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Gokarna Beach Trek and Camping 2 Days 1 Night ₹ 1269.0
Nishani Motte Trek, Coorg 2 Days 1 Night ₹ 3699.0
Dudhsagar Trek and Dandeli Rafting Tour 2 Days 1 Night ₹ 4900.0
Coorg Package from Hyderabad 3 Days 2 Nights ₹ 16500.0
Brahmagiri Trek, Coorg 2 Days 1 Night ₹ 3700.0

Karnataka Packages

Karnataka tour packages - Browse through a wide range of Karnataka holiday packages with exciting offers at Thrillophilia. Book customized Karnataka vacation packages with exciting deals & offers.

Positioned the fourth most prominent vacationer state in the nation, tourist places in Karnataka have a bunch of attractions to offer you. Extended from Belgaum in the North to Bangalore in the south which is additionally its capital, it has every one of the highlights of an incredible traveller destination. Excellent shorelines decorate the seaside line to the middle of the state with lavish mountains, valleys and scenes of farmlands.

The state is steeped in tradition yet is one of the forerunners of the information technology revolution in the country. Individuals of differed ethnic and religious affinities coincide in Karnataka. Malayalis, Tamils, Konkan Marathas, Marathi, have been residing in Karnataka for quite a while to have their way of life blended with the state's unique culture of Kannada.

The sophisticated state is famous for its cultural heritage, picturesque landscapes and traditional craftsmanship. To add to it, Karnataka is a thriving hub of adventure and water sports activities. Aside from history, Karnataka is additionally rich in nature's abundance and untamed life.

It has 5 National Parks and more than 25 wildlife sanctuaries of which Bandipur and Nagarhole National Parks are generally celebrated. The world's biggest stone monument structure is in Karnataka in Sharavanbelagola, the statue of Lord Gomteshwar sees a huge number of explorers amid Mahamastakabhisheka festival. Karnataka's state food has one of the most seasoned surviving cooking of the Kanada culture. Karnataka has many captivating hill stations such as Coorg, Nandi Hills and Chikmagalur.

Tourists plan a visit to Karnataka for various purposes including business travel, relaxing getaway in the Western Ghats, Wildlife - bird watching and eco-tourism. As a destination, tourist places in Karnataka are fit for people of all age groups based on their purpose of visit.
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24 October 2015
Trekking and water adventure...what else can be so tempting especially for adventurists like me. This things give me my Kick. Wonderful place and everything is just up-to-the-mark. I'm certainly exploring more of South India now and to get the best of South I prefer reading thrillophilia reviews .
"One hell of a crazy trek this one. The views were just splendid, and the organisers had it all charted out, and were extremely helpful. \n\nAn initial route through the forest is what we go through which is not that tiring, but after this stretch we move on to the most difficult part of the trek, where we come across the Hidlumane falls and we need to trek in quite a difficult terrain. Post all this stressful climbing, whatever the view you get is unmatched, all that pain, even though there physically, would have vanished mentally.\n\nBest to trek during monsoon or after the monsoon has receded to an extent as the hills are completely covered in green until the eyes can see. It's a treat for the eyes to feast on watching the western ghats in full glory."
23 October 2015
Devi Chattopadhyay Kunti Betta Day Adventure in Bangalore
This was a really nice trip. Firstly, this place is close by Bangalore and very much in driving distance. Secondly, the adventure activities are well-organized. They are safe too. This way it is very easy and convenient for us to blindly trust and do this. Also, most of the adventurous activities didn’t require much background skills like swimming or gym training. It was meant for everyone and before heading out at this place I also saw some thrillophilia reviews to know more about it.
It was a very well organised trek by friendly and courteous hosts. Shahid, Danny, Habib and Avinash were great and were fun to trek with. Homestay near Shuntikoppa was beautiful with coffee plantations close-by and it was raining the whole time. Trek is an easy to medium range one. Except for the rain and leeches (which we were informed earlier) there is absolutely nothing to point out in the trek. We met many new people and it felt like college days all over again. Loved this trek and would definitely recommend it to everyone.
04 September 2019
My first ever trekking experience and I could not have asked for a better one. Booked for this trek just 2 days before, solely based on other trekkers' thrillophilia reviews and amazing pics they have posted on Thrillophilia website. Moreover, it was going to be a solo trek for me and quite obviously, I had so many questions and apprehensions but after experiencing one hell of an trekking expedition, what I could say is 'If you want to go for a trek, just go for it, don't think too much and you won't regret later and experience it as done by so many folks who have shared about their amazing adventures at thrillophilia reviews. Firstly, the tempo traveller which picked us up from Bangalore was quite comfortable and clean. Colin, who was our host for the trek initiated some ice breaking sessions at the beginning of the travel itself so that we all become familiar to our co-trekkers. Once we reached homestay at the destination point, I would say the arrangements were quite decent. Of course, we could not expect lavish facilities in an economical trip but must say, it had all that we truly required, good food, hot water shower, spacious balcony for all fun activities and amazing view outside. We were literally in the middle of the forest. Only thing that was a little turn-off for me was that the bedsheets were giving foul smell and 8 of us were sharing a single room so that one had to be patient to allow fellow trekkers for the use of washroom. However, please note there were separate rooms for guys and girls. The itinerary was more or less the same as shared by people at thrillophilia reviews.Starting at around 10pm from Bangalore, we reached the homestay at around 5am on Saturday. We rested for few hours, had our breakfast at around 7.30 and kicked off our trekking at 8.00. To begin with, it was just a normal road with forest on either sides but soon comes the path literally through the dense forest and since it was the time of monsoon, it was drizzling a bit and the forest was full of leeches clinging onto us at every step and trying their level best to suck our blood. We were quite vigilant to get rid of them and once they were being difficult to be removed, we were using salt. Just sprinkle a little salt on them and they will detach from you instantly. After an intriguing forest journey battling those leeches, we found ourselves on a grassy open field. We then scanned our body and shoes for any more leeches and once we were clear, marched ahead through the paddy fields to the rocky terrains with water flowing by your side. Soon, we reached a small water fall area. We took some pictures at that spot and when I was thinking that we would probably go back and resume our journey from some other point, I felt quite adventurous when I came to know that we were actually going to cross the water canal and climb up to the top through the super slippery rocks by the side of the fall, all the way to the top where actually the main water fall lies which I always wanted to visit after reading thrillophilia reviews.My advice is not to step on the green patches on the rocks covered with mosses, those are damn slippery and since there was nothing where you can take the support or cling onto, one have to be really careful that they don't slip through these rocks. After some uphill climbing, we finally reached to the, so far the most amazing spot, right at the main waterfall area. Without thinking twice, we rushed under the fall and trust me it felt so damn good and relaxing. It became even more thrilling when our host guided us to the small cave formed right behind the fall. It was definitely not easier to get inside with the water hitting you so hard that you could not see or breathe properly for few seconds but I felt victorious when I reached inside the cave finally and to witness the waterfall from inside the cave was a different experience altogether. Once we were done with the waterfall, came the part of journey which involves a lot of steep climbing through the forest and mostly the trails were on the edge of the hills, where we had to be careful not to slip not unless if you want to experience a free fall :-) And soon we were out on the open area again but this time it was on the steep slope of the hill and it was quite tiring to reach to the peak of the hill fighting with the muscle cramps. Nonetheless, each part of journey was fun and even more pleasing when we got to see diverse landscapes. Once we reached the peak, rested for a while, had our lunch and then started our descent downwards. The lunch box which included tomato rice was provided at the homestay in the morning itself. Soon, we were again under the attack of leeches but must say we fought bravely one more time. We then resumed our trek through a much easier lane to reach to a tea point and had a tea break. Then, came the last part of our trek, which was 1.5 kms uphill climbing to reach to Sarvajna Peetha, a small shrine dedicated to Adi Shankara about which many people have recommended visiting it at thrillophilia reviews. This part was even more fun as it rained heavily and the entire area was covered with fog that we could hardly see few yards ahead. Moreover, the wind was blowing so strong that sometimes I felt that it would carry me away with it. Since that spot was where our itinerary ended, we all felt so jubilant, took some pictures and then again descended back to the tea point, where a jeep took us all the way down, back to our homestay. Not to forget, the jeep ride was so damn fun that it sure would give you some chills and adrenaline rush, the reason being there's no proper road and the way the jeep's driven through the rocky, muddy and bumpy surface, it would be a memorable ride. Once we reached homestay, took bath in hot water shower and got rid of our wet clothes. We then played no. of group games like Mafia and Uno, had the dinner and called it a day. Woke up next day (Sunday) with few body aches, cramps and leech bite marks but eh! nothing could ever beat the amazing experience we had the earlier day. Wounds and pain will heal but the memories will last forever. We then had a breakfast at around 7.30 and departed back to Bangalore at 8.00. We stopped at Nagara Fort at around 30 kms from homestay, took some pics and resumed our journey. So all in all, it was a great experience getting close to the mother nature and far from these modern gadgets for a day. Besides the amazing trek we had, I would always cherish the camaraderie I shared with my co-trekkers in such a short span of time and I would really like to thank Colin, our host about whom many people have mentioned at thrillophilia reviews for organising such a wonderful trek and making us so comfortable throughout the entire trip. Colin was associated with the vendor team and as a satisfied customer, I will definitely look forward to more of such trips with the same vendor for sure. With all this, I would happily recommend my all trekking enthusiasts to go for this trek and I can vouch that you will come back with nothing but all smiles and tons of fascinating memories with you.
The campaign was great and the activities were sorted out. We went on a Thursday which ensured that we had the whole place to us and hence we were more at peace. The food can be improved.
04 March 2021
It's really wonderful, with stay and hosting. Totally liked it.
Positive Trip was well organised. Pick up was on time. Cottage was decent and comfortable. Doodhsagar Trek was amazing. Trek Lead Randhir was always there for help. Bonfire was great. Not so positive There were 13 members but the vehicle arranged had only 12 seats. 4 people had to adjust in 3 seats in last row. It was mentioned that for the trek for half way Jeep will be provided and rest will be trek. However, there was no jeep facility. We did trek for 9kms ‘To’ and while coming back it 14kms way which would have been impossible to cover just by trek. Luckily we found alternative. Also, the next day due to crowd and fall in water level we missed the river rafting which was the main attraction of Dandeli. It was truly disappointing. Had we planned well, we wouldn’t have missed it may be. Overall it was a great experience. Thanks to Thrillophilia and Trek Lead.
01 March 2021
I booked it for my husband , as it was his dream to fly a plane. And could say it was the best gift I was able to give him in our so long relationship. But make sure you book from thrillophilia , don't get cheated by other sites who offer same experience in double the amount.
28 February 2021
A wonderful & challenging trek - toughest that I have done in South India. The views & the environs at the top of Seshaparvatha were just thrilling. The trek had multitude of elements - forest, grasslands, rocks, a refreshing stream ... Plus the experience of staying in a tent, being in the lap of nature was wonderful The initial part of the trek till Girigadde (on day 1) was exhausting due to the heat and the humidity plus having to carry our luggage along with our tent & sleeping bag. But the second day was all mesmerizing - with that experience, we did not know tiresomeness at all. Few suggestions - 1. It would be great if the hotel where we stop for dinner is vegetarian - it will allow for inclusivity in the group 2. If arrangements could be done to get the tent & sleeping bag delivered at Girigadde, we do not have to carry it along, making the first day experience also enjoyable. Overall a pleasant experience and looking forward to many more

People Also Ask About Karnataka Tours

  1. What are the best places to visit on a Karnataka tour?

    1. Chikmagalur: Chikmagalur is counted as one of the best places out of all the spots in Karnataka Tour Packages as it offers a plethora of adventure activities. Trekking to Kudremukh and witnessing Hebbe Falls are the most sought thrilling activities by all the tourists who flock here. Besides, it is also the home to the highest peak of Karnataka, Mullayanagiri.

    Location: Chikmagalur, Karnataka.

    2. Nandi Hills: Nandi Hills are renowned for Nandidurg, a heritage fortress enhancing the beauty of the hilltop where you must trek to. While on your expedition to Nandi Hills in your Karnataka packages, you will also come across Tip Sultan’s Summer Retreat where you can witness intricate stone carvings, splendid wall paintings and much more.

    Location: Nandi Hills, Karnataka.

    3. Bangalore: Known for its manicured parks and fun filled nightlife, Bangalore is the magnet to the youngsters of the country. Not only lightening moments, with places like Bangalore Palace the city also becomes a peephole to the bygone era. Besides this, you can indulge in a wall climbing experience, rafting, paintball and much more in the city offered by Thrillophilia.

    Location: Bangalore, Karnataka.

    4. Gokarna: Edging the magnificent Arabian Sea, Gokarana is a beautiful beach town of Karnataka which is mainly visited by Hindu pilgrims for visiting Mahabaleshwar temple. Besides this temple visit, Karnataka holiday packages also include beach trekking and camping to provide you with an unusual experience.

    Location: Gokarna, Karnataka.

    5. Savandurga: Considered as one of the largest monolith hills in Asia, Savandurga is as high as 1226 meters above sea level. Also, forming the Deccan Plateau, it features peninsular gneiss, granites, basic dykes and laterites giving it an unusual beauty which you must trek to. Don’t worry about the arrangements as you can always book a spot for trekking with Thrillophilia.

    Location: Savandurga, Karnataka.

    6. Skandagiri: Also renowned by the name Kalavara Durga, Skandagiri is an ancient fortress located on the hilltop sought by trekkers a lot. The beauty of Nandi Hills and Muddenahalli it presents to its onlookers makes it a mandatory place to add in Karnataka trip packages.

    Location: Skandagiri, Karnataka.

  2. What are the best things to do on the Karnataka tour?

    1. Sightseeing: Karnataka is home to many cities enlapping various heritages and ancient monuments as well as natural treasure which you must not miss at any chance. So make sure to visit places like Bangalore, Gokarna, Nandi Hills, Chikmagalur and many more cities.

    Price: 270 INR.

    2. Trekking: Trekking trails of Karnataka takes you through the western ghats covered with aromatic coffee plantations, refreshing spice gardens and dense woods. Karnataka packages have included so many moderate to difficult trekking options like Nandi Hills, Kumara Parvatha, Uttari Betta and many more which are bound to make your experience worthwhile.

    Price: 720 INR.

    3. Cycling Tours: Thrillophilia offers you cycles which you can ride to a number of interesting nooks and corners of Karnataka and explore those places at a steady pace. Cycling tours at spots like Nandi Hills takes you close to nature whereas Bangalore tour lets you explore the wonders of the city.

    Price: 2,900 INR.

    4. Nightlife: Karnataka offers you a multifaceted nightlife where party junkies can hop at various clubs whereas adventure seekers can get their backpack to an isolated place and set up a camp. Some people also like to stroll around various streets and sample local fast food served by hawkers in the late eve.

    5. Camping: Karnataka is the house for untarnished natural spots is not news anymore, and that gives rise to a plethora of options for camping around the state. One can go to Gokarna to enjoy camping near the beach, Chikmagalur for a camping experience amidst coffee plantations, and many more places which promise unique and fulfilling experiences.

  3. What are the famous adventure activities to do on the Karnataka tour?

    1. Trekking: Karnataka houses various hilltops, rugged trekking routes, ruins of the fortresses, spectacular viewpoints and much more. All these beautiful rewards are the reason to definitely add trekking in the Karnataka trip packages.

    2. Wildlife Safari: Karnataka is blessed with various wildlife sanctuaries housing exotic flora and fauna which are worth a safari. Depending on the wildlife sanctuary you can get a jeep safari, elephant safari, and various other kinds of options for your exploration of the wild life park.

    3. Horse Riding: Mysore offers various options for a great horse riding experience which you must have in your Karnataka packages. You can opt for learning the basics and then ride the horse on your own instead of being led by an instructor.

    4. Rock Climbing: Go to Dandeli for experiencing an amazing adventure of rock climbing in the middle of the tropical woods. It is an adrenaline pumping activity which challenges your muscles and strength stored in them.

    5. Zipline: You can also opt for zipline in Dandeli, which is another adventurous experience ought to go into Karnataka holiday packages. Here the zipline takes your across the water body offering you some great views of the surrounding.

    6. Fishing Trip: Gokarna welcomes you for a refreshing fishing trip where you can catch a great deal of exotic species for your barbeque or dinner.

  4. Which are the best places to stay in Karnataka?

    1. The Serai Bandipur Stay: Offering you two gleaming outdoor swimming pools and numerous balconies in the villa, The Serai is an amazing place to stay at. It is best suited if you are coming with an entire group of either family or friends as it can be seen as a vacation home.

    Location: Bandipur.
    Price: 13,000 INR.

    2. Coffee Grove Resort: Nestled amidst the dense vegetation of Chikmagalur, Coffee Grove Resort is an amazing place which brings you closer to nature. Besides offering amazing cottages to stay, the resort also gives you an abundance of space for nature walks around your stay.

    Location: Chikmagalur.
    Price: 3,399 INR.

    3. Amegundi Resort: Amegundi Resort is a full package which offers you excellent rooms, multi-cuisine restaurant, vast manicured garden, and various options for recreational activities.

    Location: Bangalore.
    Price: 2,850 INR.

    4. Windflower Resort: Windflower Resort offers you spacious rooms furnished with royalty. You will find king sized beds covered with white curtains and balconies overlooking the tropical greenery of the surrounding area.

    Location: Mysore.
    Price: 6,809 INR.

    5. The Serai Kabini Resort: The Serai in Kabini is a beautiful property offering you a cosy villa with a decent balcony overlooking the open grassland edged by a calm river. Also, not to mention the amazing swimming located right under the patio.

    Location: Kabini.
    Price: 15,499 INR.

  5. Which are the best areas for a food tour in Karnataka?

    Eateries in Karnataka make it a truly foodie’s paradise. People who visit here enjoy savouring the delightful Kannada cuisine, which is one of India’s oldest. Karnataka’s cuisine includes a wide range of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes that reflect influences from the neighbouring regions and communities. Many eateries specialize in offering the authentic taste of Maddur Vade, Mysore Masala Dosa, and Rava Idli.

    Here are the best areas for a food tour in Karnataka:

    • Bengaluru
    • Mysore
    • Mangalore
    • Hampi
    • Coorg
    • Shimoga
    • Chikmagalur
  6. Which are the best romantic places to visit on a Karnataka tour?

    1. Bangalore: Bangalore is one of the best places in Karnataka which is frequently flocked by honeymooners where they can stroll in the well manicured parks, visit various magnificent heritages from the past, enjoy clubbing in the night, hopping cafes and rooftop restaurants overlooking the horizons of the city.

    2. Mysore: Mysore is the pride of the former dynasties which also leaves the city with numerous heritage buildings worth boasting about. You must visit this city which is the melting pot for various architectural styles like Hindu, Islamic, Gothic and Rajput.

    3. Hampi: An ancient village dotted with the ruins of the temples from the bygone era, Hampi is a vibe of romance for those who love to explore the historical villages. The unbelievable carvings on these ruins are sure to freeze your breath for a moment.

    4. Gokarna: Although renowned for its pilgrimage sites, Gokarna offers various pristine beaches which are perfect for a romantic vacation. You can stay near the beach and munch on various authentic cuisines.

  7. Which are the best places to visit at night on a Karnataka tour?

    1. Nandi Hills: Clubs are prototypes for nightlife but places like Nandi Hill are sure to give chills to your spine with the extraordinary views of the surrounding villages at night.

    2. VV Puram Street Food: For gastronomics, VV Puram Street Food in Bangalore is the place to hit at night where you can sample various authentic street foods of Bangalore as well as some traditional meals too.

    3. Uttari: Visit Uttari in the night with a full plan for camping at the hilltop where you can spend the night gazing at the clear star studded sky and telling tales sitting near the bonfire. However, make sure to wake up on time in the morning so that you do not miss the brilliant sunrise from the horizon for which the spot is famous for.

    4. Hard Rock Cafe: If you are a person who believes in eating and drinking indoors, then Hard Rock Cafe is the place for you to go to. You can munch on some excellent American food and electrifying drinks here.

  8. Which are the best areas for a walking tour in Karnataka?

    Karnataka is well-known for its historical and traditional treasures, fabulous landscapes, tropical forests, murky mountains, rich biodiversity, interesting beaches, religious sites, rich cuisine, and a horde of nature and adventure activities.

    If you’re looking to explore this vibrant state on foot, the best areas for a walking tour in Karnataka are:

    • Mysore city
    • Bangalore’s countryside
    • Bandipur National Park
    • Hampi


  9. Which are the different cycling tours in Karnataka?

    If we talk about Karnataka, this state is blessed with outstanding landscapes and shorelines and much more. A cycling tour in Karnataka is one of the best ways to behold the spectacular scenery created by heritage structures and nature in the state. Once you take on any ride by cycle to the distant and the beautiful territories of Mysore, Bangalore, Coorg etc., you know you are in bliss. 

    Some of the different cycling tours which you can enjoy in Karnataka are

    • Royal Mysore Walks 
    • Unventured Expeditions
    • MYcycle - Mysore Cycle Tour
    • Art of Bicycle Trips
    • On a Pedal (Bengaluru)
  10. What are the most romantic things to do in Karnataka?

    1. Stroll in the Lalbagh Botanical Garden: Visit Lalbagh Botanical Garden while on Karnataka tour with your loved one to have a romantic stroll and a picnic in the evening surrounded by exotic flora. Besides that, you must visit the crystal palace situated right inside the garden which transforms the aura with its mere presence.

    2. Trek to Hebbe Falls: Nestled amidst the tropical dense vegetation of Karnataka, trekking to Hebbe Falls is one of the most romantic things you can do. The trails will take you through dense tropical vegetation while offering you spectacular views of the surrounding beauty.

    3. Visit Mysore Palace: Excellent example of Indo-Saracenic style of architecture of 1912, Mysore Palace has intricate carvings and detailed paintings on its walls which are sure to blow your mind. Also, the surrounding beauty of the place sends a magical romantic vibe which brings it in the list of the romantic things you must do in this state.

    4. Hike up to Mullayanagiri Peak: The highest peak in Karnataka, Mullayanagiri Peak is an amazing place to go to together. You both will make a great day out of it and will be rewarded with excellent views of the surrounding beauty.

  11. What are the best places to visit in Karnataka with family?

    1. Sri Virupaksha Temple, Hampi: Located at a beautiful location, Sri Virupaksha Temple is an excellent example of 14th century architecture which makes it perfect to add into your Karnataka Tour Packages so kids can get acquainted with the beauty of the incredible India.

    2. Bannerghatta Biological Park: Created especially for the prevention of the elephants, Bannerghatta Biological Park was founded in 1970. Kids will enjoy a safari in the park while spotting various exotic wild animals roaming free here.

    3. Tipu Sultan’s Summer Palace: Example of Indo-Islamic style of architecture, Tipu Sultan’s Summer Palace is decorated with detailed carvings and paintings.

    4. St. Philomena’s Cathedral: Founded in 1936, St. Philomena’s Cathedral is a Catholic church renowned by various different names. Besides, it is a magnificent example of Gothic Revival style of architecture which is great to add in the list for some spice.

  12. When is the best time to do the Tadiandamol trek?

    Tadiandamol trek is one of the most beautiful, though less known treks in Karnataka. Tadiandamol is the highest peak in Coorg/Kodagu district with an elevation of 5740 ft and the trail takes you through the vast expanse of the Shola forests making it an unforgettable experience.

    The best time to go for Tadiandomal trek is from October to February. However, it’s not wrong to say that all seasons have their own charm for tourists going in Tadiandomal trek. The Tadiandamol trek offers adventurers an opportunity to explore the stunning vegetation, rare mountain birds and pretty butterflies flitting from tree to tree. 

  13. What is the best time to visit Karnataka?

    The winter months from October to April is the best time to avail Karnataka Tour Packages as this is the time when the temperature is soothing with little to no rainfall whereas summer months can be humid and monsoon can be extremely wet.

  14. Which are the best areas for a spiritual experience in Karnataka?

    Karnataka, especially, is a home to several destinations boasting beautiful temples that are epitomes of sacredness. Karnataka has its deep roots in spirituality and divinity with some of the most important pilgrimages centres in India.

    Thousands of people come to Karnataka from all over the world seeking spiritual enlightenment. Embark on a spiritual tour to Karnataka through the magnificent temple and stone built statues.

    Here are the best areas for a spiritual experience in Karnataka:

    • Virupaksha and the Mallikarjuna Temples, Pattadakal
    • Shri Kadri Manjunatha Temple, Mangaluru
    • Ranganatha Swamy Temple, Magadi
    • Gurudwara Nanak Jhira (Bidar)
    • Ek Minar Mosque, Raichur
    • Solah-Khamba Mosque, Bidar
    • Dharmasthala in Dakshina Kannada 
    • Gommatagiri in Mysore District
    • Shravanabelagola in Hassan District
    • Jama Masjid, Bijapur
    • St. Mary's Basilica, Bangalore
    • Bethel Assembly of God Church, Bangalore
  15. Is Karnataka worth visiting?

    Yes, Karnataka tour is definitely worth planning with cities like Bangalore, Mysore, Gokarna, Chikmagalur which offer its guests a blend of cuisines, heritage, adventurous activities and much more.

  16. Which are some famous paragliding tours in Karnataka?

    Karnataka is an ideal spot for all adventure activities, one of which includes paragliding. It is a paradise for every adventure or sports enthusiast. The experience of viewing the spectacular natural landscapes and the enchanting surroundings is breath-taking in Karnataka.

    To enjoy paragliding, one can tour the following places in Karnataka:

    • Nandi Hills
    • Bangalore
    • Hampi
    • Mysore etc.
  17. Is Karnataka safe at night?

    Although it is pretty safe at night for the Karnataka tour, it is better to be safe than sorry. So make sure that you book your personal cab for night travels and come back to the hotel at decent hours if not needed to stay out for long.

  18. Which are some famous team outing tours in Karnataka?

    There are many places in Karnataka that provide a mix of adventure and recreation when you’re going to have some fun with your team members. Team outing tours in Karnataka are a great way to develop leadership and enhance team spirit among the colleagues. The entertaining activity is also a great way to get away from your desk and flex your muscles with your teammates for a fun-filled day.

    Some famous team outing tours in Karnataka can be enjoyed at:

    • Wonder la
    • Golden Palms Resort
    • Ramee Guestline Resort
    • Dandeli
    • Ooty
    • Coorg
    • Clarks Exotica Resort
    • Eagleton Golf Resort
    • Mango Mist Resort
    • Wayanad
  19. Which are the best areas for a shopping tour in Karnataka?

    Having a range of things to display, Karnataka is becoming a shopper's haven. With its sparkling silks, sandalwood and rosewood carvings and exquisite handicrafts, Karnataka excels as the shopper’s paradise.

    From Karnataka, Shoppers can carry home beads, pendants, carved tables, screens, dinner gongs, boxes, caskets, mythological figures, a host of stationery items, trays, decorative panels made of sandalwood. Inlaid furniture and sandalwood carvings are a favourite with affluent tourists.

    The best areas for a shopping tour in Karnataka are:


    • Commercial Street – Silk, Accessories, Jewellery, various Works of Art. 
    • MG Road –Electronic Gadgets, Antique Items. 
    • Chickpet –Specially for Silks.
    • Residency Road – Having Government Emporiums that Sell Authentic Karnataka Handicrafts. 
    • Arcot Srinivaschari Street –Brassware, Copperware and Silverware


    • Manandavadi Road for Exclusively Designed Silk Sarees.
    • Cauvery Handicrafts Emporium and Karnataka Handicrafts Development for Excellent carvings on sandalwood, rosewood and teakwood and other souvenirs.


    • Hampankatta, Kankannady, Balmatta and Falnir for various traditional handicrafts.
  20. Which are some famous rafting tours in Karnataka?

    Rafting is one of the most famous activities to be done in Karnataka. The wonderful waterfalls and the pristine valleys of Karnataka offer an excellent location for such an adventurous activity. They are still pristine and allure everyone with plenty of opportunities to discover them such as hiking, trekking and the most famous being river rafting. 

    Some of the best places for rafting in Karnataka are:

    • Kabini
    • Kondaji, Davanagere
    • Barapole, Coorg
    • Sitanadi, Agumbe
    • Dandeli
    • Marawanthe, Karwar
    • Sharavati, Honnemardu
    • Bheemashwari
  21. Which are some famous jeep safari tours in Karnataka?

    There are some beautiful trails in Karnataka blessed natural grandeur that makes it a complete delight to go on a jeep safari tour in Karnataka. Visiting the wildlife parks in Karnataka can be a good idea if you are looking for an exhilarating and unique jeep safari in Karnataka.

    Some famous jeep safari tours in Karnataka can be enjoyed at the following places:

    • Bandipur Tiger Reserve and National Park
    • Bhadra Tiger Reserve
    • Bannerghatta National Park
    • Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary
    • Kudremukh National Park
    • Mookambika Wildlife Sanctuary
    • Nagarhole National Park (Rajiv Gandhi National Park)
    • Mandalpatti
    • Mallalli waterfalls
  22. Which are some famous wildlife tours in Karnataka?

    Karnataka has many wildlife sanctuaries and national parks. Karnataka is a real paradise for the wildlife lovers. Karnataka wildlife is a must-see for all visitors who have an interest in choosing a detour from the typical backwater and beaches tours. 

    Some famous wildlife tours in Karnataka are:

    • Bandipur Tiger Reserve and National Park
    • Bhadra Tiger Reserve
    • Bannerghatta National Park
    • Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary
    • Kudremukh National Park
    • Mookambika Wildlife Sanctuary
    • Nagarhole National Park (Rajiv Gandhi National Park)
  23. Which are the best heritage places to visit in Karnataka?

    On the heritage cultural tour to Karnataka, it is an exciting opportunity for tourists to learn more about the art, architecture and craftsmanship of the Hoysalas, Cholas, Chalukyas, etc. From ancient ruins and temples that are spotted in small towns to pulsating forts embracing the sea, a trip to Karnataka reveals one the beauty of age's old medieval town.

    Some popular heritage places to visit in Karnataka are as follows:

    • Basavakalyan Fort (Bidar)
    • Gulbarga Fort (Gulbarga)
    • Mirjan Fort (Uttara Kannada)
    • Chitradurga Fort (Chitradurga)
    • Mysore Palace 
    • Jaganmohan Palace (Mysore)
    • Nalknad Palace (Kodagu district)
    • Cheluvamba Mansion (Mysore)
    • Group of temples at Pattadakal- Virupaksha Temple
    • Kadasiddhesvara and Jambulingeswara Temples
    • Gomateshwara Temple (ShravanaBelagola)
    • Cave Temples of Badami (Badami)
    • Ravana Phadi cave temple (Aiho?e)
  24. Which are some famous elephant safari tours in Karnataka?

    An elephant safari is a unique experience which you can enjoy while exploring wildlife in Karnataka on a vacation. The ride takes tourists around the wildlife reserves on an elephant. An elephant back safari tour into a national park/ wildlife sanctuary is not just a ride on the largest animal on the earth, it's an unforgettable experience where you get to interact with the elephants as well as they get a chance to have a closer meeting with other wild animals.

    Some famous elephant safari tours in Karnataka are:


    • Kabini Nagarhole
    • Bandipur National Park
    • Nagarhole National Park Coorg
    • Bhadra Tiger Reserve & Wildlife Sanctuary
    • BRT Wildlife Sanctuary
    • Mudumalai National Park
    • Dubare Wildlife Sanctuary
    • Kali Tiger Reserve & Wildlife Sanctuary
    • Muthunga & Tholpetty Forest, Wayanad
  25. Which are the best areas for rock climbing and rappelling in Karnataka?

    Karnataka has been blessed with amazing landscapes and ecosystems that attracts tourists from all over the world. Each of these not only serve as tourist places but also adventure hubs in Karnataka. Tourists have a wide range of activities to choose in these destinations. To name a few, river rafting in Dandeli, camping in Coorg, water sports in Mangalore, etc. have become very popular in recent years.

    For rock climbing and rappelling in Karnataka, one can go to the following places:

    • Coorg
    • Dandeli
    • Makalidurga
    • Machinbele
    • Ramnagaram
  26. Which are the best waterfalls to visit in Karnataka?

    The surge of voluminous water thundering from awesome statures in the midst of rich green magnificence characterize the wonder of the waterfalls in Karnataka. A considerable lot of these waterfalls are a hypnotizing and incredible sight throughout the year while a few are seasonal splendours that come alive during the monsoons.

    Some of the best waterfalls on Karnataka which you can’t miss to visit are:

    • Kunchikal Falls
    • Barkana Falls
    • Jog Falls
    • Magod Falls
    • Belkal Theertha Falls
    • Hebbe Falls
    • Kalhatti Falls
    • Unchalli Falls
    • Shivanasamudra Falls
    • Gokak Falls
    • Varapoha Falls
    • Irupu Falls
    • Abbey Falls
    • Gaganachukki and Bharachukki Falls