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Lakeside Homestay with Swimming Pool & Adventure Activities, Sakleshpur



About the homestay and nature-Let your senses get fascinated with the exotic view of coffee plantations and mountain views in this homestay ready to give you moments worth cherishing forever. In the lap of Mother Nature, this homestay is surrounded by green scapes as far as the eye can see. You get to feel the blend of warmth during the wet season and that of humid, hot, and cloudy during the dry season. The temperature ranges from 55*F to 93*F. Due to the presence of mountains in the surrounding this homestay is mostly covered with the mist.About its location and accessibility-Located in the middle of the coffee plantation bounded by majestic mountains, this homestay is a 4-hour drive away from the main city, Bangalore. You can easily get transportation from the nearest city Sakleshpura which is at a distance of 20 Km from the homestay. Head straight from the manjarabad fort to reach the destination situated near the main road.

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311 Ratings

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