GRS Fantasy Park, Mysore: How To Reach, Best Time & Tips

About GRS Fantasy Park

Just fifteen minutes away from Mysore Town in Karnataka, resides the most celebrated and stunning amusement park, the GRS Fantasy Park. A perfect holiday destination, spread across 40 acres of lush green environment, this theme park rejuvenates it's visitors with endless joy.

Situated on the Mysore-Bangalore highway, it has created bundles of remarkable memories for its tourists over the past 13 years. This water park is a bewitching place and is customized in a way to cater different adrenaline levels of all age groups. 

The GRS Fantasy Park came out as an epitome of adventure in the Southern-Indian region. Featuring 33 dry and wet thrilling rides and multipurpose playstation for everyone, it ensures a fun filled vacation for the entire family.

The main attractions of this water park are its water games and the interactive river called Amazonia. With facilities such as spacious restaurants, gift shops and amphitheater, this park takes the visitors to a state of ecstasy that they will never forget in their entire life.

This park is the greatest pride of Mysore since it has bagged 7 National Awards for Excellence at the International Amusement Expo held in Mumbai in 2013 and 2014. It has also won the APT National Award for Dragon's Den in 2003 for being the most innovative ride commissioned in India during 2002-2003.

It is not only known for providing it's customers thrill and cheer but also is the most responsible business venture across the town. The park is recognized as one of the major green spots in the city of Mysore. So, come enjoy the breathtaking ambiance and exhilarating array of rides at this park.

How to Reach GRS Fantasy Park

GRS Fantasy Park is just 6 kms away from the Mysore city. The place has easy access by public transport like buses and taxis. The park also provides its shuttle service to the tourists picking them up from Mysore. 

By Bus: 
GRS Fantasy Park is only 7 kms from Mysore Rural Bus stand, which takes only upto 10 mins to reach. Once you are at Mysore City bus stand, pick Bus no. 303 to 307 to GRS Circle. 

By Taxi:
GRS park is 138.3 kms from Bangalore. Take a direct taxi from Bangalore to GRS park with fare starting @ just Rs. 8 per km. Travel just 7 km from Mysore to GRS park in a taxi at a fare of Rs. 85 only. 

By Air:
Mysore airport is only 17.8 kms with a travel time of 27 mins. Take a taxi or a bus from the airport to GRS park. 

By Train:
Mysore city railway station is only 6 kms with a travel time of not more than 7 mins. Take a bus or taxi to GRS park.

Best Time to Visit GRS Fantasy Park

March to May are the best months to visit this park to enjoy the blooming days in springs and tiring sunny days in summers. Plan your visit early in the morning from 10 am to make the best of your money spent and avoid large crowds in the pools and slides. For a short visit, you can also arrive after 3 pm to avoid sunny afternoons and watch the sun settling down.

What Not to Miss at GRS Fantasy Park

Here are some of the best rides at GRS Fantasy Park:

1. Dragon's Den
This ride is made to take you back to the Jurassic age with fire-spitting monsters and gigantic meat-eaters. This dark ride has won the National APT Award 2003 for the most innovative ride developed in the country. The fire lighted eyes of the dragons will make everyone linger in fear, making this ride one of its kind.

2. Columbia
Never losing its charm, the Columbia ride will take you back to the most terrifying days of your childhood. This ride will give you butterflies in your stomach if you seat yourself at its edges. The to and fro swing moments are going to frighten you yet it will add to the most thrilling experience of your life. 

3. Aqua Tornado 
Hosting 900 people in an hour, the Aqua Tornado will immerse you at a high speed of 20 mph. Be ready to be dipped into a massive 60 feet diameter funnel from a height of 35 feet and face the wrath of this long water ride. 

4. Aqua Racer
A water slide which has six lanes of variety of experiences. Glide down the tunnel to encounter the swirls and fling all the way down to the pool. Challenge your mates to race with you to the very end as you crash throughout the tunnel. 

5. Amazonia
A water slide that rejuvenates your mind and enliven your thoughts, giving you a thrilling ride. Experience the true to life Amazon river rising and gushing through the thick and lush rainforest. The cool premise of the forest will take you on an escapade of Amazon forests. 

6. Pendulum Slide
Experience the oscillating dive while you fall along with the water. Sliding on the steep slope with a partner, you need to hold your breath while you scream and are pulled down by gravity splashing into the pool. 

7. Music Bob
Feel goosebumps on your body with hairs rising up as you swirl at a headlong speed in a musical bob.  Yell your lungs out when you scream while having loads of fun during this thrilling adventure.

Places to Visit around GRS Fantasy Park

Mysore has splendid monuments which are the relics of a rich and vibrant bygone era. Take a look through these heritage marvels of Mysore.

1. Brindavan Gardens
The Brindavan gardens in Mysore is one of the best terrace gardens in the world, located at KRS road, 4 km from the city centre. It offers a visual treat to the visitors with its Musical Fountain and Lightings and a variety of flora and it's colour palette of flowers. Famous for its symmetric designs, the park is spread across 60 acres of land. 

2. Krishna raja Sagar Dam
KRS dam is the most prominent drinking water source for the people of Bangalore and is considered India's first irrigation dam. The dam is renowned as a popular tourist attraction comprising Botanical park featured with fountains and boat rides.

Bestowed with vibrant and magnificent gardens and fountains with music, it is the first dam in the country to use automatic sluice gates. The dam is beautifully located at the confluence of three rivers- Cauvery, Hemavati and Lakshmana Tirtha.

3. Chamundi Hills
The beholding Chamundi hills can be seen from every corner of Mysore city, having an elevation of approx 1000 metres. A favourite destination for devotees as well as adventure tourists, these hills offer a stunning view of the city Mysore.

Travelers can have an amazing view of the statue of Bull Nandi, the Mysore palace and the Karanji Lake from this hill. Visit the hill at the time of dawn or dusk to relish The amazing hues of rising and setting sun. 

4. Mysore Palace
Also known as Amba Vilas palace, Mysore palace stands tall will steal your heart away on your very first visit. The three storeyed stone structure symbolises the luxury and opulence of the Royal family and is a must visit place for every travel lover. This popular attraction acquires 2 Darbar halls, numerous gardens, buildings and a spacious courtyard.

Other Essential Information About GRS Fantasy Park

Pass type attractions in GRS Fantasy Park
The passes rates for GRS fantasy park don't change during holidays and weekends. The whole facility of the park can be enjoyed by taking the entry ticket. There are two entry slots in the park. 

1. Entry from 10 AM to 3 PM:
- For adults (above 4'6'' in height):  Rs. 749.00
- For children (3' to 4'6'' in height): Rs.649.00
- For infants (below 3'): Free entry
- For senior citizens (above 65 years): Rs.649.00

2. Entry after 3 PM:
- For adults (above 4'6'' in height):  Rs. 599.00
- For children (3' to 4'6'' in height): Rs. 499.00
- You can also enjoy the exciting 5D virtual ride with an additional charge of Rs.40 per person.

Places to Eat around GRS Fantasy Park

Good food always adds happiness to a perfect holiday plan. Here are some restaurants near GRS Fantasy Park.

1. By The Way Hotel
By The Way is a hotel with a great ambiance and a soothing atmosphere offering a feasible range of price to the visitors. Lip-smacking Indian, Asian, Chinese cuisines are readily available with a unique tinge of seafood. 
It is located just 0.3 km away from GRS park.

Address: Next to Bharat Cancer Hospital , Ring Road, Mysuru (Mysore) 570016.

2. La Uppu
The 24*7 open dining restaurant, La Uppu serves a multi-cuisine dinner to cherish a soul-satisfying meal. A nod to the eclectic mix of international cuisines, this restaurant is one of the best places to dine in with your family. 
This restaurant is located 2.8 km from GRS park.

Address: 2203/60, New Sayyaji Rao Road, Nelson Mandela Circle, Mysuru (Mysore) 570021.

3. By the Blue
A hotel with excellent ambiance, rooftop dining and a luxury poolside restaurant, By The Blue, is something out of the blue for its visitors. It tempts the foodie in you by offering assorted North-Indian flavours using fresh ingredients and finest cocktails in town.  It is located about 2.8 km from GRS park.

Address: 2203 60 New Sayaji Rao Road Nelson Mandela Circle, Mysuru (Mysore) 570021.

4. Depth N Green
Depth And Green is A vegan-friendly Indian cafe serving appetizing vegetarian cuisine. It makes it's breads And chutneys in house and is famous for its thalisain, smoothies and sandwiches.Located at a distance of 2.6 kms from GRS park.

Address: 228/3 Gokulam Main Road Near Ganapathi Temple, Mysuru (Mysore) 570002.

5.Coastal Garden Family Restaurant
Offering the finest forte of Mangalore and Karavali dishes, Coastal Garden in Mysore is a spacious family restaurant. With a large dining hall and tempting ambience, this restaurant serves sumptuous Mangalorean and multi-cuisine foods. This restaurant is just 1.1 km away from GRS park.

Address: KRS Road Opposite Falcon Tyre, Mysuru (Mysore) 570016 .

6. Oyster Bay
Please your taste buds with the flavoursome cuisines of Oyster Bay restaurant. With high quality service and lip-smacking food, this restaurant never fails to impress and will never let your pocket suffer. The restaurant is only 2.8 km from the park.

Address: No. 2202, Kannada Parishat Road, Vijayanagar Behind Vijayanagar Water Tank, Mysuru (Mysore) 570017.

7. Royal Inn Restaurant
Serving Indian, Chinese and continental delicacies, The Royal Inn restaurant is a must visit place for an economical dine in. With indoor seating and pleasing ambience, this restaurant will take you to a special tour of the country with its food. This place is situated just 1.1 km from the GRS park.

Address: KRS Road Ring Road junction, Mysuru (Mysore) 570016.

Medical Facilities near GRS Fantasy park

- Safety is the primary concern for GRS fantasy park. There are fully equipped facilities to offer first aid in case of an unlikely accident or injury with readily available ambulance service in case of unfortunate accidents. 

Adjacent to the park there are numerous small health centres such as Mysore Kids Clinic and Ozone diagnostic centre, providing the best facilities to the patients.

The Columbia hospital of Mysore is easily accessible from the GRS park which allows every visitor to seek medical attention without any delay.

Traveler's  Tip

Make sure to take with you a valid Indian photo Id to enter inside the park. You can take your Aadhar Card or any other ID card. 

For the sake of safety, children must be accompanied by parents or guardians at all times. 

Appropriate swimwear, preferably nylon should be worn while on water rides. If you don't have the swimwear, they provide it on rent at Rs. 30 per piece. 

Smoking in the public areas of the park is strictly prohibited. There are specified areas for it.

Do not carry any edibles as food and drinks from outside are not allowed inside the park.

There is a minimum height to get into the high thrill rides of the park. The minimum height requirement to enter Columbia, rock climbing, aqua tornado, pendulum and aqua racer is 4.5 ft. 

Loose garments may get entangled while on rides. So please avoid wearing such dresses.
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People Also Ask About GRS Fantasy Park

  1. What is the entry fee for GRS park Mysore?

    The entry fee for the visitors of the park are as follows
    - For adults above 4'6'' in height - Rs.749.00
    - For children of 3' to 4'6'' in height - Rs.649.00
    - For infants below 3' - Free
    - For senior citizens above 65 years - Rs.649.00
  2. Who is the owner of GRS fantasy park?

    GRS Fantasy Park is a venture under Baliga Investments Pvt. Ltd. which is an investment company. It has investments in many other sectors such as manufacturing sector, shares and government bonds. The directors of the company are B Subraya Baliga, M Pushpalatha Baliga, M Yogesh Dange, K Dayanand Kudva and M Manjunath Naik.
  3. Where is GRS?

    GRS Fantasy Park is in Mysore, Karnataka. It is located just 6 kilometres away from Mysore city center on the Mysore ring road off the KRS main road.
  4. Can we use credit cards at the counter?

    Yes, the counter accepts the credit cards of all the major banks.
  5. How can I get to GRS fantasy park?

    The park is located 6 kilometers away from the Mysore city center, on the Mysore ring road off the KRS main road. It can be easily accessed by public transports such as buses, cabs and autos. The park also provides its own shuttle services from Mysore town at regular intervals. There are nearby bus and train services which make it easier to access the park.
  6. How many rides are there?

    In total, GRS fantasy park is replete with 33 rides of which 15 are family rides, 9 are kid rides and 9 are thrill rides. The thrill rides are Dragon's Den, Amazonia, Aqua racer, Aqua Tornado, Columbia, Pendulum Slide, Music Bob, Freefall crazy cruise and wavy crazy cruise.
  7. Is photography allowed inside the park?

    Yes, photography is allowed inside the park and is free of cost. You can take your cameras and click photos without any additional charge.
  8. Are pets allowed in the GRS fantasy park?

    According to the safety rules of the park visitors are prohibited from bringing pets inside the park.
  9. Is GRS park open during National Holidays?

    Yes, GRS park is open during National Holidays from 10:30 AM to 7:00 PM. The park is also open on Sundays from 10:30 AM to 7:00 PM.