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Situated on the Western Ghats, enriched by the niche of the sea life, residing in the Arabian Sea and bordered by the abundant forests and hills, Mumbai is more than a commercial pivot and can be viewed through the lens of Wildlife as well. Living in the heart of the city with concrete skyscrapers standing tall on the horizon, it is rather difficult to imagine that this city can offer something more natural. Many describe this city as the ‘New York’ of India as well. But when you get the time out from the rat-race and you yearn to indulge and scout out, wildlife tours in Mumbai can be a gateway to many such destinations in the outskirts to head out and explore. With Thrillophilia at your service, your search for a learning quest into the Wildlife close to Mumbai can come true anytime. Bordering with Karnataka, the options of Wildlife and endangered animal reserves are widened. The Western Ghats offers one of the richest flora and fauna of India and the number of locations to visit is in plenty. Thrillophilia has tie-ups with all the sanctuaries around and even organizes educational tours for all age groups.


Photography as both a hobby and a profession has got the interests of many people around the globe with social media being the catalyst here. Imagine having a photography workshop into the wild with animals moving around in their natural habitat. Thrillophilia also organizes such camps and activities that can include Wildlife tours in Mumbai. Is the city life of Mumbai becoming overwhelming or are you in Mumbai and have enough time to kill? Use this time and feeling as an opportunity and get to explore the wildlife on the Ghats. Every location will always have a different experience to present.

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Superb trip I ever had!!! the operator was very approachable and careful about our safety, Our guide was informative shows all the attractions of the place and explained in details the dam, the waterfall, and the viewpoints were mesmerizing and breathtaking, The jungle safari was one of the kind moment that we are waited for so long. The rooms here were clean and spacious with good hospitalities, good meals at a cheaper rate. The nice locale with the natural beauty of nature... Many things to express but I have no words only "WOW". So satisfied and extremely worth it tour.
02 April 2016
Me and our entire family that also consists of 2 young members went for this trail and had it done within a day. The kids were too excited during the entire trail and it was very informative for them as well. Even we the adults also enjoyed it a lot. The way it was arranges was really good.
27 January 2016
It was a nice break from the regular schedule of our city life. I don't think within a day there are plenty of such options in and around Mumbai. The trail was very refreshing and the activity guides were very informative.
16 March 2016
Brahmdev Somayaji Explore Wildlife in Dandeli
Dandeli is a beautiful place and one of the best places for nature lovers or adventure seekers! I visited this place with my friends for a 5 day trip and this was one of our best trips till date. The best part was the night safari. We also took part in a lot of activities like kayaking and river crossing. The wildlife safari was amazing and we spotted a few elephants, deers and monkeys. Felt really refreshed after the whole experience.
My family had a great time there in the Dajipur Wildlife Sanctuary where they were provided with good accommodation and great service for the staff. The jungle safari and sightseeing were unforgettable as we can see many cute and wild creatures from a very good and safe transport. Amazing place with good sceneries all over the places. The tour was very well-arranged. Everything was on-time and got what we expected. Easy tickets with a Good tour and an AWESOME experience.
Nice adventurous life with my cousins. The trip was fulfilling. So satisfying stay and activities with good support from the entire team. Paddle boating was quite amazing, stunning scenic and great sightseeing. Learn alot from this sanctuary. Good pictures and over the top excitement. Good price with a huge experience.
I just wanted to express my experience and a special thanks to the team. A very well-arranged tour with perfect service. We got to explore and had a great adventure in the forest. Overall was extremely amazing. Good job team.
Super cool place for me, it is much better then beaches and clubs. Must try this. This will give you best experience for sure. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED..
Super cool place for me, it is much better then beaches and clubs. Must try this. This will give you best experience for sure. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED..