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Rappelling in Rishikesh is one of the few adventure activities that it is famous for. Rishikesh is a small Himalayan town which has a strong religious significance and it also serves as a getaway to the prestigious “Char Dham yatra.” Apart from being a sacred place of interest, it is India’s hub of adventure sports like Bungee Jumping, Rappelling, Rock climbing, Cliff Jumping, River rafting, and camping. Rishikesh is called the “yoga capital of India” and it was exposed to the western world mostly when the American Rock band- Beatles visited the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi’s ashram. The ashram was reopened to Public after the year 2015. A major part of Rishikesh comes under Rajaji Tiger Reserve. Rishikesh is blessed with the mighty Ganges and the river is the playing ground for many adventure activities. The other point of interest are the two suspended bridges famous as Ram Jhula and Laxman Jhula.


You will find a cluster of campsites by the bank of the river who offer accommodation, bonfire, food and myriads of sports like volleyball, badminton, white water rafting, body surfing and rappelling is one of them. Neer Garh waterfall in Rishikesh is a great spot for trying waterfall rappelling. You can also couple rappelling with rock climbing on the massive boulders of the Shiwalik forests. There is no dearth of smooth and tricky rock faces in Rishikesh with a fine vertical drop to take the controlled descent with the help of rappel and locks.


Rishikesh rappelling or any other activity like bungee jump, white water rafting, kayaking etc. everything is done under the guidance of experts. The thrill of rappelling can be said that is similar to rock climbing in reverse. The fun of doing these adventure activities is with friends and family. Take someone to shoot you in the camera while you wrap that rope around your body and take down the challenge.


Rishikesh rappelling is famous in all over India just like the other activities and enthusiasts from all across the country travel to Rishikesh for trying out adventure sports. Even the price is very reasonable and whether a beginner or an expert, everyone with the spirit to test their fears can try Rappelling in Rishikesh. The rappelling sites especially the Neer Garh waterfall site has amazing environs. The water is near the to glacier cold and the force at which it falls makes hard for you to lock your feet on the rock. This tricky sport demands balancing and concentration to get done in time. Minimum the time to rappel down the fall, maximum expertise you get in this sport. The other rappelling grounds are in the Himalayan forests and other remote locations. Rishikesh spells a charm on the visitors and on people who particularly come for adventure sports. It is likely that the place and the thrill will convince for a detour or a second round. Once you overcome your fear of height, speed or water then you are a free soul to make that jump or climb that rock again and again.

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Rock Climbing In Rishikesh With Rappelling



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Grab this amazing package of two thrilling activities in Rishikesh, which includes rock climbing and rappelling. While rock climbing lets you defy gravity and reach up to a height of 70 ft. offering an amazing view all around, rappelling lets you conquer your fear of heights while descending a rockface, steadily with harnesses tied around your waist. You cannot miss admiring the sun-drenched valleys around as you descend slowly and safely.

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40 Ratings

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Waterfall Rappelling in Rishikesh



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Activity Location: Neergarh Waterfall, RishikeshActivity Timings: 2 Hours; 9:00 AM to 4:00 PMAbout Waterfall Rappelling in Rishikesh:Challenge yourself and with an adventure-filled waterfall rappelling activity at the Neergarh Waterfall - an amalgamation of three waterfalls falling off a cliff as high as 25 feet, hidden inside the woods of Rishikesh. It is one of the gutsiest activities offered wherein you slide down a steep mountain with the swift waterfall drenching you every second that definitely tests your spunk.

40 Ratings


40 Ratings

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We had done the combo of Level 1 and Level 2 and had the best adventurous experience there. The rope activities were really fun and the variety of rope activities was really commendable. A must visit place in Rishikesh for fun and adventure.
The activity was really thrilling and fun to do so. We did it just for fun and had enjoyed it so much there.