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Adventure Sports in Lonavala

Uplift the level of excitement and thrill on your trip as you include a place for adventure sports in Lonavala in your bucket list.  Ride the hot air balloon in Lonavala to catch the bird’s eye view from the clouds or try some off-roading for an adrenaline rush. For the people who behold the love for camping and trekking, there are numerous sites like Pawna Lake, Rajmachi village, fireflies trek and others to get an exceptional experience.

Lonavala adventure is incomplete without some nature exploration. Indulge in hiking as you mark your way from the lush green surroundings and discover the attractions falling on your way. Satisfy your adventure cravings as you plan your visit to Lonavala with your family and friends. One can also choose to spend a fun-filled day in the variety of amusement and water parks nestled here.
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For the fun and thrill you can have on this flight, the cost is not too much. The ballooning crew were extremely friendly and assured us the maximum safety measurements. Really loved the whole experience of flying over the beautiful locales of our very own Lonavala.
31 December 2015
A truly fun and exciting experience for all of us. We got to see some beautiful balloons in the sky and got to ride them too. It was fun for the kids as well
Extremely thrill and has many various rides and definitely you would have any of your favorites, Cheaper tickets from Thrillophilia.
14 January 2015
The ride was a risky one but it is worth every penny, the safety measures were well taken care of first from the start. A guide will show u vantage points from top, also will operate the balloon. Also it gives a topographic view of not just the lonavala city but of others places nearby too. It’s also a wonderful feelings to see the greeneries around us, makes us feel proud of this nation and its sites. It’s pretty cold up above so it’s better if we carry some woollen stuff. It’s almost like you are in a plane which is about to land or just took off.
04 October 2015
Total paisa vasool experience! The flight just started with great excitement and got over with the double of it. I suggest it as a must for everyone!
Good place for everyone even elderly had their great time and take part in the thrill rides by the way all are very busy having fun in various activities, The place is big and gave a good view of the amazing lush greenery and colorful of different rides of the whole place from the top while participating on the activity. The place is crowded as usual but that not to worry you because the place had many good and fun activities which worth-waiting in line with. Great theme park and the fast process of Thrillophilia voucher at the entrance gate.
Definitely it was scary rides in which I close my eyes at first but later it was fun and not only me everybody experience that. My family loves the rides so much which was the queue was short and get to experience all the amazing rides. Few rides for small kids. The whole place was neat and tidy with good toilets and the food inside this place was tasted good and the price was fair. Hassle-free entry through a voucher.
The rides at this Magic Mountain was extremely cool with good facilities, I enjoyed all the rides and at the end of the day, it was quite tiring though. Really it was the best park I have ever been too, using the tickets from Thrillophilia was simply great and smooth entry would definitely be using Thrillophilia again in the future.
The staff there was respectful, The activity was something which we can't describe how fun it is I suggest that you better go and experience by yourself. No hassle anywhere using the Thrillophilia-voucher. A must-do in Lonavala in my opinion.
The majority of the rides are a thrill. Literally what an awesome-ride and awesome-day it was. I would book again.

People Also Ask About Adventure in Lonavala

  1. What are the different types of adventure sports in Lonavala?

    Settled on the western ghats, Lonavala has got no shortage of backcountries. The hill station is full of places where a distinct variety of adventure tours in Lonavala could be arranged. With mighty hills, you can go for treks to different corners of the hills. They have amazing sights to set up a campsite against it.

    The place is perfect for paragliding also. Having a lot of vertical cliffs, it is possible to arrange rappelling and waterfall rappelling in the hill station. Moreover, you can go for photography, bird watching, mountain cycling and more to spend an amazing trip.

    1. Camping: Camping is one of the best adventure activities in Lonavala as it is the perfect way to get close to nature and know it better. Lonavala is full of amazing spots like serene riverside, wild forest, mysterious caves, antique forts, forests with fireflies and more where you can engage in overnight camping at beautiful places like Pawna, Bhandardara and many more.

    - Location:
    - Price: Starting from 975 INR

    2. Trek: With mighty mountains, historical forts and old caves, you can plan a lot of adventure tours in Lonavala to the incredible corners of the region. For forts, Lonavala has Tung Fort, Peb Fort and Lohagarh Fort where you can trek to the history. Whereas there are some caves like Dhak Bahiri, Kondane and Karla which will also be worthy to trek up to. Trekking will definitely tire you but the endings are always satisfying. 

    - Location:
    - Price: Starting from 800 INR

    3. Rappelling:
    It is a sport where you have to rappel down from a rock cliff facing towards it. Lonavala is blessed with a lot of vertical rock cliffs which are suitable for this sport. Moreover, in monsoon, these cliffs turn into waterfalls giving you the chance for waterfall rappelling.

    - Location:
    - Price: Starting from 1000 INR

    4. Paragliding:
    It is a sport which lets you unleash yourself and fly high in the sky. Lonavala gives very satisfying views underneath making it one of the great places to do paragliding. You have the choice between single and tandem paragliding where you can decide if you wish to go alone or with a friend of yours.

    - Location:
    Kamshet, Lonavala
    - Price: Starting from 2,500 INR

    5. Caving:
    Now emerging in India, caving is a very adventurous sport which lets you spend some time in the caves like cavemen in the early era. Karla Caves is the best option for caving in Lonavala. You can trek to the caves and then set up the camp for caving. It will be some new and thrilling experience for you as it is very new in the country.

    - Location:
    Karla Caves 
    - Price: Starting from 5,950 INR

    6. Mountain Biking:
    Lonavala has a lot of hills with rough terrains where you can ride your bike to the unspoilt corners of nature and enjoy the flora and fauna. Mountain biking is a very good activity for adventure seekers, photographers and people who wish to know nature more. This off-road biking experience will be a good frame to add to the wall of your memories.

    - Location:
    - Price: Starting from 1,500 INR

    7. Flying fox:
    Also known as a zip lining, Flying Fox is an activity with gives you a good adrenaline rush. You are tied to a horizontal string which takes you over green mountains. Lonavala gives the chance to zip line on a string tied at a height of 1250 feet which will make the experience count.

    - Location:
    Della Adventure, Lonavala
    - Price: Starting from 1,500 INR

  2. Which are the best adventure amusement parks in Lonavala?

    1. Della Adventure Park: This amusement park is home to the best adventure sports in Lonavala like India’s only Swoop swing (100 ft.), and others such as 5 kinds of zorbing, 700cc yamaha raptor ATV and others. Be it for adventure groups or individuals, this place is ideal for all kinds of adventure lovers.

    2. Magic Fountain: For non stop fun with kids and loved ones, this park is an excellent choice. This all day park is abode to 31 international rides including Giant Frisbee, Z-Force, Turbo Force, , Sky Screamer, Top Spin and other world-class rides.

    3. Dinosaur Park: This park will fulfill your dream of a dinosaur excursion. The park houses huge dinosaur models that will astonish your kids. The lake at the park is another highlight where one can relax after a fun day here.

    4. Wet N Joy Water Park: This water park features an array of exciting rides that will offer you an opportunity to test your courage. Unlock thrill and excitement as you visit this place and spend your day enjoying the rides on your Lonavala adventure.
  3. Which are the best trekking trails in Lonavala?

    1. Tikona Fort Trek: Head on to the Lonavala adventure as you go on this unique trek on which many attractions fall on the way like Satvahan caves, Trimbakeshwar Mahadev temple and more. Catch the glimpses of the resting lake beneath and breath-taking views of the kothaligad and Pawna Dam on your way.

    2. Tamhini Ghats Trek: This is a popular trek in Lonavala that sits on the top of Western Ghats. This trek will offer you an exotic experience with extravagant views of the gushing waterfalls, lush green misty valleys and much more.

    3. Lohagad Fort Trek: Spot the beautiful views on your trek to the Lohagad fort seated at an altitude of 1,033 m above sea level. The monsoons uplift the beauty of this place with lush greenery all around.

    4. Trek to Duke’s Nose: With a trek of duration of 4 hours, this trek is best to go to between the months of October and March. The cliff that is climbed appears as the head of a snake and is often referred to as Nagphani.
  4. Which are the best camping sites in Lonavala?

    1. Pawna Lake: An awesome site to set in for Lonavala adventure, Pawna Lake is an exotic escape to spend some time within nature. The gorgeous views of the low hanging clouds, swift waters in front and high towering hills make this place none less than a camper’s paradise.

    2. Rajmachi Village Camping: While you plan to camp at the Rajmachi Village, enjoy the sight of fireflies glowing in the air at night. You can enjoy great local delicacies here and can explore the nearby Rajmachi fort for exploration.

    3. Shirota Lakeside Camping: This campside will offer you respite from your everyday monotonous life on your Lonavala adventure trip. The stunning landscapes spread in front and breath-taking sunset views will make your camping experience even more delightful.

    4. Vasind Camping: Reconnect with yourself as you camp at this location where you can start your morning with some adventure sports in Lonavala or gaze at the beauty of the place while sipping your morning tea/coffee.
  5. Where can I go for Off-Roading and Dirt Biking in Lonavala?

    - Tamhini ghat
    - Panshet ghat
    - Lavasa
    - Ride uphill the tiger point
    - Rajmachi village
  6. Can we do caving in Lonavala?

    Yes, you can do caving in Lonavala. Though it has a lot of caves, the most preferred caves for caving are Karla caves for a good experience. You can book your tour through Thrillophilia where you get a lot of options for adventure tours in Lonavala and they can set up an equipped campsite in the caves for a never forgettable experience.

  7. What are the things one should carry while doing adventure sports?

    There are a lot of things one should carry while doing adventure sports, starting from comfortable shoes that fits you properly to avoid frostbite and discomfort while in action. Since activities like camping and trekking take you into the woods you must take mosquito repellent with you as they will be waiting there to welcome you.

    You should also take extra clothes as well as sunscreen and sunglasses while keeping the sun in mind. You may even need your flip flops and towel if it is an overnight stay. Moreover, it will be ideal to carry your camera as well as a flashlight with extra batteries.

  8. What are the things one should keep in mind while experiencing adventure sports?

    There are certain things you should always keep in mind while experiencing adventure sports. First of all, you should be mentally prepared to attempt the activity followed by having a healthy body to do it. Even make sure you listen and follow every instruction you are being given by your instructor.

    And yes, do NOT take your gears as a joke and wear them completely and properly. Moreover, a little warm-up before the activity will give a good stretch to your body which reduces the chances of injury.

    Lastly, make sure you are wearing appropriate attire for the activity along with comfortable shoes. Following all these will ensure a good and safe experience of yours.

  9. How to reach Lonavala?

    By bus: Lonavala has a local bus stop which is very well connected to major cities like Pune and Mumbai. You can easily book a ticket on a comfortable bus to Lonavala.

    By train:
    There is a local railway station in Lonavala with good traffic of trains from major cities like Pune and Mumbai. So you can easily catch a train to the hill station and further book a taxi to the significant places of Lonavala.

    By air:
    Mumbai Airport is the nearest airport to the hill station. So you will have to catch a flight until here and further book a train or bus to reach Lonavala.