Snorkelling is a popular recreational water based activity that lets a swimmer explore the sea life without having much of training or equipment. For a swimmer to indulge in this activity, the basic equipment needed is: diving mask, snorkel and swimming fins. Many snorkelers, who dive in cold water, also make use of wetsuit and flotation device.

Snorkelling is done by swimming on the water surface and making use of a mask to look down under water while breathing through a snorkel. An expert snorkeler may dive under the water to have a clear view of below water level activity.

Snorkelling is best enjoyed at rocks and reefs which have low currents along with high visibility. The region with many fish makes the experience more enjoyable.

Some of the best snorkelling destinations in India are:

Lakshadweep Island – Lakshadweep in India is one of the most beautiful snorkelling regions of India. The rich coral islands, huge coastline and diverse variety of marine life, gives one the best experiences of snorkelling here.

Andaman Nicobar – To watch some of the rarest corals, Andaman Nicobar is a place to be. Many snorkelers visit these islands every year to experience the rich beauty of marine life.

Goa- Grand Island in Goa is one of the popular snorkelling spots in India.

Maharashtra – Arabian Sea at Konkan region and Tarkali beach in Maharashtra are tow ideal destinations for snorkelling. The clear water, rich coral and huge variety of marine, makes this destination, hot and preferred.

Snorkelling as an activity is fun and enjoyable, however; snorkelers should be careful as the activity may cause sunburns. It is suggested to make use of sun blocks in order to prevent these burns. Also, care should be taken by those who are doing the activity for the first time.


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