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Are you planning to go on a jeep safari in Thekkady? If you are, you are in for a treat and the adventure of a lifetime! Thekkady in Kerala is one of the most popular destinations for nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts. This is the perfect place to visit when you want to get away from the fast-paced, hectic life of the city and immerse yourself in the tranquility and beauty that nature has to offer. There is a wide range of amazing places to see and things to do when you are in Thekkady. Whether you are traveling with family, friends, your partner or alone, this enchanting locale has something for everyone, so you can always be sure to have a great time.

Going on a Thekkady jeep safari is one of the most popular off-the-track activities here, attracting hundreds of people each year from all over the world. This is truly one of the best ways to explore the dense forests and spice plantations. When you go on a jeep safari in Thekkady, you can also see some amazing sights, including the majestic waterfalls and emerald green vegetation. A jeep safari tour takes you to places that are off the beaten path and where you can enjoy the natural beauty that surrounds Thekkady.

If you are looking for a way to explore this amazing destination without having to hike or trek, then a jeep safari in Thekkady is the perfect solution for you. These tours allow you to see the region from a unique perspective and as mentioned already, give you access to places that you cannot travel on foot. You also get the rare opportunity to spot wildlife, such as tigers, sambar, lion-tailed macaques, gaur, Nilgiri langurs, and elephants.

When you go on a Thekkady jeep safari, you can expect to go on an exciting adventure where you can see some of the breathtaking sights in this part of the state. Because it still has a pristine, natural look and feel, Thekkady is an ideal place for travelers who want to explore lands that are still untouched by humans. You can enjoy a peaceful environment with a wide range of flora and fauna.

Jeep safari tours in Thekkady will take you to not only off-track locations to see wildlife, but also some of the most famous attractions in and around the area, including the Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary, Tiger Park, Abraham’s Spice Garden, Mangla Devi Temple, Murikkady – known as the Spice Capital of Thekkady, Kadathanadan Kalari Center, and loads more.

Located near the Kerala-Tamil Nadu border, Thekkady is renowned for its dense semi-evergreen, evergreen, savanna grasslands and moist deciduous forests. Needless to say, this means that you have a vast expanse of land to explore. You can have an amazing time admiring Thekkady’s natural bounty and a once-in-a-lifetime experience where you can go on an adventurous trip to remote areas that not many people have seen, or even heard about.

If you are planning to go on a jeep safari in Thekkady, you will be offered superb tours at an affordable price. You can also book a holiday package that includes jeep safaris, jungle night patrols, boating tours, bamboo rafting and hiking, tribal walks, and a lot more. These packages are great as they provide great value for money while ensuring that you have an exciting and adventure-filled time. Thekkady is a popular destination among outdoor and nature lovers as well as people who are looking for excitement and adventure on their vacation. With activities like jeep safaris, you are sure to have a fun-filled time in this amazing part of Kerala, regardless of whether you are traveling in a group or are on a solo trip.


Best Time to Visit Thekkady:

Thekkady experiences a pleasant climate most of the year, so you can visit this beautiful destination any time of the year. However, there are certain months that are better than the rest to travel to this place.

October to February: When it comes to the best time to visit Thekkady, winters are great as this is when the weather is cool and pleasant. It is the perfect time for sightseeing as well. During these months, the maximum temperature goes up to 15 degrees Celsius. The weather is ideal not only for sightseeing but also for going on wildlife safaris and admiring the natural beauty that Thekkady has an abundance of. It is also a good idea to visit Thekkady in winter as this is when many festivals take place and you can enjoy them during your visit.

March to May: March is when summer begins in Thekkady and temperatures begin rising. During this time of the year, the maximum temperature goes up to 36 degrees Celsius. Because of the heat, not many tourists visit Thekkady during these months, so you can get some superb deals on hotels and enjoy sightseeing and other activities without having to deal with crowds. However, if you plan to travel to this destination during the summer months, make sure that you pack only comfortable light cotton clothes and loads of sunscreen.

June to September: June marks the start of the monsoon season in Thekkady and it lasts till September. This is another excellent time to visit this holiday destination. There is a slight drop in temperature and rich greenery covers the surroundings. Although Thekkady experiences frequent, heavy rainfall at this time of the year, you will still have a wonderful time as the area is washed by the showers, becoming incredibly beautiful.

No matter what time of the year you visit Thekkady, you will have a great time exploring its natural bounty and experiencing its history and culture. You can also go on awesome adventures with a jeep safari in Thekkady as well as other interesting tours. If you are an outdoor enthusiast and adventure lover, you will definitely love every minute of your stay in Thekkady and are sure to make plans to visit again in the future.

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People Also Ask About Jeep Safari in Thekkady

  1. What are the places in Thekkady where I can go for a jeep safari?

    When you are in Thekkady, the jeep safari to Gavi is one of the most popular. This safari covers the spice plantations, dense forests, breathtaking waterfalls and much more. You can also go on a jeep safari tour in Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary. If you plan to go on a jeep safari in Thekkady, you can go online and find information on the best places to go and then book your safari to see the best places.

  2. What is the best time for jeep safari in Thekkady?

    Thekkady is an awesome place to visit throughout the year. But if you want to go on a jeep safari, you should plan your trip for winter – November to February is ideal. The pleasant weather makes it perfect to go on outdoor adventures like jeep safaris, nature walks, etc. If you do not mind the heat, then summer is also a good time to go on a Thekkady jeep safari.

  3. How are safaris conducted?

    When you are in Thekkady, you can go on jeep safaris any day of the week. The safari takes place daily starting from 5:30/6:00 AM to 4:30/5:00 PM. You will have to travel to the starting point on your own in a hired taxi or cab. A pick and drop cab facility are already included for visitors in most travel packages. You can travel to Thekkady from Alleppey, Bangalore, Munnar, Trivandrum, and Cochin. When you reach the starting point, you climb onto the jeep and begin your safari with a driver and guide.

  4. How safe is this Jeep safari in Thekkady?

    When you go on a jeep safari in Thekkady, you do not have to worry about safety. The agency that conducts the activity ensures that visitors are kept safe throughout the entire adventure. You will be driven around by an experienced driver and there is a set of safety and first-aid items always present in the vehicle, in the rare chance of an accident or injury.

  5. What things should I need for jeep Safari?

    When you are going on a jeep safari, there are not many things you need to carry. Some of the items you should bring along for the adventure are a pair of binoculars, a camera, bottled water, sunscreen, and bug spray. If you are visiting in winter, it is a good idea to carry a warm jacket to wear in the evening.

  6. What is the duration of a jeep safari ride?

    As mentioned earlier, jeep safaris in Thekkady typically start from 5:30/6:00 AM to 4:30/5:00 PM daily. The entire safari lasts the entire day, taking you to all of the popular sites where you can spot wildlife and other attractions. Your guide will be there throughout to show you all the places where you can get an up-close-and-personal look at the region’s flora and fauna.

  7. Will I see a tiger during my jeep safari in Periyar National Park?

    Periyar National Park is known for being the home to many species of animals. This is also where people go to try to catch a glimpse of the majestic tiger. Although many have seen tigers while on their jeep safari, you should keep in mind that there is no guarantee that you will spot one on your safari. However, your driver will take you to places where these wild animals are often seen.

  8. Will we have a tour Guide/Manager?

    Thekkady, as well as Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary, are known for rough terrains and dense forest inhabited by numerous wildlife species. So, Jeep Safaris also offer experienced tour guides for the visitors. Some tour companies also offer guides with proficiency in several languages for the benefit of tourists.

  9. What kind of clothing is required for the trip?

    The clothing will vary on the time of the year you decide to go for the Jeep Safari. Those opting for daytime tours should wear skin hugging clothes that cover body well and also put on hats and sunglasses. The summer sun can be pretty scorching, so be sure to carry a hand towel along. Those opting for nocturnal safaris must wear thick clothes and cover body parts as well as possible. Wearing thick leech resistant socks and stocking is advisable to stay safe.

  10. Do we need to book in advance?

    While several agencies offer daytime and nocturnal Jeep safari tours in the Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary and adjacent regions, it is better to book in advance. In peak seasons, finding safari slots and accommodations can be hard if you do not book a few months in advance.

  11. What are the do's and dont's?


    1. Animal sightings can be unpredictable even in Jeep Safari and so patience is required.
    2. Remaining calm and silent enhance your chances of spotting more wildlife species in the Safari.
    3. Carry plenty of drinking water with you.
    4. Carry a first aid kit with commonplace medications. Skin ointments for cuts and insect bites should be included in the kit.
    5. Adhering to the instructions of the tour guide is advisable.
    6. Wear apt clothing that covers most parts of the body to stay safe from the sun and insects (at night)
    7. Carry a binocular and camera is helpful in spotting animals hidden in foliage and bushes.


    1. Do not wear bright and colorful clothes. Refrain from wearing loud perfumes too. These can attract predatory animals!
    2. Do not get intoxicated! Refrain from alcohol, weed, and drugs!
    3. Do not smoke while on the Safari and do not carry inflammable articles either.
  12. How many persons are allowed in one jeep safari?

    Maximum of 6 persons (apart from the driver and a guide) are allowed in the jeep.

  13. How advance should be my travel booking for Jeep Safari?

    While the Periyar Jeep Safari can be booked 48 hours in advance, for practical reasons it is better to book much in advance.

  14. What are the various precautions to be undertaken while doing Jeep Safari in Thekkady?

    The precautions that will make your Jeep Safari enjoyable are:

    1. Carrying plenty of drinking water and basic medications are advisable.
    2. Wearing, comfortable skin covering clothes to stay safe from a mosquito, insect bites, and the sun.
    3. Wearing brown, dark green clothes help you evade the attention of wild animals. Wearing bright fluorescent colored clothing can be detrimental.
    4. Smoking can attract the attention of wild animals and it should not be done.
    5. Playing loud music or indulging in activities that creates noise should be avoided in Safari.
  15. Are there any age limits?

    There is no age limit as such but for practical reasons, bringing an infant or elderly person with health issues to the Jeep Safari is not advisable.