River Rafting in Indonesia: Upto 20% OFF on Rafting Tours

If you love rafting, you must go to Indonesia. The country is not just a haven for watersports, but also the perfect getaway destination which boasts of some of the best adventures on water, land and air. Check out the pristine beaches of Bali and the go on elephant safaris, ride mountain bikes, go cycling and try out the best rafting tours in Indonesia. Take an hour-long rafting trip to the Ayung river, and visit the Elephant Safari Park, where you can not only experience the most exciting animal safari outing but also go shopping for local spices and raw ingredients, and immerse yourself in Indonesian culture. You can also head to Ubud for some white water rafting fun. This breath-taking two-hour adventure will cost you Rs 2,042 per adult.


Do you want to try something different in your rafting vacation? The head to Ubud for a cooking and lunch session, with a professional Balinese chef, where you can indulge your taste buds, as well as learn something new. Or visit the Ayung valley for a day of rafting and horse riding. You can raft in the Ayung, and head over to the Saba Bay Stables for a horse ride along volcanic sands and beautiful waves of Saba Beach.Enjoy an afternoon of cycling through traditional villages, and taking in the sights of Mt Batur, Bali's own volcano. Then take a stroll through the misty forest of Taro at nightfall, where the elephants will take you on Bali's Safari under the stars. This trail is a specially designed night trail which follows a different course than the daytime elephant safaris. Also, enjoy a magical elephant talent show at dusk right before a four course dinner in the Pachyderm Grove by the lake. So, are you heading for the best rafting tours in Indonesia, yet?

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