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Scuba diving in Kerala

1. Kochi
2. Kovalam

Scuba diving in Kerala not only offers an unfathomable adrenaline rush but also offers you the chance to explore the teeming underwater life of the state. This adventure sports gives a once in a lifetime opportunity to the travellers to explore marine life closely. You will be swimming with the sea creatures and explore the beautiful sea bed that is adorned with some alluring corals and marine plants. Scuba diving in Kerala is taken place under the expert supervision to make sure you are completely safe during the activity.

The popular scuba diving places in Kerala like Kovalam is known for its pristine beaches where you will be able to get an amazing experience and Kochi which is famous for its beautiful views of the sea bed and marine lifestyle. The turquoise aquatic wonders like the colorful fishes and shipwrecks will give every single adrenaline junkie an exciting experience. 
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  1. Which are the best places for Scuba diving in Kerala?

    -Kovalam: Kovalam is one of the best beaches for scuba diving in Kerala where you can enjoy numerous water sports. There are several scuba diving centres in Kovalam that offer fresh equipment for your scuba diving experience, including safety gears and accessories to make sure you have an amazing experience.
    Witness the beautiful marine life underwater on your scuba expedition and the best time to visit Kovalam for Scuba diving is from September to February. Besides scuba diving, you can also enjoy snorkelling, a sofa ride, and a scooter ride on the beach. You can reach Kovalam beach either from the Trivandrum Airport and via railway through Trivandrum Central Railway Station. 

    Suseela Tower VRP XIX/553-A, Beach Rd, Kovalam, Kerala 695527
    Best time: September - November
    Approx price: INR 4500 - INR 6000

    scuba diving in Kerala offers the best views of the sea bed with beautiful marine life and spectacular corals. The numerous scuba diving centres in Kochi offer excellent services and some even have in-house pools for training purposes. After training, you can also get an internationally recognisable certificate for scuba diving.
    A scuba diving experience in Kochi, Kerala is best for learning and enjoying underwater marine life and this place is the best for scuba diving from September to February. The nearest airport to reach Kochi is the Cochin International Airport and the nearest railway station is  Ernakulam Town Station. 

    GCDA Shopping Complex, Shop No.12 Op.Central School, HIGH Road, Kadavanthra, Ernakulam, Kerala 682020
    Best time: September - November
    Approx price: INR 4500 - INR 6000
  2. What is the best time to visit for scuba diving in Kerala?

    The best time to visit Kerala for scuba diving would be from September to the month of February. As the state has got a tropical type of climatic condition, it experiences pleasant weather all through the year. Heading out to Kerala with your loved ones, you will be welcomed by the gorgeous beaches and tropical vegetations all around. 
  3. What is the price for scuba diving in Kerala?

    The price for scuba diving in Kerala is around INR 4000 Per Person to INR 6000 Per Person depending upon the location and the type of equipment.
  4. Is scuba diving safe in Kerala for first timers?

    Yes, Scuba Diving is completely safe in Kerala even for first timers. All the precautionary measures are being taken to make sure that you don’t face any kind of issues during the activity. You will be given introductory lessons as well as proper training sessions before the actual activity. 
  5. What should you wear while scuba diving?

    While taking part in a Scuba diving activity, you will need to put on specialised scuba diving wetsuit so that it can help to maintain the body temperature. The protective wetsuit will also protect your body against the sun and any other hazards of the sea. In order to make scuba diving a safe activity for you, it is suggested to put wet suites as a standard attire. 
  6. What precautions should be taken before going scuba diving in Kerala?

    -You should fill the activity form honestly stating all about your past health conditions. 
    -You should be very attentive during the training sessions.
    -You should choose to take part in scuba diving only with reputed divers
  7. What are the medical conditions that impede scuba diving?

    The medical conditions that impede scuba diving are cardiac conditions, diabetes, asthma, Cancers, Epilepsy, Pregnancy, Diving after childbirth, and Physical disabilities.