35 Things to Do in Mussoorie 2021 (Starting from ₹450 Only)

Wondering about the things to do in Mussoorie? Crowned as the “Queen of hills”, the hillock showcases exceptional artistry of nature, which is worth a visit. With a wide array of beat-skipping adventures to hiking up the majestic mountains, this hill-station one spot for all. Seated at an elevation of almost 2,000 m this upland is a contrast of picture-perfect vistas and lush green carpets of pines. Be it a trip with your bunch of folks or a solo trip, this place owns a gamut of enthralling adventures, which are just perfect to satiate your hunger of amusement. This place showcases an exceptional melange of soothing environs and serenity, which draws tourists from all over the map. Apart from just exploring the adventurous side, here on can also embrace the beauty of the region with alluring places like Mussoorie lake, gun hill point, Mall road, Kempty falls, Bhatta falls, and countless others, which will keep you engaged all through the trip.

Love taking a part of the trip back home? Stroll through the streets of the region and explore the pretty little things it owns. Be it the vibrant colored Kaftan tops or finely crafted handicrafts, this place is packed with an abundance of it. As a part of the excursion, here you can wander in several markets namely the Library, Landour Bazaar and Kulri market, which has almost everything you are looking for. A vacation at this hillock will definitely be a memorable one, as there is no dearth of remarkable places. In these markets, you can also pick up leather bags and silver ornaments, which are a creation of the land itself. Don’t let the price tags disappoint you, all you need to do is bring your bargaining skills in action and get the thing at minimal price possible. Are you a wildlife lover? Make a visit to the Benog Sanctuary, which is a must-visit destination, as it possesses an excellent collection of flora and fauna. Ranging from the Leopard Himalayan bear to Mountain Quails, here one can spot all of them. If you are a true explorer and wish to traverse each and every segment of the hillock, then you can hire a bike and roll through the land of picturesque settings. While you opt for this activity, you can not only witness the explored corners but you will also come across some virgin, unexploited segments, which will be a treat to your eyes.

Dive in an oasis of spectacular things to do in Mussoorie, which encompasses witnessing the cable car, sparkling kempty fall, alluring gun hill point and a lot more. Are you looking for exceptional adventures which will make your heart stop thumping? Well, you have landed up to the right place, as here you can experience a bag full of exciting activities in Mussoorie.  Here you can quench your thirst of adventure and create a whole new experience in your book of adventures, by hiking up the bewildering trails it has to offer. Here you can trace, the gun hill point, clouds end and various other places which exhibit mesmerizing views of nature.

Once you have covered the lands within the region, then you can travel the trails surrounding the region for which Mussoorie is a base camp. If this is not enough for you, then don’t be disappointed as here you can experience a whole lot more amusing adventures like rock climbing, rappelling, mountain biking, and various others. Apart from this, here you can also fly like a bird and embrace the beauty of the majestic hills from high above the ground. Rafting is another activity, which gives one thrill, and this can be witnessed here. Looking for a refreshing retreat? Mark your footprints at the Bhatta Falls, which is tucked amidst the Doon Valley and is filled up with serenity and freshness. A visit to this will undeniably rejuvenate each and every corner of the mind and soul.

Apart from this, here you can also luxuriate at the stellar resorts, which caters to warm hospitality and keeps up the spark of closeness to nature alive. When you have witnessed the long list of things to do in Mussoorie, then you can come back to your dwelling and relax. Stays like JW Marriott, Jaypee residency, Fortune resort grace, Mussoorie Gateway, and several others, which are packed with a bounty of top-notch amenities. Whether you looking for a blend of heritage feels and enchanting nature, or round the clock service, here you can have all of it. Also, the rooms are equipped with ultra-modern facilities and the luxury stays have all the amenities like spa, outdoor pool, room service, access to Wifi and a whole lot more.

Give your taste buds a treat with the lip-smacking cuisine of the upland, which is indeed one of the best things to do in Mussoorie. Jam-packed with a remarkable count of cafes, here one can savor amazing delights at places like Domas Inn, Kalsang, Trout house grill and bar, JW cafe and numerous others. With places like the Writer’s Bar, one can immerse in a state of elation with its heritage feels and also treat the taste buds with a wide range of culinary. If you love gazing at nature then make a visit to the Wisteria Deck, which is seated at a high elevation and from here one can embrace the lure of breathtakingly beautiful landscapes and also enjoy the variants of cuisines. Boasting with a big list of activities to do in Mussoorie, a trip to this slice of Himalayas will be a remarkable one, and here one can create long-lasting memories to cherish lifelong. Still pondering why Mussoorie? Make a visit to this quarter and you will get your answers!

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03 December 2015
·Offering exciting adventure sports, Snow Adventure Zone, Mussoorie promises to offer an enthralling experience to those who are young at heart and adventuresome. Loved to be there with my friends.
17 February 2020
The rooms are airy, spacious and spacious with beautiful interior. we enjoyed the stay. Loved It!! The package was available at the best price, was very satisfied with the deal. The view from our room was very beautiful, had a good time with my partner. All I want is to thank Thrillophilia for their pocket-friendly package. We are looking forward to book with them again!
Highly recommended! Visited here with my family. Amatra Dunsvirk Court is situated in the foothills of the Himalayas. The staff were very helpful. The spa facility was outstanding. The food was delicious. Looking forward to visiting again!
17 November 2019
Visited first time with friends at this resort Seclude, Mussoorie. The accommodations that provided were very comfortable, everything went perfectly well. Staff was helpful, service was also very good.
18 January 2020
I booked Seclude Mussorie from Thrillophilia at a very decent price and visited here with my family and we really had a great time at the resort, along with delicious food. Loved everything about the resort. The view of mountains from the room is really breathtaking. We have taken the bike provided on rent included in our package and went for lcal sightseeing. Loved it a lot! Thank you Thrillophilia.
18 November 2020
I booked this place from Thrillophilia, unfortunately we couldn't stay there due to unavailability of COVID REPORT, however Thrillophilia team really helped us finding new place for the same dates and under our budget. We were really happy with their assistance.
18 January 2020
The location and view from the rooms are amazing. Wonderful service and very friendly staff. The hotel is spacious. The rooms are beautiful. Well designed rooms so that you get natural light in the room. Would recommend this place to people planning to have a nice, quiet and peaceful vacation. Thanks, Thrillophilia for such a nice package at such pocket friendly prices.
18 December 2019
We went to Mussoorie and it was an awesome trip, we booked this stay from Thrillophilia and it was a good experience. The location of the hotel was perfect amidst nature. The ambiance of the hotel is nice. Me and my partner loved our accommodation. The staff has also arranged a small cake on special demand for us to celebrate our holidays. Also had a romantic candle light dinner and loved the bonfire after it. Must visit for couples!
13 February 2020
I have booked this resort for my honeymoon. We have booked the suite that was luxurious with all the modern amenities, and clean and well decorated. The staff here was very cooperative and have made special arrangements of small candle light dinner on our special request. I must say Mussoorie is a heaven on Earth one must visit this place.
19 December 2019
One of the best stays!! We loved the hotel, the location was easy to find and very beautiful also. The food there was delicious and served on-time. The service was good and the staffs were friendly. We enjoyed our nature walk with our guide. He was cooperative and helped us in exploring the city. He has also suggested us some of the famous attractions to must visit in Mussoorie which we enjoyed later on this trip. Thank you Thrillophilia for providing us the best deals.

People Also Ask About Mussoorie Things To Do

  1. What are the best things to do in Mussoorie?

    Below mentioned are the best places/things to do in Mussoorie:

    • Kempty Falls

    The thunderous Kempty falls, located amongst scenic surroundings, are a must-visit while in Mussoorie.

    • Lal Tibba

    Revered for its jaw-dropping views, the highest peak in Mussoorie, Lal Tibba also has a Japanese telescope to give tourists a clearer view of its breath-taking environs.

    • Active Sightseeing

    Cable-car rides, rope suspension and sky bridges add to the sightseeing experience in Mussoorie. Kempty Falls, Happy Valley, Gun Hill and Mussoorie Lake are popular spots for the same. Mussoorie lake has a small waterfall nearby and is a picture perfect locale. Camel’s Back Rd. is frequented by tourism photographers for the stunning views it provides.

    • Adventure Sports

    Mussoorie is known for its wide array of adventure sports including trekking and hiking on Lal Tibba, besides the Har ki dun trek and Dodital trek. Its also replete with adventure activities like ziplining, rope walking, sky bridging, rappelling and rafting.

    • Happy Valley

    Vestiges of the Tibetan settlement in Mussoorie are evident here. Happy Valley is a Buddhist area, quaint in its far-eastern charm. It’s also a pretty place lined by oak and deodar trees and decorated with small eateries at every nook and corner.

    • Christ Church

    Admire the splendid architecture and stained glass display at Christ Church.

    • Sir George Everest’s Home

    An erstwhile house, now a museum, this place belonged to Sir Everest after whom the mountain is named. The museum has an interesting collection of photographs and artefacts.

    • Jwalaji Temple

    Pay a visit to this house of worship which has a shrine of Lord Durga.

    • Shopping

    The Mall Road in Mussoorie is a shopper’s delight. In addition, there are Landour and Kulri Bazaar, which sell eclectic woollens, windcheaters and shawls, apart from antique curios, period furniture and rustic jewellery.

    • Lake Mist

    This picturesque lake, cradled by the nearby forest, makes for an idyllic picnic locale. Enjoy boating here.

    • Municipal Gardens

    The gardens are picture-perfect and boast a variety of flowers such as peony, dahlia, petunia and pansy. The ticket is Rs. 5/person.

  2. What are the best adventure activities to do in Mussoorie?

    Mussoorie is replete with innumerable adventure activities and sports. Some of the most adrenalizing things to do here include:

    • Trekking and Camping

    Mussoorie makes for an ideal trekking destination, barring the months of monsoon. Scaling Lal Tibba, the highest peak here, is an unparalleled experience. Other camping and trekking options include Dodital Trek, Yamunotri Saptarishi Kund Trek, Har ki dun Trek et cetera.

    • Walking and Cycling

    The serene and salubrious ambience of this hill station makes it a wholesome place for a stroll or a bicycle ride. Some of the prettiest tracks here are from Happy Valley to Library Rd, from Valley View to Clouds End and from Waverly Convent to Company Bagh.

    • Skywalk

    This is a thrilling ropewalk, over a 350 ft long wire rope, at a height of almost 120!

    • Zip Lining

    This is a rapid, fun activity for true adventure travellers. You are harnessed with the help of a rope and then made to slide down it at a speed of 50 kmph.

    • Zip Swinging

    Zip Swinging is an uber bingo as it combines the thrill of a giant swing with the kick of zip lining.

    • Rock Climbing

    Mussoorie is studded with rocks of all sizes, making it conducive to the sports of rappelling and rock climbing.

    • Caving

    At Burans Khanda, there are many caves, set in haunting alpine forests that tourists can explore and enjoy as a group activity.

    • Mountain Biking

    The rugged contouring and steep valleys in this area make ATV and mountain biking more exciting and pleasurable.

    • Paragliding

    There is nothing like the aerial adventure of paragliding for a spectacular view of the hill station! The costs range from Rs. 2000-10000 per head.

    • Water Sports

    The waters of Mussoorie are excellent spots for boating, fishing and river rafting!

    • Ice Skating

    Mussoorie has India’s largest roller-skating rink. The Rink in Kulri Bazaar and Jaypee Resorts are popular venues for this activity.

  3. Which are some famous campsites in Mussoorie?

    Famous campsites in Mussoorie are on the way to Lal Tibba, Nag Tibba Summit, Bhadraj Temple and Forest Trek, Har ki dun Trek, Dodital Trek and even en route Sir George Everest’s house.

  4. Which are the most adventurous places for trekking in Mussoorie?

    Lal Tibba, Nag Tibba summit, Har ki dun, Dodital, Yamunotri Saptarishi Kund, Jwali Devi Temple and Jabharkhet Nature Reserve trek are the most adventurous options in Mussoorie.

    While the highlights of most is scaling the rugged mountains, Jabharket Trek promises education about the flora and fauna of Jabharkhet Wildlife Sanctuary and is a must for nature lovers.

  5. What are the things to do during corporate team outings in Mussoorie?

    The best corporate team outings are both pleasurable and exciting. Adventure parks make for good excursions as these include outdoor sports such as abseiling, rock climbing, sky bridging and rope walking.

    In addition, trekking to Lal Tibba is an enthralling group activity and so is walking through the roads of Happy Valley, soaking in the Buddhist culture. Also, Mussoorie hosts many winemaking workshops throughout and vinification can make for an offbeat corporate outing.

  6. Which are the best destinations for a wildlife experience in Mussoorie?

    Benog Wildlife Sanctuary

    The verdant pine forests of Benog Sanctuary, overflowing with the bounty of an active ecosystem, makes the place is a must visit for nature enthusiasts. The Sanctuary is home to the Ghurul, Leopard Himalayan Bear, Panther and also very rarely, the exotic Mountain Quail.

    Jabharkhet Wildlife Sanctuary

    This reserve makes for a great trekking and camping destination in addition to its complete wildlife. You may spot leopards at night in this sanctuary. The flora and fauna here boasts leopards, langurs, black bear, porcupines and martens. The forest is covered in thick growth of rhododendron and berry and fruit trees. Birdwatchers and laymen alike will notice flocks of thrushes, jays, magpies, songbirds and exotic species of vultures.

  7. Which are the best locations for paragliding in Mussoorie?

    Lal Tibba scenic Point, Mussoorie Lake and the nearby Lakhamandal, are areas in and around Mussoorie, conducive to the aerial adventure of paragliding.

    Costs range from Rs. 2000 to Rs. 10,000 per person depending on duration of flight.

  8. Which are the best routes for mountain biking in Mussoorie?

    Mussoorie to Dhanaulti makes for a scenic and fun biking tour. In addition,

    Purkal-Rajpur Bike Tour

    Covers a distance of 35 km and acquaints you with the Uttarakhand village life.

    George Everest Bike Tour

    One of the best for adventure tourists, this tour starts from Barlowganj and is a long bike trail. It includes a visit to the Nag Devta temple and a scenic trip down the road towards Waverly School.

    Chhasket Bike Tour

    Begins from Clouds End and makes for a serene trail that culminates in the quaint village of Chhasket.

    Mountain Quail Bike Trail

    This is a trail circuit that traverses the Vinog Sanctuary and is a treat for nature lovers.

  9. Where can I enjoy rock climbing in Mussoorie?

    Kempty Falls offer various sizes of rock, suited to climbing. The area near Buddhist Temple also makes for a great location for rock climbing. Burans Khanda also has potential for the sport. Apart from natural rock climbing, there are many adventure resorts that provide this activity in Mussoorie.

  10. Which are the best destinations for rappelling in Mussoorie?

    Burans Khanda is a great destination for rappelling in Mussoorie apart from Kempty Falls and the area at the backside of Camelback Road. Snow Adventure Zone also offers various degrees of rappelling and rock climbing.

  11. What are the things to do in snow adventure zone in Mussoorie? What are its charges?

    Snow adventure zone is a resort known for its wide range of adrenalizing sports for adventure tourists. It provides an array of activities including Skywalking, Ziplining, Paintball, Rappelling, Rock Climbing, Caving, Trekking and Mountain Biking.

    Costs depend on the type of activity, but mostly range from Rs. 300-1000/ride.

  12. Which are the best sites for fishing in Mussoorie?

    Mussoorie is popular for freshwater fishing. The Aglar River and Yamuna River offer good catch.

    The hill station is known for its Trout, Maund and Mahseer fish.

  13. Where can I try zip lining in Mussoorie? What are its charges?

    The best areas for ziplining in Mussoorie are at Kempty Falls and Happy Valley. This are offered by Mussoorie Adventure Park and Snow Adventure Zone, among other outdoor sports centres.

    Charges are Rs. 300 onwards for zip lining and zip swinging.