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Very nice day out with my family, from small to big once we had a great time. Definitely worth it
It is a great resort which fits form both kids and adult, the children had a great time in the lawn playing some outdoor activity with the other children, the resort provided good facilities and services, the pool was clean and big in which all the guest had a great time there along with nice hit music which feels like we are in a pool party or something along with chill drinks you have to pay the additional cost but not costly. Nice arrangement and well-managed. Overall truly nice that we spend our weekend here and would come again shortly.
The whole property was nice with the amazing views of the surrounding areas, the resort looks nice and well-maintained and the entire property was super clean, all things were well-arranged, Good facilities and the staff there was very cordial, On the pool, we had an amazing time swimming and spend our leisure time listening to music. Wow-what an experience at this cost never expect this much fun and would be served with very fresh foods... Very well done and recommended.
The scenery of the place was very good and the place was very clean and spacious, there are a lot of people but everything was well-managed. The staff was very professional and approachable provided us good assistance which we felt comfortable and had great fun at this resort, The facilities, and the activities were amazing and served with organic meals.
We had a good day! All together we hit the dance floor like anything with some good collection of good music which was really fulfilled what we really wish to have in this day out... Tasty foods and superb experience.
Sorina Hillside Resort was a lot of fun, nice indoor and outdoor games and the foods there were simply delicious.

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