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Housed in the Kangra district and at the suburbs of the town of Dharamshala, Mcleodganj, Himachal Pradesh is one of the most favorite tourist destinations of recent times. Because of being occupied by a lot many of Tibetans who moved here after China’s invasion of their homeland, Mcleodganj is also sometimes referred to as the Little Lhasa. It is also noteworthy the exiled government of Tibet is also based in Mcleodganj only.

Speaking of Mcleodganj tourism, this quaint little town some 3 km away from Dharamshala is visited by thousands of tourists every year. People come here for various reasons like spirituality, volunteer programs, Himalayan experiences and adventures, and for much other sightseeing, photo and excursion opportunities in this religious small town cum hill station in the Himalayas.

The town of Mcleodganj, Himachal Pradesh is famous especially and foremostly for being a spiritual getaway and pilgrimage for the Buddhists. The reason behind that is it is home to the 14th Dalai Lama of the Buddhists, Lama Tenzin Gyatso, who came here in the year of 1960 after his exile from Tibet. Dalai Lama established Tibet Government in exile here at Dharamshala and made the quaint little town of Mcleodganj as his permanent residence.

The presence of His Holiness in town attracts a lot of tourists and pilgrims to the town. Mcleodganj is also one of the best places to see the real lifestyle of Tibetan Buddhists and monks from up close. One of the reasons this place is called Little Lhasa is because the people have built this place in the image of their previous abode. And it is possible to get a glimpse of the Dalai Lama on the occasions that he is in town and one of the many Buddhist festivals celebrated in the town.

Apart from this, Mcleodganj is considered by many to be an adventurous hub, especially in terms of trekking in Mcleodganj. Home to one of the most beautiful, scenic and exciting treks of the country, the Triund Trek, Mcleodganj is the base camp for reaching the summit of the famous hill. Starting from Dharamkot in Mcleodganj, the 9 km trek leads the trekker through forests of Oak, Deodar, and Rhododendron before opening up to one of the best sceneries that you will find in the Himalayas.

And as the elevation rises, the picturesque hills and valleys become clearer, giving it all a serene touch. Upon reaching the top of Triund, one can see far off hills of the Dhauladhar mountain range that look to be so close that you could touch them if you only extended your hand. The exciting trek has become such a favorite of the community that one can even call it the poster boy of Mcleodganj tourism. And speaking of mountain ranges, Mcleodganj lies in the Dhauladhar range, with the highest peak of the range Hanuman ka Tibba lying just behind the town. The 5,639m giant stands tall and like a guard in the backdrop which is a sight to behold from everywhere in the hill station.

And with such beauty and spirituality, sightseeing in Mcleodganj is something that will never bore a person visiting here. Apart from Triund, some of the places to visit in Mcleodganj include the name of the famous Bhagsunath temple. Attached to a wonderful legend, the medieval era temple dedicated to Lord Shiva is famous for a waterfall that flows right through the temple. The majestic cascading waterfall, called the Bhagsunag falls, forms a pool at the base which is considered to be sacred amongst the devotees and dip in the cold water brings about a different feeling of spiritual in the people.

Another famous tourist spot in Mcleodganj, Himachal Pradesh is Kareri Lake. Filled with the melting snow of the Dhauladhar ranges, this lake at the base of the Minkiani Pass is the perfect combination of offbeat trekking and scenic beauty in the middle of snow-capped peaks. Alongside the experience of trekking to this calm and serene lake is the added experience of camping by its side and in a scenic meadow right under the Minkiani Pass.

Speaking of which, the Minkiani Pass is another great place to see when in Mcleodganj. You can simply extend your trek to Kareri Lake to conquer the summit of this serene pass lying at an amazing height of 14,000ft above sea level. The view that one gets of the nearby ranges makes you feel like you are walking on the clouds. A great place to take pictures, Minkiani Pass trek is considered to be somewhere in between easy and moderate in difficulty and makes it worth facing the trek at the end.

And one of the most important places in Mcleodganj is the Namgyal Monastery. The place is actually a personal monastery for the 14th Dalai Lama and relates to the very second Religious teacher of the Buddhist belief, dating back to the mid 16th century. Originally in Lhasa, the monastery was entirely relocated to Mcleodganj in the uprising of 1959 and is now the home to the Dalai Lama. It is also the largest Tibetan Temple outside of Tibet. Apart from being a beautiful monastery, Namgyal is also center for education, called the Namgyal Tantric College, where the arts of Kalachakra, Vajrakilaya and many other such Tantric practices are taught to the future Namgyal Monks.

With such beauty, spirituality, adventure, and serenity, Mcleodganj is truly one of the best places to visit in the Himalayas. In fact, Mcleodganj, Himachal Pradesh, and many areas around it are experiences that should be visited at least once in a lifetime. So let the adventure unfurl as you take on the spellbinding journey through this amazing hill station of the Kangra District and in the lap of the Dhauladhar mountains.

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People Also Ask About Mcleodganj

  1. Which are famous places to visit in Mcleodganj?

    Here is the list of the few spots that you must visit in Mcleodganj:

    1. Triund Hil;: 
    This is a stunning ridge located in the Dhauladhar Mountains that offers gorgeous views of the mountains and the valleys. Triund is an ideal destination for some of the best adventurous activities like trekking, camping, and hiking. It also has a Devi Temple situated at the highest point where you can seek some blessings.

    2. St.John’s Church: 
    St.John’s Church is a neo-Gothic style church that was erected by John The Baptist in 1852. It has Belgian stained windows designed by an Italian artist. The Church overlooks a graveyard having the gravestone of Lord Elgin. You can also attend the mass prayer over here every Saturday.

    Naddi Village, McLeod Ganj, Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh 176215.
    Timing: 7 am-6 pm.

    3. Tibet Museum: 
    If you wish to know about Tibetan culture and traditions, then this museum should be a must-visit for you. It has around three thousand photographs, installations, and videos that disseminate the knowledge of Tibetan history. You can also witness here a permanent traveling exhibition that documents the journey of Tibetans into the Himalayan region.

    Location: Near Dalai Lama Temple, McLeod Ganj, Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh 176219.
    Timing: 9 am- 5 pm.

    4. Dharamkot: 
    This is a quaint sleepy village from where you can have an enthralling view of the Dhauladhar Range. It also houses the Tushita Retreat Centre, where you can meditate and attain some peace.

    Trekking is one of the most popular activities that you can try at Dharamkot as it has some of the most popular hikes such as Indrahar Pass trek and Triund Trek. You can also visit Bhagsu Waterfall that is a serene gateway of nature sprinkled with lush greenery at Dharamkot.

    Location: Mcleodganj, Himachal Pradesh.

    5. Masroor Temple: 
    Built-in Nagra architectural style Masroor Temple is one of the best spiritual retreats in Mcleodganj. It is a Hindu temple that was built in the 18th century by cutting the rocks.

    It is a cluster of fifteen rock temples built around the central shrine and is also known as the Ellora of Himachal Pradesh due to its stunning architecture. It displays carvings on the monolithic rocks that look extremely appealing to the visitors.

    Location: Lahalpur, Masroor, Himachal Pradesh.
    Timing: 6 am to 6 pm.

    6. Indrahar Pass: 
    If you’re looking to visit the offbeat attractions in Mcleodganj, then Indrahar Pass should be your ideal spot. It has some of the most adventurous trekking trails that offer a splendid view of the Himalayan ranges. Located at a height of 4324 feet, it entices the hikers and trekkers all across the globe.

    Location: Alangari, Himachal Pradesh 176219.

    7. Maharana Pratap Sagar Lake: 
    Located amidst the stunning landscape of alluring mountains, Maharana Pratap Lake is an artificial lake that arises from the reservoir located across the Beas River. You can indulge in several activities over here, such as bird watching, fishing, and boating.

    Location: Location: Kangra district, Himachal Pradesh.
  2. What are the different activities to do in Mcleodganj?

    Here is the list of some of the most enthralling activities that you can enjoy in Mcleodganj.

    1. Enjoy a boat ride in the Dal Lake: 
    Witness the picturesque beauty of Mcleodganj by enjoying a boat ride in the Dal Lake. This beautiful lake offers a peaceful setting to the visitors to soothe their souls. You can also visit Lord Shiva temple that is located on the banks of this river after enjoying the serene boating experience.

    Location: Kangra District, Himachal Pradesh.

    2. Trekking to Kangra Valley: 
    One of the best activities that you can enjoy at Mcleodganj is a trekking expedition to the Kangra Valley. This is a scenic trek that delights the visitors with its beautiful lakes, old temples, and remotely located Hindu towns. The starting point of the trek is Mcleodganj, and it then passes through Kareri Village. The best thing is that this trek is ideal for both the expert as well as the beginners.

    Location: Bhagpur, Himachal Pradesh 176058.

    3. Buy souvenirs from the Local Markets:
    Shop till you drop at Mcleodganj to stock up some of the best souvenirs for your friends and family members.  Some of the local markets located here, such as Mcleodganj Central Square, Kotwali Bazaar, and Jogiwara Road, are known for selling the best Tibetan rugs, carpets, and exotic sculptures. You can also buy wooden carvings and spices from these local shops at an extremely pocket-friendly rate.

    4. Camping under the stars: 
    Camping is another popular activity that you must try in Mcleodganj for offbeat adventure. Triund is the ideal spot for the camping enthusiasts as it is surrounded by mighty peaks and lush green valleys that offer you the unadulterated view of nature.

    The campsites here offer warm bonfire, local food, and a clean and hygienic environment. You can listen to soothing music and play enjoyable games with your friends while camping here.

    Location: Himachal Pradesh 176219.

    5. Dine at the Lively Restaurants and Cafes: 
    You can’t complete the tour of Mcleodganj without enjoying its local delicacies that are guaranteed to leave you mouth-watering. There are many cafes and restaurants located here that offer delicious momos and noodles that are the specialties of the Himalayan region. Some of the recommended cafes that you can visit over here are Namgyal Café, Jimmy’s Italian Kitchen, and Woeser Bakery.

    6. Indulge in Spa Therapy: 
    Refresh your tired body and mind by enjoying a rejuvenating spa session at Ayurvedic Rejuvenation Centre that offers some of the best massage treatments and best in class ayurvedic therapies. You’re also guided about your diet and routine at this spa center so that you can adapt to the Ayurvedic lifestyle and lead a healthy life.

    7. Explore the Tibetan culture at Norbulingka Institute: 
    If you wish to know about the teachings of the Tibetan community, then Norbulingka Institute should be a must-visit for you. This is a cultural center where you can watch several artisans wood-crafting, making thangka paintings and statues. The institute is also a scenic sight where you can witness different species of birds and water cascading through the Japanese style gardens.

    Location: Palampur - Dharamshala Rd, Sidhpur, Himachal Pradesh 176057.
    Entry Fee/Price: Rs 20 per person.

  3. What is the best time to visit Mcleodganj?

    March to June is considered to be the best time to visit Mcleodganj as the temperature hovers between 25 degrees Celsius offering a pleasant and soothing climate. If you love chilled weather, then you can also visit the region between February to October when the temperature lingers around 9 to -1 degrees Celsius.
  4. How many days are enough for Mcleodganj?

    A total of three days will be enough to visit Mcleodganj. You should reserve the first day for sightseeing and the second day to try the famous activities like paragliding, trekking, hiking, etc. On the third day, you can enjoy the local cuisines and have a shopping spree at the local bazaars.
  5. What can I buy in Mcleodganj?

    There are plenty of things that you can buy in Mcleodganj:

    -Beautiful clothes
    -Colorful Purses and bags
    -Handmade paper and handcrafted diaries
    -Singing bowls
    -Buddha statues
    -Decorative knick knacks
    -Tibetan Handicrafts.

  6. What is famous in Mcleodganj?

    Mcleodganj is extremely famous for its temples, lakes, and monasteries. Here are a few other things that are popular here:

    -Adventure sports
    -Meditation Centers
    -Himalayan food- thukpa, momos
    -Carpets and rugs

  7. Is there snowfall in McLeodganj?

    Yes, you can experience snowfall between February and December in Mcleodganj.
  8. Is McLeodganj safe to travel?

    Yes, Mcleodganj is extremely safe to travel, and you won’t find any sort of notorious activities prevalent here. But you should take care of your belongings while going out to reduce the chances of burglary.

  9. What are the best treks in McLeodganj?

    Get ready for some adrenaline rush by enjoying a trekking expedition at these popular treks in Mcleodganj.

    1. Kareri River Trek: 
    Located in the Southern region of the Dhauladhar range, Kareri River Trek is a popular trekking destination in Mcleodganj. The trail offers you a stunning view of the dense rhododendron forests and a wooden bridge. It is suitable both for experienced as well as beginners as it doesn’t have very narrow steeps.

    2. Guna Devi Temple Trek: 
    Considered to be the most famous religious spots in Mcleodganj Guna Devi Temple is an abode of tranquility and peace. To reach this temple, you have to trek through the Naddi Village to Ball Village. While trekking through this route, you’ll come across Gaddi shepherds and lush flora and fauna.

    3. Bhagsu Trek: 
    The trekking route to Bhagsu is short but full of verdant beauty of nature. From the Bhagsu waterfalls, the trekkers have to climb a hill to reach Bhagsu temple. There are many refreshment centers and cafes on the way to this trekking route.

    4. Indrahar Pass Trek: 
    Located on the topmost part of the Dhauladhar range, Indrahar Pass is considered to be a trekkers delight with enthralling sceneries and boulder fields. Lahesh Cave is the basecamp for this trek, and the trail goes up to a small Devi shrine.

  10. Which are the best places for camping in Mcleodganj?

    Here is the list of best-camping destinations in Mcleodganj:

    1. Palampur: 
    Located at a distance of around 42 km from Mcleodganj, this site offers an ideal camping experience as it is dotted with tea gardens and snow-capped peaks. You can pitch your tent here and appreciate the beauty of nature.

    2. Kangra Valley: 
    Kangra Valley magnetizes the visitors to have a memorable camping experience as it has numerous pristine streams and orchards and pine trees. The campsites here offer Himalayan cuisines, bonfire, and various other indoor activities.

    3. Triund: 
    Triund is considered to be a haven for camping as it takes you through the forests of pine, rhododendron, and oak and offers you the most surreal views. The campsites over here offer modern amenities such as a bathroom, barbeque, and music system.

    4. Indrahar Pass: 
    Located at 4342 meters above the sea level Indrahar Pass offers unbeatable vistas and a chance to interact with the locals while camping here. It has some of the luxurious campsites with raised wooden platforms and a bathroom.

  11. Which are some famous places to stay in Mcleodganj?

    Enjoy a luxurious stay at these premium hotels to stay in Mcleodganj:

    1. Greenwoods Inn: 
    Surrounded by lush green forests and oak trees, Greenwoods Inn offers upgraded quarters with furnished rooms for a regal stay. The rooms are equipped with WiFi, television, air conditioner, and coffeemaker.

    2. Silver Moon House: 
    This guesthouse offers the best accommodation facilities with a free parking area, a shared lounge, and an in house restaurant. It showcases stylish décor and sleek architecture that gives an authentic Himalayan stay experience.

    3. Tibet World: 
    This is one of the most budget-friendly staycations in Mcleodganj that offers premium facilities such as a shared lounge, WiFi, and free parking area. It also has a terrace and a garden where you can relax and unwind.

    4. Green Hotel: 
    This is a family-owned heritage hotel that offers lavish accommodation options with balconies, parking area, and a terrace restaurant. The rooms are well furnished with modern interiors and facilities such as laundry services, WiFi, and wardrobe.

    5. Hotel President Inn: 
    Perched on the hillside, Hotel President Inn offers a serene stay experience to the visitors offering a splendid view of nature from each of the rooms. The rooms are various spacious equipped with amenities such as king-size bed, television, and antique furniture.

  12. What are the adventure sports I can do in Mcleodganj?

    There are tons of adventure sports that you can try in Mcleodganj:

    1. Paragliding: 
    Soar in the blue sky like a free bird as you try paragliding, which is considered to be the most adventurous activity in Mcleodganj. The popular take-off sites for paragliding in Mcleodganj are Bir-Billing and Mahal Tahu.

    2. Rock climbing: 
    Mcleodganj is an ideal destination for rock climbing as several uneven mountains and hills enclose the town. The challenging terrains in the Dharamshala-Nayagaon region are the perfect spot for rock climbing.

    3. Trekking: 
    One of the most popular adventure sports that you must try in Mcleodganj is trekking that gives you a chance to appreciate the unadulterated views of nature. Triund and Indrahar Pass are some of the best trekking destinations in Mcleodganj with less rocky paths and broad trails.

    4. Camping: 
    The campers are bound to get some stunning background for pitching their tent at Mcleodganj as it is blessed with the most stunning natural beauty. Kangra Valley and Palampur are some of the best camping sites in Mcleodganj, where you can appreciate the raw beauty of nature.

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Mcleodganj Top Attractions

Places To Visit In Mcleodganj
03 January 2020
Pooja Sabarwal Triund Trek
31 Dec 2019 always memorable for me just because of this trip. It was my first experience on hills specially on trekking. Our guide Mannu Sharma such a nice person. Just like our family he take care of everything. Wonderful experience with wonderful peoples.
20 August 2018
Yogananda Sree Triund Trek
My trip to triund was super. The guide Mukesh was friendly and fun company. Guided very well. Bit disappointed that I couldn't stay there due to bad weather but the accommodation provided to me was simply superb . Environment friendly and peace loving. Food was simply superb and hospitality was excellent. Will once again visit in future.
11 October 2019
Jagruti Nawale Triund Trek
This was my first trek and I'm so glad I opt it. In triund is all the nature you can experience at once. The cold breeze, the mountains, the water, the trees, the rocks (they are real beauty of the trek), the clouds/fog, the animals, the people, everything about triund is special. The views were breathtaking, I wanted to capture everything I could in my camera. This is one of a hell experience you should not miss. The camping arrangement was nice. They provide you good tents, sleeping bags, nice and clean. We got snacks and meals and even breakfast and it was unexpectedly awesome. You get less options but you get to choose what you will be eating. This experience made me fall in love with trekking.
04 February 2021
Oindrila Bhattacharya Triund Trek
First trek experience with friends, couldn't be any better option than thrillpphilia. Best vender and guide assigned. Best deals in this price. From food to facilities everything was as promised. We were 2 girls in group and it's totally safe for girls.
21 December 2019
Dhananjay Dhananjay Kareri Lake Trek
The best experience I could get could considering that it was my first Trek,the picturesque locations and the admirable hospitality was something someone can only dream of.Though due to off season in December my group was not able to complete the trek but whatever we witnessed was something neither of us can forget.The camping under a boulder is something I can never forget.The best thing of this trek is that you will always find a dog companion who will keep you motivated on this trek...
20 March 2021
Prachi Sharma Triund Trek
Hello everyone, the round trek was breathtaking. But the experience became amazing only because of our guide - Rahul. Rahul helped me to conquer my fear of heights. He kept on motivating me to go further and also helped me to come down by constantly holding my hand. I went with 3 of my friends and we all loved the service and we made many new friends as well in the group :) And that’s why I will recommend thrillophilla to everyone. And As far as the stay is concerned, it is comfortable and cosy and the vibe is surreal.
20 March 2021
SUmit Pal Triund Trek
Thrilling trek to the top of Triund trek. Rahul is a amazing guide friendly and cheerful. Highly recommended. A must try trek !!!
07 March 2021
Ayush Aggarwal Laka Glacier Trek
I booked this trek at the end of Feb 2021. The weather was somewhat pleasant and a lot windy. The trekking company just started its operations in Leta village after camping in triund got prohibited due to which the washroom situation was not the best. However, the tents were good and the owner was also very accommodating, providing extra sleeping bags to overcome the cold. Our guide was amazing and very supportive throughout the trek. We went till snowline due to time and safety concerns. The food and bonfire were also very good. Overall an amazing experience.
25 February 2021
Mayank Yaduvanshi Triund Trek
This is our 2nd trek on triund. Recommanded trek for the amazing views. We went on 23 jan 2021 and enjoyed the beautiful mountains with the lovely snowfall (that's what we went there for the second time). If you go in around September you may also experience the breathtaking views from triund top and bhagsunag waterfall.
16 February 2021
Yogananda Sree Triund Trek
It was just amazing

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