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Karnataka is literally a pearl of the South, and its border is shared with other Southern States giving it a slight influence in its culture and cuisine. Rich in history, heritage sites, culture, wildlife, Karnataka is home to many activities for the pleasure of the tourists. Mostly it is a place that is a photographer’s delight, with verdant nature, wildlife and National Parks, historical sites, plethora of spiritual temples and close by getaways like Coorg, Kabini, Munnar etc.


Giving you a feel of the nature in all its glory. You can satisfy your need for wildlife photography by visiting Banerghatta National Park and enrolling yourself in the myriads of activities with the best photography tours in Karnataka, resulting in honing your photography skills and acing them while taking pictures. Right from a young naturalist wildlife camp, to a young photographer’s workshop, to a parent and child Naturalist camp, bird photography camp, to wildlife photography, you can make use of this experience to hone your skills at the art of taking pictures. The beautiful magical tour of Hampi and Shimoga takes you to another world of archaeological and natural wonder.


The lovely sunrise and sunsets happening over the temples at Hampi is a joy to behold and gives an amazing captive scene for a photographer. Agumbe, Shimoga with its beautiful little quaint town is rich in its rainforest nestled in the Sahyadris, it is also home to many wildlife and is specially known for its Herpetology. Explore the variety of vipers and cobras on this photography excursion and take some memorable pictures. There are plenty of places like Bangalore, Mysore, Coorg, etc. where you will find bird watching and photography in Karnataka as a big sport.

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