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Amidst the Liddar Valley sits a picturesque destination in Kashmir – Pahalgam. It is located in the Anantnag district in Jammu at an elevation of 2740 metres above sea level. Popularly it is called the Valley of Shepherds. Also, it is one of the most sumptuous destinations in India and it must be on your bucket list when you chalk down the places to visit in Jammu and Kashmir.

In the middle of tranquillity, you will surely find many out-of-the-world destinations too. Some of the stunning lakes such as Sheshnag Lake will surely take your breath away and beauteous pine trees will follow you wherever you go. If you are waiting for an adrenaline pump, you have plenty to look forward to on your trip to Pahalgam. Initiate trekking on a hill or climbing the Himalayas from a suitable summit and unleash all the adrenaline. If you visit this place in the right season, you will have one of the most remarkable skiing experiences as well. 

Apart from this, if you are looking to spend some quality time with your family on a holiday, you could not choose a better domestic destination than Pahalgam. It offers everything for all age groups, especially kids who have a gala time moving around this beautiful place a lot. You might want to indulge in various activities with them too by zorbing, sitting in various rides at famous amusements parks and what not! Traversing in and around Pahalgam is devoid of any fuss as you can easily find local transport means and not waste much time hovering around on your holiday. 

The weather is quite chilly from November to February with plenty of snow around. In the later months until April, it gets a bit warmer, albeit the minimum temperature hovers around 2-3 Degrees Celsius. The monsoon stretches from July till September. The autumn stretches until November and is quite dry with strong winds.
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People Also Ask About Pahalgam

  1. What is there to see in Pahalgam?

    Well, there are several reasons to visit Pahalgam. Let us have a look at some of the most popular places to see in Pahalgam- 
    1. Sheshnag LakeSheshnag Lake is one of the most visited places around Pahalgam and it is proximal to Pahalgam too with the ride to this stunning lake merely 23 kilometres away. It is extremely tranquil and offers the visitors eternal bliss with its beauty. If you want some stunning views of a lake surrounded by the snow-capped mountains and lush- green rolling meadows, this is the perfect stop for you! You should visit the place for its eternal beauty with several streams joining to form the lake. Do not miss out on this place if you are in Pahalgam! 

    2. Betab Valley:
    Wanna get a feel of the Swiss Alps in India at a much lower cost? The Betab Valley offers exactly that and is the perfect place for you! You ought to visit it for its mind-boggling mountain views with streams running downhill. It is a surreal place with mountains, meadows and rivers all in one place! It offers an unparalleled view of crystal clear waters, green meadows and pine trees. From the city centre, it will take you around 15 minutes to reach here by road. Get a taste of paradise and indulge in mother nature at this place which offers you immense serenity and mirth. 

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    3. Baisaran Hills: 
    The Baisaran Hills is a place where you can enjoy taking a stroll with your beloved one with plenty of picturesque views. It is located in between several forests and rolling meadows and hills while offering a surreal experience to all the visitors. There are a lot of activities to do here, especially zorbing down the mountains. Often, it is called Small Switzerland for its resemblance to the iconic country. It is situated merely 5 kilometres away from the city centre in Pahalgam and there are plenty of means of transport to take you there.   

    4. Lidder Amusement Park: 
    Do you want to take a break from the monotony of life and enjoy some amusement rides with kids? This is one of the most popular recreational destinations in and around Pahalgam. Also, this park is the perfect getaway in Pahalgam for children while offering several stunning rides as well with the snow-capped Himalayas in the backdrop. After all, who wouldn’t mind a ride with the imposing Himalayas around you? This famous amusement park is situated in Pahalgam and is around 2 kilometres away from the centre of the city.  

    5. Tulian Lake: 
    This chilly lake is a must-visit around Pahalgam and it is merely 8.1 km from the city centre. There are a few staggering sites for camping along the way too which provide a splendid experience. Also, it is located at a staggering altitude of more than 12000 feet, hence you have to undertake a pony ride followed by arduous trekking of several hours to reach this stunning place. You ought to visit this place in the bone-chilling cold for the best experience. 

    6. Pahalgam Golf Course: 
    Wanna play some golf with the stunning Himalayas in the backdrop? The Pahalgam Golf Course is an eighteen-hole golf course situated among the Himalayas and pine trees. Try your game at this popular golf course located in the city itself with a sprawl of green all over the course. Moreover, it is one of the highest located golf courses around the world which makes it even more enchanting! You can indulge in learning the basics of golf here as well from some of the most renowned tutors in the area.  

    7. Aru Village and Valley: 
    The Aru Village and Valley is worth the money with its lush green scenery and sumptuous location. Visit this picturesque valley for a few adventure sports, or go river rafting or ziplining amidst the stunning Himalayan mountains. You can drive down to this sumptuous and beautiful town from Pahalgam easily as it is just around 12 kilometres away and worth the trip. Besides, you have to hire a taxi to reach here as there are scarce modes of transport available. This experience is a once-in-a-lifetime one and you never ought to miss it if you are in Pahalgam!  

    8. Mamal Temple: 
    The Mamal Temple is a very old shrine of Lord Shiva and famous amongst Shiva devotees for a long time now.  Also, it is situated on the bank of the tranquil and clean Lidder River and is considered to be one of the most sacred places in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. It is one of the most significant religious places in Kashmir for Hindus and there is much rush here on Maha Shivratri and the Shravana month. The temple remains open throughout the year and you can sense the divine feeling after entering this holy temple.   

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    9. Chandanwari: 
    This place is the point where the pious Amarnath Yatra commences and is quite proximal to Pahalgam, around 12 km away from it. The marvel of the Himalayas in the backdrop is sure to agape you here as nature’s beguiling creations are a feature of Chandanwari. There is a popular bridge you should cross, especially in winters while removing the snow on your way. All in all, this place is one of those dream destinations you should never forget to visit when in Pahalgam!   
    10. Kolahoi Glacier: This glacier is situated barely 16 kilometres away from the Pahalgam and many modes of transport are available to reach here. Backpackers must visit this gorgeous destination for some marvellous sights and enjoy the best of trekking here with the help of trekking by yourself. Or, you might want to sit on one of those beautiful horses to reach here too. The Kolahoi Glacier is one of the most popular glaciers in and around Pahalgam with its marvellous views.
  2. What are the things to do in Pahalgam?

    1. Trekking on the sumptuous Himalayas: Trekking is a must-do activity when you land in Pahalgam, especially for nature and adventure freaks. Some of the most famous treks to indulge in include the Kolahoi Glacier trek, Chandanwari trek and the Tulian Lake. You can opt for these tours from Pahalgam and experience some of the most stunning adventures in your life. 

    2. River Rafting: 
    River Rafting is one of the most popular activities to undertake in Pahalgam and the rafting is one of the best in India. Besides, the Lidder River originating from the upper Himalayas provides a perfect getaway for this kind of adventure. The Ladder River passes through some of the most splendid landscapes amidst the Himalayas which will enhance your rafting experience. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity and you should never miss it! 

    3. Temples: 
    There are several temples in and around Pahalgam which attract thousands of devotees from all over India. Moreover, the popular Amarnath Yatra commences here as well which adds to the divine experience in Pahalgam. The holy Mamal Temple is one of the holiest Lord Shiva shrines in northern India. Also, you can visit the famous Shri Gaurishankar Temple which is near Pahalgam as well. Last but not the least, visit the popular Shree Amarnath Cave Temple in Pahalgam which is very famous for its aarti and serenity. 

    4. Fishing: 
    Pahalgam provides several serene places if you wish to go fishing. However, you must get written permission from the Directorate of Fishing before you indulge in the sport. The permit’s validity will be for a maximum of three days from the date of issue. The River Lidder is very famous for various fishing spots and the most abundant fish found there is the trout. You can hire a local guide to aid you in fishing and provide insights on famous fishing spots. It boasts of clear waters where freshwater fishes are abundant. It is a fun activity after all. It must be on your to-do list when in Pahalgam!

    5.Adventure Sports: 
    If you are an ardent fan of adventure activities, Pahalgam has plenty to offer. Go zorbing, ziplining and skiing at various places in and around Pahalgam. There are many outdoor activities available near Pahalgam such as trekking to the glaciers, camping in the Himalayan valleys, golfing in the popular Pahalgam Golf Club and a ride on the local horses. Each of these provides different experiences for those who seek some fun and adventure. These activities are a must-try when you visit Pahalgam. 
  3. Why is Pahalgam famous?

    Pahalgam is famous for its snow-capped mountains, rolling hills, lush green meadows, picturesque valleys and thrilling adventure. Also, it offers a lot for every age group and if you pick the right time to visit and Pahalgam will never fail you.

    The Himalayan adventure of Pahalgam is an experience second to none across the globe. Mother nature is at its very best in Pahalgam and you can find serenity amongst it.
  4. Is Pahalgam safe?

    Yes, the city is quite safe for all tourists. It is absolutely perfect for tourists to visit all the places in and around Pahalgam. You can roam around freely without any kind of uncanny experiences. You must be aware of the culture in Jammu and Kashmir and respect it at all times. 

  5. What is the meaning of Pahalgam?

    Pahal means First and Gam means Village, hence as a whole, it means the First Village. However, how did this name originate? An ancient group of people first came here via the Amarnath trail from Hindu Kush Range.

    This was the first locality they discovered en-route. and hence this name was coined. This was their settlement for a long time before they moved ahead towards the city of Jammu. 
  6. How far is Pahalgam from Sonmarg?

    Pahalgam is approximately 165 kilometers away from Sonmarg and it takes around 3.5 hours to cover this distance. This is because the route is quite hilly and requires extra caution and speed limits while driving.

    Drive onto the National Highway 1 which is quite a comfortable drive. You can hire a cab, taxi or catch a local transport bus to commute.  
  7. How far is Gulmarg from Pahalgam?

    From Pahalgam, Gulmarg is about 137 kilometres away and it takes about 3 hours to drive on this stretch. Moreover, it is located on a highway with high altitude and hairpin bend roads. Hence, there is a permanent speed limit and it is advisable to hire a cab, taxi or catch a bus in order to reach Gulmarg from Pahalgam.  
  8. How can I go to Pahalgam from Srinagar?

    Srinagar to Pahalgam is a journey of 88 kilometers and generally, it takes 2 hours by National Highway 501. There are several regional transport buses available from Srinagar to Pahalgam which usually take around 2.5 hours.

    However, if you want to reach quickly, hire a cab and you will reach in 2 hours without much fuss.