10 Things to Do in Old Goa 2023: Upto 40% Off

Undoubtedly, Old Goa is one of the most popular tourist destinations in India, and not only Indians but people from across the globe come to visit Goa. A popular misconception among the people is that Old Goa is all about beaches, adventure water sports, and basking in the sun while enjoying an amazing nightlife; which people think to be the best things to do in Old Goa. But, the Northern Goa, or the Old Goa, also known as Velha Goa is much more than just beaches and water sports.


The Velha Goa is a historic city in the North Goa district, and  Bijapur Sultanate constructed it in the 15th century. It also served as the capital for the Portuguese people in India from 16th century onwards, but, during the 18th century, plague got spread and due to this the peopled abandoned Old Goa. One of the most astonishing facts about the old Goa is that it has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

There is a plethora of tourist attractions that make old Goa a must visit place. One of the things that you won't find anywhere else in India is the splendid Portuguese architecture. There are several historic churches in old Goa and each of these have a social and verifiable noteworthiness. The Bom Jesus Basilica, one of the most popular churches in Old Goa is  considered as one of the finest representations of the exclusive Baroque architecture. There are some churches which represent the Portuguese-Manueline architectural style.

So, if you are a history lover, there's a lot to explore in Old Goa. Also, one can enjoy a lot of water sports activities in Old Goa, including kayaking in the scenic backwaters. One can also take a cycling tour, and explore the Goan culture as well as the historic remains. Another unique attraction in Old Goa include the spice plantation tours and the crocodile sightseeing where you can witness these huge reptiles in their natural habitat. To summarize Old Goa, these are some of the best things to do in Old Goa.

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Hot Air Baloon Safari at Chandor, South Goa


Meals Included
Mobile Voucher
Activity Location: Assolda Football Ground, Chandor, South Goa, GoaActivity Timings: Between 06:30 AM to 08:30 AMActivity Duration: 45 Minutes to 1 hour (Depending upon the wind pressure)Note: The landing area is 7-8 km far from the take-off point towards the direction of the wind.About the Hot Air Baloon Safari at Chandor, South Goa:Get ready for an amazing time in a hot air balloon and take in the views of the city from above. Fly at 2000 feet to get a panoramic view of Goa's beautiful beaches and hills. There are 10 seats available in each hot air balloon, making it ideal for groups of friends and family. So, grab the Hot Air Balloon Safari in Goa and have a truly unforgettable experience guided by an expert pilot.

520 Ratings


520 Ratings

₹ 16,380

₹ 12,899 per Adult

Explore Goa in a Houseboat at Nagoa, Goa
Explore Goa in a Houseboat at Nagoa, Goa


Old Goa

About the Activity: Take a break from the traditional experiences in Goa, delight in this amazing Houseboat experience along with family and friends.Start your tour at around 2:00 PM after getting picked up from your hotel in an air-conditioned shared vehicle.The Houseboat contains four bedrooms as well as a sundeck, and can be used to traipse along the Goan coast as well as explore the backwaters of Goa.Experience a taste of Kerala while in Goa, in the utmost comfort with theses beautifully crafted Houseboats.Enjoy the night sky as you cruise through the night sky and the cool sea breeze.End this tour the next day and get dropped back to your hotel.

40 Ratings


40 Ratings

₹ 15,000

₹ 12,000

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Fishing with Island Trip in Goa


Timings: 4 hours (9:00 AM- 5:00 PM)Start Point/End Point: Royal Goan Hotel, GoaAbout Fishing with Island Trip in Goa:Be a part of this amazing trip where you’ll engage in fishing and crab catching with your squad or even solo. The package includes taking you on a tour to the various beaches and estuaries of Goa where you’ll able to engage in a fun and memorable experience.The trip will be guided by professionals who will give you proper instructions about all the different fishing techniques like popping, jigging, bottom fishing, trolling, and fly fishing. The experts themselves will be coaching you on how to catch crabs so that you are guaranteed maximum success. The trip will include visiting Agonda beach, Vagator beach, Chapora River, and estuaries so that you can witness the scenic beauty of Goa while fishing.The crabs and fishes that you’ll catch will be collected in a bucket and will be yours to cook later. The various fish species that you’ll be able to catch are Soormai, Salmon, Mullet, Ladyfish, Rockfish, Stingray, Guitarfish, and Barramundi. All of these fishes and the crabs you catch will make for a fulfilling and delicious meal.

39 Ratings


39 Ratings

₹ 1,999

₹ 1,500 per Adult

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Candle Light Dinner In Candolim Goa


Thrillophilia Safe
Meals Included
Mobile Voucher
Activity Location: Nautica RestaurantActivity Duration: 2 HoursOperational Timings: 7:00 AM - 11:00 PM(Not operational on Tuesdays)About Candle Light Dinner In Candolim, GoaGoa is no doubt, one of the most stunning places for romantic getaways due to its scenic beaches, and romantic experiences that have been attracting couples. Among these numerous experiences, a candlelight dinner is one of the most loved and famous activities in Goa. Book yourself a romantic Candle Light Dinner In Candolim and enjoy an appetizing 3-course dinner with your loved one. Those dimly-lit candles and romantic setup with a charming ambiance will make sure that you enjoy the best of your time. Savor on delicious meals including starters, main course, and mouthwatering desserts and satisfy your taste buds.

71 Ratings


71 Ratings

₹ 7,200

₹ 5,400 per Couple

Amboli Jungle Trek
Amboli Jungle Trek



About the activity / tour with details:  If basking around in nature is something you love to do, then Amboli is the place you need to see! The sights around are a treat for the eyes, and those with a keen sense of photography can click away to their heart delight! The places around are a marvel and the different sightseeing points have left trekkers lost in paradise!  Witness the amazing sights of the 4 points around such as the Nangartas WaterFall, Hiranyakeshi Temple, Kavleshet Valley and The Great Amboli Waterfall!   
Very Good

24 Ratings


24 Ratings

₹ 2,000

Grande Island Scuba Diving Adventure in Goa
Grande Island Scuba Diving Adventure in Goa


Gear up from head to toe for a diving experience up to 12 meters and experience the beauty of deep undersea life.Participate in 10 min training session with the professionals and learn the intricate skills of diving. In this session, you will be undergoing training with your instructor. Don't miss your chance to dive underwater with the colourful fish and discover the marine life. Only 1 Dive per person will be permitted. Ensure that you bring a pen drive to collect your pictures at the end of the activity.This tour starts at 8:00 AM from your Hotel and finishes at 4:00 PM.This package includes light snacks, Dolphin Spotting (Depending on the weather conditions), Training, Underwater dive with PADI instructor, Under water photos and videos, Lunch, Equipment rent.

587 Ratings


587 Ratings

₹ 4,500

₹ 3,500

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Old Goa Sightseeing Tour


Transport Included
Mobile Voucher
Activity Location: Old Goa, GoaActivity Timing: 8:30 AM-3:30 PMActivity Duration: 7 HoursPick up Points: Candolim, Calangute, Baga, Arpora, Sinquerim, NerulAbout Old Goa Sightseeing Tour:Old Goa is a fascinating destination showcasing the past affluence of the state and in particular, the Portuguese colonial era. Explore the beautiful remnants and get to know about its culture with this sightseeing tour. Avoid the hassle of public transport and driving in the city and enjoy the sights of beautiful attractions of South Goa. Get the opportunity to choose between a sedan and an SUV as per your group size and have fun in Goa with your loved ones.

79 Ratings


79 Ratings

₹ 6,500

₹ 4,600 per Car

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Heritage E-Bike Tour of Old Goa


Meals Included
Mobile Voucher
Activity location: Old Goa Activity timings: 09:00 AM to 12:00 PM, 3:30 PM to 6:30 PM (3 Hours)Start point: Old Goa Residency About Heritage E-Bike Tour of Old Goa:Have an E-biking experience in the majestic former colonial capital of Goa. Explore insights into the layers of Portuguese and pre-Portuguese rich history dating back to over a thousand years. Roam around the ancient and magnificent churches of Old Goa are today one of the most remarkable and impressive sights in all of Asia. Take a tour scenic streets of old Goa on pedals as you ride to the highest point in Old Goa to get a panoramic view.

28 Ratings


28 Ratings

₹ 2,600

₹ 2,000 per Adult

People Also Ask About Old Goa Things To Do

  1. What are the best things to do in Old Goa?

    Old Goa is known for an array of things that are worth experiencing once in a lifetime. Apart from the beaches and water sports, this place is abode to several other beautiful things to indulge in. Check them out in the below-mentioned points.

    1. Panaji Cycling Tour: Tour the city as you paddle down amidst the scenic landscapes of old Goa. This guided tour will get you acquainted with the utmost knowledge of all  tourist places. 

    2. Famed Churches: From Basilica of Bom Jesus, Se Cathedral to our lady of the Immaculate Conception Church, these world famous Goa churches with museums are great locations to get a sneak peak into the rich cultural heritage of Goa.

    3. Amboli Jungle trek: For the adventure seekers, get mesmerising views of the Sahyadris and trek to Amboli Jungle. Thus, it is an ideal destination for larger groups and solo travelers.

    4. Sunset & Dinner Cruise: Sight the most beautiful sunsets from the deck of luxury cruises where you can spend a memorable evening with your companions. Dance to the beats of Goan Music amidst the tranquil backwaters and feast on the best delicacies by the popular chefs.

    5. Spice Plantation Tour: For all the foodies out there, visit the spice plantation whose aroma will drool your senses. So buy them as souvenirs on your trip here.

    6. Boat Tours & Water Sports: Experience an adrenaline rush as you indulge into water sports like banana ride, snorkeling, parasailing, SUP boarding and much more. Go on to sight marine wildlife like dolphins and others for an exceptional experience.

    7. Heritage Walking Tours: Stroll down the lane of history and culture at the old Goa. Get on heritage walking tours with the exploration of Aguada Fort, Chapora Fort and other sites of cultural importance.
  2. What are the best places to visit in old Goa?

    Here are some of the best places to visit in old Goa: 

    1. Divar Island: This place is one of the best-kept secrets of old Goa. It is a quaint little island on the Mandovi River which is far away from the crowd of the regular city. 
    2. Basilica Of Bom Jesus: It is a world heritage monument that has been standing tall since the 16th century. The iconic brick-colored construction entices visitors to marvel at this heritage site when coming over to Old Goa. 
    3. Se Cathedrals: This place happens to be one of the oldest landmarks of Goa. This place is widely popular for its rich paintings and standard crucifix shape. 
    4. Tomb Of St. Francis Xavier: It is one of the most popular churches in Goa and the tomb of revered Portuguese saint – St. Francis Xavier.
  3. What are romantic things to do in old Goa?

    Here are some of the most romantic things to do in old Goa: 

    1. Panaji – Cycling Tour: Take a cycle tour around the city and explore some of the best places to visit in Old Goa and visit some of its old Goa churches, the quaint and colorful houses, fort Aguada. 
    Average cost: INR 2000/-
    Location: Panaji

    2. Grand Island – Dolphin Sighting And Snorkelling: Goa is just not complete without sighting the Dolphins and spending some time snorkeling in the azure blue waters. 
    Average cost: INR 1699/-
    Timings: 8:30 AM – 3:30 PM
    Location: Grand Island

    3. Spice Plantation Tour – For Authentic Experience: Spice Plantation tour in old Goa will give you an authentic experience of the diverse spice plantation in Goa. You will be able to delight your senses with the aromatic essence in the air. 
    Average cost: INR 3000/-
    Timings: 12 noon – 5 PM
    Location: Sahakari Spice Plantation Tour
  4. Which are some famous churches to visit in Old Goa?

    There are many historic churches in old Goa which are known for their splendid architectures, amazing beauty and the historic connection. These churches are one of the best preserved historic sites in Goa through which one can look back into the history. The famous churches of Old Goa include:

    •       Bom Jesus Basilica
    •       Se Cathedral
    •       Church of St. Francis Assisi
    •       Church of St. Cajetan
    •       Chapel of St. Catherine
    •       Church of Lady of Rosary
    •       Chapel of St. Francis Xavier
    •       Church of St. Augustine
    •       Mount Mary Church
  5. What are the best things to do in old Goa with family?

    There are an array of things that you can indulge into with your family for utmost fun and adventure.

    1. Sightseeing: Basilica of Bom Jesus, Tomb of St. Francis Xavier, St. Augustine Ruins are some of the many places that are perfect to spend a day exploring with your family. Get accompanied with expert guides and know about the history and uniqueness of each location.

    2. Water Sports: If you have adventure in your genes, then you would definitely like to experience different water sports activities. One can indulge into kitesurfing, scuba diving, parasailing, snorkelling and others at various beaches in old Goa.

    3. Amboli Jungle Trek: trek your way into the coastal highlands of Goa and witness the best of nature’s beauty. Bath under the beautiful waterfall, click pictures of  the wildlife and soak in the beauty  of nature on this trail.

    4. Spice Plantation Tour: Sight the authentic  spice plantations and the aroma of these will surely soothe your senses on its exploration. Do shop for the same as souvenirs and relive the essence of Goa even after your Goa vacations.

    5. Boat Tour: On your boat tour, get the chance to view dolphins and indulge into some fishing on this tour.
  6. Which are the best water sports to do in and around old Goa?

    Water sports in Goa are open for the adventurers at places like Palolem beach, Colva beach, Varca beach, and many others. There is an array of watersports that will kick in the adrenalin in your veins and take an item off your bucket list. 

    1. Parasailing: This activity is open from October to May. one can indulge in this enthralling experience at the Baga beach, Arambol beach, and others.

    2. Speedboat Scooter: Rush over the wavy waters of the ocean at beaches like Majorda, Candolim, and others.

    3. Scuba Diving: This adventure sport gives you an insight into the extravagant marine life and vibrant coral reefs that will add on to your experience on the Goa tour.

    4. Banana Boat Rides: Ride on the banana-shaped boats for an enthralling experience that will soothe your adventure lust within you.

    5. White Water Rafting: This daring water sport is mostly practiced at river Mandovi and stretches up to a length of 10 kilometers. The gushing water will surely offer you an exceptional experience of your lifetime.
  7. Where can I go for cycling in Old Goa?

    Cycling tour in old Goa is one of the best ways to explore the splendid coastal beauty and breathtaking landscapes. The beautiful and outstanding churches are another attraction of these cycling tours. Here are the top places where you can go for a cycling tour in Old Goa:

    •       Cycling At Divar and Chorao Islands
    •       Cycling Alongside Nerul Creek
    •       Miramar in North Goa
    •       Cycling Across the Bridger of Bardez
    •       Cycling in Konkan Belt
    •       Cycling Through Royal Road in Goa
  8. Which are some of the best spice plantation tours in Old Goa?

    The spice plantation farm is located in Pinda in Old Goa. There are many travel agents and companies that arrange a spice plantation tour for you. The tour starts from Dabolim, and takes you through a road along the river Mandovi.

    The tour takes you through the plantation of many different spices, and the tour guide introduces each spice with its unique set of benefits. One can enjoy a traditional Goan style buffet lunch at the spice plantation.

  9. Where can I go for backwater kayaking in Old Goa?

    Kayaking in the backwaters of Old Goa is one of the unique experiences that you will get. The backwaters and rivers of old Goa take you through astounding landscapes, breathtaking views and splendid sightseeing destinations. One can see many unqiue, rare and beautiful birds while kayaking. Here are the top places where you can enjoy a kayaking tour in old Goa:

    •       Kayaking on the scenic Nerul river
    •       Kayaking at Zuari river
    •       Kayaking at Sal backwaters with exclusive birdwatching experience
    •       Kayaking in River Mandovi
    •       Backwater kayaking in Chorao
  10. Where can I go for Crocodile sightseeing tour in Old Goa?

    If you want a full blown adrenaline rush, then you must take the crocodile sightseeing tour in old Goa and encounter these colossal reptiles in their natural habitat.

    The Cumbarjua channel off the Zuari river is the place acquired by the crocodiles, and one can take a boat trip to visit these waters which have been infested with crocodiles. This crocodile sightseeing tour would certainly make your Goan vacation an unforgettable one.

Newly Added Old Goa Experience
It was a great tour as the Guide was amazing and he has much information about the place. I loved this tour.
Vaidehi Patel Cycling Tour In Old Goa
It was definitely something else to cycle through the beautiful roads of Goa and admire the scenery. The cycles were all in top condition and the guide was great at leading the way and coordinating with the whole group. Overall a lovely experience that I would recommend to everyone!
It was my first time kayaking in the backwaters, have always done in the open sea. The tour also included a trained instructor and I am glad to have met David. He gave me some amazing lessons on how to improve your kayaking strokes and skills.
Unbelievably superb place on Earth I should say. The bird sanctuary and the forest around it were extraordinary. Couldn't forget the place and its charm even after coming back home. Kayaking was only secondary compared to the beauty of the place. The whole activity was filled with so much vibrance. Kayaks- perfect, guides- perfect, equipment- perfect, timing- perfect, location- excellent. I can give 5 stars to this tour blindly. Thank you Thrillophilia.
A must try activity for those of you who visit Goa. The guides are very professional and the whole experience is affordable and interesting.
Bhudev Banerjee Cycling Tour In Old Goa
This Cycle tour was well informative and I really had an amazing time there as well. We were a group of 12 friends and decided that we can spend some time in Old Goa. This was the best way to do so.
Sucheta Namboothiri Old Goa Sightseeing Tour
It was a unique experience this trip was wonderful the guide and transport service was fantastic but the best part was everything was perfect, the timing, the weather everything. HIGHLY RECOMMANDED
Bhooshan Naik Cycling Tour In Old Goa
It was a great tour as the Guide was amazing and he has much information about the place. I loved this tour.
Himadri Chaturvedi Old Goa Sightseeing Tour
We explore goa in this planned trip, and we enjoy each and every place. We had lot of fun. MUST TRY.
We explore goa in this planned trip, and we enjoy each and every place. We had lot of fun. MUST TRY.

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