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Photography Hike and Snow Camping in Manali
Photography Hike and Snow Camping in Manali



About the Activity:Indulge in photography hike and snow camping in Manali during winter season from October to April for the maximum thrill, but the tour is open on all days.This private tour has night camping at different spots near frozen streams but with bonfire and delicious BBQ.You will start your trek from Kakhnal village to Banad, you ascend the glacial valleys and reach the campsite at Banad.Kakhnal Theli excursion will be happening on the second day which shows endless spots that are posing for photography and you will never get bored though.The night camp is at Banad for relaxing after a tiresome but thrilling expedition.Walk back to Kakhnal village on the last day, get driven back to Haripur with a bag full of charming moments created during the trek. 

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