Things to Do in Ratnagiri 2023

Activities to Do in Ratnagiri

The things to do in Ratnagiri are many, and for every vacationist who visits, they can indulge themselves in adventures unique to them. Home to an array of historical sites and a gorgeous port, all the history and architectural enthusiasts must consider taking walking tours of the top attractions, or a comprehensive one of just a few. All the beach bums and leisure seekers would greatly admire the coasts in the Konkan division and the many activities to do in Ratnagiri that are available.

From beach camping, sunbathing and picnics to jet-skiing, parasailing, scuba diving and more, you name it you get it. One of the more exclusive experiences on the Velas Beach is the 'Turtle Festival' to commemorate the breeding season of Olive-Ridley Turtles. And it is something that you can experience only between February till May.

And after all, this, if you are still wondering ‘what to do in Ratnagiri’, we present to you the adventure activities like fort treks, jungle campings, crocodile safari and the more relaxed endeavours like mango picking, shopping, and temple visits to make your Ratnagiri retreat more wholesome and interesting.
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Things to Do in Ratnagiri

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People Also Ask About Ratnagiri Things To Do

  1. What are the best things to do in Ratnagiri?

    1. Attend the Velas Beach Turtle Festival: Located in a quaint village of Ratnagiri District, Velas Beach is a tropical paradise that stretches for miles and miles on end. The powdery sand and clear sea offer exuberating views and many water sports activities.
    But it is the Turtle Festival that is a highlight of Velas Beach. Between February and May, the endangered Olive Ridley Turtles come to the shores to breed and lay their eggs and to attend this event is among the much-celebrated things to do in Ratnagiri.

    - Timings:  24 hours

    2. Spend a Day at the Marine Museum and Aquarium: The Marine Biological Research Station established the Marine Museum and Aquarium of Ratnagiri in 1985. It was started to educate and highlight the rare and beautiful sea world. Now over 35 years later, the place is still one of the best tourist attractions and taking a tour of the several different marine collections is among the best activities to do in Ratnagiri. The museum and aquarium house many live and preserved specimens of fishes, whales, lobsters, crabs, etc.

    - Entry Fee:  INR 5 per person
    - Timings: 10:00 am to 5:00 pm

    3. Trekking at Prachitgad: Prachitgad is an ancient fort located on the western edge of the Chandoli National Park in Sangli. Surrounded by the Sahyadri mountain range in Maharashtra, this historical edifice enjoys remoteness and views of ample naturalness. The fort has an interesting history that dates back to its inception in the 16th-century and to learn more about it many tourists complete a treacherous trekking journey all the way to the fort, which has become one of the best things to do in Ratnagiri.

    4. Mandangad Forest Camping: Mandangad is a small village located in the Ratnagiri district of Maharashtra. Surrounded by lofty hills, this place in recent times has become a popular destination for camping. The hilly village is home to the Mandangad Fort which is loved by adventurers for trekking activities.
    Therefore, you and your near and dear ones can plan a full-day outing consisting of hikes in the day and overnight camping in the lush jungle-campsites to answer the ‘what to do in Ratnagiri’ question.

    - Price: Starts from INR 1500 per person
    - Timings: 24 hours

    5. A spiritual outing at Swayambhu Ganpati Temple: Situated on Ganpatipule Beach, the Swayambhu Ganpati Temple is an ancient temple which dates back over 400 years. It is a prime attraction in the region and attracts thousands of devout travellers each year to seek blessings of the divine Elephant-God, Ganesha. Many folklore and myths surround the sacred sanctum, one of which is the main monolith in the temple being over 1600 years old and already present on the site. So, if you are wondering what to do in Ratnagiri during your trip, consider spending a day at the temple and later at the beach.

    - Timings:  6:00 am to 9:00 pm

    6. Boating at Dhamapur Lake: Constructed in 1530 by king Nagesh Desai, over 10 acres of land, Dhamapur Lake and Dam is an artificial water body surrounded by rolling hills and greenery of Tarkarli in Ratnagiri District. What was initially built to solve the water scarcity has now turned to an amazing tourist attraction to enjoy some of the best things to do in Ratnagiri, such as - boating, lakeside homestay and picnics.

    - Price:  Starts from INR 100
    - Timings:  24 hours |Boating-9:00 am to 7:00 pm

    7. Water Sports at Ganpatipule Beach: Adorning the Konka Coastline in the Ratnagiri District, Ganpatipule Beach is one of the most spectacular shores and places to see. With captivating aspects of the pristine sea, soft sand and lush tropical verdure, you and your loved ones must come here and indulge in the activities to do in Ratnagiri, such as - parasailing, jet-skiing, horse-riding, picnics, swimming, snorkelling etc. for a delightful vacation.

    - Timings:  24 hours | Activities -9:00 am to 6:00 pm

    8. Shopping: The city of Ratnagiri is a vivacious mix of historical attractions, beautiful coasts and bustling local markets. And the last bit is what most people overlook when seeking answers to ‘what to do in Ratnagiri. The many streets and shopping centres in the city and all around the district are great to shop for plenty of authentic and regional goods. From fresh mangoes, especially alphonsos to mango candies, cashews and its byproducts, kokum sharbat to handicrafts and small trinkets, there is much to buy and splurge on.

    - Timings:  10:00 am to 9:00 pm
  2. What are the things to do in Ratnagiri with kids?

    1. A visit to the Marine Aquarium and Museum: A tour of the Marine Museum and Aquarium is your answer to ‘what to do in Ratnagiri with kids’. A popular tourist attraction since its opening in 1985, the Museum and Aquarium have hosted guests interested in learning about the underwater world and its ecosystem.

    2. Water Sports at Ganpatipule Beach: The expansive white-sand coast of Ganpatipule Beach offers travellers a chance to enjoy the tropical scenery, lazy afternoons sunbathing and a plethora of water sports activities that are available. One can enjoy boat rides, jet-skiing, parasailing, snorkelling etc. here.

    3. Boating at Dhamapur Lake: Situated in Tarkarli of Ratnagiri District, Dhamapur Lake is an artificial dam and reservoir built in 1530. The lake spans 10 acres of clear water. One of the best things to do in Ratnagiri is to enjoy a swim or a boat ride here.

    4. Mango Picking at Aare Mango Farm: Spanning over 30 acres of rolling laterite hills in a small village called Nate of Ratnagiri District, the Aare Mango Farm is one of the largest producers and suppliers of a variety of the sweet summery fruit, particularly Alphonsos. To enjoy one of the best Activities to Do in Ratnagiri, travellers can spend an afternoon picking mangoes from the orchards.

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  3. What are the best water sports to do in Ratnagiri?

    1. Snorkelling: The clean waters and thriving Konkan Coast in the Ratnagiri District are the best to enjoy snorkelling or an advancement to it - scuba diving. The many centres give training and also conduct the entire adventure where you can see the marine life and ecosystem, both on the shallow and the deep end.

    2. Banana Boat Ride: What to do in Ratnagiri if you do not wish to frolic in the sea, it's boating. There are many different types of boat rides and activities available at Ganpatipule Beach, Anjarle Beach etc. And among them, the most fun is a banana-boat ride.

    3. Parasailing: If you have always dreamt of flying, then this is one of the best activities to do in Ratnagiri. A parachute carrying you, tied to a boat, moves into the sea and lets you take flight and enjoy aerial views of the surroundings.

    4. Jet Skiing: There are several beaches, such as Ganpatipule where travellers can enjoy a swift and exciting jet-ski ride into the vast Arabain Sea. Many vendors offer this activity with adequate gear and a professional to accompany any first-timers.

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  4. Which are the famous beaches to visit in Ratnagiri?

    1. Ganpatipule Beach: A part of the Ganpatipule town coastline, the beach of the same name is among the topmost places to see in Ratnagiri district. Apart from the beauty of the vistas and the presence of an ancient Ganpati Temple, the beach is also loved for the many water sport options.

    2. Velas Beach: The beach is best known for the annual ‘Turtle Festival’ when Olive Ridley turtles come to the shore to reside and lay eggs. The gorgeous surroundings of the beach are also perfect to spend an evening to see the sunset and enjoy beach camping.

    3. Pandre Samudra: This is a long stretch of white sand, which also gets it the name of ‘the white-sand beach’. Surrounded by luscious palm trees and other verdure, this beach is perfect for swimming, a picnic and other such things to do in Ratnagiri with your loved ones.

    4. Kunkeshwar Beach: Located in the Sindhudurg region, near Ratnagiri, Kunkeshwar Beach is one of the most alluring beaches to enjoy splendid views during your vacation. There is also a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva on the coast frequented by large crowds of devotees.

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  5. Which are the best homestays in Ratnagiri?

    1. The Mango Villa: Owned by a husband and wife duo who have a knack for hospitality, Mango Villa is one of the plush homestays in Ratnagiri to spend your vacations at. From solo travellers to large groups, this property can accommodate everyone. Along with elegant interiors, Mango Villa also offers all the necessary amenities for relaxation.

    2. Barve Homes: Barve Homes is one of the best and famous homestays located on Ratnagiri Ganpatipule Road. The property enjoys lush surroundings and a tranquil environment for the guests to relax comfortably. To give you a home-like experience, the stay offers all the essential amenities, cozy rooms and delicious home-cooked food.

    3. Kalbadevi: By the Bay Homestay: Situated in the dense woods of Kalbadevi near Ratnagiri, this is a bungalow homestay that was built by a Mumbai-based architect. The property is vast and spacious, containing all the amenities, cozy room and more. It is also located close to Kalbadevi Beach and Arey-Warey Beach.

    4. Atithi Parinay: Nestled in the Konkan Coast in Ratnagiri, Atithi Parinay is a quaint and lovely boutique home stay facility. The property is designed to give a traditional experience in every means, from accommodations to food and more. The guests can also request for activities and sightseeing tours at the stay.

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  6. How far is Ratnagiri from Mumbai?

    The distance between Mumbai and Ratnagiri is about 339 kilometres via NH 66 route. The same can be less or more depending on your location and the route you take to travel.

  7. How can I go to Ratnagiri from Pune?

    The distance between Pune and Ratnagiri is:

    - 312 kilometres via AH47 and NH166
    - 309 kilometres via Muthavali Rd and NH 66
    292 kilometres via NH 66 route

    The available option to travel to and fro the two cities is to board a train from Pune station to Ratnagiri station, or travel by road in a taxi/personal car.

  8. Is Ratnagiri worth visiting?

    Yes. Located on the coast of the Arabian Sea, Ratnagiri is an amazing vacation destination if you want to enjoy clear and pristine beaches, visit numerous ancient temples, explore the hills and creeks, dig deep into Maharashtra's history and relish the freshest and best quality Alphonso mangoes that are so very famous.

Ritesh Talwar Mandangad Forest Camping
The stay at Mandangad was truly amazing, Great operator, nice arrangement, great music, and it is really a splendid experience.
11 September 2015
Deepesh Mehrotra Prachitgad Trek
We had an amazing trek here. We loved it totally. We were around 15 friends. We were a bunch of my school friends and my college friends. It was a bid difficulty to plan and bring all of them together and move forward with the trip. Once that was done, we had a great time. The trek was so beautiful to take. Despite what many people say, we didn’t find this trek to be difficult or tough. IT was quite fun and interesting. We had a great time here, and I so recommend this one.
17 January 2016
Girindra Sethi Prachitgad Trek
The trekking was a great experience. I loved it totally. I so recommend this to all. I loved the trek a lot and world recommend this to all.
14 February 2016
Ujjwal Marar Prachitgad Trek
Prachitgad Trek in Maharashtra is by far the best trek that I have ever been. Well, where should I start? I am a huge fan of trekking, and mostly treks are surrounded by lovely greenscape. However, I always wanted to trek in a rustic village trek surrounded by rocks and stuff. I have searched and found such places and trekked there a lot. My recent find is the Prachitgad Trek in Maharastra. It was quite a lot of fun. We had amazing trek experience over here. It was so brilliant.
01 April 2015
Lakshminath Chaturvedi Prachitgad Trek
The trekking at this place was an amazing experience. The fort stay was one of the good aspects. The trek was breathtaking to say in 1 word. The surroundings and landscape are too good. The weather too makes you fall in love. The trek trails were fine, but not that easy for first time trekkers. The cost of this trek seemed fair and it was worth spending on it.
This camping experience at Mandangad Forest was really the most memorable one because the activity was truly amazing and different from the other camping. Nice swimming at the natural water, amazing waterfall, river crossing, boating, and unforgettable night trail walked the fireflies were truly beautiful we catch a few of them then let it go it reminds about our childhood, The foods were delicious with good quantity. As for the stay, it was nice and spacious and as well we felt safe. This tour really goes well with everyone. I am so happy that I picked this tour from Thrillophilia.
Tanushri Guneta Mandangad Forest Camping
I'm so happy with this tour, it goes perfectly as per the itinerary planned, The staff there was very professional and helpful. We felt secure the whole tour. the local operator has everything which needs for the camping. The entire camp was well-maintained with a clean separate washroom for males and female and the stay was comfortable and spacious. We take part in all the activity it was really something we won't forget. I am ready for another camping experience.
Chaitan Mukhopadhyay Mandangad Forest Camping
Very nice getaway with family, this camping suits for a family person, couples, friends and everyone, The location was beautiful with amazing views and scenery of the place. Perfect accommodation along with the clean mattresses, pillows, and blankets. The good sanitary, professional, and hospitable crew, all the meals were healthy and fresh. definitely GREAT, FUN, EXCITING activities. Worth the cost.
Giriraaj Khan Mandangad Forest Camping
This tour has everything like sightseeing, hiking, and water activity. Oh...what an adventurous-life in just one-package what a planning team I really liked it. Everything is superb the staff gave a quick response to us. It was great and satisfying-service.
Chaanakya Ahluwalia Mandangad Forest Camping
It was simply an unexpected tour which its turn out so great. the experience is more than the itinerary plan.

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