in Andaman, the place was abandoned after the earthquake in 1941. The place is now taken over by forests that add an unsettling feeling to the whole place.

Jolly Buoy Island

Home to majestic corals and an unmatched beauty of a beach, the Jolly Buoy is a part of the Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park. A haven for diving and snorkeling enthusiasts, the corals here are in their most pristine form and have been attracting travelers and adventurers from all around the world.

Chatham Island

3 km away from Port Blair, Chatham Island has had an important part to play in the history of Andaman, as this where the earliest of British Settlements arose. The British established the Chatham Saw Mill in the year 1883 to help with supplementing the need for timber and is now an attraction in the Andaman group of islands.

Things to do in Port Blair

Attend the Light and Sound show in Cellular Jail

The cellular jail sound and light show is one of the best things to do in Port Blair. Displaying the story of the struggle behind fight of freedom in India, it is a popular attraction between tourists. The show runs in both, English and Hindi, taking care of all the audience that comes to view it.

Spot beautiful birds at Chidiya Tapu

Chidiya Tapu is one of the most colorful places around Port Blair to explore, as it is not just visited by the tourists, but also by some of the rarest bird species in migration and native to the archipelago. You can spot the Andaman Serpent Eagle, White-breasted Kingfisher, Oriental Scops-owl, and many other such rare species.

Visit Rajeev Gandhi Water Complex

The Rajeev Gandhi Water Complex, named after the deceased ex-Prime Minister of the country, is a great place to go to when you seek adventure and a calling for water sports, You can enjoy jet skiing, parasailing, banana boat riding, kayaking, water skiing, and more adrenaline spiking sports right here.

Visit at Munda Pahar Beach

Located right on the Chidiya Tapu, the Munda Pahar Beach is covered by hills on one side, and with mangrove forests on the other. Apart from the views of some of the rarest birds, this secluded beach is a great spot to witness a mesmerizing sunset, and thus attracts a large number of visitors. You can also take a look at our article on the best beaches in andaman which you must visit on your vacation.

Visit Mount Harriet

The third highest hill on the Andaman and Nicobar Group of Islands, the area around the hill is densely forested and makes for what is known as the Mount Harriet National Park. Named after Harriet Tytler, the British Officer who documented the buildings and monuments of Delhi and her notes on the 1857 uprising in India.

Watch the only active Volcano in India at Barren Island

Home to the only active volcano in South Asia, the smoking hill on Barren Island is also the only active volcano in a chain of volcanoes that runs from Sumatra in Indonesia to Myanmar. Just like the name, the place is barren yet beautiful, with the latest eruption recorded in the year 2017.

Explore North Bay Island

A beautiful island full of beaches, the North Bay Island is one of the best places to visit near Port Blair. You can enjoy many water-related activities on the North Bay Island, with the most amazing ones being Scuba Diving, Snorkeling, Sea Walking, and Glassbottom boat riding.  

Visit Japanese Bunker

Telling the story of the Japanese invasion of the Andamans, these bunkers located at various strategic locations across the town of Port Blair. The Japanese came here during the time of the second world war and constructed these bunkers to help in the process, one of which is quite close to the Corbyn’s Cove. You can also check our best andaman honeymoon packages


Visit Clock Tower

In the very center of the city of Port Blair not far away from the water sports complex and on the main bazaar road, the Aberdeen Clock Tower is surrounded by many shops and is lit up in the evening, making for a great place to hang around. Forming a reference for the city, this landmark is also amongst the most photographed one.

Do Shopping Aberdeen Bazaar

The most popular shopping area in not just Port Blair but also in the entire Andaman Island, the place is also the commercial hub of the capital. Be it the festive season, weekends, or any normal day, the place is just packed with shoppers buying clothes, household items, coconut shell lamps, bamboo cane craft and jewelry made out of shells as souvenirs or just for use.

Go on Samudrika Museum tour

Divided into 5 sections dedicated to Andaman and the marine life around it, the famous museum is a great place to gain knowledge about the history, geography, and biology attached to this amazing tropical destination. Also, get to witness some rare species of corals and fishes in the museum.

Other Essential Info about Port Blair

Mobile Connectivity

The mobile connectivity in Andaman has always been a concern for the modern traveler, and is a question often asked. The prefered connections that usually work in Port Blair are Vodafone, BSNL, and Airtel, with Vodafone being the best service. Reliance Jio and Tata Docomo do not work in Andaman at all.

Medical Facilities

Unlike the rest of India, people in Andaman and Nicobar enjoy free healthcare services from government hospitals, meaning the people do not pay consultation fee or medication prices. On Port Blair, the GB Pant Hospital and ANIIMS together form the best medical facility, with the Maricar Hospital following closely in keeping the people of the islands, and the travelers healthy.


Cash is something that you will always need when you are traveling to a new place. The same applies to Port Blair, and the question of unavailability is something that will surely inconvenience anyone. As it turns out, many major banks have ATMs at strategic places in Port Blair, including Canara Bank, HDFC, United Bank of India, Syndicate Bank, Bank Of Baroda, and United Commercial Bank.

Places to eat

Food is another major concern of a traveler. Although the experience of going to a new place and trying their cuisine sounds exhilarating and tasty, the best thing is always to enjoy it all from the best of the restaurants around. Some of the most favorite and highly rated restaurants of Port Blair are Icy Spicy, Hotel Kattabomman, Amaya, Annapurna, New Lighthouse Restaurant, Ananda Restaurant, Brewberry’s and many more. The taste here ranges from Indian, South Indian, Chinese, Continental, Seafood, to Cafes and Breweries.

Minimum Duration for Visiting Port Blair

For covering all that Port Blair and surrounding regions have to offer, you would need at least a 4 day trip to Port Blair. If you're looking for hotels to stay in andaman, there are many amazing options to choose from. 

Things to Keep in Mind

Following are a few pointers for keeping in mind while visiting here.

1.    Mondays are a holiday in Andaman and you will find most of the places closed on that day, including the Cellular Jail.

2.    For foreigners and NRIs arriving here, a Protected Area Permit is a must for entry into the capital, as well as the Union Territory.

3.    The locals are very helpful and cooperative, and you must talk to them for a better experience of everything.

4.    The local transport here is as effective as public transportation, and again the people are very cooperative in this scenario. You can also go on a cruise ride for leisure. 

5.    ATMs are easily available throughout the city. Also, cards may or may not work here because of the network issues, so it is advised that you keep some cash handy at all times.

6.    Port  Blair Weather can change any time of the year because this is a tropical monsoon zone.

7.    Do not litter as the locals do not like tourists who do that.

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People Also Ask About Port Blair

  1. Travel Advice

    • If you choose to travel by sea, see your physician beforehand and carry necessary medications for sea sickness. You might feel nausea after the long 3-4 days sea journey.

    • If you don’t want to allot so much time to reach the islands by sea, just take a 2 -3 hours flight to Port Blair.

    • Books your hotel rooms online beforehand as there might be no vacancy in the hotels you wish to check in.

    • The islands like the Jolly Buoy offer nothing to eat and drink. Carry your food and water before heading there.

    • Some islands are plastic free zones. It’s better if you avoid using them in your Andaman trip.

    • If you want to go for scuba diving, it will be safer if you learn to swim before planning your vacation to Port Blair.

    • As the weather there is hot and humid, wear and pack comfortable outfits only.

    • Do not trust travel guides just by their approach. Hire one from well-known agency only, if required.

    • Don’t go swimming in the sea without life jackets and other necessary precautions. While swimming, keep an eye on weather conditions. If you see clouds and sense the rain coming, return back to the land in no time.

    • Don’t trust over-friendly strangers. You never know what their actual motives are.

  2. Drinking Laws

    There is no ban on alcohol consumption in Port Blair, but the minimum age for consuming liquor is 21. However, if you are planning to travel to some other places in Andaman and Nicobar, first know the drinking laws of those places as at some places, liquor consumption is restricted.

  3. Which are the best places to visit in Port Blair?

    Cellular Jail
    During the British Raj, the Indian freedom fighters were exiled to this jail and they faced inhuman torture. Also known as Kala Pani, this place will arouse your love for India. The bricks used to build this jail were brought from Burma (now, Myanmar). It was transformed in to a hospital in the year 1963. Now, the hospital has around 40 doctors.

    Ross Island
    The headquarters of INS Jawara, this island can be reached by boat from Aberdeen Jetty. Maintained and controlled by Indian Navy, you can visit a small museum there and see a 10 m high lighthouse too. 

    Jolly Buoy Island
    You can go for scuba diving here to enjoy the underwater corals. For the non-swimmers, glass bottom boats are arranged. There are few other islands with thick greenery which you can see from Jolly Buoy Island. The water of Jolly Buoy Island Beach is clear blue coloured which gives it a beautiful look. This island is not available for the visitors throughout the year. Availability is to be confirmed beforehand. 

    Chidiya Tapu
    This island is also known as Sunset Point. To witness a magnificent sunset, you must head towards Chidiya Tapu, or, Bird Island. There is nothing much to do in this island other than seeing the sunset. Therefore, it is advisable to visit this island just before the sunset. 

    North Bay Island
    This island also is famous for scuba diving and snorkelling. You can take a short boat ride from Port Blair to reach here. Apart from scuba diving, you can go for adventurous water sports such as Jet Ski and water boat ride. The one day trip to this island will give you a lifetime memory.

    Wandoor Beach
    You can get in a bus from Port Blair to Wandoor Beach. The only place to see here is the Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park.

    Samudrika Marine Museum
    The museum is run by Indian Navy. The museum own collections relating to wildlife, sea animals, tribal people of Andaman and Nicobar Islands, etc. You will encounter a skeleton of a blue whale at the entrance of the museum. The motive of this museum is to create awareness among people regarding conservation of wildlife and environment.

    Anthropological Museum
    This museum showcases the tribal people of your destination. The tribes are namely, the Jawaras, Great Andamanese, Sentinelese, the Nicobarese and Shompens.

    Corbyn’s Cove
    It is one of the busiest beaches in Andaman & Nicobar. You can enjoy a lot of water sports here such as motor scooter. A lot of sea side restaurants are there which offers great treats for your taste buds. You will also find rest rooms there.

    Mount Harriet
    15 km from Port Blair, is Mount Harriet which offers great view to the Ross Island. It is the third highest peak in Andaman and Nicobar, surrounding which there is the Mount Harriet National Park. You can see this place on the opposite side of a Rs. 20 Indian note. The main attraction of this national park is a large variety of butterflies. 

  4. What you will like there?

    Andaman and Nicobar Islands are, obviously, all about the Bay of Bengal. It is surrounded by sea in all the four sides, which, none other place under Indian Territory is. The blue water will surely make you stress free.

    Where there is the sea, there must be great beaches. You will fall in love with the beaches at Ross Island, Jolly Buoy Island, Red Skin Island and many more, if you are a peace lover. The other way round, if you like partying, Corbyn’s Cove is your heaven. Just pack your swimming outfits, shades and flip flops and you are good to go.

    As the main source of income of these islands is tourism, they have a very tourist friendly culture. The hotel and hospitality industry out there will welcome you with folded hands and will offer you the most comfortable stays with delicious Andamanese cuisine. 

    Indian Navy
    Much of the island is under Indian Navy’s control. Port Blair has a museum and few offices of Indian Navy. You will clearly see Navy’s influence there and they are doing their job perfectly. The islands and museums are well maintained.

    Port Blair is really sunny with not much heat. You can soak up the sun at the beaches with a fruit juice, may be. It has a tropical monsoon climate. Except the winter months, it receives rainfall throughout the year, and the very next moment, it’s sunny again.

    If you love having seafood, Port Blair is crafted for you. You will get to eat delicious see foods like lobsters, squids, octopus, clams and a variety of sea fishes. The Andamanese Fish Curry is really delicious. 

  5. How can I reach Port Blair?

    Andaman Islands are accessible by air and boat. There are regular flight from Chennai and Kolkata. The island can also be reached by waterways.

    By Air: Veer Savarkar International Airport in Port Blair is well-connected to Kolkata and Chennai airports. Air India, Spice Jet, Jet Konnect, Spice Jet and GoAir are some of the available flight services.

    By Sea: There are regular ship services leaving from Chennai, Kolkata, and Vishakhapatnam to Port Blair. There are 2 ships – MV Nancowry and MV Swarajdweep – from Chennai and the MV Nicobar and MV Akbar from Kolkata. The journey takes 50-60 hours approximately to reach its destination.

    There are inter-connectivity options to reach different islands on Andaman. Directorate of Shipping Services, A & N Administration operates regular ferry services from Phoenix Bay Jetty, Port Blair in the inter-island and foreshore sectors connecting all populated island/tourist places.
  6. What is the best time to visit Port Blair?

    One can enjoy the tropical monsoon climate at Port Blair throughout the year, which makes the city an all season visit. If you are visiting the city during summers, you can indulge in water sports like snorkeling, scuba diving, surfing, etc. Winters are also one of the best times to visit Andaman and Nicobar Island. The climate is not unbearably cold, but it is quite pleasant, so you can stay outdoors and indulge in sightseeing and visit various other islands around Port Blair.
  7. What kind of activities can be done in Port Blair?

    Port Blair predominantly offers a lot of water and adventurous activities like snorkelling, scuba diving, glass bottom boat ride, swimming, deep sea diving, etc. You can also indulge in bird watching, museum tours, pub hopping, shopping, etc.You can also indulge in other activities in Andaman to make your stay memorable. 
  8. Are there any water sports in Port Blair?

    Yes, there are a lot of water sports in Port Blair. Some of the water sports activities that you can do in Port Blair are:

    Speed Boat – costs approximately Rs. 300 per person

    Jet Ski – costs approximately Rs. 350 per person

    Kayaking – costs approximately Rs. 250 per person

    Scuba Diving – starts from Rs. 3500 per person

    Snorkeling – starts from Rs. 500 per person
  9. Can one do Scuba Diving or Snorkeling in Port Blair?

    Yes, both these water sports are predominantly done in Port Blair. You will definitely love the experience of doing these sports over here. Scuba Diving – You can scuba dive through Barefoot Scuba and the price starts from Rs. 3500 per person Snorkeling – In Jolly Bouy Island and Coral Island at price starting from Rs. 500 per person
  10. What kind of accommodation is there in Port Blair?

    Port Blair offers accommodation of all kinds. From tent stays to five star hotels, depending on your requirements and budgets, it can be arranged. It is recommended to stay in beach/sea facing shacks or villas in Port Blair when you are here. Here is a list of some of the popular hotels in Port Blair:

    Budget Accommodation:
    • Island Pride
    • The Port Visa

    Andaman Galley Luxurious Stay Options:
    • Hotel Sentinel
    • J Hotel
    •Sinclairs Bayview
  11. What kind of shopping can be done in Port Blair?

    There are a lot of street markets, which offer some really beautiful and genuine handicrafts of this region. You can visit one of these stores/markets to interact with the people of Port Blair and get to know their lifestyle as well. Some of the well-known shopping spots in Port Blair are:

    Aberdeen Bazaar – for jewels and clothes

    Governement Emporia –
    for handicrafts, spices, and other home décor stuff

    Sagarika Government Emporium – for clothes, jewellery, handmade products

    Anthropological Museum Co-operative Society – for unique handicrafts
  12. What thing is a must buy in Port Blair?

    If we have to recommend one thing to be bought from Port Blair, it would be Bamboo Cane Handicrafts. You can find such handicrafts at Government Emporia and Sagarika Government Emporium.
  13. Which are the must visit restaurants in Port Blair?

    Some of the must visit restaurants are Annapurna, Icy Spicy, Amaya, Lighthouse Residency, Mandalay Restaurant, Vegan Creek, Ocean Blue Café, Corbyn’s Delight, Milan Restaurant, Courtyard – Rooftop, etc.
  14. Is there any nightlife in Port Blair?

    Yes, Port Blair has a fairly good night life. In fact, there are live bands playing every other night in Port Blair. Hotel Rajadeepam, Hotel Port Residency, and The Waves are some of the places that you must visit when you are in Port Blair.
  15. How to reach Havelock from Port Blair?

    Havelock Island can only be reached by a ferry or boat from Port Blair. This island is 70 kms away from Port Blair, and it will take you a good 3 hours to reach there in a government ferry. You can reserve a government ferry to take you there when you reach Port Blair. You can check for ferry timings and reserve directly.

    Alternatively, you can take a yacht/cruise from Port Blair to Havelock. There are 3 different classes such as Premium, Deluxe and Royal exists in these cruises. These cruises operates in Port Blair, Havelock, and Neil Island. The frequency of these cruises is high in region from Port Blair to Havelock and Havelock to Port Blair. The prices start from Rs. 1000 per person per way.
  16. What mode of travel is preferable in Port Blair?

    Taxis, buses, minibuses, and autos are the local modes of transports in Port Blair. We recommend you to rent a car or a minibus based on the number of people you are travelling with. Honeymooners or couples can also hire a bike in Port Blair. Approximate Rates for Hiring Bike/Car:

    Bike: Rs. 500 per day per scooter/bike

    Car: Starts from Rs. 800 per day (varies based on self-driving/driver needed and kilometers covered)
  17. What kind of internet facility is available in Port Blair?

    There is facility for both 4G as well as Wi-Fi in Port Blair. While you are in your hotel or any restaurant, you can access Wi-Fi; otherwise, you can use the mobile internet. It is recommend you to take Vodafone or Airtel mobile network connection for good internet connectivity even in remote places.
  18. What kind of drinking laws is there in Port Blair?

    As per the new policy, which will come into effect on Jan. 1, 2017, any individual would be allowed to purchase two 750 ml bottles of liquor at a time instead of four now. Similarly, only one 1,000 ml bottle of liquor can be bought, or four 375 ml bottles, or eight 180 ml bottles. However, you can consume unlimited alcohol in most hotels.

    Furthermore, the restrictions for drinking are significantly less in tourist areas like Port Blair, etc. However, the general age restriction for drinking in Andaman Islands is 21 years.
  19. Are there sufficient ATMs in Port Blair? Do Port Blair have international ATM facility?

    Yes, there are sufficient ATMs in Port Blair. You can find ATMs of all major banks like SBI, HDFC, ICICI, Syndicate Bank, etc. However, if you are travelling to remote places from Port Blair, make sure you have enough cash with you.

    There aren’t much international ATMs in Port Blair. However, you can convert your currency to Indian money in Moneygram locations in Port Blair. Some of the well-known Moneygram locations are:

    Allahabad Bank – Ph. No: 03192230267

    Indian Bank – Ph. No: 03192244450

    Indian Overseas Bank – Ph. No: 03192230289
  20. Are there money exchangers in Port Blair?

    Yes. There are quite a few trustworthy, legal money exchangers in Port Blair. It is recommend to exchange your currency to Indian money in Moneygram locations in Port Blair. Some of the well-known Moneygram locations are:

    Allahabad Bank – Ph. No: 03192230267

    Indian Bank – Ph. No: 03192244450

    Indian Overseas Bank – Ph. No: 03192230289

    A valid passport and travel visa is mandatory for foreign tourists to convert money.
  21. Are there any aboriginal tribes in Port Blair?

    No, there are no aboriginal tribes in Port Blair. However, there are some tribes like the Jarawas, Negrito, etc., who live in other parts of Andaman Island. They are an indigenous people of the Andaman Islands in India. They live in parts of South Andaman and Middle Andaman Islands. You can visit some of these tribes with prior permission to know and understand their culture.
  22. What should be done in case of any medical emergency in Port Blair?

    There are doctors well in reach in case of medical emergency. However, as a safety procedure, we recommend you to carry a first-aid kit and your prescribed medications (if any) during the trip. Also, irrespective of whether you are travelling by water or not, it is better to carry medicines for sea sickness.

    Here are a few good hospitals in Port Blair:

    GB Pant Hospital – Ph. No: 03192 243 653

    Maricar Hospital – Ph. No: 03192 233 434

    Andaman & Nicobar Islands Institute of Medical Sciences (ANIIMS) – Ph. No: 03192-232605

    Also, for ambulance in emergency situations, call 09540161344
Newly Added Port Blair Experience

Port Blair Top Attractions

Places To Visit In Port Blair
Ravi Kumar Gupta Andaman Honeymoon Holiday Tour Package
"it was a memorable trip and was well organized. They have coordinated at all the points and provided services as mentioned in the package I booked. Thank you so much for this memorable trip."
23 June 2015
Great experience and unforgettable memories! Everything was well planned. We did whole lot activities in Andaman specially Scuba Diving was the best of all. Sound and Light Show at jail was very good and we came to know about some historic facts about the place. Stay was very comfortable and in decent hotels. Totally an amazing experience.
13 February 2020
I had planned this tour for my cousin. I was in touch with Shubham and Atri from booking time.Both were kind and helpful for answering and sharing the details to my queries.Later on Atri was in touch with me and he helped in customizing this tour for couple. He has clarified all my doubts, concerns during planning, booking for this tour. We opted for deluxe category and we shared our preferred list of hotels.Atri also helped in decision making for the hotels. Hotels were good and couple had nice time... Cabs were on time, food was good... Flower bed decoration was too good and also candle light dinner.. but was expecting more for candle light dinner apart from just table decoration ... Overall it was nice experience...
"wonderful trip"
03 March 2015
A complete package to cover the best parts of such a beautiful island at a reasonable price. Ours was a honeymoon trip and both of us had a great time. The guide with us was really helpful and we did not have to face any problems during the whole trip. There are good hotels also at all places where you can have good food from. The stay arranged by them was also good.
I always had Mayabunder in mind for the beautiful and scenic beaches it has. However, after many years of several plans not materializing, I and my friend grabbed this opportunity of a helicopter ride arranged by Thrillophilia. I not just witnessed the mangrove-lined tidal creeks at the Mayabunder Island but the whole tour of all the eight islands of Andaman, was a pleasant bonus. This three hour journey began from Port Blair at around 7:40. After viewing the floating islands we were taken to capture the views of the Bambooflat, Baratang, and Rangat.
An aerial adventure with three of my friends was always on my mind. The drone captures of Andaman’s turquoise waters and the enchanting greenery of the island always fluttered my hearts. This time in January I decided to live my dream and Thrillophilia helped me have an unforgettable helicopter trip. I cannot explain the joy of having soared like a bird above the Smith, Madhuban, Peel and Havelock islands. I recommend Thrillophilia for this exhilarating three-hour journey that lets you see the twin islands of the North and South.
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It was an amazing experience overall. The trip was very well planned, all arrangements were perfect. Everything was really well managed. I would totally recommend booking through Thrillophilia.
I booked a tour from Ahmedabad to Andaman. It was a family trip. The excitement increases multiple folds all together when it comes to discover a completely new side of our own country. Especially when it’s such well-organized. All the credit goes to our organizers team Thrillophilia.
Vaijayanti Chaturvedi Cruise Honeymoon Package From India
It was an amazing trip with my partner. We spend 3 days in cruise and we had so much fun and other 4 days in Andaman, visiting various islands and enjoying all the watersports. THANKS Thrillophilia for the wonderful trip

How to Reach

  • Being in the middle of the Bay of Bengal, Port Blair can only be reached by air or by sea.
  • By air- The Veer Savarkar Airport (IXZ) of Port Blair has connectivity with major cities of India like Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad, and Bangalore, with regular flights arriving and leaving. It must be noted that international flights are not yet allowed at IXZ, and one must take a connecting flight from one of the above cities.
  • By sea- The Port Blair Port has good connectivity to various parts of the world, with ferries running from Kolkata and Chennai to Port Blair every day or two.

Best Time To Visit

  • Like the rest of India, Port Blair also goes through 3 major seasons, with something unique to show for each season as it dawns an altogether different color. With a tropical monsoon climate, the city is an ideal visit all throughout the year. With that said, the best time to visit Port Blair is during the months of summer and winters, that is October to May. This is the time that is considered to be the best for scuba diving and bird watching, as well as for the most pleasant weather in the year

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