River Rafting in Karnataka: Upto 20% OFF on Rafting Tours

Rafting is an adventure very few people go for. The reason is rafting or white water rafting is a sport that demands for good stamina and a deep-rooted interest in adventure sports. If you are one of those rare birds who love to raft and looking for best rafting tours in Karnataka then you have landed on the right page.


Adventure activities in Karnataka are on the rise because of the possibilities the Western Ghats provide, you can go for hiking, trekking, river rafting etc in this rugged terrain. Camping here is fun because of the remote woodlands which are very close to the white water rafting point that spans across one kilometre while you are on the Brahmagiri trek.


The camping and river rafting trip in Coorg is good to go for a weekend, as it’s over two days and one night. The alluring mountain ranges of the Western Ghats have an affect on you when it comes to adventure sports.


Rafting down the Barapole River is an experience every avid rafting enthusiast must experience once in their lifetime. The activity takes upto one-two hours and you can take it anytime between nine in the morning to three in the afternoon. You will need to attend a safety briefing before you go fro the white water rafting though. There are different levels of waters here ranked according to the water current in different locations. The rapids of high water currents have been exotically named as Morning Coffee, Grasshopper, Wicked Witch, and the Big Bang. You will need to be between the age of 14 to 60 to be able to participate in white water rafting in Coorg.


There are also other activities such as trekking in Nishani Motte, jungle stay in Dandeli, rustic wooden cottage stay in Coorg, adventure activities in Ramanagara, Tadiandamol trek in Coorg, Chomakund Eco trek in Coorg, water sports and eco trek near Chitradurga etc.

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27 September 2019
It was one of the best experiences I have had. Two of us went for it and it was amazing. Adventurous and at the same time peaceful. Also, we had great instructors who were fun to be around and who made sure that we had the maximum amount of fun. The experience is a must for anyone who goes to Coorg!
"We had a wonderful one hour experience. Thoroughly enjoyed every bit of our time in the water. The guides and really helpful and patient. Would suggest everyone to try atleast once in their life "
"Our tour operator, Ace Paddlers, were a little difficult to find, given the lack of sign board outside their place. However, the guide was polite and extremely helpful. We experienced 4 rapids, each getting better than the previous. Overall, a great experience!"
"we guys went in a group of 15. had a wonderful time of our life. it was something outstanding to witness and feel. \neverything was planned accordingly and we booked priorily before to avoid rush. the way was very easy. the coordinators are so friendly and helpful that they will sen us the location and all details before and will be calling us to know abt our transportation and will be helpfull all the way frm the begining till the end. \noverall we had a wonderful experience and will be giving em a big thumbs up. looking forward to go again. :)"
28 December 2015
an amazing experinece. went with friends and we had alot of fun. will recommend you that you take thin clothes because you will get wet so that these clothese will dry soon...
The moment the raft entered into Wicked Witch and Big Bang the adrenaline rush in our body was at its highest and we had so much fun during the entire time. It was the best thrilling experience we had till date and we are definitely doing this again with all our friends and looking forward not to be scared so much the next time.
Before starting the experience we were given short training about it and there was a trained instructor with us. The live jackets were in good condition and my friend fell into the water and the instructor quickly dragged him back to the raft.
03 March 2020
The experience of rafting was memorable. The thrill of rafting is amazing and the moment the raft gets into a challenging level the more the fun begins. It was quite tricky as well, as we don’t want to fall into the water.
River Rafting was on my bucket list for so long and while my trip to Coorg I had a chance to do so. It was the best rafting experience I had as the rafting in Coorg is challenging and has 4 levels and each level is exciting and thrilling.
Booking this early was a good decision as we went for it in season time and there was a huge crowd there waiting there for tickets. It was such a great feeling to go there and do the activity without any hassle. River rafting was the best adventure sport we had experienced out of all we had done. And Coorg offers the best river rafting experience.