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Camping in Goa is undoubtedly one of the most amazing experiences for the tourists visiting this party capital of India. Most tourists who visit Goa end up missing out on the quiet beauty of the place! Camping here alongside the beaches will truly rejuvenate you and give you that much needed relaxation! Not only this but spending time outdoors in the midst of greenery and admiring the calm sea will leave you rejuvenated. Camping in beautiful Goa should be your first choice to create some unforgettable memories when visiting here.

Numerous Camps in Goa are situated along remote beaches where you may enjoy a serene view of the water along the coast. What’s more, these camps also provide some of the most adrenaline-pumping activities, such as trekking through the tricky jungles and water sports such as scuba diving, snorkelling, surfing etc.

With certain camps being the party hub and certain others being a serene haven, there is something for everyone. If you're reading this, you're probably planning a trip or will plan one to Goa at some point in your life. Adding a day or two of camping at the incredible beaches, will be a decision you won’t regret! There is an abundance of camping sites in Goa. From basic camp by the beach to a dedicated boot camp, all the way to a luxury camping experience, tourists can conveniently pick whichever suits them best!

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23 Ratings

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17 April 2016
The Dudhsagar Trek in Goa is brilliant. After being to Goa just to roam around and loiter in the beach for so many times, we wanted to have a really lovely trip that is adventurous too. That’s when we decided to do the Dudhsagar trek and it was just too brilliant. We drove till the meeting point from Bangalore, and we joined with the other folks there and we had a really brilliant time trekking. The beauty of western ghats can be totally experienced if you drive through for this trek. Also, this trek is just too brilliant and tedious too.
21 January 2016
The trek was average and good. With better planning and structuring of the itinerary, it could have been a better trip. Also, it was a really nice trek as such. The beauty of nature is like unexplainable. This is by far the most beautiful sight I have ever seen.
15 December 2015
This is by far my most favourite trek and vacation. Western Ghats is something that I was wanting to experiment for quite some time now and I am happy that it finally happened with this trek. It is very gorgeous trek route. The weather is very pleasant. Surprisingly, the food available was good and tasty too. This is just the perfect vacation that I had in the recent times.
13 November 2015
I definitely accept that Dudhsagar trek was the best trek ever I had taken. However, the trek experience was ruined by rains, lousy travel plans, and stuff. Only relief was that the trek got better and better as it started.
03 January 2016
One of its kind of trek. This trek is not very special. Trekking by hills can be done in a lot of places, but this trek is unique and there is no trek like this just because of the drop-dead gorgeous view of the dudhsagar waterfall you get all the way during the trek.
The experience of camping here was indeed great and we quite loved it as well. It feels so close to nature and bird watching was the favourite activity we did there. Overall a must-try experience to add value to the Goa Trip.
The camping experience in Goa was quite a unique thing to do here, especially when Goa is all about parties. We enjoyed the experience.
The camping experience in Goa was quite a unique thing to do here, especially when Goa is all about parties. We enjoyed the experience.
29 May 2016
It was a fine if we consider it as a trek. Otherwise the place is so alluring that one does not want to leave it at all. We were a group of 8 people and we took this trek pack as we were new to the place and we were awestruck by the beauty of the waterfall!
The trek was indeed brilliant. The only flaw was that the food was quite bad. Otherwise, it was a good and interesting trek. Actually its not at all about the trekking. Its about the ravishing view you get and the serene pure beauty you witness there!

People Also Ask About Camping in Goa

  1. Which are the best places for camping in Goa?

    1. Anjuna Beach: Camping at Anjuna Beach is synonymous with indulging in the exotic hippie and bohemian culture. Expect lots of moonlight parties and noise when you choose to camp here. The morning scenes feature waking up to soft sunlight and absolute silence (since every camper pulled an all-nighter!)
    The tents here are especially set up in a hermit-style and render a completely isolated and serene experience for camping. If you want a break from all the fun and partying, you can take on some Paragliding as well. Quietly catching scenic views of sunset from your tent might be a good idea, since this place truly becomes a nocturnal club post that.

    Best Time:
    The best time to visit Anjuna Beach is from Mid-October to Early March.
    2.Goa Velha: Imagine curling up and waking to the sound of the majestic Mandovi River. The Goa Velha beach is one of the best locations for Camping in Goa. This paradise for campers not only hosts dainty tents by the river but also boasts of resorts and cottages that render the ‘camping experience’. These shacks, resorts and Hotels are more ‘camp’ than you’d think.
    In addition to stellar views of the river, they provide authentic goan cuisines for your delight. The best part about camping at Goa Velha is that you can step out of the tent and into a haven of beautiful greenery and with soft, coastal breeze. Camp set ups also provide excellent views of the architectural richness and exotic character of the place. You are likely to find an adorable looking tent loaded with comfort, security, and lots of fun times.

    Best Time: The best time to go camping in Goa Velha is between November and January.
    3.Talpona Beach: Talpona, unlike the more popular beaches, is not frequented by many tourists, allowing the campers to spend all of their time, bonding together with late breakfasts and long walks. The tents here are as aesthetic as they are comfy. Picture vintage furniture and windows with serene views of the sea. For all the pleasure seekers reading this, Talpona also houses eco-friendly tents with air conditioning. If you're not in the mood to leave, the eateries here feature Goan cuisine and seafood. The cost of camping here are total bargains when you consider facilities like access to a virtually private beach and delicious breakfast in bed!

    Best Time: The best time to go camping on Talpona Beach is from Mid-October to December.
    4.Calangute: The Calangute beach is the proud home to some of the best Camps in Goa. Close to the deep blue sea, these camps offer an incredible balance of fun filled parties and serene natural views. You will never feel lonely while camping here. Being one of the liveliest places in Goa, fun bonfires, impromptu dancing at the beach and wild party scenes will be your common every day, camping here.
    This means camping at Calangute will truly get your adrenaline going. In addition to all this madness, the early mornings and late evenings are incredibly quiet and soothing. So, no matter if you and your gang are nature lovers or adrenaline junkies or party animals, camping here will be a blast. The camps here are especially known to deliver delicious food and luxurious facilities for the visitors. There is a wide range of tents to choose from, starting from smaller budget friendly tents, all the way to luxurious shacks.

    Best Time:
    The best time to visit Calangute Beach is between Late October and February.
    5.Mandrem: Your phone's gallery will thank you for visiting Mandrem! This Beach in North Goa boasts of some of the most incredible sunrise and sunset views in Goa. A stay in the cozy tents while enjoying the picturesque views, is nothing short of soul nourishing.Be sure to check out the Mandrem Goa Campsite which will give you a full-fledged forest experience, in the lap of beauty.
    Camping here feels like being in a cozy, safehouse with simple food that reminds you of home. The tent owners will treat you like family and help you experience the simple lifestyle of a fisherman. In addition to camping, the beach also offers adventurous activities such as kayaking, ATV rides and Fishing.

    Best Time: The best time to camp at Mandrem is from November to March.
    6.Panaji: The state capital of Goa, Panaji, is an ideal location for a camping trip. You can find luxury camps that offer private beaches, exotic performances, and foreign cuisines. This makes camping here a 360-degree experience, not just of Goa but of multiple cultures and regions.
    The camping sites in Panaji provide all of the necessary amenities, such as Wi-Fi, an attached restroom, and a music system to ensure a crazy good time for the campers. You can lounge in the comfort of your tent, experience the cool breeze while enjoying cozy bonfires and meeting people from all around the world.

    Best Time: The ideal time for camping in Panaji is between October and February.
    7. Cola Beach: The cola beach is especially popular among tourists as one of the best locations in Goa for camping. The beach hosts a wide range of camps, including some of the most luxurious ones. What makes the camping experience at Cola beach even special is the visibly high levels of maintenance and cleanliness.
    The whole beach looks like a scene out of the movies with clear sand and breezy waves. The camps provide delicious, freshly made food and fun activities like nighttime camping, musical performances, etc. This is one of the best locations for Camping in Goa that provide the holistic, full package experience.

    Best Time:
    The best time to plan a camping trip at Cola Beach is Between November and February.

  2. What is the best time for camping in Goa?

    The ideal time to go camping in Goa is between October and March. These months fall between the monsoon season and the summer months when the temperature is simply perfect. The monsoon season brings intense rainfall to the beaches, and the summers bring scorching heat and high humidity levels.

  3. What is the price for camping in Goa?

    There is a diverse range of pricing options for camping in Goa. The prices can begin from around 1,500 INR per night and go as high as 17,000 per night depending on the level of facilities, location, luxurious additions, and time of the year.

  4. What facilities will we get in Goa camps?

    Most of the Camps in Goa will generally provide you with all of the following Facilities:
    1. Comfortable bed, bathroom, clean linen and in-room services.
    2. Freshly cooked meals, High Tea and Snacks
    3. Transportation services (Might vary from one cap to another)
    4. Setups for additional activities like outdoor camping, musical performances, adventure sports and Relaxation activities.
    5. Most camps also provide setups for special occasions such as romantic proposals, birthdays, and anniversary celebrations.

  5. What activities can we do while camping in Goa?

    1. The camps will help you sign up for some adrenaline pumping sport activities like banana rides, jet ski and kayaking.
    2. Get in touch with your camp to book a guide. These guides take you on short sightseeing trips and host fun tourist excursions.
    3. To experience a more leisurely side of camping, book a relaxing massage session at your camping site!
    4. Camps also provide recreational activities like bonfire, barbeques and music/dance performances.

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