Fishing does not require any introduction as it is one of the activities that have been carried out since ancient times. Fishing is mainly done for commercial purposes and sometimes for daily survival by catching the fish for food. There is also one more form of fishing which is done for recreational purposes.

Fishing activity when done for recreation is usually carried out with a rod, hook, line using good bait. There is a frequent use of lures instead of bait. Many fishing enthusiasts indulge in noodling, kayak fishing and tout tickling.

Fishing tours have become very much in demand these days and people often look up for them to enjoy their weekends and holidays. Sitting aside on a peaceful river and catching fish on your own is a soothing activity. Often families and groups compete with each other on the number of fish caught in a specified time.

Listed below are some of the popular fishing destinations in India. One can book a fishing tour easily by reaching out to companies and tour operators.

Himachal Pradesh – Numerous rivers flow through Himachal Pradesh making it a known place for Brown Tout. Trout angling is common in KulluManali, Larji River and Sainj.

Arunachal Pradesh – One can indulge in numerous fishing tours in Arunachal Pradesh as the state is based on Himalayan lap and is known to be a paradise for travellers. Some of the prominent fishing sites here include Tezu banks and Pasighat bank.

Jammu Kashmir – There are many streams and rivulets in Jammu and Kashmir which make it a perfect fishing destination.

Chikmagalur, Karnataka – For corporates looking for a place to enjoy with teams, nothing can be better than Chikmagalur. Kemmenagundi is a wonderful destination where one can enjoy camping, trekking and fishing.


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