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An ancient city located in the heart of the country, Haridwar, is known for many religious and exploratory activities that you can take part in. Apart from the religious capital of the country, Haridwar can take you on an exciting journey. It would be no short of a sin to visit Haridwar and not take a dip in the holy waters at the Har Ki Pauri Ghat. If you are seeking spiritual peace, there are numerous things to do in Haridwar. The serene ambiance, pristine waters, and the chant of prayers form the perfect backdrop for a spiritual getaway.

The most famous and exciting you can do in Haridwar is visit the Har ki Pauri Ghat. Known for its world-famous ‘Ganga Aarti,’ the site is known as the ‘Footstep of God.’ Hundreds of people come here every morning to wash their sins off. Watching the synchronised chants of the devotees and the hum of the metal bells in the background early in the morning is the most spiritually moving experience you can get in this place.

Home to pristine flora and fauna, there are numerous things to do in Haridwar other than spiritual activities. You can head to the Rajaji National Park, which houses the largest population of wild elephants and tigers. For nature lovers, there is no place better than the Neel Dhara Pakshi Vihar. Apart from encompassing a wide area of lush greenery, it is home to diverse migratory birds.

If you are lucky enough to be in Haridwar during the Kumbh Mela, you can have a once in a lifetime experience. It is the biggest gathering of humans that happen only after 12 years in Haridwar. The quaint markets, delicious food, adventure activities, and innumerable temples make Haridwar an ideal spot for a vacation.

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This was my maiden trek and I am glad I chose Valley of Flowers and Hemkund Saheb. I carried home tonnes of great memories from the trip that I will cherish for my life. Serene Nature, Splendid weather, a great company of cousins, new friends we made and the team who lead the trek made a perfect mixture to cherish. While the chirpy young kept the team charged, the conviction of the others was inspirational to the rest. I am also glad that Thrillophillia conducts this trip which I came to know after reading thrillophilia reviews. The field team lead by Yogi and Sandeep was awesome. At some point or other everyone in the group were amazed with their knowledge, patience, perseverance, untiring efforts to make the trip a memorable and comfortable one for the entire team. Their daily briefing was quite interesting. Valley of flowers amazed us with the nuances it offered every minute. The continuous rain, the chill of the breeze, narrow steep path, rolling stones, changing landscape every minute, moving clouds around you, crossing the river over narrow bridges…. The list goes on and on Hemkund Saheb is another marvel. This place left most of the team members ecstatic. What a bliss. The only place I have seen made many people cry with joy. A place that one must visit atleast once in their lifetime. The trek(mule ride), the hospitality at the Gurudwara were breathtaking. It was a testimony to what faith can bring out of people. We could see people of all age groups from 3 to 70+ trek all the way from Govindghat to Hemkund Saheb, carrying children and luggage on shoulders and sometime on mules. Wow… We were exposed to a new world of Ghangaria which come alive in March and sleeps over from October. A town that has everything active only for 4 months.
The stay at kund was a very pleasant one. It had wonderfull golden views of Kedardome. Sound of mountain river just below the campsite was like a soothing lullaby. The fully blooming rhododendron gave the perfect reddish look of the season FALL. Now as we come to the part of the trek to deorital, the day started with a double puncture of one of our car which was to take us to SARI. But to our joy it provided us the perfect excuse to start our trek right from kund. The opportunity gave us time to photograph the kedar dome from a height and on the way we also came by a hilly waterfall which gave us plenty to take home some mesmerizing photographs. By the time our car was ready to take us to Sari. On reaching Sari we started our climb to Deorital Lake . On the way we filled up our water bottles from a mountain spring and wow the most refreshing drink i had in my life off cousre accompanied by chewing of rhododendron petals. On reaching deorital we were greeted with patches of snow and a mesmerizing view of snow clad-en peaks of Chaukhamba. We could even capture the reflection of the cliffs in the clear water of the lake. After having a packed lunch we descended down to sari by taking a visit to hilly temple. On the way back we went to Ukhimath, the winter home of BABA Kedarnath. The secondays climb was from Chopta. There was snow right from Chopta. We claded our shoes with the mandatory spikes and started our climb throw the snow laden valley and mountain sides of chopta taking occassional breaks. The temple of Tungnath was almost under snow. After taking a break at tungnath we further ascended to Chandrasila peak making new path through the fresh snows. And like we were on the top of the world with 360 degree view of Nanda Devi, Trishul and Chaukhamba. The weather had by then started getting little naughty with patches of black clouds hovering around. After taking a quick packed lunch we started our descend, which was packed with thrills and surprises courtesy our guide Monu Rana. We went back to our childhood days by sliding and rolling through the snows like 3 year old toddlers and just yelling in excitement. On reaching chopta we boarded our cars to be back to kund. A heavy downpour welcomed us to Kund and let us have a unique experience of heavy mountain lashes. Next day we were back to Haridwar after having a tastefull lunch at Jayalgarh. A wow experience of lifetime in my sixth trek.
06 September 2018
All the arrangements, food, logistics, and support was superb. Both our trek guides especially Mr. Narendra supported and took very good care, continuously motivating and helping throughout the journey. This trek requires good fitness and endurance, it would have been good if we were given a heads up about the steep trails and low oxygen. Other than that I loved and enjoyed the experience. Happy with Thrillophillia team. Devashish was also very patient and helpful.
"it was incredible experience. VOF is famous for its 80 and more rare flowers species. trek was 12000 ft above from the sea level. It was not easy but when I saw the colors of flowers it inspired me to go ahead and explored more.."
"This is one of the finest treks I have ever been to. The food was too good. Love the team and how they talk is a treat to watch. Overall, it was a relaxing and mind-blowing."
13 January 2021
Very Good
Dayara Bugyal is Out of the World!! We did a Winter Trek, so got to see a lot of Snow & also experienced Snowfall. However, the Trek is not easy & is definitely not for Beginners. We were 3 Ladies in the age group of 50-55, 2 of whom were 1st time trekkers & had a tough time making it to the top. One of them turned back from Gui as she developed severe leg cramps. Also there was only one guide from Raithal to Gui, who went off ahead with the Youngsters, leaving us to fend for ourselves. Ideally, there should have been 2 guides. Once at the Camp however, things were well taken care off. With limited resources, one cannot & should not expect much anyway.
03 November 2020
The arrangement and beautiful places is something one need ro relax. Good job thrillophilia
Awesome experience
This is significantly down to Team Thrillophilia who gave us the most amazing experience. Their professionalism was fantastic. They were friendly, punctual, reliable and so flexible to our needs. 100% recommended.
the street food of Haridwar will definitely bring me back to the city for sure... the trip was very well planned and we were right on time to enjoy the Ganga arti.. a must thing to experience in a life time. and a road trip to Mussoorie was a cherry on the cake.

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People Also Ask About Haridwar Things To Do

  1. What is famous for Haridwar in shopping?

    There are many things you can buy in the markets of Haridwar. From trinkets and idols of brass and copper with intricate carvings to stone idols of Hindu deities. Hindu worship paraphernalia is sold abundantly in Haridwar like the beads necklace, metal bells, cane baskets, glass bangles and puja utensils. 

    There are many markets where you can buy your products from like Moti Bazar, Jawalpur, Kankhal, Bara Bazar and the Government Handloom and Handicraft Emporium.
  2. What is there to do in Haridwar at night?

    If you're wondering about what to do in Haridwar at night, trekking to the Mansa Devi Temple should be at the top of your list. Haunted with the tales of ghosts of wild animals and mythical creatures, this trek gives you more than religious indulgence. The temple itself is so beautiful and humbling that you will not regret the whole experience.

    One can also take a stroll around the jungle by visiting the Rajaji National Park at night. The thrill and awe one feels navigating through a forest after dark is unmatchable by anything else.
  3. What is the famous food of Haridwar?

    Haridwar has an array of dishes right out of the most authentic recipes of North Indian cuisine. It is most famous for its unique variant of ‘aloo puri’. It's a spiced potato dish served with fried puff bread and is a favourite of visitors and locals alike. The streets of Haridwar are brimming with many cheap food stalls that serve local dishes like these.
  4. Which are the activities that I can do in Haridwar?

    Haridwar is a city vibrant and joyful. Days here are spent walking aimlessly, exploring the streets and evenings here is an everyday celebration at Har ki Pauri aarti where the entire city accumulates. The power of spirituality is then felt. Except for this, following are a few things to do in Haridwar-


    • Attend aarti at Har ki Pauri
    • Stay in Ashram
    • Try the street foods
    • Indulge in some yoga and meditation
    • Take a holy bath
    • Go for a wildlife jungle safari at Rajaji National Park
    • Visit various temples
    • Go shopping at Bara Bazar or Kankhal
    • Some more shopping at Jawalapur and Moti Bazar
  5. Where can I see Ganga Aarti in Haridwar? Which is a popular site for it?

    Ganga Aarti means prayer for river Ganga and prayers are dedicated to gods and goddesses. If you are wondering why prayers are offered to River Ganga then the reason is because river Ganga not just a river in India, it is considered to be the divine mother who gives life in the form of water. In Haridwar, Ganga Aarti is performed at Har Ki Pauri Ghat which is one of the most famous popular sites in Haridwar. A visit to Haridwar is incomplete if you have not seen the Ganga Aarti that is performed at Har ki Pauri .

  6. Which are famous yoga ashrams in Haridwar to perform yoga?

    Haridwar is famous for its Yoga and Ayurvedic treatments. There are special yoga ashrams where people from all over the world come for meditation. These ashrams have certain rules and regulations that must be followed by every participant. These ashrams are known for their yoga therapies and have helped many in several ways. Some of the famous yoga ashrams in Haridwar are-

    • Aurovalley ashram Haridwar
    • Santosh puri Ashram Haridwar
    • Patanjali Haridwar
  7. Which are some famous temples to visit in Haridwar?

    Temples are located on every street of Haridwar. Many of these temples attract not just local devotees but devotees from across the globe. Some of the most famous temples in Haridwar are-


    • Chandi Devi Temple
    • Mansa Devi Temple
    • Har Ki Paudi - Ganga Temple
    • Daksha Mahadev Temple
    • Maya Devi Temple
    • Bilkeshwar Mahadev Temple
    • Bharat Mata Temple
    • Neeleshwar Temple
    • Mahamrityunjaya Temple
    • Jain Temple
    • Pawan Temple
    • Shree Yantra Temple
    • Doodhadhari Barfani Temple
    • Anjana Devi Temple
    • Sati Kund Temple
  8. Which are some famous locations for sightseeing in Haridwar?

    As Haridwar is a religious destination, majority of the sightseeing locations here are religious spots. There are various temples and ashrams that can be visited in and around Haridwar. Some of the most famous locations for sightseeing in Haridwar are-


    • Mansa Devi Temple
    • Shantikunj
    • Patanjali Yogpeeth
    • Chilla Range
    • Saptrishi Ashram
    • Bilkeshwar Mahadev Temple
    • Gau Ghat
    • Neel Dhara Pakshi Vihar
    • Pawan Dham
    • Parad Shivlinga
    • Sati Kund
    • Bara Bazaar
    • Vishnu Ghat
    • Moti Bazaar
  9. Which are some famous sites for rafting near Haridwar and what is the average cost?

    The nearest river rafting site near Haridwar is Rishikesh. White water rafting in Rishikesh is one of the best rafting destination in India and has grown to a well-liked and adventurous spot. For white water rafting enthusiasts, this place offers a impressive experience of medium to very tough and rough rapids in the regions of River Ganges. Many adventurous tourists both from India and overseas visit this place to experience the real challenges of this water sport activity. The cost of this sport depends on the rafting route you choose. The average cost starts from INR 750 per head and goes on to INR 1500 per head.

  10. Which are some famous camping sites in and around Haridwar?

    Camping in Haridwar gives you natural peace and a chance to relax from your daily routine. Camping trips in Haridwar and around has become vastly popular.


    • Camp Tusker
    • Camping at Rajaji National Park
    • Rajaji Jungle Camp
    • Shivpuri
    • Brahmpuri
    • Marine Drive
    • Byasi
    • Kaudiyala
    • Sinthali
    • Neelkanth Road
  11. When can I visit Neel Dhara PaKshi Vihar in Haridwar? What are the timings and charges?

    Neel Dhara Pakshi Vihar is blessed with abundance of flora and fauna and is a paradise for nature lovers. The bird sanctuary is located 3.5 kilometres from Haridwar and tourists can reach there by using shared cabs or buses. This park can be visited during any time of the year. In winters, the park is flooded with several migratory birds like Siberian crave. This place is known for its immense natural beauty and visitors can also see the Shivalik Hills from the bird watching point. Moreover, one can also enjoy the sight of the snow covered mountains from here. The park is functional for  7 am to 7 pm and the entry fee costs INR 350 per head

  12. Which are some of the best treks near Haridwar?

    Trekking in and around Haridwar can be done to explore and enjoy the scenery of the trails. Uttarakhand being the hilly area has a lot to explore through trekking. Apart from going to the temple people also prefer going to the trekking in Haridwar. The best time to trek in this area is during the month of July, august, September. Kunjapuri trek Gaumukh in Gangotri Glacier Trek to Shivpuri Trek to Kaudiyala Auli Kuari pass Valley of flowers