Things to Do in Zermatt 2023

Things to do in Zermatt

Climb up to the Matterhorn Glacier Paradise, Head for an excursion to Gornergrat, Hike on the trails of Rothorn, Spend quality time with your loved ones at Sunnegga, Spike up your adrenaline at Schwarzsee, Dive deep into the history of Matterhorn, Take an adventure trip to Gorner Gorge, Enjoy shopping on its vibrant streets, Indulge in a soothing experience at Mont Cervin Spa and Please your taste buds with the local delicacies.

Are you wondering about the best things to do in Zermatt? If yes, then be ready to be appalled by a long list of fun activities to be relished in this mountain village. Lying in the foothills of Alpine mountain ranges, this idyllic hamlet forms the best skiing destination in the whole of Switzerland. On your visit to Zermatt, soak in the scenic vistas of Matterhorn, climb up one of its five lake trails or just explore this slow-paced town on foot. You can also delve into its rich history by paying a visit to the Matterhorn Museum. 

With a plethora of adventure spots in its reserve, Zermatt promises you a trip without a single dull moment. From Schwarzsee to Gorner Gorge and Monte Rosa, there are enough adventure sites around it to keep your adrenaline racing. If you are travelling here with your family, don't forget to relish some memorable moments at Sunnegga. Nestled at an altitude of 2288 meters, Sunnegga forms an ideal picnic destination for people who are accompanied by their kids. Apart from being an exceptional adventure hub, Zermatt also has plenty in its reserve for peace seekers and nature buffs. A maiden visit to its surreal village of Findeln will bring you a step closer to nature. So, if you are already tempted to head to this picturesque town, read on and know the top 10 things to do in Zermatt.
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People Also Ask About Zermatt Things To Do

  1. Which are the best things to do in Zermatt?

    1. Climb up to the Matterhorn Glacier Paradise: If you are an experienced mountaineer with an undying love for adventure, hike your way to the Matterhorn Glacier Paradise and soak in the mesmerizing views from an altitude of 3883 meters. In addition to this, you can also tower over 14 glaciers and 38 peaks in the Swiss Alps.

    If you want your Zermatt trip to be leisurely, give yourself a break from hiking and savour the lip-smacking delicacies at one of its restaurants. Matterhorn Glacier Paradise also provides ample opportunities for skiing and snow tubing to its visitors. For a big-time mountain buff, a hiking trip to Matterhorn Glacier Paradise is one of the best things to do in Zermatt.

    Location: Zermatt, Valais, Switzerland

    Click Here to Book: Matterhorn Glacier Paradise Tickets

    2. Head for an excursion to Gornergrat: Standing as an epitome of perfection and beauty, Gornergrat is an ideal place to rejoice the alluring views of Matterhorn. Dating back its existence to 1898, Gornergrat is a platform settled at an altitude of 3089 meters.

    Once you reach the platform, be ready to be lured by the breathtaking vistas of Monte Rosa massif and 29 other hills. If you happen to visit here on an extended vacation, plan your stay at Kulm hotel, the highest altitude hotel in Europe.

    Location: Valais, Goregrat, Switzerland

    3. Hike on the trails of Rothorn: Nestled at an altitude of 3103 meters, Rothorn is a perfect spot to admire the eternal beauty of Swiss Alps, including Rigi, Titlis, and Eiger. As you will proceed on your way towards Rothorn, you will get to see a large species of endemic plants adorning its trails. Rothorn shares proximity with Augstmatthorn conservation area, and if you are lucky, you might get to see different species of birds including golden eagles and Ibex.

    Location: Brienzer Rothorn, Switzerland

    4. Spend quality time with your loved ones at Sunnegga: There are few places in Zermatt which can be explored even if you are travelling with your kids. Sunnegga peak is one of them. A 4.5-minute long funicular ride from Zermatt valley station takes you to this spot.

    Endowed with a surreal environment and awe-inspiring surroundings, Sunnega has something for everyone. The peak is nestled at an altitude of 2288 meters, and it serves you with bird's eye views of Matterhorn. If you happen to visit here in the summer months, don't give up the chance of swimming in Leisee Lake. In the winter season, you can experience snow skiing in the nearby Wolli's park.

    Location: Gourmet Weg, Zermatt, Switzerland

    5. Spike up your adrenaline at Schwarzsee: Tucked in the foothills of Matterhorn, Schwarzsee lake is truly a sight to behold. The lake is perched at an altitude of 2583 meters and is majorly known as a vantage point for the town.

    Being a starting point for several hikes, it is equally frequented by adventure buffs and nature lovers. One of the most prominent attractions of Schwarzsee is the chapel, which is dedicated to Maria Zum Schnee. Spitz Flush, Kaiseregg, and Schwyberg are three surrounding limestone hills which add to the irresistible charm of this place.

    Location: Canton Of Fribourg, Zermatt, Switzerland

    6. Dive deep into the history of Matterhorn: If you are interested in exploring the glorious history of Matterhorn, a visit to the Matterhorn Museum is all that you need. This underground museum will take you through the development of Zermatt from a small village to the ski resort destination.

    It will also tell you the tragic story about the first ascent of Matterhorn. It is believed that in the first-ever attempt to climb this mountain, four out of seven climbers lost their lives. Matterhorn Museum also features few exhibitions including a multimedia room, a stone axe and original houses. If you are a history lover looking for things to do in Zermatt, a Matterhorn Museum trip is totally worth it.

    Location: Kirchpl, Zermatt, Switzerland

    7. Take an adventure trip to Gorner Gorge: There is no better place to bask in nature's glory than Gorner Gorge. Just a 15-minute walk from Zermatt village, this gorge is formed by the water of Gorner Glacier. The strong force of water cuts away the rocks and presents a beautiful example of nature's strength.

    Once you reach this ethereal spot, get absorbed in the gushing sound of rivers or admire the greenish rock structures which are carved into diverse shapes. If you want to relish the scenic waterfall views, a visit to Gorner Gorge is one of the top 10 things to do in Zermatt for you.

    Location: Moosstrasse, Zermatt, Switzerland

    8. Enjoy shopping on its vibrant streets: The towns in Switzerland are blessed with lively shopping streets which sell the most authentic products, and Zermatt is not an exception here. Though the shopping lanes of Zermatt are unique, it will let you choose among the best designer brands.

    From souvenirs to fashionable clothing and jewellery, the streets of Zermatt have got it all covered. The town also features its own shopping avenue which is home to around 316 shops. You can even land up in one of its chocolate stores and buy some delicious bites for your way back home. For a big-time fashion buff, shopping is one of the top 10 things to do in Zermatt.

    Location: Bahnhofstrasse, Zermatt, Switzerland

    9. Indulge in a soothing experience at Mont Cervin Spa: After a long and hectic day of sightseeing, your body might demand a relaxing spa session. If you are in the Zermatt town, you will be spoiled with endless choices of hotels and spas which indulge their customers with a wide range of services.

    From body massages to sauna baths and facials, the list of spa services in the town goes on and on. If you have never been to a world-class spa, a visit to Mont Cervin is one of the top 10 things to do in Zermatt for you. This classic spa welcomes its visitors with top-notch facilities like Jacuzzis, outdoor pools, saunas, and heated indoors.

    Location: Mont Cervin Spa, Zermatt, Switzerland

    10. Please your taste buds with the local delicacies: Though there are several exciting things to do in Zermatt, restaurant hopping is genuinely unmissable. Zermatt town is home to numerous restaurants which boast of delicious food and beautiful ambience.

    The experience of enjoying a delectable dinner with the awe-inspiring views of Matterhorn can't be put into words. If you are ready to splurge a bit on your Zermatt trip, book your evening dinner at one of its ski resorts and vouch for the best dining experience of your life. You can also try some cuisines at the Du Pont restaurant and please your taste buds without spending heavily.

    Location: Zermatt, Switzerland

  2. What are the famous sites for skiing and snowboarding in Zermatt?

    1. Matterhorn Glacier Paradise: Serving as a platform for winter hiking, skiing, and snowboarding throughout the year, Matterhorn Glacier Paradise is a beautiful adventure spot in Zermatt. As you reach this place, get thrilled by the unique confluence of Italian lifestyle and Swiss hospitality and immerse yourself in skiing experience like never before.

    Enjoy your mountain railway ride to the peaks and descents on the ski slope as you admire the picturesque hilly backdrops. Sitting at an altitude of 4000 meters, Matterhorn Glacier Paradise is the highest ski area in the Swiss Alps. So, if you are ready to get your adrenaline rushing, don't forget to include this ski paradise in your Zermatt itinerary.

    2. Gornergrat Railway: You can't leave Zermatt without indulging in its adrenaline winter sports. One of the most popular winter sports destinations in Zermatt is Gornergrat Railway. Marking its existence since 1898, Gornergrat offers the best skiing experience to beginners.

    If you are a seasoned skier, head to the Gant region and enjoy skiing in the red Piste. Some of the popular ski Piste in Gornergrat includes Stockhorn, Triftji, and Freeride Pistes. If you are hunting for the top 10 things to do in Zermatt, a skiing trip in Gornergrat deserves a mention.

    3. Snowpark Zermatt: An ultimate adventure spot for snowboarders and skiers, Snowpark intrigues you with adrenaline experiences and impeccable views of Matterhorn. Snow Park remains open for all the days of the year, and it entertains seasoned skiers and beginners alike. If you want to try snowboarding at the Theodul glacier, visit here in the winter months. In the summer season, you can relish freestyle skiing at Rosa Plateau.

    4. Wolli Park: If you are fairly new to the world of skiing and snowboarding, Wolli Park is an ideal destination for you. The park features Leisee Shuttle funicular which promises an easy reach to the visitors.

    The sheltered ski area of the park comprises five magic carpets and a bountiful of attractions. Wolli Park also offers surreal views of Matterhorn and several other peaks, which add to the fun of skiing. It also has a nearby restaurant which serves you with the lip-smacking local cuisines of the town.

    5. Trockener Steg: Perched at an altitude of 2939 meters, Trockener Steg is a major hub for snowboarders and skiers. From day trippers to snow sports buffs and mountaineers, it is flocked by a variety of tourists throughout the year. After reaching this spot, visitors soak in the pristine surroundings and then embark on a cable car ride to the snowy heights of Zermatt

    Though the skiing area limits itself to 21 Km in summers, Trockener Steg becomes a skier's paradise in the winter months. It also houses an in-house restaurant which provides spectacular views of Matterhorn from its sun terrace. If you are looking for the most exciting things to do in Zermatt, a skiing experience at Trockener Steg is all that you need.

  3. What are the adventure activities to do in Zermatt?

    1. Hiking: If you are looking for the most adventurous things to do in Zermatt, you can't miss out on hiking. Though there are several spots in the village where you can satiate your adventure lust, a trek to 5-Seenweg trail is a must-try for adventure junkies and nature lovers.

    As you will start your hiking tour, you will be amused at the sight of 5 lakes, namely, Grindjisee, Moosjisee, Stellisee, Grunsee, and Leisee. All of these lakes flaunt diverse shapes and structures. From swimming spots, rugged landscapes, and snow pines to rare species of flowers, 5-Seenweg hiking is an experience complete with adventure and beauty.

    2. Skiing: Popularly known as the skiing paradise, Zermatt is home to a bountiful of skiing destinations where you can guarantee an action-packed evening. Whether you want to try beginner-level skiing at Sunnegga or push up your limits at Matterhorn Glacier Paradise, Zermatt town spoils the skiers with a wide range of choices.

    One can also head to the Gornergrat Railway and relish the charismatic Swiss Alps views while sliding on the snow. With the panoramic view of Alps and trunkful of adrenaline experiences, skiing is one of the top 10 things to do in Zermatt.

    3. Paragliding: If you ever had a hidden desire to spread your wings and fly like a bird, here is a chance to make it come true. Paragliding is one of the finest things to do in Zermatt for adventure seekers.

    Zermatt town has several fly schools which provide you with the best paragliding training. And you don't even need to worry about your safety as you will be guided by a team of friendly and experienced pilots. Imagine the fun of flying over the picturesque hills of Matterhorn and relishing the aerial view of Alps from the top. Isn't it overwhelming?

    Click Here to Book: Paragliding in Zermatt 

  4. What are the things to do in Zermatt at night?

    1. Hit the dance floor at one of its discos or clubs: Are you looking for things to do in Zermatt at night? Well, Zermatt town has an incredible nightlife, and you won't believe it until you get into one of its discos or clubs. From Broken Bar Disco to Pink Live Music Bar and Cuckoo Club, the town has a plethora of options for party buffs.

    While Pink Live Music Bar will intrigue you with its international bands and classical live music, Cuckoo Club will let you sip your favourite cocktails till the wee hours of the morning. If you want your Zermatt night-out to be majorly about dancing, head to the Broken Bar Disco and vouch for the most exciting night of your life.

    2. Head for a romantic dinner at one of the mountain restaurants: If you are travelling with your better half, planning a romantic dinner date at a hilltop restaurant is one of the best things to do in Zermatt. The town is dotted with several restaurants where you can begin your evening with a glass of wine and delicious food and then later head to the indoor lounge area. Loft Club and Elsie's Bar are two of the top-notch destinations among couples.

    3. Plan a visit to Papperela Club: Though there are several exciting things to do in Zermatt at night, you can't replace them with a Paperella Club visit. The club witnesses a massive influx of outsiders, as well as, locals who enjoy their evening with scrumptious food, live music and champagne.

    While the club remains thronged with skiers in the winter, you will get to see many hikers here in the summer months. So, if you are looking for a chance to mix up with the local people, Papperela Club is a perfect place to be.

    However, if you want to skip the crowd and indulge in a quiet dining experience, visit here after 8:00 PM. Heading for a night out to Papperela Club is one of the most preferred things to do in Zermatt among the youngsters.

  5. Which are the best places to enjoy shopping in Zermatt?

    1. Bahnhofstrasse: Reckoned among one of the top 10 things to do in Zermatt, shopping is a truly unmissable part of your Switzerland trip. If you are a shopaholic looking for the best shopping streets in Zermatt, look no further than Bahnhofstrasse. It is a single main street in Zermatt which houses around 316 shops.

    As you enter this market, you will get to see an array of shops selling army knives, souvenirs, and watches. If you are an adventure enthusiast, just consult the experts over there and get the best skiing and mountaineering equipment for yourself.

    Being home to the popular Willy Wonka Factory, Bahnhofstrasse is also a paradise for chocolate lovers. On your Willy Wonka visit, you can sample a diverse variety of Swiss chocolates and get some of them for your way back home.

    2. Sun Store Apotheke: If you are a huge fan of perfumes and scents, Sun Store Apotheke is an ideal place to begin your shopping spree. This place sells exquisite perfumes which are available in different fragrances and price range. You can also buy some extra perfume bottles as gifts for your loved ones.

    3. Victor Contemporary Art: For an art lover who admires contemporary artworks and paintings, Victor Contemporary Art shop brings an astonishing variety of art pieces. Zermatt town is home to several art shops where local painters sell their masterpieces to the outsiders at an affordable price. If you wish to put an outstanding art piece from Zermatt as your wall painting, a visit to Victor Contemporary Art shop is one of the best things to do in Zermatt.

  6. What are the things to do in Zermatt with kids?

    1. Pay a visit to Chocolate Laderach: Your little one won't remember the Zermatt trip for anything more than a visit to this chocolate factory. Situated in the heart of the town, Chocolate Laderach will amuse you with its delicious flavours of chocolates, including lemon yoghurt, mousse, and strawberry. If your kids aren't satisfied with just a single visit to this place, purchase some of these candies for them and make their beautiful faces shine with happiness.

    2. Plan a picnic at Sunnegga: If you are travelling with your kids and therefore couldn't scale high mountain peaks, don't sulk as you still have an option to go for a picnic at Sunnegga. Reckoned as the family paradise of Zermatt, Sunnegga lures you with its awe-inspiring landscapes and adventure activities. Your kids will love to visit the Wolli Park where snowboarding and snow-sledging are the top-notch activities. It also houses a Marmot's Playground where your little one will get to learn interesting facts about mammals residing in Swiss Alps. 

    3. Enthral your kids with tobogganing experience at Matterhorn Glacier Paradise:If you are on your Zermatt trip with kids, don't forget to head for a toboggan ride at Matterhorn Glacier Paradise. Your kids will thank you for bringing them in this snow-clad paradise where sliding through snow is the most thrilling activity. The delicious food served at the nearby restaurants is like a cherry on the top.

  7. How can I reach Zermatt?

    - By Air: Geneva is the nearest airport to Zermatt. But since it is a gateway for different skiing destinations in Switzerland, it might run busy at times. Another viable option is Zurich airport. Both of these airports have excellent connectivity with the Swiss rail network. If you take a train journey from these airports to Zermatt, it will take only 3 hours to reach the destination.

    - By Bus: Since Zermatt is a car-free zone, you can't take a bus or any other vehicle into the town. However, you can park your cars at Tasch and board a train from Geneva to Zermatt.

    - By Train: Boarding a train is the most viable option to reach Zermatt as the town is well-connected by Swiss rail network. You can find several direct trains running every hour between Geneva or Zurich and Zermatt.

  8. What is the best time to visit Zermatt?

    The months from June to September are ideal for planning a trip to Zermatt. In the summer season, Zermatt town witnesses a moderate temperature, ranging from 12 degrees to 25 degrees. September month in Zermatt is also considered ideal for different adventure sports, including hiking, biking, and skiing.

  9. What is Zermatt known for?

    Apart from its snow-clad peaks of Matterhorn, Sunnegga, and Gornergrat Railway, Zermatt is known for its bountiful of adventure activities that make it an adventurer's paradise. From hiking to snowboarding and skiing, Zermatt has something for everyone.

    If you wish to indulge in one of the best skiing experiences, head to the Theodul Pass and take a halt at Cervinia Ski Resort after descending. A true adventurer by heart, can't leave this place without cycling on its mountain trail that runs from Winkelmatten to Furi.

    In addition to this, the town also houses several chocolate factories where you can sample a wide variety of chocolates and purchase some for your way back home. If you are looking for things to do in Zermatt at night, just head to one of its pubs or disco and vouch for a fun-filled night

  10. Is it safe to visit Zermatt?

    Yes. It is entirely safe to visit Zermatt. However, you must be aware of a few facts about the town to ensure safety and good health. If you are travelling to Zermatt from a low-altitude town, be ready to face altitude sickness.

    To combat this problem, keep drinking water at a regular interval. In the winter months, Zermatt town witnesses snowfall. So, one must walk with care and ensure that they are wearing footwear with good enough traction. 

  11. Is it worth visiting Zermatt?

    With popular attractions like Matterhorn, Trockener Steg, and Gornergrat Railway in its reserve, Zermatt serves you with a worthwhile experience. Even if you are looking for some adventure on your Zermatt trip, be ready to be surprised.

    From skiing to cable rides and hiking, there is not a single adventure sport that you can't indulge in. The town also has several historical spots, shopping streets, and restaurants, which adds to the charm of this town.

  12. What should I wear in Zermatt?

    Zermatt town experiences cold weather throughout the year. So, don't forget to carry winter clothing along with yourself. Warm clothes, solid footwear, windproof jacket, and a walking stick are some of the essentials that can't be missed on a Zermatt trip.

    To beat the chilly winds during the ultracold evening time, do step outside with hats and warm gloves. If you are travelling to Zermatt in the winter season, do remember to pack some trousers and ski jackets.

  13. What can you do in Zermatt if you don't ski?

    Though Zermatt has gained worldwide recognition as a skiing destination, there are several other things that one can do on his trip to the town. Zermatt is home to many ethereal destinations which form an ideal place for nature walks and relaxing.

    From Matterhorn Museum and Gorner Gorge to English Church, there are enough sightseeing places here to keep you held up for days. If you are a shopping buff who wants to explore the vibrant streets of the town, head straight to Bahnahoffstarsse and keep shopping till you drop. In addition to this, there are several things to do in Zermatt at night, which will leave you craving for more.

  14. How many days do you need in Zermatt?

    Zermatt is a small town which can be easily explored in two days. However, if you want to keep an extra day for shopping, plan for a three day trip to this beautiful Swiss town.

  15. Is there snow in Zermatt in December?

    Yes. Zermatt town witnesses an average snowfall of 120 cm in the December month. The snow begins in early October and continues until the end of December.

  16. What are the essential items that one must pack while travelling to Zermatt?

    If you are planning a trip to Zermatt, don't forget to do a prior homework about essential things to carry on your vacation. Zermatt experiences cold weather throughout the year. So, you can't miss out on the winter clothing.

    - Windproof jacket
    - Solid footwear
    - Sunglasses
    - Sunscreen
    - Hiking clothes 

    You can also keep socks, gloves, and warm hats to keep yourself from falling sick. In addition to this, you must pack a few decent party clothes which can be worn to the pubs and bars. A trip to Zermatt is incomplete without a hiking tour to the lofty peaks. So, If you are prone to mountain sickness, do keep a whole packet of Ibuprofen with yourself.

  17. Which are the best adventure activities in Switzerland?

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