10 Things to Do in Malvan 2021 (Starting from ₹1167 Only)

Malvan in the Sindhudurg district of Maharashtra is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the state with culturally authentic cuisine and the infamous Sindhudurg Fort. The best things to do in Malvan include scuba diving in the relatively clear water that the place is famous for. The historical significance of Malvan invites tourists throughout the year, which has made this place well known for its religious ethnicity as well as fun activities.

Not just the temples, but the beaches and the unexplored forts lure in mostly solo travellers and youngsters in groups to crowd over the major attractions here such as those of Tarkarli Beach, Chiwala Beach, Mobar Point and Tondavali Beach. In addition, the luscious mangoes known as MalvaniHapus or Alphonso give the place a unique identity coupled with unexpectedly clean and serene beaches. If you are keen in discovering more about the Malvan culture, then experience the mythological play of Dashavtar, which is typical of the locals here giving you the insight you need.

Another major attraction of the Malvani culture is there burning of the idol, Holika Dahan. Celebrated at the time of Holi (March to April), the festival is significant to Malvan and the whole of the Konkan region. Tourists particularly choose springtime to visit here to experience the culturally distinguished celebration of Holi.

Despite brimming with hotels and resorts, it is hard to get a decent accommodation if you have not made a prior booking during the peak season. With the best things to do in Malvan, people hardly want to miss the chance of experiencing the fun activities and unique sightseeing that this place has to offer.

For the tourists visiting Malvan from Mumbai, they have the excellent option of availing the road trip. For others, this is an easily accessible destination with both train and air routes open.

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Newly Added Malvan Experience
20 December 2015
Malvan is such an awesome place with beautiful scenes all around. I Had visited the place with my friends during summers. It was really a great time for us, enjoyed those adventurous water activities and best part was scuba diving. That was the best experience of my life.
simply awesome
"it was an amazing experience. i really loved it "
19 April 2016
The entire vicinity was extremely rich with natural beauty. But the diving experience stole all the attention. There were a lot to see under water and once you are there, you will never feel to get back to the shores. But one thing, we should be careful about conserving the beauty of the marine life and stop water pollution. Or else we will end up losing this beauty.
01 May 2015
From the dive to the island visits, gossips beside the bonfire to the snorkelling experience; everything we did on this tour was so amusing. Had great times in Malvan. Even the other water activities were very enjoyable. Guides, instructors and diving experts were very friendly and taught us some of the techniques we hardly knew before. During our stay in Malvan, we were offered the best of hospitality and treatment; thanks to the entire team for such a wonderful trip.
"very good package.... worth for the money spent... enjoyed.... scuba was also very exciting as it was my first experience... I was thrilled..... i would recommand people to opt this package.... "
Malvan is a place in Maharashtra which takes around 2.5 hours from Calangute, Goa. The bus has few pickup points from the major areas of Goa. The initial stop point was for breakfast. At Malvan, the scuba diving experience was wonderful (at least for beginners). The trainer made me comfortable with the water and made my dive a memorable one. good quality video of our dive was also provided. After that, we had water activities like jet ski, banana ride, bumper ride, and sleeping bumper. The maintenance of the beach was good enough. This tour will consume almost an entire day with traveling eating a lion's share. Booking through Thrillophilia was seamless.
11 November 2020
It was indeed great. Specially after COVID condition, I was scared to send my parents, but the instructors co-ordinated well and it was their first time to do any such activity and this package made the best memories of their goa visit.
08 February 2020
We have a best adventurous trip in malvan. We tried scuba diving for first time and it was a crazy experience. We were 6 in total and guide we have is experienced and polite person. He guide us well, one of our mate was not confident but he built her confidence and we dive simultaneously. After completing the food they served Is very good and we had our best trip.
I have done adventure activities earlier but this one was completely unique, we enjoyed this as our guide was patient and guided us well. It was safe and wonderful experience.

People Also Ask About Malvan Things To Do

  1. Which are some of the best things to do in Malvan?

    Malvan is famous in Maharashtra specifically for its watersports related adrenaline activities, and this is exactly why people do not usually assign any specific month to tour the place. The exotic islands off the coast of Malvanoffer exciting snorkeling and scuba diving activities as some of the best things to do in Malvan. Check out the activities that make maximum attention here:
    • Karli backwater boating
    • Watersports in the Tsunami
    • Island Scuba diving in Tarkali
    • Dolphin watching boat rides
    • Visiting Sindhudurg Fort
    • Parasailing in Tarkali
    • Fishing Trips Picnic at Devbagh Beach
  2. Which all water sports can be done in Malvan?

    Malvan comes with all your best leisurely experiences topped with adrenaline-inducing water sports hard to miss if you have an adventurous spirit in you. The island visits and the endless gossips by the bonfire are a bonus that comes after scuba diving and parasailing activities. Among the best things to do in Malvan, water sports stand at the top with their incredible adrenaline-inducing power.
    • Scuba diving
    • Snorkeling
    • Dolphin watching sea rides
    • Parasailing
    • Jet skiing
    • Banana boat ride
    • Speed Boating
  3. How is Malvan for scuba diving? What is the cost of diving in Malvan?

    The reputed scuba diving centres offer incredible underwater experience in Malvan since the place has received its fame from practising the art of diving since years. As the best thing to do Malvan, scuba diving is offered at a reasonable price starting from INR 1000 or 1500 normally.

     Humans normally do not get to experience the deep sea diving on their tours and travels. With Malvan offering such a magnificent opportunity at a price as cheap as this, is something that should not be missed.
  4. What are the best places in Malvan where I can experience snorkelling?

    If you are interested in exploring the marine locale of fishes and plants, then snorkelling is the right choice for you. Offering the experience at extremely cheap rates, Malvan promises to deliver you a snorkelling experience like nothing before. The best things to do in Malvan include snorkelling along with other water sports; hence, you need not worry about a pleasurable experience. Wayari and Tarkali are the eminent snorkelling places in Malvan that offer kid-friendly snorkelling at a budget cost.
  5. Which are some famous places for sightseeing in Malvan?

    Some might say that the sightseeing in Malvan is composed only of religious tours, however, the Konkan region specializes in scenic oceanic vistas and amazing backwater boat ride views to add to the destinations. The best things to do in Malvan are, obviously, the water sports but the architectural finesse of the Sindhudurg fort and the magical boat ride in the Karli backwater are worth mentioning. Not to mention, the exotic islands off the coast of Malvan offer exquisite Maharashtrian delicacies and seaside panorama.
    • Sindhudurg Fort
    • Malvan’s Rock Garden
    • Tsunami Island
    • Jai Ganesh Mandir
    • Rameshwar Temple
  6. Which are some famous beaches in and around Malvan?

    Malvan specifically received its fame in recent years because of its well-maintained beaches where tourists visit whenever they manage to squeeze out some time. Ideal as a weekend getaway destination, Malvan’s beaches are known for its water sports and scenic beauties, which when coupled with a blend of Goan and Maharashtrian cuisine produce some awesome memories. The best things to do in Malvan could simply include lounging around the beaches, as that would effortlessly make your holiday.

    • WairyUbhatwadi Beach
    • Achara Beach
    • Tondavali Beach
    • Malvan Marine Sanctuary
    • Tarkali Beach
    • VengurlaMalvan Beach
    • Chiwala Beach