Every human wants sometime in his life to fly as free as a bird. While most of the people just wish for it, there are many who make it happen by indulging in a recreational adventure sport known as paragliding. The activity is carried on with the support of a paraglide which is a light weighing, easily portable, unique aircraft which soars up high in sky.

The pilot of a paraglide sits on the harness which gets suspended below as wing made of fabric. The shape of the wing is formed by the air pressure which enters through the vents. A paragliding flight can last for several hours and one can cover hundreds of kilometers in just a time frame of one to two hours.

Practiced paragliders usually fly for 3 hours and climb a great elevation.

A paraglider requires not much of equipment. The basic stuff needed to take this flight requires protective helmet, a nylon outfit which is specially designed for paragliding and sturdy laced boots.

A paragliding enthusiast can avail paragliding tours in India at many destinations. Some of the top ones being:

  • Panchgani and Sinhagad in Maharashtra
  • Chamundi Hills and Nandi Hills in Karnataka
  • Nilgiri Hills in Ooty
  • Manali and Bilaspur in Himachal Pradesh
  • Shilling in Meghalaya

Paragliding enthusiasts doing the activity for the first time should pursue it under the supervision of trained guide. If necessary, one can learn the skill for different paragliding schools based in different parts of India.


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