Khuri Sand Dunes, Jaisalmer: How To Reach, Best Time & Tips

About Khuri Sand Dunes

The Khuri Sand Dunes are situated at a distance of 40 Km to the southwest of Jaisalmer, Rajasthan. It is one of the most acknowledged and pristine beauty in the middle of the vast Thar Desert, which offers many ideal locations for tourists to get an experience of dunes in India.

The Thar desert is home to numerous sand dunes which offer tourists with options for camping and desert safari. The Khuri Sand Dunes welcomes all the visitors to the ocean of sand. It entices solo travellers to spend some time in solitude. 

The best way to travel through the dunes would be to sit atop a colorfully dressed camel and start your journey in a convoy over the shifting dunes. The dunes will let you set off in the early morning to watch the amazing sun, when it casts a truly magical spell over the desert lands. 

Khuri Sand Dunes lets you camp in the middle of the desert, ride on the back of the camel, relish the local way of living and shop souvenirs in the emerging local bazaars.

However, if you want to make the most out of the Sand Dunes, you can absolutely sit beside a campfire, listen to the traditional songs of Kalbeliyas, and relish some of the authentic Rajasthani delicacies.

Last but not the least; you should on no occasion miss the amazing sunsets behind the sandhills. A trip to this place will surely be a break from the busy and chaotic daily life. 

How to Reach Khuri Sand Dunes

From Jaisalmer - 

The Khuri Sand Dunes are located at a distance of 40 km from Jaisalmer. You can choose to drive down the amazing road connecting Jaisalmer and Khuri. If you don’t have your own vehicle, then you can easily hire a cab or take a private bus to reach the dunes.

You can find buses plying in regular intervals from Jaisalmer to Khuri. However, you should make sure that you reach the dunes before sunset if you do not want to miss the mesmerizing sunset behind the sandhills. There is no direct access to railways from Khuri as it is situated in the midd

Best Time to Visit Khuri Sand Dunes

If you are looking forward to spending some of the amazing days in the sand dunes, then it would be picture perfect if you plan to come here in the middle of October to March. The climate in this period remains moderate and lets you take part in a number of activities. It is not possible to come here in the summer season, as the temperature may rise up to 50 degree Celsius. However, when you come in the months of October you can go for desert safari without any problem as well as visit some of the other Sand Dunes in the Thar Desert.

What Not to Miss at Khuri Sand Dunes

Places to visit near Khuri Sand Dunes - 

Sam Sand Dunes

Sam Sand Dunes is one more sand dune located close to the Khuri Sand Dune. It offers a great amount of fun and frolic to the tourists visiting it. You can have a wonderful stay in the campsite as well as go on a long desert safari.

The best part of staying in the Sam Sand Dunes is observing the sunset. You can head out on the back of a camel and stroll around the desert in the time of sunset. The sand dune is located at a distance of 38 Km from Jaisalmer.

The best time to stay in this sand dune is in the months of January, February, March, October, November and December. You would love spending time in this place rejoicing in the charming atmosphere of Rajasthan. 

Lodhruva Sand Dunes

Lodhruva Sand Dunes is a village situated at a distance of 5 Km from Jaisalmer. If you don’t want to go far from the city but still wish to experience the magic of the sand dunes, then this is the best place.

You can see an arched gateways, carved jaalis, sculptured pillars and many more to let you be spellbound. You can also spend time in the magnificent Lodhurva Jain temple apart from all other activities in the sand dune.

 The stay in this sand dune will surely be one of the once in a lifetime experiment and you will definitely come back home with memories to be cherished all over the life. 

Things to do at Khuri Sand Dunes -  

Camping in Khuri

Camping is a major attraction in Khuri. You can stay in any of the campsites for a whole night and experience life in the middle of the desert. The campsites offer you amazing mouth-watering Rajasthani food as well as give you a chance to rejoice in traditional music. 

Desert Safari

If you are an adventure lover, then you can trail through the desert on an SUV. The ride on the sand dunes will give you a familiarity of sitting in a roller coaster. If you want to make the most out of the dunes, then you can choose to go for a safari in the late afternoon and return to the campsite for a delicious dinner. 

Experience the traditional lifestyle of the desert

When you are in Khuri Sand Dunes, you can choose to spend some of your days in desert style. You can choose to stay in huts made of mud and straw. You can choose to have local but authentic Rajasthani delicacies. You should not forget spending some time listening to the tranquilizing folktales of Rajasthan. 

Other Essential Information About Khuri Sand Dunes

Location - 
The Khuri Sand Dunes is located in the south-west of Jaisalmer. It is about 40 km away from Jaisalmer. 

Price - The price of the campsite in Khuri is in the range of 6000 INR to 10000 INR. 

Timing - The Khuri Sand dune is open from 10:00 AM in the morning to 10:00 PM in the evening. 

Campsites at Khuri Sand Dunes- 

The Mama’s desert camp, Khuri

Mama’s desert Camp is considered to be an excellent mid-budget camp in the middle of the sand dunes of Jaisalmer. If you have planned to stay more than a day in the campsite, then it would be just amazing to stay in this place. The tariff per person for a night is 6500 – 15000.

 The fare of the camp includes camel safari, entry to the musical and dance program, accommodation for two in the camp and two major meals. 

Camp E Khas, Khuri

Camp E Khas is one of the star rated desert camps in Khuri sand dunes. It is known for its luxurious accommodation for guests. If you plan to stay in this campsite, you will get all the upmarket treatment.

The tariff for staying in this campsite is 8600 INR per camp. The cost of the campsite includes a traditional style of welcome to the camp with a welcome drink; a chance to trail the deserts on camels, evening tea and dinner, entry to the music and dance programs, and desert safari in SUVs. 

Rawla Desert Camp

This is one of the desert camps that is situated a bit far off from other camps. However, the fun in this camp is on no occasion less as compared to any other camps. If you are a nature lover, then you will find this camp very amazing.

In this camp, you will get to stay in the swiss style tents, cottages made from mud and straw, and a kitchen that serves authentic Rajasthani food. The tariff of this campsite is in the range of 4250 INR – 6250 INR. In this tariff, dinner, breakfast and late evening cultural show comes included. 

Damodra Desert Camp

This is yet another swiss styled campsite that has more than 10 camps and a centre stage where cultural programs are hosted. 

The camp is known all over the desert for its amazing food service. The camp is located at a distance of 30 Km from Jaisalmer. The tariff of the camp is 10000 INR. This tariff includes breakfast and dinner. You will also be able to watch the amazing cultural festival in the evening. 

Winds Desert Camp

The Winds Desert Camp is one more campsite near Khuri Sand Dune. The camp offers you an in-house restaurant, desert safari trip, and cultural dance night. If you want to stay in this camp, you need to pay in the range of 8000 INR to 15000 INR. 

The Serai Camp

This camp is widely acknowledged for its amazing luxury offering. It offers everything that any traveller may wish to have in a campsite. It has air-conditioned tents and offers luxury safari tours. In order to enjoy all that this camp offers, you need to pay 20000 INR for a single camp. The fare of the camp includes dining, safari tours, and private shows in the late evening. 

Tips for visiting Khuri Sand Dunes - 

1. Never forget to spend your days in the dunes as a Rajasthani Local.

2. Be prepared to taste the spicy Rajasthani delicacies. 

3. Spend some time in solitude counting stars in the night.

4. Choose experienced drivers while driving through the sand dunes.

5. Never stay for back line in the middle of the desert.

6. Carry repair accessories for the vehicles you are taking.

7. Carry plenty of water when going for safari tours.

8. Prefer going on camel safari’s along with an experienced person

9. Follow the rules and regulations of the campsite strictly. 
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People Also Ask About Khuri Sand Dunes

  1. How would the weather be at Khuri Sand Dunes?

    If you are visiting the Khuri Sand Dune from October to March, you don’t need to worry about the weather. The weather remains moderate and makes it wonderful for going desert safari as well as lighting campfires. The weather at Khuri Sand Dunes is just phenomenal for strolling on the back of a camel and witnessing the golden-red sky in the course of the sunset.
  2. Which are the best camps in Khuri Sand Dunes?

    Some of the best camps in Khuri Sand Dunes are as follows:

    1. The Serai Camp

    2. Mama's desert camp

    3. Camp E Khas

    4. Rawla Desert Camp

    5. Damodra Desert Camp

    6. Winds Desert Camp

  3. What is the average Khuri Sand Dunes camel safari cost?

    The average cost of going for camel safari in Khuri Sand Dunes is 1000 INR. If you are staying in any of the campsites, your campsite tariff will be inclusive of the camel ride or camel desert safari. You don’t have to pay extra for that.
  4. Is Khuri Sand Dunes weather good?

    Yes, the weather in Khuri Sand Dunes is good from November to March for going desert safari and spending a night in the campsite. You will fall in love with the atmosphere and love the time spent with your loved near and dear ones in the middle of the vast sandy desert.
  5. Is camping at Khuri Sand Dunes safe?

    The Khuri Sand Dune is completely safe for spending the night. You can spend time with your loved ones in front of the campfire until late at night without worrying about anything. Most of the campsites organize cultural functions that start after dinner and lasts for long.

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