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Giriraaj Khan Shopping in Pondy Bazaar
Really enjoyed shopping shopping a lot at the Pondy Bazaar. I think it is one of cleanest markets in our country and prices were low as well. Our tour guide made our job easy as well by taking us to the best shops in the area. If you are in Pondicherry then this place is a must visit! Highy recommended!
We enjoyed the fresh morning breeze on this tour, as we walked with our storyteller guide, Mridul. Pondicherry is a beautiful place, made much more experiential by Thrillophilia.
Auroville wasn't built in a day, but we explored it all in one day. Thrillophilia did a great job in introducing us to the best of this place. Murugan, our guide spoke english and french, which amazed me a lot.
It is definitely a must visit place. The lifestyle was very new and convincing. A lot of things happening at a time. Appreciable settings. Close to nature and well maintained. Very lovely hosts too. Clean and tidy surroundings.
My friend and I went together to Pondicherry, but wanted a proper guided tour of Auroville. That's why we decided to stick with Thrillophilia. It was an overall satisfactory experience, I'd say. Nothing unexpected, though. The food was excellent, and we got to interact with a few local artisans too. One major highlight was that our guide, Dev was well versed in English and French, which made the trip richer. The price was also very decent. So if you're picky about budget, this is perfect for you.
You can visit Pondicherry from Chennai in a private car. There we saw various beautiful places including ashrams. Much Recommended.
30 October 2019
Prashant or Pepe as he prefers to be called, was on the dot when we started the Monument Walk tour at 7am. He gave us a thorough low-down on the history of the city and showed us the various symbols which marked the timeline. He is knowlegeable and detailed in his explanation
Pondy is definitely more than just beaches and cheap booze for sure, and I got to know that on this monumental tour. The guide , Suresh, took us to some of the most important historic places in the city, and we learned a lot about the colonisation period from him too. He also suggested us the best place to go to for lunch, and we had a lovely time there.
This shopping tour with an experienced guide was probably all we needed to elate our fun time in Pondicherry. The guide, Rajeev not only guided us well but also helped us bargain. Also, nice marketplace!
I would have probably liked the tour more if I were into history and culture. It was, however, nice to learn about all the heritage and architecture.