Kayaking is a leisure time sport which takes place on oceans and rivers by making use of specialized boats called kayaks.

Kayaks are boats which have a covered deck and a small place for the rider to sit. The design is such that the rider can keep his legs dry and warm. Kayaks were primarily used in Arctic oceans where the rider needed some protection from cold water. These boats are easy to manoeuvre and can be propelled with a double blade oar.

Kayaking can be done by anybody under a trained supervisor. The rider should know how to swim as it can be needed in case of emergencies. Kayaking tours can be availed through travel agents and companies. Kayaks can be taken on rent too.

Kayaking tours are mostly planned on lakes and oceans where the water is quiet and offers rider, a pleasant and enjoyable experience. Professionals often do kayaking n oceans. Huge waves and currents can make this recreational activity dangerous.

Surf kayaks are also enjoyed by many people. The kayaks are made in such a way that they can be used for surfing boards. Inflatable kayaks are also used at many places and they ensure better safety.

To indulge in kayaking, not much of gear is required. A kayak, life jacket and a paddle is what all a rider needs. Waterproof bags can be taken for kayaking camping trips. Such camps are one of the interesting ways to explore water and enjoy on the river side.


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