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Jaisalmer is the former medieval trading centre and a princely town in the maharaja state of Rajasthan. Jaisalmer lies in the desert of Thar and is characterized by its spectacularly beautiful sand and golden terrain which sways in an abundance of insignia. Jaisalmer displays foreboding charm and reflects the rich heritage and prosperity of the princely state it once was. The fort of Jaisalmer is breathtakingly beautiful and will give one a glimpse of the bygone era; the fort is situated amidst sandy plains and is a spectacle of flawless architecture. Over the years, the best sightseeing tours in Jaisalmer have attracted a lot of tourists who love to explore a beautiful place unlike any other. Jaisalmer is fondly called the “golden city” for its unique, yellow sandstone architecture. Sand Dunes located a little far from the Jaisalmer fort could be reached via camel safaris where one can witness the magical terrain with stretches of sweeping dunes, safaris along the crests and troughs while watching the crimson horizon at the sunset altogether makes for a pleasing escape. Among other notable attractions is the Gadi Sagar Lake, built as a water reservoir during the 14th century.


Jaisalmer is dotted with numerous havelis, all adorning golden sandstone architecture and reflects optimum grandeur. Salim Singh ki Haveli and Patwa ki Haveli are among the noted ones. Other sightseeing tours in Jaisalmer, include the much known Kuldhara Village; local folklore suggests that the ruins of this village are haunted. Bada Bagh, Khaba fort, Surya Gate, Mandir Palace, Vyas Chhatri and Tanot Maa Temple among other tourist attractions in Jaisalmer. When in Jaisalmer, tourists love to engage and enjoy the rustic and earthy music and folk dance of the gypsy travellers that portray the essence of the Rajasthani Folk culture.

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29 December 2019
Best trip ever cooperative people n great company
Though it was very far from where we were staying in Jaisalmer still it was awesome. All your patriotism comes out once you experience it.
I didn’t want to spend that much time on a tour as I had a flight to catch in the evening, and so this seemed to be perfect. The tour included the pick up and drop off also as part of the package, and the driver, Rajesh, took me to some of the best place sin Jaisalmer, and we got to skip the ticket lines, and parking charges, which were all included in the package only!

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