Nirvana Beach, Gokarna: How To Reach, Best Time & Tips

About Nirvana Beach

If you’re looking for offbeat places to visit in Gokarna, then you should add Nirvana Beach to your itinerary for the trip. This beach is secluded from the throngs of crowds and offers recluse to those who wish to have some beach time to enjoy the peace and quiet. 

People here can dive into the cool blue waters and enjoy a refreshing getaway.

One of the gorgeous features of this beach in Gokarna is the beautiful stretch that makes it an absolute delight for watching the sunset and sunrise. It is quite isolated and one can look forward to having a great time with friends and family whether it’s for a picnic or other fun activities on the beach. 

With beautiful surroundings and its tranquil setting, Nirvana Beach is one of the most serene places you will see in Gokarna. 

Location: Nirvana Beach, Kumta, Karnataka

Best Time to visit: The ideal time to visit this beach in Gokarna is from November to February.

Activities: Swimming, picnicking etc.

Distance from Gokarna Bus Main Stand, Banglegudda: The distance between the two places is approximately 10 kilometres via a ferry.

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