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Kathgodam Tour Packages

Duration Price
Trek to Roopkund and Ronti Saddle, Uttarakhand 10 Days / 9 Nights ₹ 15000
Brahmatal Trek, Uttarakhand 6 Days / 5 Nights ₹ 5999.0
Roopkund Trek in Uttarakhand 8 Days / 7 Nights ₹ 13850.0
Om Parvat Trek, Uttarakhand 13 Days / 12 Nights ₹ 30500.0
Panchachuli Base Camp Trek Uttarakhand 9 Days / 8 Nights ₹ 30000.0

 Kathgodam Tour Packages are available around the year at justifiable cost bringing tourist to this place. Located near the splendid hills of Nainital, the place Kathgodam is a real immaculate gem of Uttarakhand that caters as a gateway router for the visitors of Nainital. Though here, there are few tourist sites to explore around but still the pristine glamour, beauty and rustic appeal of this tiny town convinces the tourist to spend few days in this beautiful place. Most of the captivating attractions in Kathgodam are the religious pilgrim temples which the tourist can visit during the festive time as there are various celebrations organized in these pilgrim places for the tourist.

The ultimate gateway to the heavenly abode delineating the Kumaon Hills, Kathgodam is situated on the embankment of the Gaula River in the district of Nainital, Uttarakhand. The area is roosted at a height of five hundred and fifty-four meters above the sea level which rallies on the foothills of the Kumaon Hills. Haldwani – Kathgodam Council, is the 2nd largest Municipal Council located in Uttarakhand which was originally established in the year 1942. Kathgodam is the name which is derived from the term “timber depot” which is felicitous for the town. Considering the major fact that it is the main center where all the trade and commerce activities take place, Kathgodam is also a highly attractive hamlet. Kumaoni is the local language which is spoken in this region besides Garhwali and Hindi. Previously, Kathgodam was an unnoticed village, with less populous.

However, Kathgodam came to notice when it was brought into the Indian railway map by the Britishers in the year 1909. The railway track of Haldwani was extended till Kathgodam in the year 1884 and now it is the last station of NE Railways (North East Railways). Two of the major distinguished attractions of Kathgodam are the temples that are highly dedicated to the Hindu divinities Kalichaud and Sheetla Devi. A number of religious devotees visit Kathgodam to pay respect to these temples at the festive time. So, avail Kathgodam tour packages to witness the beauty of the place.

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Trek to Roopkund and Ronti Saddle, Uttarakhand
Trek to Roopkund and Ronti Saddle, Uttarakhand



About the Activity:If you are an avid adventure seeker, this trek to Ronti Saddle and Roopkund in the Himalayas for ten days will be a perfect fit for you.Located at an elevation of 17388 feet, these trekking points allow the visitors to marvel at the adorned beauty of Nanda Ghungti(6309 mtr), Trisul I (7120 mtr), II (6690 mtr), III (6007 mtr) mountain peaks housed by the Himalayas.These snow clad peaks fight themselves to lull the guests of them since the trails you tread here are more than enough to release all the energy in you.Trek for 80 KMs approximately has umpteen number of steep paths, hard snow flakes, twists and swirls which together give the trekker really an adventurous time.The package includes food, accommodation and transportation during the trip.
Very Good

26 Ratings


26 Ratings

₹ 15,000

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Brahmatal Trek, Uttarakhand


Transport Included
Meals Included
About The Brahmatal Lake Trek:Another jewel of the Himalayas which is untouched by trekkers around the world is the Brahmatal trek, which is devoted to Lord Brahma. It is beautifully positioned amidst the Himalayas and covered with blankets of snow. The trail allows you to see the centuries-old forest of Oak and Rhododendron. Walking in meadows besides Brahamatal Ridge you can see many sites of Roopkund Trek. A glance at the Garhwal Mountains in the distance on a clear day will totally melt your heart.Brahmatal Trek Quick Facts:Duration:6D/5NBrahmatal Trek Distance: 22kmBrahmatal Trek Height: 12,150 ftBhramatal Trek Difficulty Level: Moderate Temperature: Day: (8°C to 15°C) and Night: (0°C to -7°C)Best Time for Brahmatal Trek: December - MarchNearest Railway Station: Kathgodam is the nearest railway station Nearest Airport: Jolly Grant Airport, DehradunNearest ATM: Dewal has the last ATM point before your trek begins. It's advisable to withdraw money in Kathgodam itself.Start/End Point: Kathgodam

1138 Ratings


1138 Ratings

₹ 9,935

₹ 5,999 per Adult

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Roopkund Trek in Uttarakhand


1D Lohajung - Wan Road 1D Didna 1D Ali Bugyal 1D Uttarakhand 1D Kalu Vinayak 1D Roopkund Lake 1D Bedni bugyal
Meals Included

3151 Ratings


3151 Ratings

₹ 18,600

₹ 13,850 per Adult

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Om Parvat Trek, Uttarakhand


Transport Included
Meals Included
About the Om Parvat Trek:Om Parvat trek is about mystery and a certain aspect of mythology, the enthusiasm to complete the trek reaches new heights. This place is considered to be one of the oldest abodes of Lord Shiva. Related to the legend of Ravana, the peak is considered sacred by many, and the Om Parvat trek leads to an astounding view of the giant and the miraculous impression of “OM” naturally formed with the deposition of snow against the black background of the mountain. Located in the snowy Himalayas of the Kumaon region in Uttarakhand, the Adi Kailash Om Parvat trek from Kathgodam, passing through many small towns and villages to finally arrive at the magnificent view of the Om Parvat. Rising to an altitude of 14816 ft, this peak is also referred to by several other names such as Adi Kailash, Chota Kailash, Baba Kailash, and Jonglingkong.Quick Facts about Om Parvat Trek:Duration of the Om Parvat Trek: 13D/12NMaximum Altitude: 18,270 ftOm Parvat Trek Difficulty Level: ModerateTotal Om Parvat Trekking Distance: 86kmTemperature: Day (12°C to 15°C); Night (-2°C to 5°C)Best time to go for Adi Kailash Om Parvat trek: April to June & September to OctoberATM: KathgodamStart Point/End Point: Kathgodam

467 Ratings


467 Ratings

₹ 40,666

₹ 30,500 per Adult

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Panchachuli Base Camp Trek Uttarakhand


About the Panchachuli Base Camp:Snuggled in the lap of snow-peaked mountains, the Panchachuli Base Camp trek originates in the Darma valley of Pithoragarh district between the borders of Nepal and Tibet. Bestowed with nature’s splendour, the route to the Panchachuli glacier, lying in the lap of Kumaon Himalayas, is adorned with enchanting landscapes, snow-capped mountains, cascading waters, Alpine meadows and a rich variety of flora and fauna. Situated in Eastern Kumaon Himalaya, the trekking route forms the watershed between the Gori Ganga and Darma Valleys. The entire trek to the glacier is a walk along the river Dhauliganga.The last road head Dar is 42km from Dharchula, and from Dar to Panchachuli Glacier will give us a pleasant walk. The trails unwinding through the tribal villages of Bongling, Sela, Nagling, Baaling and Duktu along the river Dhauliganga and thick forests of deodar and Bhojpatra and conifer are the best ones to enjoy the natural sights. The five peaks of Panchachuli form majestic visuals and enhance the Him Khand, Yuli River skirted by the forests of Devdaar, Bhoj Patra and conifer trees.This amazing Panchachuli Base Camp trek is truly a feast to the eyes and the scenery throughout the journey is one that can only be experienced, not explained.If you are someone who would love to roam around the mountains then Panchachuli Base Camp trek is one of the best options and the journey would come up with a lot of astounding moments. The five different peaks of Panchachuli sector numbers 1 to 5 are located at an elevation of 6904 meters, 6437 meters, 6355 meters, 6334 meters and 6312 meters. And almost all of them were conquered by many trekkers in the 1970s itself.

267 Ratings


267 Ratings

₹ 37,500

₹ 30,000 per Adult

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Pindari Glacier Trek, Uttarakhand


Transport Included
Meals Included
About the Pindari Glacier Trek:Zero Point of Pindari Glacier is situated at a breathtaking altitude of 12370 ft above sea level, 5km ahead of Phurkia. The Pindari Glacier, in the Bageshwar district, falls in the Kumaon Himalayas. The glacier flows to the south for a short distance of about 9 KM and gives rise to the Pindari River which meets river Alakananda at Karnaprayag in the Garhwal district.The views from the pass of the Dhakri Khal are particularly impressive and include the many snow-capped peaks that form the southern rim of the Nanda Devi Sanctuary. Stunning and calm lakes with crystal clear waters, snow-clad mountain peaks, charming wooden bridges, everything just adds to a mystic and exhilarating experience when you are on this trek!Quick Facts About Pindari Glacier Trek Package:• Duration: 8N/9D• Pindari Glacier Trek Height: 12370 ft.• Trek difficulty: Moderate• Pindari Glacier Trek distance: 48 Kms• Temperature: 18°C to -2°C• Best Time To Travel: April, May, June, Mid August to November• ATM: You will find ATM in Kathgodam• Start Point/End Point: Kathgodam

28 Ratings


28 Ratings

₹ 21,250

₹ 17,000 per Adult

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Nanda Devi East Base Camp Trek, Uttarakhand


Transport Included
Meals Included
About the Nanda Devi East Base Camp:Experience the breathtaking beauty of the Himalayas with the Nanda Devi East Base Camp Trekking experience. Trek through the picturesque locations of Bogudiar, Railkot, and Ghangharia, and stay overnight in cozy tents. Explore the base camp at Pachu Glacier for a day and then continue the exciting trek to Martoli, Rargari, and Munsiyari, staying at each location. The hike leads to the eastern face of the country's second-highest peak, Nanda Devi. The base camp offers panoramic views of the surrounding mountains. Book the Nanda Devi East Base Camp Trek and embark on this unforgettable adventure.Quick Facts about Nanda Devi East Base Camp Trek:Nanda Devi East Base Camp Trek Duration: 11D/10NMaximum Altitude: 13,123 ftNanda Devi Trek Difficulty Level: ModerateNanda Devi Trek Distance: 110 kmTemperature: Day 12°C to 20°C and Night: -4°C to 10°CBest time to go for Nanda Devi Trek: Mid March to Mid June & Mid September to Mid OctoberNanda Devi Base Camp trek Start Point/End Point: KathgodamATM: KathgodamRailway Station: Kathgodam is the nearest railway station Airport: Jolly Grant Airport, Dehradun

379 Ratings


379 Ratings

₹ 43,125

₹ 34,500 per Adult

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Corbett to Kunjkharak Trek in Uttarakhand
Corbett to Kunjkharak Trek in Uttarakhand



About the Activity:Start your 3 day 2 night trek by getting picked up in Near Jim Corbett and take a drive to Kunjkharak.This trek starts from the Akashkanda on the foothills of the Himalayas and winds up through dense low altitude jungles and Deodar forests. The remoteness of these places still instills the thrill and adventure of trekking along trails with stunning views.Most of the setting is along the Kosi river which forms the border between India and Nepal.This trek will take you through Akashkanda, Domas village and many more stunning trails passing by rivers and streams.End your trip at Ramnagar station and catch you over night train to Delhi, this trek operates throughout the year.

28 Ratings


28 Ratings

₹ 7,500

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Nainital Pangot Tour Package


Transport Included
Meals Included
Stay Included
Deal Highlights:Enjoy a guided and informative nature trail to explore the hilly terrainNothing like an experiential village tour and local farming at Pangot to know more about the culture hereTake a short hike to the sunset point and soak in the scenic viewsExperience bird-watching and forest trail into the woods of Pangot About the Tour:Experience a tranquil holiday away from the hustle bustle of life. In this tour package, immerse yourself in the beauty of the hills and numerous lakes that dot the area. Unwind your soul and loosen your strings attached to the routine life. This picture perfect destination is yet to be completely discovered, very pristine to its core and can be experienced along with this Nainital tour package.Nothing like interacting with the locals during the guided village tour and then going for a hike to the sunset point for breathtaking views. Stay in offbeat and experiential home-stays, enjoy scenic drives across the valley state, and know more about the culture of the Kumaon region. Do not miss out trying the local delicacies while here.About safety and hygiene:The retreat has increased the frequency of cleaning public areas (including the lobby, doorknobs, common washrooms, etc.)Hand gloves being used when carrying out cleaning work and when handling wasteThe rooms and the entire stay is deep cleaned before every check-in and post every check-outThere are antibacterial hand sanitizers available throughout the propertySocial distancing is maintainedDaily temperature monitoring of the staff

30 Ratings


30 Ratings

₹ 14,688

₹ 11,750 per Adult

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Kafni Glacier Trek, Uttarakhand


About the Kafni Glacier: The Kafni Glacier is an exhilarating trekking trail in the Kumaon region in Uttarakhand. The glacier is the source of the River Kafni that forms the tributary of the Pindar river which joins the River Ganga on its route. The Kafni Glacier trek is along a boulder-strewn path with a dense forest surrounding the mountains and expansive meadows. The enchanting villages, lofty mountains and pristine beauty of the region are what captivates the adventure seekers that trek this route year after year. On this trek, you will get spectacular views of the Nandakot and Nandanar as well as the Pindari Glacier.Kafni Glacier Trek is nestled amidst scenic beauty and tranquility. Located in the district of Bageshwar within Kumaon region of Uttarakhand state, it has the Pindar Valley to its left, the famous peak of Nandkot beneath it, and the Nanda Devi Peak on the southeast.Kafni glacier offers rise to river Kafni, which is an offshoot of river Pindar. Pindar itself is again, an offshoot of Alaknanda River, this is one of the two head streams of river Ganga. 

30 Ratings


30 Ratings

₹ 16,250

₹ 13,000 per Adult

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Roopkund Skeleton Lake Trek, Uttarakhand


Meals Included
Thrillophilia Safe
About the Roopkund Trek-The Roopkund trek is an invigorating expedition from the high altitude region of Loharjung, in the Chamoli district of Uttarakhand at 16499 ft. The trail for the trek that leads to the frozen Roopkund Lake also overlaps with the religious pilgrimage of Nanda Devi thus making this experience of trekking in Uttarakhand, an overall mix of culture and adventure. Going by legends, the ‘Mystery Lake’ is immersed and circled by hundreds of skeletons which is the major attraction of this trek.At the top of the mysterious lake of Roopkund, witness, and marvel at the stunning views of Roopkund Glacier, Trishul, Nandaghungti, and Choukhamba peaks. Roopkund trail cuts through dense thickets and surpasses through the varied landscape of gushing waters and streams as well as charming lakes and vast expanse of lush grasslands. Quick Facts:Duration: 8D/7NMaximum Altitude: 16,499 ft.Trek Grade: Moderate to DifficultTotal Trek Distance: 53 kmTemperature: May – June: day 15°C to 20° C and night 7°C to -2°C Sept-Oct: Day- 15°C to 10°C and night 5°C to -5°CBest Time To Travel: May- June & September- OctoberNearest Railway Station: Kathgodam Railway StationBase Camp: Lohajung Base CampATM: Last ATM is in KathgodamStart point/Endpoint: Kathgodam

498 Ratings


498 Ratings

₹ 26,500

₹ 15,500 per Adult

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People Also Ask About Kathgodam Tours

  1. What are the famous places to visit on a sightseeing tour in Kathgodam?

    Sightseeing in Kathgodam is one activity that you can opt for to thoroughly explore the place. The famous places to visit on a sightseeing tour in Kathgodam are as follows:

    • Sheetla Devi Temple and Kalichaud Temple – Kalichaud Temple and Sheetla Devi Temple are the two most prominent and renowned sites of Kathgodam. These are the much famed and visited destination spots in Kathgodam. These spots are most visited during the festive season by the devotees of these divinities.
    • Sat Tal – Sat Tal represents to be a basic assortment of 7 interconnected lakes and is around twenty-three kilometers from the place Kathgodam. It is articulately covered by the pines and oaks and is considered to be a heavenly abode that invites copious migratory birds. This place is an ideal escape exhibiting various species of birds, freshwater lakes, chirping migratory birds and well-clustered lake representing the beauty of nature. Sat Tal as the name suggests exhibits seven assorted lakes namely Nal Damyanti Tal, Sukh Tal, Garud Tal, Sita Tal, Purna Tal, Lakshman Tal and Ram Tal. Moreover, Sat Tal is considered to be one of the pristine and unpolluted lakes of the place.
    • Hanuman Garhi – Located at a distance of about twenty-one kilometers from the Kathgodam, Hanuman Garhi is a famous destination spot for those who come to explore Nainital. Originally constructed by Baba Neem Kiroli, Hanuman Garhi is a picturesque temple which is highly devoted to Hanuman. Considered to be one of the most famous and popular places for its alluring sunset points, this place is a worth visit by the tourist.
    • Naukachia Tal – Naukachia Tal in actuality stands for the nine-sided lakes exhibiting to be a quaint attraction for the travelers located at a distance of just twenty-six kilometers. An amazing place, Naukachia is a profound beauty delineated by the Himalayas and swindles into real senses with the sweet little tweeting of the little birds. The tourist can happily explore and wander around the pretty little lake of Naukachia Tal. Naukachia Tak is an ideal destination for the tourist who blindly loves and relishes the lakes, the snow covered peaks, fauna and flora, and beauty in totality.
    • Ranikhet – Ranikhet is a heavenly abode of the Kumaon and Naga Regiment of the Indian National Army. Originally clambered from the phrase “the meadow of queen”, Ranikhet as stated by the locals in the place, was previously a dwelling town for Padmini, the Queen. A spellbinding place with stunning and alluring valleys and mountains located amidst the wonderful escapes of nature, Ranikhet is truly a worth visiting place for the travelers if they visit Kathgodam by any chance.
  2. Which are the most adventurous trekking tours in Kathgodam?

    Trekking is one of the most common adventure activities that you can involve ib while touring Kathgodam. The most adventurous trekking tours in Kathgodam are as follows:

    • Roopkund Trek
    • Brahmatal Trek
    • Rupin Pass Trek
    • Nanda Devi Trek with Panchu Glacier
    • Trek to Ronti Saddle
    • Dodital Darwa Pass Trek
  3. Which are the best camping sites in Kathgodam?

    The best camping sites in Kathgodam are as follows:

    • Weekend Camping in Pangot near Nainital
    • Amritpur
    • Camp Pine Riviera Bhimtal
    • The Fair Light Trails Nainital
    • Jungle camping adventure
    • Ayar Jungle Camp
    • High Mountain Trekking Camp
    • Nature Drops
  4. Which are the best cycling tour routes in Kathgodam?

    The best cycling tour routes in Kathgodam are as follows:

    Cycling and Hiking in Kumaon Himalayas

    Chandrashila Trek

    Cycling at the mountain range in Chopta

    Mountain cycling in the Himalayas

    Mountain Trekking and cycling in IRIS Resort, Corbett

    Haldwani Cycling Tour

  5. Can I do the Roopkund Trek in Kathgodam? Is it a difficult trek?

    Yes, you can do Roopkund Trekking in Kathgodam. It is not a difficult trek as it is guided by the professional trekking team in Kathgodam. There is no risk involved in Roopkund Trek. Moreover, it is an eight-day long trek. Roopkund Trek enrolls on several mysteries and charms. Also known as the Skeleton Lake, Roopkund is surrounded by skeletons of the human for some unknown reason. This is a must experience trek for all the travelers visiting Kathgodam.

  6. Which are the best places for a biking tour in Kathgodam?

    The best places for biking tour in Kathgodam are as follows:

    • Mountain Biking in Kumaon
    • Solo Biking Excursion to Ranikhet and Nainital
    • Kathgodam to Maheshkhan Biking tour
    • Haldwani Biking Tour
    • Mountain Biking in the Himalayas
    • Biking in the IRIS Resort, Corbett
  7. Which are the places for a wildlife experience in Kathgodam?

    The places for a wildlife experience in Kathgodam are as follows:

    • Kathgodam
    • Ranikhet
    • Nainital
    • Jim Corbett National Park
    • Chobe National Park
    • Ranomafana National Park
    • L Isalo National Park
    • Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary
Newly Added Kathgodam Experience
02 February 2019
19th to 23rd January 2019 can’t forget, can’t explain the experience in my life !! The Brahmatal trek is unforgettable in this lifetime!! Yes, we faced some mighty powers of mountains and skies , when we were at Brahmatal camp at 12000feet severe snow storm was hit !! Yea we wanted live snowfall we were praying for it since we booked for the trek but the holy nature gave us so much snowfall that’s enough for one lifetime!! It was almost 4 to 5 feet snow outside our camps !!! we experienced temp of around -15 to -20 degree !! we took shelters in chacha ki dhukhan (small shop with wooden roof covered with tarpol)! The best part was our guides when all others trekking companies like India hike, trek the Himalayas team went down in snow storm our team stayed back up until the 36hours storm was gone and descended with a view that can be remembered every day in this lifetime !! Thinking about the hike up the mountain, right before the peak, the pain is unbearable. The trek has been long and the journey has been uphill against snow filled rocky terrain. Just before you reach the top, you feel as if you’ll never be able to take another step, yet you do. You forget ahead and just as the desire to give up becomes strongest, you reach the top. The light, the view is incredible, and you can finally see clearly what you’ve been fighting for. Suddenly, the next part of your journey is clear. It's beautiful, and its all laid out in the sight ahead and below. You are renewed, you know now where you are going. Today, if you are in a season where you are heading uphill and all you see is the mountainous terrain ahead, I hope to inspire you to keep going. Take small steps, but don't stop and don't dare go backwards. When it feels like you can't move, take a deep breath, and cry out for strength to just take the very next step. You will reach the top of your mountain and your joy will be great!! You are moving forward and your destiny awaits! After this trek, my confidence has boosted for sure !! I would like to thank my trek guides from bottom of my heart Raju bhayia, Praveen bhai who took very good care of us overnights and days in that severe snow storm and motivating on each and every step which was very difficult on the way back !! Again I Repeat this experience “Cannot be explained and cannot forget” in this lifetime!! Guys from experience I recommend you to carry all the trekking gears without fail or u gonna suffer REAL bad in those mighty mountains especially must if u are doing in peak winter ... (don't forget to see the forecast ) imp gears are Minus temp waterproof outer jacket, down jacket .thermal inners, lots of t-shirts at least 4, thermal pants, trek pants 2 , track pants , walking poles , WATERPROOF SHOES ( very imp ), 4 pairs of thermal socks , GATERS u can't walk without it in snow, in safer side carry one meter of tarpol that can be used in heavy snow as gaters (telling with experience) , woollen caps, glove inners, waterproof gloves .. Be mentally prepared for the worst !!!u will really enjoy it and ur confidence will be much more then what you were !! MUST DO TREK!
Abhijeet Saxena Roopkund Trek
"Roopkund is a beautiful trek with heart-filling views throughout the trek. You travel from forests to meadows to rocky areas to snow in a matter of 4 days with landscape changing every day. Trek though tiring is worth trying even for beginners & first timers (like me). You just need to follow the trek leaders' guidelines and nothing can stop you from reaching the summit. Everything was decently arranged by Thrillophillia & UTT (local agency whose part we were). The only downside was that our group size was large around 28 people and we were mostly running behind the schedule. Food was okay, you can really not expect a lot when in mountains.Prepare for the trek in advance and if possible keep a day extra in reserve. Carry spare clothes and prepare for rain extensively because the weather in the bugyals & beyond is very unpredictable and you should be ready for everything. Must do trek. All the Best...."
16 June 2018
Pradeepta Mohanty Roopkund Trek
The awesome journey started from the station Kathgodam itself where we could see the ubiquitous Pine and Fir trees that we had seen previously only in TV. We had a warm welcome from the UTT staff in Lohajung where we plucked some peaches and relished along with the briefing. We met the trek leaders, cook, support staff and fellow group members with whom we were to live like a family for the next 7 days. Along with the heavenly environment, the people with their simple ways won permanent place inside us. On the 2nd day we trekked to Didna village via Kuling - 12 kms stretch, half road and other half mountains and valleys. The family who had given us home stay in Didna village welcomed us with Rhododendron drinks. By this time natural spring water had been inveterate to us. Next day trek was to Bedni Bugyal via Ali Bugyal, the most beautiful and largest meadows of Asia - 12 kms stretch. For the first time I saw real snow before my eyes when Mount Trishul and Nanda Ghunti came in front of us. We faced heavy rainfall along the way where the ponchos and waterproof shoes became handy and saved us the whole trek. Next day was a 4 km trek to Pathar Nachauni. Each place has its own fascinating fable and folk lore described to us by the Trek leaders - Raghu, Rajat, Pradeep, Uday, etc. Next was another 4 km trek to Bhagwabasa where a little AMS started to peek in and temperature dropped steeply. Folowing early morning 0300 hrs, we started on the steep 3km trek to Roopkund crossing land, waterfalls, snow and ice; and it was all heavenly out there when we could see the ice covered lake with snow surrounding it like a white glass. We returned to Bhagwabasa the same day by evening. And next day descended to Lohajung via Wan village - 12 kms. Now having returned it feels, some part of our lives could never come back from those mountains.
Ashutosh Dubal Brahmatal Trek
"perfect trek to starters , helps gain confidence really enjoyed lot ,management was perfect nothing to suggest. . . Thanks Thrillophilia\n"
15 March 2016
Himadri Bhat Roopkund Trek
The trekking experience was great. I had a really really fun filled trek. The beautiful surrounding, the bird’s eye view of the place, and everything else added more beauty to the travel experience. the roopkund was mostly frozen, and when we went close you could actually see the skeltons on the bed of the lake. oThis trip is something that I can never ever forget the final climb to roopkund was very difficult and tedious but it was worth it. I totally loved this trek. I wish I could take more such treks in the future.
14 March 2020
Nimit Bandopadhyay Roopkund Trek
I did this trek with my friends and we all enjoy this very much, the view was superb, the guide and food were fantastic, the adventure activity was amazing, but the best part was the Roopkund Lake. The very beautiful whole covered with ice. Mesmerizing. camping was very comfortable and I never forgot this adventure. Worth doing it.
05 March 2020
Gajadhar Gandhi Roopkund Trek
It was a unique experience when I was surrounded by the snow so we friends start playing with it and we trek nicely. camping was good and we take many pictures for memories, the guide was professional but the food was a little bit spicy but overall we can say this was one of the best vacations I spent.
11 March 2020
Mukul Ahluwalia Roopkund Trek
When I was in Uttarakhand with my friends so one of them suggest me to do roopkund trek so I book the trek from Thrillophilia and this gives me lifetime experience, the location was good relaxing, the guide was funny and polite in nature and food was ok-ok but we had a memorable experience.
07 March 2020
Adhrit Menon Roopkund Trek
The guesthouse was the best to stay, the food was ok on all the times. The guide was good and well experienced, this place is for those people who seek for adventure. I was there with 3 other solo travelers, try to go with bigger groups.
01 March 2020
Deeptanshu Achari Roopkund Trek
I have done many treks but this one has a different exposure. Totally amaze and with such a good food on trek was unexpected. I would suggest that adventure lover people must try this one as it will give you thrilling experience.

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