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Lhasa has been a quintessential centre of the Buddhists of Tibet for over a millennium. Lhasa which is literally the Place of the Gods is usually known as the city of wonders. The very first look at the white and red Potala Palace towering above the Holy City is still very capable of raising goose bumps. The alluring white washed old Tibetan quarter still happens to beautifully preserve the essence of the traditional life of Tibet.

Further, in the Jokhang, you can witness a different old world blend of the flickering butter lamps with the wafting incense as well as the reclining pilgrims which surround the Barkhor pilgrim circuit happens to be something that makes most of the tourists fall in love with the beautiful Tibet.  

As of today, the burgeoning boulevards of the modern Chinese city intimidates to defeat the backstreet temples and the winding alleyways of the Tibetan old town however, it is the former that you should be focusing more of your time on. If possible, you can budget a week to acclimate, explore the sights and linger around the breathtaking backstreets before you finally make your way to the majestic overland adventure.  Lhas is definitely a must visit tourist attraction.  

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  1. Travel advice:

    • Keep the touts at bay.

    • Do not indulge in drugs of any form.

    • Do not entertain the beggars.

    • Make sure you check the quality of the products before buying.

    • Do not let the locals here mislead you.

    • Do not indulge in physical or verbal brawls with anyone.

    • Do not try and be over friendly with the strangers. If anyone happens to be more friendly than required, it is better to get away at the earliest.

    • Never litter around.

    • Do not hamper the property here.

    • Acquire information about the place that you are heading to.

    • Always take a prepaid or a metered cab or taxi.

    • Do not flash your valuables in public.

    • Never leave your valuables in the hotel room. Make sure you keep the valuables in a room safe.

    • Carry with you at least one ID proof.

    • Do not leave your important documents at hotel.

  2. Drinking laws

    The legal drinking age in Lhasa is 18 years.

  3. Our Recommendations: What You Can’t Afford To Miss?

    Potala Palace

    Located amidst the Lhasa City, Potala Palace gets its name from the Mount Potala which is the dedicated to the Goddess of Mercy. In 637, the palace was first built by the King Songtsen Gampo with an object of greeting his bride, Wen Cheng. She was the Princess from the Tang Dynasty in China. In the year 1994, the palace was listed as the UNESCO World Heritage. It is a 400 meters wide palace running from east to west and 350 meters running from north to south. The palace also has the sloping stone walls that are about 5 meters thick at the base and average 3 meters thick. Palace buildings has 13 storeys that can accommodate over 200,000 statues, 1,000 rooms and 10,000 shrines.

    Jokhang Temple

    On the downtown of Lhasa city in the Barkhor Street lies the Jokhang Temple. This temple was first built during the rule of king Songsten Gampo. If legends are to be believed, the temple was built to impress one Nepali princess, Bhrikuti. Several artists from Nepal joined in the construction of the temple. For several locals, the Tibetans Jokhang Monastery is indeed the most important temple of Tibet. In the year 2000, the temple was added to the list of the UNESCO World Heritage Site.


    Norbulingka is a palace styled park that lies at the west of Lhasa city. The construction of the park was commenced in the year 1755. Back then it was used as a summer resort as well as the religious center and administrative center for the successive Dalai Lamas right from 1780s to the self exile of the 14th Dalai Lama in the year 1959. Norbulingka was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the year 2001. It very well puts forth the Tibetan palace architecture. Often regarded as the best park of the Tibet, this is definitely one place to see in Lhasa.

    In 2001, Norbulingka is listed as a.It is a unique showcase of.

    Norbulingka park is regarded the first and best park in Tibet. Summer and autumn are at its best, becoming hubs of entertainment with dancing, singing, music and festivities.

  4. What you will like here?

    Stunning views of Tibet

    If you travel to Tibet via train, you can very well adore the breathtaking and marvelous which is simply going to take your breath away. The beauty city offers some stunning locations to live your love for photography. So, for mountain lovers and the photography freaks, Lhasa is an excellent sightseeing destination. From rivers to lakes and towering hills, Lhasa has got it all.  

    Amazing Tibetan architecture

    Are you a true admirer of great styles in architecture? If yes, Lhasa could be your dream destination. It is a striking amalgam of Indian and Chinese styles that put forth a deep Buddhist approach. You are definitely not going to be able to get your eyes off the well decorated doors and windows here. Further, you’ll be left agape with the designs of the Tibetan houses and temples along with the very power of Buddhism. Tibet indeed is the most magical and colorful place on this Earth.

    Religious experience of Tibet

    Lhasa is a great place to see. When there, you are definitely going to learn a lot about the Buddhist culture, traditions and customs. There is an array of monasteries, and temples that you can visit while having some light chit chats with the locals here who will definitely teach you a whole bunch of things if you are humble to them. You may already know by now that the most prominent religion in Tibet is Tibetan Buddhism that was introduced in the 7th century AD in Tibet. One of the most renowned Buddhism face is the Dalai Lama (14th) who is at present in India because of the Chinese oppression. When you are in Lhasa, one important thing to do is attending the public meetings and participating in prostrations where the locals play gongs and cymbals and even pray loudly.

    Hospitable and humble Tibetan locals

    Sadly, the travel regulations of the Lhasa tend to limit your interactions with the locals. The foreign visitors aren’t given a permission to the hang out with the locals or even stay in their houses for the night. Despite all the restrictions, you can still get the opportunity to know some of the Tibetan locals when you visit the monasteries or stop at the local tea houses here or even when you are introduced to the locals by your guide. When you converse with the Tibetans, you’ll get to see how friendly, humble and friendly these people are.  

    Experiencing Tibetan cuisine

    When you are in Lhasa, you simply cannot afford to miss out on the fried momos. Other things that you need to try out are the Thenthuk, yak meat wraps and the Naizha cake. The Tibetan cuisine is largely based on the dairy products – cheese and yak milk. It also  

    offers an impeccable mix of spices and herbs, always yummy and fresh bread and the different kind of dumplings.  

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