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Mussoorie tour packages - Browse through a wide range of Mussoorie packages with exciting offers at Thrillophilia. Book a customized Mussoorie travel packages with exciting deals & offers.

The spectacle of beauty, history, romance, and leisure is the prolific hill-station of Mussoorie, opening its arms for you to spend a memorable trip with your loved ones. And what better way than to book one of Thrillophilia's Mussoorie travel packages at the greatest price.With our tours, you can be sure of having the perfect holiday with the right blend of sightseeing, activities and other escapades, while also availing other facilities. The Mussoorie holiday packages have something for everyone be it the ideal family packages with plenty of attraction visits and shopping, to tours for the youth that would leave one with an adrenaline rush with all the adventures.

That's not all, some of the Mussoorie packages would also include an extended trip to another picturesque hill-station of Dehradun - known for its misty summers and snowy winters, along with some of the most alluring sights of the magnanimous Himalayas, for a holiday experience like no other.Thus, you can either book our top existing Mussoorie tours like the '4 days 3 nights Mussoorie', 'Mussoorie tour packages for couples' etc., or customize your holiday with the perfect blend of the items that you would like, all with the added benefits of year-long excellent deals and offers. Apart from that, we also are working day in and out to ensure that your vacation stay and travel meets all safety expectations while not compromising on the fun and enjoyment of the Mussoorie holiday.

Places to Visit on Mussoorie Trip:

Here are some of the best places to visit in Mussoorie-
1. Lal Tibba: One of the very few places in the Himalayan foothills which is still untouched by commercialization, Lal Tibba is quite an escape from the bustling city life. This place is a part of almost all our Mussoorie tour packages.One can reach Lal Tibba on foot or by hiring a cab from Mussoorie.

The British-styled building offers splendorous views of the Himalayan peaks like Badrinath and Kedarnath. These peaks can be viewed with the help of a telescope placed on the observation deck of the building. Additionally, Lal Tibba currently serves as the working place of Doordarshan and other broadcasting media channels.

Location: Lal Tibba Binoculars, Bazar Road, Landour, Mussoorie, Uttarakhand 248179.
Timing: 5 AM – 10 PM (all days).

2. The Mall Road: The Mall Road of Mussoorie is the highlight of our Mussoorie tour packages. The Mall is vibrant with shops of food, wooden items, jewelry, showpieces, decorations, lamps and lights, books, woolen items, and other things. There are balloon vendors, momos, and other snack sellers on every step inviting you to try their eats. Apart from the street-food stall, the place is also embellished with a lot of incredible restaurants and cafes.

The Victorian lights on every corner and the British-styled bench at the corner of the streets put up quite a show at night. The Mall looks dreamy during the evenings.
One can also rent bicycles to paddle your way through the road. Many people also love strolling on the Mall Road for the sake of soaking in the vibes of this incredible hill station.

Some of the must-do things at the Mall Road are having kulhad-chai, momo, Maggie, filter coffee and buy stuff like woollen jackets, umbrellas, wooden items, and traveling to Gun Hill in the cable car. Our Mussoorie packages can guide you to indulge in some of the best things to do in the hill station.

 24 hours (all days).

3. Kempty Falls: A mesmerizing cascade of water, Kempty Falls is one of the most popular tourist spots in Mussoorie. The falls ramble from the height of 40 feet and create a big pool with five channels of water in which people swim and have a gala time.

This perennial water body is flocked by tourists throughout the year. There is no single person who hasn’t heard of Kempty Falls. Another great thing about visiting these falls is that the area is lush with greenery and extravagant views of the Himalayan valley. Kempty falls are included in many of our Mussoorie vacation packages.

Location: Lakhwad, Kempty, Mussoorie, Uttarakhand 248179.
Timing: 6 AM- 10 PM (all days). 

4. Lake Mist:
 If there is one word to describe Lake Mist, it’s resplendent. One of the most beautiful places to visit in Mussoorie, Lake Mist is a pristine water body that gives out peaceful vibes and thus, attracts souls looking for some quiet tranquillity. The water of the lake is quite clear and still and emerald. The area is blessed with beautiful trees, colorful flowers, and unexplored trails to the forest area, make sure it should be included in your Mussoorie tour packages

The best part about visiting the lake is that not many people know about its existence in Mussoorie and thus, if you are someone who wants peace and quiet, then this is the most incredible tourist spot to spend some time in. It has been included in our recent Mussoorie holiday packages since it remains an unexplored part of Mussoorie.

: Kempty Fall Road, Kempty, Mussoorie Range, Uttarakhand 248179.
Timing: Open 24 hours on all days.

5. Cloud’s End: This place serves as the geographical end of the beautiful town of Mussoorie. The area is covered with lush green trees of Deodar and Oak. It is a splendid sight for those who are fans of misty views of the valley side. Another highlight of this mystical place is the Benog Wildlife Sanctuary, which is a 2 km trek from the Oak forest and looks spectacular to wildlife enthusiasts. Cloud’s End is a unique addition to our Mussoorie packages.

There is another attraction known as the heritage building, located close to Cloud’s End. The building was constructed in 1838 and is one of the oldest buildings in the town. The view of Aglar River Valley from the building is quite enigmatic and one more reason why one should pay a visit to this place during their time in Mussoorie.

Location: Hathipaon Road | 6 Km West of The Library, Mussoorie, India.
Timing: Open 24 hours on all days.

6. Gun Hill: An extinct volcano, Gun Hill has often been a part of Ruskin Bond’s stories. Tremendous with sky, lush green hillside, and magnificent views of Doon Valley, Gun Hill stands at a height of 2020 meters. A popular spot for photography and nature lovers, the place is located right above Mall Road. You can reach there on foot or by hiring a rickshaw.

Location: Above the Mall Road, Mussoorie.
Timing: 10 AM – 6 PM (all days).

7. Landour: 
Tucked away in the hillside, Landour is a twin town of Mussoorie and about a half an hour walk from the Mall Road. If you aren’t a walker, then you can hire a cab to Landour as well. There isn’t much to do in Landour other than appreciating the scenic beauty of the Himalayan ranges and spending time in the lap of nature.

The place is also home to India’s most loved storyteller, Mr. Ruskin Bond, who lives in the 
Ivy Cottage with his adopted family. Do not forget to get a meal at Café Ivy, which is one of the most popular in Mussoorie and should be included in your Mussoorie trip.

You can also stop by at Chaar Dukan and Sister’s Bazaar during your journey to Landour. Also, the Landour Bakehouse and Anil’s Shop must-visit places here as well. There are exclusive Massorie packages (apart from Mussoorie packages) for Landour as well.

Location: Landour, Mussoorie, Uttarakhand 248179.
Timing: Open 24 hours on all days.

8. Jharipani Falls: Amongst its many water attractions, Mussoorie boasts of Jharipani Waterfalls the most. It is located at an approximate distance of 6 km from the main town and has a stream of water gushing down from a rocky ledge.

Surrounded by a beautiful hillside and stunning forest trails, it takes about 1.5 km for an average trekker to reach the falls. The sunset from Jharipani Falls is breathtaking and most trekkers wait to witness this underrated phenomenon from this area and should be included in your Mussoorie tour packages.

Location: Jharipani Rd, Jharipani, Uttarakhand 248122.

9. Nag Tibba: This is one of the best spots for trekking in and around Mussoorie and also one of the best places to include in your Mussoorie packages. The place offers spectacular views of snow-clad mountains after the climb of about 10,000 feet. The place is also known as the Serpent’s Peak and serves as home to Nag Devta or the Snake God.

The views of mountain peaks, such as Bandarpoonch, Kedarnath, Badrinath, and Gangotri, are quite inviting for the mountain lovers to take up this exhilarating trek. Many tour companies also organize weekend treks to Nag Tibba. The trek is also a part of our special Mussoorie tour package.

Location: Jaunpur range, Uttarakhand 249180.
Timing: 24 hours. 

10. Company Garden: A popular inclusion in Mussoorie tour packages, the Company Garden is a well-maintained garden that features a variety of flowers, plants, and trees. It has several activities for every age group including boating, a small amusement park to  enjoy and an array of stalls at the food court. The garden offers spectacular views of a dense collection of flowers, plants and trees. At the boating facility, you can enjoy a peaceful ride on the artificial lake while taking in the bounty of natural views and serene surroundings.

Things to Do on Mussoorie Tour:

Here is the list of the best things to do in Mussoorie:
1. Seek Blessings at Jwala Devi Temple: Hike your way through a majestic hill and reach Jwala Devi Temple to seek the blessings of Goddess Durga. You can also bask in the spellbinding views of River Yamuna and enjoy enchanting sunset and sunrise views from this spot, so make sure it mus be included in your Mussoorie tour packages.

2. Spot Wildlife at Benog Wildlife Sanctuary:
 Go wildlife spotting at the very famous Benog Wildlife Sanctuary, which is home to some wild animals, exotic birds, and a plethora of trees.

You can also find an easy trekking trail here, which can be done even by the novice hikers. Visitors can also enjoy awe-inspiring views of Bandar Punch and Chaukhamba mountains from this sanctuary.

3. Enjoy Swimming at Kempty Falls:
 Head to the very old and famous Kempty Falls and enjoy a rejuvenating bath in the cool water of the majestic fall while soaking in the spellbinding valley views. Developed by the Britishers back in the 1830s, this majestic waterfall cascades from an elevation of around 1,364 meters and forms a part of the Mussoorie holiday packages of nature lovers.

4. Walk through History at Soham Heritage & Art Centre:
 If you are a history fanatic do not forget to add Soham Heritage & Art Centre in your Mussoorie tour packages. Here, you can witness a wide exhibit of age-old Himalayan artefacts, paintings, and texts and learn about the intriguing history of these collections.

5. Take a Leisurely Stroll at Municipal Garden:
 Pay a visit to the picturesque municipal garden and enjoy the colonial feel as you stroll here. This beautiful park is home to more than 800 species of plants, starting from petunias to dahlias. The park also offers you the chance to enjoy boat rides and buy saplings of umpteen varieties of flora. The panoramic views of the valley in Mussoorie add so much charm to Mussoorie trip packages.

6. Enjoy paragliding in Mussoorie: For an unobstructed view of the Himalayas, go paragliding on your Mussoorie trip and enjoy the enticing vistas. With gentle slopes and favourable wind patterns, you can soar through the sky, witness the majestic mountains, lush green valleys, and cascading waterfalls below. Indulge in the adrenaline rush and sense of freedom for some unforgettable adventure. Whether you're a seasoned paraglider or a first-timer, this charming hill station promises an exhilarating and unforgettable aerial escapade. You can try this paragliding at Bir Billing, Mussoorie Lake, and Dhanaulti. joy of flying with breathtaking views of the scenic landscape.

7. Don’t miss out on SkyWalk Adventure: Make sure that your Mussoorie tour packages include SkyWalk adventure at the Mussoorie-Dhanaulti road. Strapped in for safety, the adventure makes you fly at a height of 120 feet, making you cover a distance of 360 feet in less than 10 minutes. Imagine the flurry of excitement and the goosebumps that will pump your energy levels while you relish the magnificent visuals from such height. Surrounded by astounding scenery and a serene atmosphere and also explore several other 

8. Rock Climbing in Mussoorie: One of the main attractions included in Mussoorie packages, rock climbing is a must try sport.  If you are a keen adventurer and can embark on some adrenaline rush, you must begin your journey that measures between 80 to 160 feets. With numerous rocks, uneven terrains and lofty peaks, you can marvel at the space and enjoy the best time of your vacation. 

9. Take a Wildlife Safari: Home to a myriad of colourful birds, flora and fauna, the Benog wildlife sanctuary in Mussoorie is famous for nature lovers. Coming here, you will be greeted by a horde of benedictory pines, cedar trees and various herbal plants. Observe unique birds at this sanctuary which is a haven for bird watchers and mesmerise yourself by the sights of snow-clad mountains and peaks. 

10. Visit Happy Valley: Explore the charms of Happy Valley, a scenic valley located in the hills with your Mussoorie tour packages.  As you wander, you can visit the Shedup Choepelling Temple, Happy valley adventure park, Jabarkhet nature reserve and Mussoorie heritage centre. In addition, you can embark on nature walks, visit the municipal garden and attend various festivals like Tibetan New year. Relax and unwind in the midst of nature while you learn about local traditions and culture.

Best Time for Mussoorie Tour:

The most ideal time to plan your Mussoorie tours is during the summer months of April to mid-July. During this time, the hill station experiences a cool weather that can offer you respite from the scorching heat. You can also visit Mussoorie during the winter months of December to February, if you want to enjoy snowfall.
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Mussoorie Tour FAQs

Which are the best places to visit at night on a Mussoorie tour?

Here is the list of best places to visit at night on a Mussoorie trip:

1. Mall Road:
Serving as the primary shopping destination of Mussoorie, Mall Road is always given a special position in the Mussoorie tour packages of shoppaholics. You can take a leisurely night stroll through this open market as you shop for amazing local products like junk jewellery, shawls, and carpets.

2. Lambi Dehar Mines: Considered as a haunted spot, Lambi Dehar Mines always attracts thrill seekers and daredevils. This place holds a significant place in the local folklore and makes for an amazing destination to go explore after sunset.

3. Trout House Grill and Bar: Known as one of the most swanky restaurants of Mussoorie, Trout House Grill and Bar offers you the chance to dine under the starry sky while soaking in the spellbinding mountain views. As its name suggests, this place serves some of the finest cocktails and grilled delicacies.

4. Lake Mist: The serene Lake Mist offers you the chance to enjoy a tranquil evening boat ride on its shimmering waters. You can also stroll along the lake and savor some hot local snacks while soaking in the enchanting scenic views. You can even enjoy bonfire and lakeside camping at this spot and wake up to wonderful nature views the next morning, it is considered as one of the best places to visit at night and it should be included in your Mussoorie holiday packages.

5. Mussoorie Lake: A popular inclusion in Mussoorie holiday packages, this lake is an artificial water body located on the Dehradun-Mussoorie road, about 6 km from the city. It is a popular tourist destination and a perfect place to spend some peaceful time amidst nature under the blanket of stars. Enjoy boating, zip-lining, and a small amusement park with rides for children or savour the delectable tastes of food stalls for your dinner. Prepare yourself for some intense star-gazing at this spot while you take a night walk in the cool breezy surrounding. You can also visit the nearby Tibetan market that stays open till late at night. 

6. Chaar Dukhan: Char Dukan is a collection of four iconic shops, which are placed adjacent to each other and have become a premier tourist attraction in the town. On your Mussoorie tour packages, you can marvel at the coolest hangout spots in the hill station, which offers knick knacks such as Wai-Wai, apple cinnamon waffles, Maggie and bun omelettes, pakoras, shakes and pancakes. The rustic surroundings of Chaar Dukan make them a photogenic spot in Mussoorie that never fails to gain the attention of tourists. Spend your evening and night relishing the tasty foods offered here and also go on a night walk around the place which is serene and quiet at night.

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What are the famous adventure activities to do on the Mussoorie tour?

1. Trekking: Enjoy trekking through the enchanting nature trails of Mussoorie and spot umpteen varieties of unique fauna and colourful flora on your way up. Some of the best trekking destinations in the hill station include Happy Valley and Lal Tibba.

2. Paragliding: You can find no better way to explore the majestic hills of Mussoorie than going for paragliding. You can have an amazing time cruising across the vast blue sky above the serene Mussoorie Lake and enjoying the stunning views of shimmering water bodies, lush green stretches, and snow-clad mountains, so you can include this experience in your Mussoorie tour packages.

3. White Water Rafting: The amazing rapids of the Yamuna and Aglar rivers in Mussoorie offer the best setting for enjoying a thrilling white water rafting experience. As you cruise through the azure waters in your raft, you can bask in the enchanting mountain and forest views.

4. Ropeway Riding: No adventure junkie can leave Mussoorie without taking a ropeway ride to the Mussoorie’s second highest peak, Gun Hill Point. While you enjoy this aerial act hanging from the 400 meters long rope, you can soak in the awe-inspiring views of the stunning underlying vistas.

5. Fishing: The freshwater rivers of Mussoorie make for the perfect destination for engaging in trout fishing. You can take a permit from the concerned officials and head to Yamuna or Aglar river to enjoy a wonderful fishing session.

6. Sky Walk: Skywalk is an adventurous activity to be enjoyed on a Mussoorie trip if you are fond of immersing in adventurous activities. Get ready to experience a thrilling view of the surrounding valleys as you make your way across the rope. The activity brings a rush of excitement and gives you a unique chance to partake in zip lining, skywalking on a rope, rappelling, rock climbing, valley crossing and camping. You can pick the activities that interest you the most and ask for necessary safety equipment to begin them.

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What are the best places to visit in Mussoorie with family?

Here are some of the best places to visit in Mussoorie with the family that you should include in your Mussoorie trip:

1. Library Bazaar: Lying in the flamboyant Mall Road, the colonial Library Bazaar is packed with a plethora of shops selling books, clothes, street food, and other local products. You can stroll through this bustling open market and explore the quaint side of Mussoorie while shopping your favorite souvenirs at bargainable prices.

2. Gun Hill Point: Offering a spectacular 360 degrees view of the hill station, Gun Hill Point is an amazing vantage point and the second-highest peak of Mussoorie. Accessible via a 20 minutes trek, the viewpoint offers stunning views of Gangotri, Pothwar, Srikantha, and Bunderpunch.

3. Jharipani Falls: Often found in the Mussoorie tour packages of nature-loving families, Jharipani Falls is an enchanting unexplored picnic spot, lying in Jharipani village. Surrounded by the majestic Shivalik ranges and dotted by a plethora of colorful flowers, this cascading waterfall can be accessed by a trekking trail of 1.5 kilometers, so make sure you include this in your Mussoorie packages.

4. Camel’s Back Road: Offering jaw-dropping views of the majestic Himalayan ranges, Camel’s Back Road is an amazing place to experience the scenic beauty of Mussoorie. Surrounded by towering trees and beautiful ancient houses, this road shelters some quaint souvenir shops and food stalls for you to enjoy shopping and local food tasting.

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Which are the best waterfalls to visit on Mussoorie trip?

1. Tiger Falls: Tiger Falls is a stunning waterfall that reminds you of the mighty power of nature with its cascades of water and breathtaking scenery. It has a towering elevation of three hundred and twelve meters, making it the highest direct waterfall in the country. You can hike up to the waterfall or take a rejuvenating dip in the shallow pond where the water of this waterfall gets collected. 

2. Neer Garh Waterfall: 
Book the Mussoorie tour package and get ready to visit Neer Garh Waterfall that offers an ideal gateway from the hustle and bustle of the city. This majestic waterfall is a series of three waterfalls situated close to each other. During the rainy season, the water becomes torrential, and you can watch it thunder down from a great height. This plummeting waterfall looks heavenly with its breathtaking backdrop and picturesque scenery.

3. Mossy Falls: The sheer beauty of these waterfalls make them a mandatory inclusion in your Mussoorie travel packages. Mossy Falls are a haven for nature enthusiasts and visitors who want to immerse in tranquillity. Surrounded by lush greenery and the scenic sights of the mountains, these waterfalls are the epitome of splendour. You will need to trek a short distance to get to the waterfalls and once you get there, you may further explore the surrounding region by hiking or else, spread a mat for picnicking.

4. Jharipani Falls: Another popular addition to most Mussoorie packages, Jharipani Falls are accessible via a short trek. The waterfall is surrounded by dense forests and offers a serene and peaceful environment. You can enjoy the beautiful view of the waterfall and dip in the cool and refreshing water. The trek to Jharipani Falls is also a great way to experience the natural beauty of the area.

How many days are sufficient to visit Mussoorie?

Two days are quite enough to visit Mussoorie and cover all the important sight-seeing places of the hill-station. There are a lot of places to see and things to do in Mussoorie, thus, it is advisable to even extend your stay, if possible. One can easily spend a week in Mussoorie without getting bored.

Even if you spend most of your days lying in your bed, you can still enjoy your time looking at the mighty Himalayan ranges from your room. Thus, any number of days are good enough to visit Mussoorie. A good Mussoorie tour packages will recommend at least a 4-day state in the heavenly place.

What is Mussoorie known for?

Mussoorie is famous for the mesmerising Himalayan views and numerous incredible places to visit in the area. Places such as Lal Tibba, Camel’s Back Road, Kempty Fall, Bhatta Fall, and the Mall Road are a favorite of tourists.

Tourists flock this popular hill station all through the year because of its pleasant weather and high popularity amongst all the hilly regions in North India. For this reason, Mussoorie is also known as the ‘Queen of Hill Stations.'

Apart from the above, Mussoorie’s Mall Road is known for shopping for woollen clothes, wooden items, and handicrafts. Also, Mussoorie is the home of India’s beloved storyteller and writer, Mr. Ruskin Bond, who is also the reason why people visit this beautiful Himalayan town. All the information related to Mussoorie shall be discussed at the time of selecting your Mussoorie vacation packages.

How long is Mall Road in Mussoorie?

Mall Road in Mussoorie is a stretch of almost 2 km and embellished with shops of books, jewellery, handicrafts, wooden items and showpieces, and woollen clothes. This place is the most popular in all the hill-stations and serves as the hub of shopping, food and heart-warming views of the Doon valley. It is the perfect place for your evening strolls as you get to witness the mesmerizing views of the mighty Himalaya.

How many days are enough for Mussoorie?

You need at least 2 days to enjoy a visit to Mussoorie. Here, is the itinerary of 2 days Mussoorie travel packages:

- Day 1: Reach Mussoorie on day 1 and head for a short local sightseeing tour. On this tour, cover Kempty Falls, Tibetan Buddhist Temple, Camel’s Back Road, Lal Tibba, and Mall Road.

- Day 2: On day 2, resume your local exploration tour and pay a visit to the remaining popular attractions of the town, such as Hathipaon, George’s Everest House, Christ Church, Soham Heritage Center, and Company Bagh.

Is there any snowfall in Mussoorie?

Yes, there is a good amount of snowfall taking place in Mussoorie. Mussoorie experiences snowfall during the months of mid-December, January and February. However, one can find frozen snow in certain areas of the hill-station during the month of March as well.

The place looks mesmerizing with snow in the winter months, which attracts crowds of nearby cities, such as Delhi, Lucknow, Kanpur, Chandigarh, and even Himachal to soak in the dreamy vibes of this place.

Thus, if you want to witness Mussoorie in its complete grace and charm, then you must see the Queen of Hills covered in full white of the winter. There are numerous Mussoorie trip packages available that promise a snowfall experience as well. All you must do is consult with our travel operator today.

Is Mussoorie safe to travel?

Yes, Mussoorie is one of the safest places to visit in India. In fact, it is one of the top travel destinations for solo travellers within the country. That is not it, many women solo travellers have ticked it as quite a safe place to spend a day or two.

The locals are warm, friendly and quite helpful in nature. Since the place experiences an influx of tourists all year long, there are people always around the area. Even so, it is advisable to always be aware of one’s surroundings and follow basic safety protocols, such as carrying safety tools- pepper spray with you to deal with unwanted situations that may or may not arise.

Is Mussoorie worth visiting?

Yes, the hill town of Mussoorie is totally worth visiting. The hill station’s cascading waterfalls, shimmering lakes, verdant landscapes, picturesque viewpoints, colonial feel, colourful local markets, and thrilling adventure activities make Mussorie one of the must-visit destinations in the country.

What to buy in Mussoorie?

The hill station of Mussoorie makes for a unique and flamboyant shopping destination. Some of the most sought-after items to buy on your Mussoorie tours include:

- Woollen garments
- Brassware
- Junk jewellery
- Porcelain items
- Prayer wheels
- Footwear
- Bags
- Tibetan woodwork
- Woven carpets
- Lampshades
- Tibetan sculptures
- British furniture.

Is Mussoorie safe at night?

Yes, Mussoorie is absolutely safe to experience at night for every traveler. You will have a plethora of night activities to enjoy here and since the place is a top tourist destination, you will always be surrounded with people while enjoying outdoor activities late in the evening.

Where can I do paragliding in Mussoorie?

1. Bhatta Falls and Mussoorie Lake: Book the Mussoorie package and get ready for an epic paragliding experience at Bhatta Falls, situated at a distance of four Kilometers from Massorie lake. It is an enticing adventure playground where you can glide weightlessly floating through the sky and enjoy staggering views.

2. Snow adventure park: 
Located near Dhanaulti at a distance of twenty kilometers from Mussoorie, Snow adventure park is one of the best paragliding spots in Mussoorie. You can fly up to fifteen hundred meters amidst breathtaking scenery and feel like a free bird. Local operators and instructors are readily available to offer the best paragliding experience to the tourists.

What are the most romantic things to do on Mussoorie trip?

Here is the list of most romantic things to do on Mussoorie trip:

1. Trek Together to Nag Tibba: If you call yourself an adventurous couple, remember to include a trekking tour to Nag Tibba in your Mussoorie tour packages. Considered as the Nag Tibba range’s highest peak, this spot offers mesmerizing views of Doon Valley, Kedarnath Peak, and Bandarpunch Peak.

2. Go Birdwatching at Mossy Falls: Head to the enchanting Mossy Falls and spend a romantic time together amidst the sweet chirpings of the colorful birds. If you want to enjoy some thrill and exhilaration, consider going for rock climbing or rappelling at the waterfall.

3. Enjoy a Romantic Boat Ride at Mussoorie Lake: Pay a visit to the very famous Mussoorie Lake and enjoy a romantic boat ride on its serene waters. Here, you can also relish some local snacks and hot chai with your sweetheart while soaking in the panoramic views of the distant photogenic valleys and it is one of the best activity to include in your Mussoorie package.

4. Stroll Hand-in-Hand at Company Garden: 
Visit the ever-charming Company Garden with your beloved and spend some cozy hours amidst its lush green stretches, beautiful fountains, colorful flowers, and exotic birds. You can also enjoy a romantic boat ride on the picturesque artificial lake of this park.

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Which are the best resorts to stay on Mussoorie trip?

Here is the list of best resorts to stay on Mussoorie trip:

1. Fortune Resort Grace:
This luxurious stay is located quite close to The Mall Road and thus, serves as an excellent choice for travellers who want to unwind themselves amid the lush green hillside of Mussoorie.

Amongst the services, the resort offers free Wi-Fi, parking, beautiful rooms with flat screen TV and air-conditioners, 24/7 room service, running hot water, and a mini-bar as well. Popular tourist spots in Mussoorie, such as Camel’s Back Road and St. Paul’s Church is at a walking distance from this resort. We choose the best resorts in the area under Mussoorie Tour Packages for the comfortable stay of our customers.

2. WelcomHotel The Savoy: A hotel, which is more than 100 years old, The Savoy has also been a part of many Ruskin Bond stories. It was one of the favourite regal hotels of the British during the time of Raj, when Mussoorie was known to be the summer capital.

The rooms are luxurious, and the services of this hotel have been impeccable since then. It is also situated close to The Mall at Gandhi Chowk. It is one of the best resorts to spend a beautiful summer evening in Mussoorie.

3. Sterling Mussoorie: Surrounded by the magnificent Deodar trees on all sides, this hotel is imbibed with old world charm of Mussoorie and invites tourists from all over India to spend a day or two in its premises.

The hotel is embellished with Victorian-style architecture and serves delectable food at its in-house food service. The room features include everything from flatscreen TV, AC, Private balcony, housekeeping, refrigerator, etc. It is indeed one of the most popular resorts to stay in Mussoorie.

4. Royal Orchid Fort Resort: If you like the royal treatment, then this place is worth your attention and stay. The picturesque Doon valley is magnificent from the balcony of every room in the hotel. Each room comes with all modern-day amenities.

Be assured to stay in a comfortable hotel like above when you book one of our Mussoorie packages.

Mussoorie Tour Reviews

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Shambhavy Singh
Reviewed: 23 Jun 2023
Wonderful experience! But faced few issues. The entire schedule was well planned and next day timings were informed prior day for perfect on time schedule. The best part was: 1. All stay location were absolutely good. Yamunotri stay had beautiful view and river bank, we enjoyed in the yamuna river ... Read More
Shambhavy  Singh
Shambhavy  Singh
Shambhavy  Singh
Shambhavy  Singh
Shambhavy  Singh
Shambhavy  Singh
(26+)View All
Sukrit Khandpur
Reviewed: 02 Jan 2023
We were looking for a holiday after a gap of 4 years and wanted a relaxing, rejuvenating, and adventurous. Thrillophilla travel guide Mr Hariom understood the requirement and planned the itinerary accordingly. We had great fun and enjoyed each location without rushing through sightseeing points, as ... Read More
Sukrit Khandpur
Sukrit Khandpur
Sukrit Khandpur
Sukrit Khandpur
Sukrit Khandpur
Sukrit Khandpur
(9+)View All
Anil Upadhya
Reviewed: 23 May 2023
The trip was planned pretty well. Only thing I want to suggest is the pls provide the accomodation near to location instead of travelling back to hotel... Other than that all went according to plan
Tulsinarain Khandelwal
Reviewed: 08 Jul 2022
I will definitely connect with thrillophilia in the future for such package. Hotel was well maintained and staff were cooperative. It was a fantastic experience, really loved it. vendor and driver also good 👍
Tulsinarain  Khandelwal
Tulsinarain  Khandelwal
Vedant Patil
Reviewed: 01 Jul 2022
The driver of the vehicle was a newbie we literally had to guide him everywhere on the route through the Google maps, but rest everything was very good. The driver was very friendly and coordinating. Trip was well planned and very safe. Accommodation was very good. Food was very good. All in all the... Read More
Vedant Patil
Vedant Patil
Asmit Patil
Reviewed: 26 Jul 2021
My office colleagues and I decided to arrange a trip to Nainital from Delhi a few weeks ago, and we came across thrillophilia when looking for reasonable packages. On our way to Nainital, we stopped at the lovers point, where the scenic splendour of the area engulfed us. We arrived on schedule, a... Read More

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