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Gold Coast Theme Parks

Warner Bros. Movie World, SeaWorld, Wet'n'Wild, Dream World and many more.

Theme parks in Gold Coast are undoubtedly the best vacation spots these days. Theme parks are fun in general. They are trips our children never forget. They are once in a lifetime bonding opportunities, giving some a taste of adventure and newness. Some have the thrill to experience new things, and theme parks satisfy that in new and innovative manners.

Theme parks like Warner Bros. Movie World and DreamWorld have something to offer for everyone: There’s something for the daredevil within you, or for the justice league fanboy, or for the stoic father in the form of a deep drop roller coaster, and all kinds of lavish snacks for the foodies to delve into as well! Many Gold Coast theme park packages allow the entire family to have a great experience at different locations without much travel. Have a look into all theme parks located on the Gold Coast for a fulfilling vacation with your family this summer!
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  1. Which are the best theme parks on Gold Coast?

    1. Warner Bros. Movie World: One of the most famous Theme Parks on the Gold Coast, The Warner Bros. Movie World, is a place where all dreams come to life! Meet the Warner Bros. characters that are close to your heart with adventure rides like Wild West Falls, bone-chilling Scooby-Doo Spooky Coaster as well as the DC Rivals Hypercoaster!

    It’ll surely be a fun and extra ant trip for you as well as your little ones! Make them realise their dreams of meeting Superman, and the Green Lantern Coaster features the world's third steepest drop angle, so this isn’t just a kiddie place! The entry is incredibly affordable at $42 for all the attractions you get!

    Location: Pacific Mwy, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

    2. Dream World: As per the DreamWorld manifesto: Memories are made of endless thrills! Bringing in dream-like experiences like Lego Certified stores teeming with stormtroopers, family rides like the notorious Gold Coaster, and the Giant Drop (not for the faint-hearted!) make a trio to the Dreamworld enchantingly like a dream as the name suggests! With something for everyone, it’s sure to be a banger!

    The seasonal WhiteWater World and Tiger Island are some must-visit locations for the family as well. It also focuses on wildlife if your children, or you, of course, are into that! The entry costs $99 for adults outside of Australia and New Zealand, with a discounted 3-day pass and local and annual passes for those who live nearby.

    Location: Coomera, Queensland, Australia

    3. SeaWorld: For those with interest in marine biology and all the water babies out there, there's no better outing than the Sea World! It is one of the Theme Parks on Gold Coast for the wildlife enthusiasts of the family. It is fun-filled, if not more, than the other parks on the list, but has a good emphasis on education, and promotes conservation of marine wildlife, so giving this one a shot has a double effect- both enjoyment and sustainability. With a luxurious resort to fulfil all your vacation needs, various animal exhibits have a healthy dose of roller coasters.

    You can get acquainted with animals like Polar Bears, Penguins and even an intelligent dolphin! The place also features a flurry of Nickelodeon characters like the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for children. The unlimited entry pass for 3 days, in a Gold Coast Theme Park package with Movie World, SeaWorld and Wet'n'Wild, costs $46.34 per day!

    Location: Seaworld Dr, Main Beach QLD 4217, Australia

    4. Wet'n'Wild: Looking for a summer getaway to cool down during the vacations? There's no better spot to get drenched in, while laughing, other than Wet'n'Wild! It’s one of the best theme parks on the Gold Coast to enjoy the beautiful summer sunshine while being splashed with various water rides.

    There is a ride for each and every age group, and the entire family is guaranteed to have good fun! A special place for thrill seekers, be it adults or children. The adults can participate in the extreme H2O zone that doesn’t disappoint! just look at its name! Rides like Tornado and Kamikaze are sure to make your day! The luxurious Cabana Stay in Wet’n’Wild costs $100- it is worth every penny!

    Location: Pacific Mwy, Oxenford QLD 4210, Australia

  2. Is Dreamworld better than MovieWorld?

    It’s undeniable that both places are marvellous in their own right when you consider Theme Parks in Gold Coast and are toe to toe in the battle for the best theme park ever, so we won’t be able to reach a proper conclusion there- but MovieWorld is the place to go if you’re a huge fan of roller coasters, while if you’re more of the queasy type who still wants to enjoy in a theme park, DreamWorld will make your day!

  3. How much is entry to Movie World Gold Coast?

    A single day pass for the Movie World Gold Coast costs $89. Whereas there is a deal for all Gold Coast Theme park packages, which packs all these into one giant affordable experience that costs $169.

  4. How do I get to Sea World Gold Coast?

    For outsiders who’ll inevitably reach the Gold Coast Airport, take the 777 Bus from the Gold Coast airport, leading to Broadbeach Station. Your next move would be to take the 705 bus to sea world.

  5. How much does it cost to get into Dream World Gold Coast?

    As mentioned above, the entry for locals costs $89, while the entry for international tourists costs $99 with cheaper 3 day passes, as well as a Village Roadworks overall pass available, which make excellent deals if you want to visit multiple places! This is one of the Gold Coast theme park packages which makes the most sense to opt for if you want to have a wholesome experience for a week or more.

  6. Is there any age limit for visiting the Gold Coast theme parks?

    There is no age limit for visiting theme parks! The sky's the limit for such an operation. These theme parks are specially catered to have rides for the old as well as the young, with trills for adults and safer thrills for the younger ones; a theme park is a total family experience where no one feels left out!

  7. What are the facilities I can have in Gold Coast theme parks?

    There are many facilities like luxurious resorts, and entire day stay luxury Cabanas, and much more! There's excellent restaurants, fair food and exquisite desserts, along with accommodations for the differently-abled.

  8. What are the things that I should carry while going to Theme parks on Gold Coast?

    Carry the necessities like your passport if you are a foreign national, do not forget your tickets! Also, take any vital medications any family members might need. The rest of the necessities like food and water are available for purchase! Have a fun trip with the entire family!