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Snorkelling in Goa is one of the most sought after activities that attracts zillions of visitors across the world. Dotted with alluring natural beauty and pristine coral ridges, the islands and beaches of Goa make the experience truly magical for any nature lover. You will not only get to enjoy the thrill of snorkelling but also enjoy the vibe of marine life. You will be welcomed by a wide range of marine creatures once you jump into the azure blue waters. While you can reach the Grande Island to enjoy it's refreshing and rejuvenating vibe along with your snorkelling, you can also visit Bat island to admire the surreal marine life. You can take a trip to the famous Monkey Island to enjoy cruise trips and enthralling snorkeling tours and Bogmalo Beach  which is known for its beautiful coral reefs.

As Goa Snorkelling has become a popular activity, many snorkelling schools have found their way on the beaches to train the newbies as well as provide equipment for the activity. You can reach the schools and spend time learning the moves of snorkelling before trying out the activity. You will also be assisted by expert tour guides who will be with you every single moment to make the experience enjoyable for you. There is nothing to worry while taking part in these activities as all precautions are being taken to make sure you are safe all through the activity. You can just enjoy your vacation leaving behind all worries.
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An unforgettable experience for me. For the first time got a chance to get into snorkeling and see the marine life. Thanks alot guys for an amazing experience.
It was so fun going for so many fun activities with family. Really enjoyed a lot. Specially the snorkeling part of the trip was a very nice experience.
Goa was always on my hit list. All I needed was money (which I saved up somehow) and someone organizing the activities for me (Cheers to Thrillophilia!) These guys were attentive and friendly right from the start. The entire trip was pretty economical; thanks to the discounts they offered. Food was good. Snorkeling was crazy! Trained instructor. Everything was on time. I enjoyed every bit of it. The sight was beautiful. Would recommend to y'all. And, yes, the dolphins have my heart!
11 January 2016
Had an amazing experience during the trip. Went with may family and enjoyed alot. This was our first time we went for snorkeling and fishing. Snorkeling was easy, but fishing will take time for you to understand properly the functioning of the fishing rod.
Goa was always on my hitlist. All I needed was money (which I saved up somehow) and someone organizing the activities for me (Cheers to Thrillophilia!) These guys were attentive and friendly right from the start. The entire trip was pretty economical; thanks to the discounts they offered. Food was good. Snorkeling was crazy! Trained instructor. Everything was on time. I enjoyed every bit of it. The sight was beautiful. Would recommend to y'all. And, yes, the dolphins have my heart!
"very smooth transaction and amazing followups"
02 March 2020
Visited Goa for relaxing and had spent three days just relaxing at south goa beaches. We decided to have some fun and booked this tour on Thrillophilia. We got an instant confirmation and the trip was very well organized. The entire experience of snorkelling, swimming, eating barbeque, and the boat ride was great and the day was spent very well.
There are many activities in this package at a very reasonable price. We had pick-up and drop facilities as well. The snorkelling experience was fabulous and resting and relaxing at the beach with barbeque lunch was what made it perfect for us. Thanks, Thrillophilia.
11 March 2020
We had so much during this half-day tour. During the boat ride, we had seen many fishes and goa had a great marine life as well as we had to witness amazing marine life during the snorkelling. The instructors were so helpful there.
Snorkelling with Grand Island Trip turns out to be more fun and exciting than what we had expected. Watching the dolphins was incredible and we are lucky to see them. Snorkelling was done under professional supervision, so we are not worried at all and the boat ride was fun and bumpy because of the high waves which were super exciting.

People Also Ask About Snorkeling in Goa

  1. Which is the best place for snorkeling in Goa?

    1. Grande island: Grande Island in Goa happens to be an excellent location for boating, snorkelling, fishing, and a wide range of other activities. Taking the snorkelling trip at the Grande island, you will get to see dolphins along the way. You can also head out to the Hansa's enchanting sun-kissed beach to indulge in sea-diving. Apart from snorkeling in Goa, you can enjoy playing games like darts, football, and volley-ball. After a refreshing and rejuvenating sun bath at the Grande Island, you can spend time relaxing on the beach as it's a perfect place to get a beautiful tan.

    Best Time: October to June
    Price: INR 1200 Per Person

    2. Bat Island: Bat Island offers one of the best snorkeling in Goa. Visit this lovely island to learn about the interesting marine life that can be found here. While admiring the serene aura of Goa's backwaters, you will see the rarest humpback dolphins at home. Here, you can also learn to scuba dive and explore the depths, or you can snorkel and stick close to the surface.

    Best Time:
    October to May
    Price: INR 1400 Per Person

    3. Sinquerim Beach: 
    Sinquerim Beach is one of Goa's most beautiful beaches, with a stunning stretch of sand. This beach is ideal for snorkeling, and it is one that should not be missed. With its breathtaking setting of golden sands lined by green palm trees, the incredible beach will entice you into its landscape and leave you spellbound. So, make sure you visit this amazing beach in Goa.

    Best Time:
    October to May

    4. Monkey Island: Taking a trip to the surreal Monkey Beach in Goa, you will be enthralled with a plethora of fun filled events. It can be considered as one of the best trips in Goa because you will get to travel across the calm waters of the Arabian Sea while snorkelling in Goa. You will be able to see enticing and unusual types of marine life in their natural habitat. Once you've arrived at the Monkey Island, you will get a chance to participate in a wide range of activities such as fishing, snorkeling, watching dolphins dance their way to glory while on a cruise. 

    Best Time:
    October to May
    Price: INR 1900 Per Person

    5. Bogmalo Beach: A visit to South Goa's coveted Bogmalo Beach provides a fantastic opportunity to learn about the local marine life diving and snorkelling. The water is much clearer here than in many other parts of Goa, allowing you to easily experience the mysterious underwater life of pretty-looking fish and corals. Don't forget to bring your underwater camera with you for clicking amazing pics of life under the sea. 

    Best Time:
    October to May
    Price: INR 1000 Per person

    6. Miramar Beach: If you wish to enjoy a fun-filled and relaxing snorkelling in Goa, then you can head out to Miramar Beach in Panjim. You'll get to enjoy time in a relaxing cruise on a beautifully laid-out catamaran which can accommodate about 50-60 passengers at a time. You will get to see dolphins dancing in the middle of the azure blue waters of Arabian Sea. Heading over to the Miramar beach, you can enjoy snorkelling, sunbathing, paddle-sailing, swimming, and kayaking throughout the thrilling journey. The sparkling waters of the sea around the Miramar Island will surely refresh your mind, body, and soul, which is why this is one of the best snorkelling spots in Goa.

    Best Time:
    November and March
    Price: INR 1600 Per Person
  2. What is the best time for snorkeling in Goa?

    Goa can be visited for snorkelling all throughout the year however if you wish to make the most of your Goa Snorkelling experience, then you can plan out a trip during the winter months that extend from the month of November to the month of February to get a once in a lifetime experience of snorkelling as well as many other water sports.
  3. Is snorkeling in Goa safe for non swimmers?

    Yes. Non-swimmers can easily partake in snorkeling in Goa. You don't need any prior experience or skills, just being comfortable in water is required. Moreover, all snorkeling activities are done after a training session, with proper safety gears and under the supervision of the trained personnel.
  4. Can you drown while snorkeling?

    Yes. Although not a common causality, one is at a slight risk of drowning while snorkeling, if not comfortable with getting into water. That being said, if you are snorkeling under professional supervision with proper equipment and safety gear then you don't need to worry about any mishaps.
  5. What is the difference between snorkeling and scuba diving?

    Snorkeling as an activity requires one to swim near the water's surface, the snorkelers do not dive deep into the sea and get a glimpse of the underwater world with the help of a mask and a breathing tube known as a snorkel.

    While scuba diving is done by taking a plunge into the depths of the sea using a scuba, which is a self-contained underwater apparatus used for breathing.
  6. What is the approx price of snorkeling in Goa?

    The price for Goa Snorkelling starts from INR 1000 Per Person in the off season and goes up to INR 1900 Per Person in the peak season. It is usually varied from one spot to another as every single snorkelling spot in Goa has its very own uniqueness.
  7. Is Goa good for snorkeling?

    Yes. Goa is home to several beautiful beaches that are known for their water-sports and activities, snorkeling being one of the most popular among tourists. The Grande island, Bat island, Miramar Beach and Monkey beach are some of the best spots to snorkel.