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18 January 2020
This is the best deal you can find online, saved a lot of money by booking through this. covering both jurong and night safari takes the whole day. Try to start your day in jurong early in the morning if you don't want to miss feeding sessions and interactive shows. Also try yo reach safari early(by 6:30pm) as all the activities happen between 7 and 9pm, and the early slots will be booked fast.
24 October 2019
Very beautiful place. Amazing experience.
When in Singapore, don't miss out Singapore Flyers. One hell of an amazing experience.
10 June 2018
The job done by this company is very good and the response is very quick. We liked both the places and they were worth visiting.
04 May 2018
Hassle-free booking experience from Thrillophilia. Didn't even have to print the ticket, just the e-ticket will do. Saved some $$$ using the combo.
Great experience.
I am sharing my experience at thrillophilia reviews about my visit to Jurong Bird Park. The management encourages tourists to carry essential items such a camera,sunglasses,sunscreens as well as heavy clothes.That's not all,visitors must also bring their valid identification cards for details verification.Unknown to many,the Jurong Bird Park adventure is strictly a group tour.The booking fee includes the bird's watching fee as well as the tram ride.Therefore a visitor is at liberty to watch as many birds as they like without any restriction.
It's crucial to note that the booking fee is inclusive of essentials such as meals,accomodation as well as some activities.That's not all you'll be happy to know that there are huge discounts for you.However,customers must note that these experiences are reserved for adults only.You must also know that the company allows customers to share tents.For this reason,one gets an opprotunity to socialise with others and create new friends.There's nothing more fulfilling than having good friends around you.
The Jurong Bird Park With Singapore Night Safari is the best way for you and your family to unwind.It may interest you to know that this is the largest bird's paradise in the continent of Asia.The habitat presents over 5,000 birds that are of varying species.As the name suggest this bird's paradise is situated in Singapore city hence it's accessible by a means of transport of your preference.Additionally,the management allows tourists to take photos as long as they don't irritate the birds.
There are plenty of adventures out there for you to try.These includeHead Outdoor Banglaore,Head Outdoor Mumbai,Head Outdoor Goa,Head Outdoor Delhi,to mention but just a few.As you can guess,each of these adventures attract a different booking few.The good news is that the support staff is ready and willing to process your booking in time to pave way for your preparation.Technically,there's no better way to make your camping unforgettable than by visiting any of these places.