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Located amidst the thick forests and the alluring hills of Karnataka, Dandeli is a rejuvenating vacation spot. It boasts of the beauty of Western Ghats and offers various sightseeing places where one can enjoy a wonderful time in the realm of nature. Dandeli Sightseeing excels in mesmerising the tourists with scenic beauty and adventurous outdoors. With an astounding mix of adventure and relaxation, Dandeli has become an ideal place for tourists of all kinds. While on a sightseeing tour in Dandeli, tourists can enjoy various places that are renowned for their interesting stories and uniqueness apart from being very beautiful. For those interested in wildlife, there are places like Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary, Anshi National Park, Kulgi Nature Camp, etc. There are also a few places of spiritual interest in Dandeli like Ulavi Temple and Kavala Caves. If you are a water baby, Dandeli has got various waterfalls like Molangi Falls, Sathodi Falls, Magod Falls, etc to bring out the adventure seeker in you.

Moreover, Dandeli is an excellent getaway to appreciate the wonder of nature by seeing places like Kali River, Syntheri Rock, Shiroli Peak, Supa Dam and Sykes Point. The average cost of sightseeing in Dandeli is INR 1500 to INR 4500. Dandeli sightseeing is a great holiday idea for both backpackers and families. The tourist spot is known for its serene ambience and pleasant weather and draws in a number of tourists. The months from October to May are believed to be the best for planning a trip to Dandeli. If you are one of those tourists who seek a relaxing break from your noisy city, Dandeli comes as a delightful retreat. Dandeli sightseeing is a fabulous experience to cherish some time with your loved ones and marvel at the scenic landscapes of nature. The beautiful city has various places where you can relax and unwind and take back home some amazing memories.

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Dandeli Sightseeing Packages


Transport Included
Cuddled up soothingly on the banks of Kali river amid serene beauty of posh green forests, Dandeli is made up of trails and a green environment. The beauty of this place resides significantly in the adventurous hikes and beauty of Western Ghats. The untouched green landscapes house a staggering range of flora and fauna. Apart from the adventurous activities, there are several historical places including Ulavi temple, ancient caves of Kavla, and much more. Feel lost in the tranquil nature and discover the beauty of this serene place that is nestled beautifully amid nature.  

62 Ratings


62 Ratings

₹ 650

₹ 500 per Adult

Full Day Dandeli Sightseeing Tour Flat 15% off
Full Day Dandeli Sightseeing Tour Flat 15% off



Byndoor, based in the northern Kundapur Taluk constitute the mesmerizing scenic beauty of beaches which is the main attraction in the Coastal Karnataka region. The divinity of sunset and immense peace of the beaches are capable to hold you spellbound throughout your journey. Activity The Byndoor The sightseeing package aims at delivering you an enthralling experience of a calm sunset view along with a scope of exploring the serenity of beaches. The Byndoor, located near Shiroor in Udupi district is famous for its prominent attractions which are the Seneshwara Temple, Sri Ramachandra Mandira, and Mahakali Temple.You can also get glimpses of the popular pilgrim centers of Karnataka, Kollur Mookambika Temple which is just 28 Km from Byndoor. For experiencing a glorious sunset, you can also visit 'Kshitija Nesara Dhama' based in Ottinene near Byndoor. This sightseeing experience is designed in such a way that you experience optimum peace and serenity of the place without any interruptions. How to reach Byndoor is based in northern Kundapur Taluk near Shiroor in Udupi district which at a distance of 33 Km from Kundapur. The destination of the Byndoor sightseeing can be conveniently reached via private and public transportation. Duration:-  8 hours Available for large booking
Very Good

36 Ratings


36 Ratings

₹ 1,559

₹ 1,325

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Sirsi Sightseeing Tour Dandeli


Head out for a perfect day-out sightseeing session in this famous hill station, Sirsi in Karnataka that serves as a prominent spot for weekend getaways or vacations for both nature and adventure seekers. Densely populated with beautiful flora and fauna culture, Sirsi is known for its scenic beauty of lush green forests and waterfalls. Be prepared to astonish yourself in no time as you witness the beautiful scenes of waterfalls and lush green forests. The Sirsi Sightseeing is devised to cater maximum comfort and enjoyment through which you get to chance to catch the sights of unique animals like Elephants, Tigers, Leopard, and the unique Black Panther. Get assisted by a professional driver along with a supportive guide who would show you the spots. The activity session also includes parking charges and lets you gather some unlimited memories with your loved ones. 

26 Ratings


26 Ratings

₹ 950

₹ 850 per Adult

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Full Day Sightseeing Tour in Siddapur


Are you looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the busy city life for a day? Full day sight-seeing at Siddapura will serve your purpose with the vast number of waterfalls that are capable of attracting nature lovers at large. Siddapura, a town located in the Uttara Kannada district of Karnataka, is gifted with the immense natural beauty of forests and lush greenery.For the duration of 8 hours, get ready to lose yourself in the serene beauty of the town surrounded by the lush greenery of dense forests and magnificent waterfalls. Siddapura delivers a great scope for nature lovers from the nook and corners of the country to experience the enchantment of the scenic inheritance of the location bestowed with a number of waterfalls. With this Day-out package supported by the guide and professional driver, you are sure to experience mesmerizing glimpses of forest resources.

31 Ratings


31 Ratings

₹ 1,099

₹ 799 per Adult

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Dandeli Sightseeing


Meals Included
Also known as the gem of South India engulfed with a wildlife sanctuary, tropical forests, and overgrown trails. Dandeli is home to various travel enthusiasts seeking adventurous and fun-filled opportunities within the lapse of nature. Unwind yourself with this sightseeing tour of Dandeli and explore this ideal adventure destination near Goa and around 460km from Bangalore.Enjoy the mesmerizing Dandeli sites with this guided tour of around 9–10 hours covers almost all the spectacular landmarks. At the beginning of this tour, you will be boarded on a jeep safari for a bumpy ride to the Syntheri Rocks amidst the Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary. Feed your wanderlust with a guided sightseeing tour of Uluvi Caves till noon, experience the lives of tribes used to live in these narrow caves, after the long sightseeing sessions, lavish on the delicious delights offered by the nearby restaurants. After exploring the most famous landmarks of Dandeli, end your day with a visit to the backwaters of Supa dam. By the end of the tour, drive back to Dandeli and return to your respective places with many fun-filled memories.

25 Ratings


25 Ratings

₹ 1,200

₹ 1,100 per Adult

People Also Ask About Sightseeing in Dandeli

  1. How can I reach Dandeli from Bangalore? How much is the distance?

    This small riverside town in North West Karnataka which literally translates into “by the river’ teems with natural beauty, the gorgeous Kali river and multiple adventure activities. It is the second largest wildlife sanctuary in Karnataka and was designated as a tiger reserve in 2007.

    Bangalore is located at a distance of 460 kms to Dandeli. You can travel from Bangalore to Dandeli by the following mentioned transport options:

    By Road: Travelling by road is the best way to reach Dandeli from Bangalore, you can either take your car or take a bus for the same. Lot of buses operate on this route at various price ranges making it very convenient for travellers.

    By Train: Dandeli does not have a train station, and the nearest railway stations are Alnavar(32 km), Londa (48 km) and Dharwad (57km) away from Dandeli. From there you can catch a cab to the prime adventure spots.
    By Flight: Dandeli does not have an airport, the closest airport being Hubli which is 75 kms away. You can catch a cab or a local bus from there to reach Dandeli

  2. How to reach Dandeli from Pune? How much is the distance?

    There are no direct flights or trains or buses between Pune to Dandeli. The distance is about 445 Kms. The convenient way to reach from Pune to Dandeli is to take VRL buses from Pune to Dharwad then take a taxi from Dharwad to Dandeli.


    The fastest way to reach Dandeli from Pune is to take Spicejet from Pune to Goa then take a taxi from Goa to Dandeli. The cheapest way to reach Dandeli from Pune is to take Tirunelveli Exp from Pune to Alnavar then take a taxi from Alnavar to Dandeli.

  3. How to reach Dandeli from Goa? How much is the distance?

    Distance between Goa to Dandeli is 115 km by Road along with an aerial distance of 62 km. There are no direct flights or trains or buses between Goa to Dandeli. The convenient and fastest way to reach from Goa to Dandeli is to take a taxi from Goa to Dandeli.


    The cheapest way to reach Dandeli from Goa is to take Goa Express from Goa to Londa then take a taxi from Londa to Dandeli.

  4. What is the best time to visit Dandeli for sightseeing trip?

    Winter season is the best season for a visit to Dandeli. From October to February as the weather is nice and pleasant. Summers are also nice for a visit, the climate being moderate throughout the season.


    The monsoons, however, are the least advisable time for a trip if you’re planning on sightseeing or rafting in Dandeli.

  5. What all things I should carry for a sightseeing trip to Dandeli?

    Following are the travel essentials when planning a trip to Dandeli.

    • Sunscreen
    • Lip balm
    • Wooden stick why
    • Energy Bar
    • Quick dry shorts/bathing suit
    • Synthetic shirt for warmth and sun protection
    • Sturdy footwear – sandals with straps (no flip-flops), sneakers, wetsuit boots
    • Hat with brim to protect face from sun
    • Sunglasses with retainer strap
    • Avoid all cotton clothing, as cotton gets cold when wet
  6. What all places are good for sightseeing in Dandeli?

    Following are some of the places to see in Dandeli:

    • Visit Syntheri Rock
    • Go to Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary
    • Anshi National Parks
    • Spend some time at the Kavala Caves
    • Pause and breathe in the fresh air at the Shiroli Peak
  7. Which all activities are must do on a Dandeli trip?

    Dandeli is a beautiful place set in the Western Ghats of Karnataka. It mesmerizes the tourist with its rich flora and fauna. There are numerous activities in Dandeli that you should make a point to do at this places. Here goes:


    • Visit the Dandeli wildlife sanctuary
    • Adventure Camp at the Dandeli jungle
    • River Raft in the Kali river
    • Birding at Ganeshgudi
  8. Is Dandeli a good destination for couples? Which places are must to visit for couples in Dandeli?

    Dandeli is a beautiful destination for couples with all the nature at your footsteps. Following are some must visit and must do things for couple when visiting Dandeli:

    • Go for River Rafting in River Kali
    • Visit the beautiful waterfalls
    • Go to temples
    • Stay at the Jungle Camp
  9. Is it good to visit Dandeli in monsoon? Will we be able to do all water activities in monsoon?

    Monsoon is not recommendable to visit Dandeli. The water gets so high that it makes it impossible for any sort of water activities.

  10. Which places are most enjoyable by children in Dandeli?

    Children can do the following when visiting Dandeli:

    • Adventure Camp at Dandeli Jungle
    • Go birding in Ganeshgudi
    • Spot animals at Dandeli Wildlife sanctuary
    • Children above 12 years can river raft in Kali River as well
  11. Which all waterfalls I can see in Dandeli?

    Following are some of the waterfalls in Dandeli:

    • Sathodi Falls
    • Dudhsagar Falls
    • Magod Falls
    • Syntheri Rock
  12. Which are some of the good resorts in Dandeli for a stay?

    The sound of waterfalls, the enchanting beauty of hills, breathtaking landscapes, alluring adventure spots and an incomparable mix of heritage-scenic beauty is what makes Dandeli one of the best tourism destinations. There are many beautiful resorts around Dandeli that will make your stay a pleasant one.


     Nestled in the natural beauty of North Karnataka, this hill station shares proximity with Goa and provides an indelible view of the great Indian landscapes. Following are some of the best options to stay at in Dandeli:

    • Hornbill River Resort
    • Panther Stay
    • Old Magazine House
    • Camp at the Jungle
    • Jungle Lodges Kali Wilderness camp
    • Dandeli Nature Nest Resort
    • Bison River Resort
    • Century Resort Dandeli
    • Shikra Jungle Stay
    • Whistling Woods
  13. Which are some famous homestays in Dandeli?

    Find below some homestay options at Dandeli:

    • Sarovar Homestay
    • Wild Flower Homestay
    • Dandeli Kingfisher Jungle Stay
  14. Is it safe to travel to Dandeli for a solo female traveller?

    Dandeli is extremely safe for girls. Our company has highest regards for women safety and will ensure that they're safe during the entire trek/stay. If there is only one girl in the trip, then she will be provided with a single tent/room to sleep alone.


     Also make sure you don’t wander too much by yourself especially at night, but otherwise you’re in a safe place.

  15. What is the best time for rafting in Dandeli? Which river is famous for rafting in Dandeli and what are the grades of rapids?

    Winter season is the best season for white water river rafting in Dandeli. From October to February as the water levels are high for the same. Summers are also nice for a visit, the climate being moderate throughout the season. The monsoons, however, are the least advisable time for a trip if you’re planning on rafting.


    The Dandeli rafting trail stretches for around 12 km, making it one of the most exciting and exhilarating stretches of rafting. This happens in River Kali in Dandeli. The rapids in the Dandeli River Rafting can be classified into grade 2 and grade 3 rapids which are ideal for both professionals and inexperienced rafters


     While Grade 2 rapids are relatively easy to maneuver with little bumps and easy passages, the grade 3 rapids require expert steering and an eye for detail for passing through. However, due to the presence of skilled instructors, the activity is safe for amateurs as well as experienced rafting professionals. 

  16. Is it worth visiting Dandeli for an adventurous trip?

    Yes, with activities like river rafting, camping, trekking, Dandeli makes for an amazing adventurous trip.

  17. How far Dudhsagar is from Dandeli? Can we go for a trek to Dudhsagar from Dandeli?

    The total distance between Dudhsagar and Dandeli is 34 Kms.  Dudhsagar falls is one of tallest falls in India on the Mandovi River.


    The trek will be on the ridge of the Dudhsagar waterfalls and not on the railway track. You can trek through the ridge of Castle Rock and then proceed onto Dandeli.

  18. What is the best time for a wildlife safari in Dandeli for tiger sighting?

    The best time to enjoy wildlife in Dandeli is from October to June.

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Dandeli Top Attractions

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Udit Pothuvaal Sirsi Sightseeing Tour
It is a popular holiday tour for sightseeing in Sirsi. I had an amazing time while sightseeing in Sirsi.
Deeptanshu Achari Dandeli Sightseeing Packages
It is a wonderful expereince, went for this sightseeing tour, the tour driver cum guide was kind and friendly took care of me and the other co-traveler the whole tour, the spots were truly breathtaking and gave us good snaps at each... we explored the place nicely with no rush... Booked through Thrillophilia it was a well-organized trip... Love it.
Sightseeing in Dandeli was simply "Awesome" all the sightseeing wow us with its beauty, this trip was very well-organized. on-time pick-up and dropped-off in a comfortable vehicle. We really enjoyed this tour to the fullest... I suggest this to everyone

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