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Uttarakhand is an adventure junkie’s delight. It is surrounded by the Himalayas to the North and the infinite plains of the Terai to the South. This high-low contouring offers a picturesque atmosphere for paragliding. If you love adventure sports, go Bungee Jumping and Paragliding in Rishikesh. Pithoragarh, Mussoorie, Bedni Bugyal in Kumaon, Naukuchiatal in Nainital, and Pratap Nagar offer some of the best paragliding tours in Uttarakhand. There are a few important things to keep in mind before participating in paragliding adventures in Uttarakhand.

The activity is recommended for only those people, who do not have a fragile heart. Flying at a good height is bound to get your adrenaline rushing, increasing your heart rate in the process. Another condition you should be careful of is not being afraid of heights, as it is what will give you the adrenaline rush. A good thing about the activity is that it can be enjoyed by people of any age. Another thing that will probably cheer you up is that locations, where it is hosted, have training institutes that offer dedicated courses.

If you are there during the months of September and November, make sure to go River Rafting. Shantikunj situated on the banks of the river Ganga in Haridwar is the best place for people seeking spiritual guidance. Visit Chamoli known as the ‘Abode of Gods’ famous for its temples and shrines. Go on a Jeep Safari at the Jim Corbett National Park, which is home to 600 species of birds and 488 different types of plants and is famous for its Royal Bengal Tigers. Go to Auli for skiing during the winters and have a look at the splendid views of the Himalayas.

Visit the hill landscapes of Munsiyari for winter sports and trekking activities. Go for an early morning stroll in the Valley of Flowers. Explore the Robber’s Cave and splash around in the floppy Sahastradhara Falls, in Dehradun. Indulge in the best paragliding tours in Uttarakhand and fly high above breathtaking views of the landscape.
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Powered Paragliding In Rishikesh


Reporting Location: Rajas Airfield, Mazari Grante, Haridwar - Dehradun highway, Doiwala, UttarakhandThe adventure capital of India - Rishikesh indulges you in an adventure like no other. Paragliding over the holistic land, the extravagant Ganges, and the view of majestic Himalayas is all you ever asked for. The safety features offered make it all the more enticing and a must-try to keep your adventure streak going.See the world go by, glide through the divine sky, spread your wings, and fly high!

195 Ratings


195 Ratings

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INR 4,200

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Powered Paragliding in Rishikesh


Quite contrasting to its stature as being one of the holy shrines of India, Rishikesh is also known for the pool of adventure it offers. And among all of them, missing out on the powered paragliding while you are in Rishikesh would leave your trip incomplete.It is an activity which takes your adrenaline for a ride. Imagine yourself in an open cockpit, cruising through the cool air with the mighty mountains on all sides and a stunning bird’s-eye view of the lush green valley along with the rippling river below. Surreal?Gliding through the blue skies, in a parachute propelled by the help of a motorized fan, is a lifetime experience. This is when you can truly say that ‘sky is the limit’.

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32 Ratings

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09 February 2020
We did this paragliding and it was an amazing experience we enjoyed the time in the air and wanted to tell you that this one is safe and instructor is good and help you , especially to freshers in this activity.
This was on top of my list when I visited Rishikesh with my college friends, this air safari is very popular there and I wanted to do tis from long time, the price was big issue as we are students but thrillophilia helped us in and gave special discounts so that this fits in our budget, it was a memorable and lifetime experience, everyone should try this .
06 December 2019
An unbelievable experience of paragliding. It was one of the best paragliding point I have ever seen.
01 February 2020
It was a nice experience and we enjoyed it. This is the must doing activity in Rishikesh. The view we get from the top is very beautiful and the air is very calming and relaxing. The instructor was very helpful and clear in the briefing session. Totally worth doing this. Highly recommended.
13 March 2020
Very beautiful place with a stunning view , the guide was polite person and helped us a lot in the paragliding. It was my first time and was fantastic. The place is easily reachable and you don’t have to wait much as compare to other passengers. Don’t worry it is also safe so Highly recommended from my side.
It was my first ever paragliding and booked from Thrillophilia and went extremely great. Rishikesh is very beautiful and I realized it after gliding over it. The view was unforgettable and I enjoyed it. Wil definitely going to do this again and recommend this for you. Must try when you are in Rishikesh.
18 January 2020
The instructor was good and he make sure that we enjoy the adventure and also take care of the safety, he brief us well and the whole paragliding experience was awesome.
01 February 2020
Such a beautiful place with an excellent view from the top where paragliding start, we enjoyed our small wait and then paragliding. The guide was good and gave proper instructions. Recommended.

People Also Ask About Paragliding in Uttarakhand

  1. What are the best places for paragliding in Uttarakhand?

    1. Mussoorie: What better way to experience the surreal beauty of Mussoorie than to paraglide over the stunning mountains? Paragliding is one of the most popular tourist activities in Mussoorie. Riders can opt to fly solo or with the aid of a guide.

    2. Rishikesh:
    For riders with a taste for adventure, Rishikesh offers a specialized form of paragliding- power paragliding. In this method, the parachute is propelled by a motor fan, which drives the flier forward. The experience is available in various durations- the Kitty Hawk spans between 10-12 minutes, the Explorer ride around 18-22 minutes, while the Expedition takes around 30-35 minutes.

    3. Nainital:
    Nainital is the best place in Uttarakhand for cost-effective paragliding tours. The stunning town of lakes offers tandem paragliding in three types- Medium (3 minutes), High Flying (15 minutes), and Long Flying (30 minutes).

    4. Dehradun:
    Paragliding in Dehradun can be done at two levels- at a height of 4000 feet or 5000 feet, as per the riders’ choice. Offering stunning views of the lush Deep and Doon valleys, the paragliding tours in Dehradun can span up to 20 or 30 minutes as per requirements. 
  2. What is the cost of paragliding in Uttarakhand?

    The cost of paragliding in Uttarakhand can be anything between Rs. 1,300- Rs. 5,000, depending on the place and season of booking. Generally, paragliding fares in Nainital is the lowest, while that in Mussoorie is the highest.

  3. What is the best time for paragliding in uttarakhand?

    The best time for paragliding in Uttarakhand is during the summer months, when the skies remain sunny and clear and the weather is suitable for the aerial sport. However, paragliding in Uttarakhand can also be done in winters, in places like Rishikesh or Pittorgarh.

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