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Leopard Spotting Tour in Bera, Rajasthan
Leopard Spotting Tour in Bera, Rajasthan



Walk with padded feet and bated breath on Bera Leoprad Trail and explore the opportunity to spot this elegant and secretive member of the cat family like you have never seen before. At Bera, which is also called Jawai Bandh Community Reserve, rest assured that all your needs of adventure, wanderlust and wildlife will be fulfilled to the optimum extent. Located in the historically significant state of Rajasthan, this reserve is surrounded by rocky hills that assume the look of immense secretiveness and mysticism. The location is perfect for breeding of leopards and scarce tree cover makes up for an easy spotting. The tour is perfect for nature as well wildlife lovers. However, be warned that the cat is extremely elusive and it is surely a matter of luck and being at the right place and the right time! Meal Types: All meals (veg) Accommodation Types: Luxury tents on triple sharing. (Twin sharing accommodation available on extra cost) Transportation Types: Transportation in Private vehicle (Jawai Bandh and back to Jawai Bandh) Activities: Wildlife safari and photography, tenting Difficulty Level: Medium Note: Suggested trains to get to Jawai Bandh:Mumbai to Jawai Bandh : Aravali Express – Train No. 19707 Jawai Bandh to Mumbai : Aravali Express – Train No. 19708

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35 Ratings

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