Biking is an adventure sport which is either pursued on a bicycle or a bike. Biking tours are common on the mountainous terrain as such terrain not only gives an adventurous ride but also helps one witness the beauty of highlands.

Biking can be done by anybody who has the knowledge and ability to control a bike. Helmet is one of the safety gears that bikers must ensure that they wear before setting off on any ride. Also, one can keep along with him water supply and emergency medical kit.

The fun of biking doubles when the activity is pursued in a group. Students and corporate team employees often indulge in the activity. There are many bikers clubs also available on social media sites which plan regular tours and also keep the bikers posted with tips and experiences.

India offers many destinations to indulge in biking. Sikkim is known a lot about mountain biking. The exciting biking tracks of the place make it worth visiting for all adventure lovers. People who do mountain biking get to explore the beauty of the place along with having a fun bike ride.

The scenic beauty and rugged terrains of Ladakh, also makes it a top destination for enjoying biking in India. Many adventure lovers visit Ladakh every year and pursue this hobby.


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