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Malvan Resorts

Malvan Resorts happens to offer the wanderlust travellers with a cozy and comfortable place of accommodation close to the pristine coastline of Arabian Sea. Nestling close to the Malvan - Tarkarli Beach, the resorts offer serene views from their spacious and well equipped rooms. You will come across a number of different accommodation styles starting from huts to cottages and from luxury residences to dorms.

You will surely be able to enjoy your days at Malvan staying at any of the resorts like Tian Beach Resort which has been winning hearts since its inception because of its rustic setting equipped with modern amenities, Avisa Nila Beach Resort which is spread over a large area offering guests to marvel freely with their loved ones, and Siddhivinayak Beach Resort which attracts adventure lovers to its premises for taking part in some of the best water activities.

The resorts in Malvan are constructed using Goan and Konkani style of architecture which are a delight for the eyes. The interior of the resort is fashioned with beautiful intricate design elements which will instill a positive vibe in the environment. Apart from comfortable accommodation and pristine views, the Malvan resorts are very much famous for offering delectable Indian and International cuisine. You will find every single resort having its own unique preparation and you should definitely try out these recipes prepared from freshly sourced ingredients. The resorts in Malvan also include loads of water as well as adventure activities in their offerings such as scuba diving, snorkelling, beach surfing, and much more.
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  1. Which are the best resorts in Malvan?

    1. Tian Beach Resort: Tian Beach Resort is located close to the famous Chivla Beach in the middle of the lush greenery on all sides. This beachfront resort is considered to be one of the magnificent places of accommodation in Malvan which has got a strong influence of the Goan architecture.

    The resort has got 5 cottages which are designed with all sorts of modern amenities to provide the guests with a comfortable and memorable vacation experience. In the course of your stay at the resort, it is at all times advisable that you should not miss out on trying the famous Malvani Cuisine which is not just mouth watering but also delightful for your taste buds.

    Location: Chivla Beach, Dhuriwada, Malvan, Maharashtra 416606.
    Price: Starts from INR 1,000 (on double sharing basis).
    Amenities: Concierge, Hot water available 24x7, Front desk, Waiting area, and Room Service (24 Hours Available).

    2. Avisa Nila Beach Resort: Avisa Nila Beach Resort happens to be one of luxury resorts that is located at one of the posh localities on the west coast of India. The beachfront resort is close to the confluence of the River Karli and Arabian Sea.

    The beach Resort is spread over a large area and the construction of the same is made to perfection to offer the guests coming over from various parts of the country with an ultimate experience. The best part of this resort in Malvan is its multi cuisine restaurant that serves delectable delicacies to the guests.

    Location: 115/1 Keluskarwadi, Devbag, Malvan, Maharashtra 416606.
    Price: Starts from INR 3,500 (on double sharing basis).
    Amenities: Doctor on Call, Luggage Storage, Bellboy Service, Caretaker, Wake-up Call, Postal Services (Paid), Outdoor Sports (Badminton,Cricket,Swings), Water Sports, Snorkelling, Bonfire, Beach (Private), Boat Ride, Paid Vehicle Rental.

    3. Siddhivinayak Beach Resort: Siddhivinayak Beach Resort happens to be a luxury place of accommodation in Malvan that offers the travellers a comfortable stay. The resort is located at a scenic location close to the beach offering the guests with a myriad of water sports like parasailing, dolphin watching, boating, and much more. You will also get to enjoy the pristine views of the azure blue waters of Arabian Sea from your rooms.

    Location: Devbag Mobar Road, Malvan, Sindhudurg District, Devbag, Maharashtra 416606.
    Price: Starts from INR 1,000 (on double sharing basis).
    Amenities: Free parking, Restaurant, Beach, Business Centre with Internet Access, Air conditioning, Room service.

    4. Blue Sea Resort: Blue Sea Resort has been one of the famous beach resorts in Malvan that has been offering an ideal accommodation to the travellers. This place of accommodation has been one of the top priority for solo travellers, couples, families, and group travellers because of its well curated arrangements and amenities.

    The beachfront luxury resort is situated close to the pristine coastline of western India and happens to offer a quiet setting for guests. The interiors of the resort are traditionally decorated and you will fall in love with the intricate design elements. In the course of your stay, you should make sure that you taste the authentic Konkani Cuisine enjoying the panoramic views of the wooded forests in the backdrop.

    Location: Near Tarkarli Sai Mandir, Malvan Taluka, Tarkarli, Maharashtra 416606.
    Price: Starts from INR 2,350 (on double sharing basis).
    Amenities: Free parking, Free High Speed Internet (WiFi), Restaurant, Beach, Children Activities (Kid / Family Friendly), Pets Allowed ( Dog / Pet Friendly ).

    5. Fantasea Beach Resort: Fantasea Beach Resort happens to be one of the best resorts in Malvan that is located on the serene Devbag - Tarkarli beach. It is widely famous for offering breathtaking views of the aquamarine ocean and also for its traditional Konkani architecture.

    You will come across all sorts of modern amenities to best suit the taste of every single travellers coming over to Malvan for spending their holiday vacation. The resort has got well appointed cottage accommodation for the guests with spacious interior design and beautifully furnished interior space.

    Location: Tarkarli Devbag Rd, Devbag, 416606.
    Price: Starts from INR 4,325 (on double sharing basis).
    Amenities: Free parking, Beach, Room features, Air conditioning, Private beach.

    6. Devbag Kinara Resort: Devbag Kinara beach resort can be considered as one of the best places to stay in Malvan because of its close proximity to the ocean. The resort has got a well equipped interior setting with furnished rooms and beautiful intricate design elements.

    This beach resort has been acting as a perfect getaway for a solitary escape from the hustle and bustle of the city life. Staying at this beach resort, you will be able to enjoy loads of water sports and adventure activities along with your loved ones.

    Location: Malvan-Tarkarli Road, Vayyari Bhutnath, Malvan, Maharashtra 416606.
    Price: Starts from INR 4,700 (on double sharing basis).
    Amenities: Free parking, Air conditioning, Free High Speed Internet (WiFi), Free parking, Breakfast Available.

    7. Shripad Beach Resort: The Shripad Beach Resort can be considered as one of the finest Malvan Resorts close to the beach which is known for its comfortable as well as luxurious stay. The beach resort is located in the middle of the scenic groves and evergreen forests.

    Guests love to come over to this place because of its convenient location. The Malvan Resorts have got five cottages offering comfortable and spacious rooms. In the course of your stay at this place, you can enjoy exciting activities like scuba diving, swimming and dolphin spotting.

    Location: Tarkarli Devbag Rd, Malvan, Sindhudurg, Maharashtra 416606.
    Price: Starts from INR 1,000 (on double sharing basis).
    Amenities: Room service, Laundry facilities, Medical services, Luggage storage.

    8. Shyam Sundar Beach Resort: Shyam Sundar Beach Resort has been one of the most sought after places of accommodation in Malvan Tarkarli beach because of its lovely ambience, delectable food, and marvels of nature.

    It is one of the best for heading out on a weekend getaway with your loved ones. You will get a chance to take part in some of the beach activities like scuba diving and snorkelling. The best part of your stay at this resort would be to overlook the majestic views of the Arabian Sea.

    Location: Devbag Sangam Road, Devbag, 416606.
    Price: Starts from INR 3,200 (on double sharing basis).
    Amenities: Free Internet, Free parking, Breakfast Available, Air conditioning, Beachfront.

  2. Which are the best Malvan resorts with swimming pools?

    1. Avisa Nila Beach Resort: Perfect vacation spot for guests who love scuba diving and snorkelling, the luxurious and breathtakingly stunning Avisa Nila Beach Resort is located facing the Arabian Sea and the Kali River. In addition to restaurants serving a plethora of delicacies, this resort has an awesome outdoor pool for guests to relax and wade around.

    2. Oro Vista: Overlooking the pristine Devbagh Beach, the simple yet luxurious Oro Vista Resort offers its guests a chance to enjoy the sheer beauty of Malvan to the fullest during their stay. From authentic Malvani Cuisines at the in-house restaurant to an evening of relaxing at the poolside bar, there is a lot to experience here at Oro Vista.

    3. Blue Heaven Beach Resort: Renowned for offering guests the best services, the Blue Heaven Beach Resort is the perfect blend of comfort and functionality. The stunning beach view aside, the large pool with an open deck to relax and sunbathe is one of the main features of the resort that is raved about by most guests.

  3. Which are the luxury resorts in Malvan?

    1. Fantastico Beach Resort: If a relaxed stay far away from the stressful work life is what one is looking for, then there is no other better option than the Fantastico Beach resort. The cottage style villas offer guests all the needed privacy alongside a stunning ocean view.

    2. The Windmill Resort: There is no other better experience than being able to sit in your own private balcony while enjoying the breathtaking sea facing view. This is probably the primary reason why the luxurious WIndmill Resort is a traveller’s favourite staycation spot in Malvan.

    3. Avisa Nila Beach Resort: Overlooking the white sandy beach of the Malvan, Avisa Nila Beach resort offers its guest a stunning view of the Arabian Sea in addition to giving them a chance to explore one of the best diving spots of the country.

    4. Avisa Nila Beach Resort: Designed keeping in mind the ultimate comfort of the guests, this resort is a chic and luxurious vacation spot. Peaceful and quietness all around is the trademark feature of this Beach resort.

  4. Which are the best beach resorts in Malvan?

    1. Avisa Nila Beach Resort: This resort is designed to offer guests luxurious experience amidst the stunning backdrop of the river Kali and the Arabian Sea converging right by the resort. Perfect for diving, the Avisa Nila Beach Malvan Resorts has a long stretch of private beach for guests to enjoy some private relaxation time while in Malvan.

    2. Blue Heaven Beach Resort: If a homely yet luxurious stay is what is in your mind, there is no better choice than Blue Heaven Beach Resort. Overlooking the Tarkarli Beach, this quiet yet beautiful property is the perfect weekend vacation spot if beaches are what you love.

    3. Fantasea Beach Resort: Offering guest top class hospitality service is one of the most scenic resorts in Malvan. Sprawling over a large area filled with coconut grooves, the Konkani Styled Fantasea Beach Resort offers guests one of the best views of the Arabian Sea.

    4. Rajmudra Beach Resort: The wooden cottage styled resort offers its guest an uninterrupted view of the Dandi Beach in addition to all the necessary comforts and luxuries for a memorable vacation.

  5. Which resorts in Malvan are good for families?

    1. Devbag Kinara Resort: Hammocks to rest and laze around, billiard and pool table aside, the Devbag Kinara Resort offers guests an eye catching view of the horizon that is simply incomprehensible.

    2. Oro Vista: The perfect location along with the awesome services provided by the well trained staff is the first observation one makes on visiting the Oro Vista Resort.

    3. The Windmill Resort: Nestled on the Tarkarli Beach and surrounded by dense Coconut grooves on all sides, the beautiful and chic Windmill Malvan Resorts offers its guests a chance to a very lavish and unforgettable stay while enjoying a wide range of fun things to do organised by the resort.

    4. Tian Beach Resort: Perfect vacation spot for families, this resort has a separate play area for the kids along with an exclusive kids pool to make the stay more fun and exciting. Enjoying a few days, bonding as a family is best when you have no outworldly interruptions, which is why there is no better place to vacation at then this beach side family friendly resort.

  6. What is the best time to visit Malvan?

    The best time to visit Malvan is the winter season that is from the month of November to the month of February. In this phase of the year, you will be able to spend time in a calm and reasonably cool environment.

  7. What facilities will I get at Malvan resorts?

    - Free parking
    - Public wifi
    - Free breakfast
    - Babysitting
    - Pets Allowed
    - Restaurant
    - Airport transportation
    - Car hire
    - BBQ facilities
    - Air conditioning
    - Private beach
    - Room service
    - Bottled water
    - Private bathrooms
    - Tile / marble floor
    - Flatscreen TV
    - Bath / shower
    - Wake-up service / alarm clock.

  8. Are resorts in Malvan pet friendly?

    Yes, Resorts in Malvan like Tian Beach Resort, Avisa Nila Beach Resort, Siddhivinayak Beach Resort, and Blue Sea Resort are pet friendly.

    The resorts welcome the guests with their pets so that they can enjoy their holiday vacation with their beloved animals. The Malvan Resorts offer special packages for pets and also make special arrangements for a comfortable stay.

  9. What activities do Malvan resorts offer?

    - Backwater boating
    - Watersports
    - Island Scuba diving
    - Dolphin watching boat rides
    - Fishing Trips
    - Swimming
    - Rock climbing
    - Yoga & meditation
    - Bonfire
    - Picnics
    - River rafting
    - Coracle ride
    - Rappelling
    - Bird watching
    - Hiking
    - Karaoke
    - Fishing
    - Walking tours
    - Jungle safari.

  10. How much does it cost to stay at a resort in Malvan?

    On an average, it costs about INR 3000 per person per night to stay at a resort in Malvan. You can check out loads of hotels and Malvan Resorts as per your requirements to make the most of your stay at a reasonable cost.